Usually, the people who are in the most "need" of help are the most resistant to change.
We have 3 to 5 lbs of bacteria in our bodies. We cultivated it. It feeds us. We feed it.
Join our tele conference and we will discuss how we build the 3 to 5 lbs of aerobic bacteria in our bodies. Everyone has a different "current" ecology. Some people have the "sugar signal" bugging them. Some people crave salty foods like chips and popcorn and haven't had the salt signal. Some people drink water all day and are never fully hydrated. Please take our ecology quiz. This will help us determine which tele-conference to fit you in.     There are 5 basic elements to the symbiotic diet along with the 3-5 lbs. of aerobic bacteria to having a good ecology.   Our body ecology is a consequence of the relationship with these 5 signals and the aerobic bacteria in my body. My ecology determines how I chose these 5 foods. Just having the 5 signals with a poor ecology is not optimum just like having the 3-5 lbs. of bacteria without the proper food signals is not optimum.   First element: SALT Signal          The salt we use rises to the top and is sun baked and come out just like they are doing in the picture. It is only harvested once a year. There is no salt that is more symbiotic than this salt that naturally occurs. We don't eat salt that is processed. This salt costs about $36 a cup in stores.       
THE SALT OF THE EARTH Living Salt: Is a staple food possessing the power to rejuvenate, a wealth of minerals and may be a powerful remedy for countless problems. Stimulates salivation and helps balance the body's electrolytes. Contains the oligo-element, iodine, which may clear the effects of harmful radiation from our body. Helps to balance pH, increase bio-photon energy and improve immunity. May not strongly correlate with hypertensiveness, high blood pressure or heart trouble as do its' refined or cooked counterparts. Contains 80-90 minerals; a spectrum closely resembling our body's saline. Possesses a full compliment of amino acids. Is sun dried, hand harvested and unfiltered.
        By eating this salt or using it along we prilled water it will make the taste of ioized salt taste bitter. Many people use this for a while and then they cravings for salted food goes away. This salt is very expensive. I buy this in very large quantities and will give co-op prices (my cost) to those wanting to start the symbiotic diet. Whole Foods sells a 4 oz bottle for around $18.00. This salt has more minerals than any salt I have found. We can only get it once per year as it is the salt that rises to the top and is the most mineral rich salt we have found. I have to buy so much of this to get a good price so if anyone wants any and wants to buy in bulk, such as 10 to 20 lb bag I will have it dropshipped and the price will be much cheaper. I go through $400 of this salt per year as I restructure my water and use about 1/4 teaspoon of this salt a day in my food. I could not afford it if I had to spend $18 per half cup. This would cost $576 per gallon if you bought it in retail stores.   There is some controversy about calling sea salt Organic. It cannot be " certified organically grown " as that term is reserved for products from living organisms (ie plants). We use salt that is 100% *natural (no additives), hand-harvested, unrefined, and free of pesticides, herbicides, and chemical residues. This is the highest and most stringent level of certification available for sea salt.   Delicate and exquisite fine moist granules of whitish-grey sea salt are traditionally organically hand- harvested (mostly by women) by gently skimming the surface of the sea water of the salt marshes   The salt we use is  considered the finest of gourmet salts.  It is light enough to dissolve easily and is used as a finishing salt.  It is naturally white salt crystals created on the top of salt ponds in France.  It does NOT have that salt taste that many people are used to.        
  Second Element: FAT Signal   
Avocados growing on the tree
  Coconut oil (not cold pressed) and avocados are a great source of fat. We don't typically get our fat from nuts.   Once we improve our ecology nature takes care of the rest and we naturally attract improved food elements. Coconut oil makes my body feel safe. It raises my blood viscocity and just makes me feel good and not crave the bad fats.     Donut Theory: Is it the donut that is attracts a persons tastes or is it the ecology that attracts the taste of the donut?  A frivolous donut will never attract me again! Along with a good ecology with 3-5 lbs of aerobic ecology in my body, when I have the proper fat signals my body doesn't crave cooked, rancid fats. Many people like fried foods, cakes, stir frys, etc. Once we have the proper fat signal, we find that fried foods have a rancid taste, the icing on cakes just tastes horrible, and we have no desire to eat it. It is not by choice. Our tastes have simply changed. We don't go out and try to teach people how to eat healthier or what to eat. We know that with an ecology that is as close to our natural ecology we thrive on the foods that make us feel the best. I understand that many people are making conscious choices to eat healthier. In the past, I was always making decisions on what I should eat and reading labels in stores. I don't have to do any of this now. My body is tweaked to the point where it knows what it wants and I don't have to question it. In the beginning of becoming symbiotic, if I wanted a whole bag of greesy potato chips, yes, I would eat them. That is what my body needed to stimulate its nerve force. I do not fight what my body wants. I see many people at restaruants order desert and only "try" to eat half of it. They have to "try" to have self control and make conscious choices to eat healthy. This is what most people consider normal. Almost everyone I talk to says they try to eat healthier or make a conscious choice to pick the healthiest foods. My goal is to not make conscious decisions on what I eat. My body tells me what is good and I listen.       My goal is to NOT make forceful and willful decisions on what I eat. My body tells me what is good and I listen. I can do this because I practice good body ecology management.    
Third Element: Protein Signal   Almost 99% of the proteins people eat are cooked or are not approved for the symbiotic diet that I naturally have a tendancy to avoid.   Cereal Grains (oats, wheat) Animal Foods (cooked) Dairy Foods (especially pasteurized dairy)
Tree nuts
These are the main foods that most people eat.   With the type of flora that I have, I need to at least have the 8 essential amino acids that are easy for me to get. My body can naturally synthesize the other 14 amino acids. The chlorella I eat gives me the chlorophyl and minerals I need also. But, if my microvilli cannot absorb it then it wouldn't matter if I at the highest brix foods or the best superfoods in the world if I didn't have the aerobic bacteria in my body. In nature, I wouldn't have to worry about getting this bacteria if most of my food weren't cultivars.   We can get the same nutrition out of seseme or sunflower seeds that cost around $1.50 a lb that most people get when they eat expensive nuts such as raw almonds, cashews, and other nuts that typically cost over $5 per lb. I can get my seeds at wholesale such as chia seeds and it costs me a fraction of what I would pay in a store and I do share my discounts with all my co op members. Chia is one of the staples of my diet.   I also enjoy barley juice and other grass juices that are more primitive. If I am not getting the essential amino acids in my diet I know my body will start craving foods that are not healthy.
Forth Element: SUGAR Signal      Living Sugar: Are complex in molecular structure, do not require much pancreatic involvement and can easily be controlled by the liver.   Occur most abundantly in fresh sweet fruit containing viable seed and raw wild whole honey.         A squirril feasting on raw, wild honey.     We we say wild honey, we don't mean the honey that is harvest on a farm. This is an example of "wild" honey. This type of honey has to be found and is not harvested with the help of farmers. They honey we eat is so mineral rich that it justifies the price of it, although we get it wholesale.    
This is not wild honey.
We choose sweet non-hybridized fruits that do not start in a number 3 or 4. 3 is the worst, 4 is almost as bad. If it's doesn't start with a 9 then it's not that I choose to not eat it, I simply find it to have a bad taste and it usually would have a very low brix level.
The only acceptable sugar is from wild honey and fruits. I do eat some clear agave nectar juice (the mildest).
We tend to be attracted to the natural sugars when we have a good ecology. I used to be a sugarvore and I was addicted to the strange, runaway sugars that instantly rushed into my bloodstream and made me acidic.
Now, a hybridized banana doesn't even taste good to me.
I do eat top-cut honey but my staple is the middle-cut varieties. My taste buds tell me which one to eat. Many people have a short circuited aliesthetic sense due to a poor body ecology and they cannot trust their inner sense yet as it gives them the wrong signals that make them eat the foods they crave.
Once I have the proper sugar signal I have no cravings for processed, refined sugars.
Almost everyone that has became symbiotic has told me that all the junk foods, such as candy bars, ice cream, and  milk chocolate, for example do not attract them anymore. They have no desire to eat it. It was not a choice they made to lower their intake of these foods that were stimulating their nerve energy. It was not their decision. It just happened due their improved body ecology with the proper sugar signals.
Before I came symbiotic, this would have appealed to me. The mixture of the white sugar, iodized salt, and the fat that would make
this taste rancid is not attractive to me anymore. Before, I would order a dessert like this even if I was full, and it would still appeal to me.
Fifth Signal: WATER
Basically, I want to drink water as close to nature as possible. I drink alkaline water that has been distilled and restructured back to nature.  I believe that the having a distiller is just as important as having a good blender. There are many myths about water and there are many ways to restore water back to nature. There is not just one way. There are ionizers, reverse osmosis systems, prill beads, and many other ways to purify water.
Everyone has a different ecology and prefers a different starting point. Some people need to buy an ionizer and raise it to the highest pH and others prefer a more neutral water. The people that are mineral abundance typically don't worry about leaching of minerals out of their body. And, those that have acidic bodies typically are drawn to water ionizers. The goal is to be hydrated.
Living water:
Is referred to as structured, charged, hexagonal, thin, ionized, alkaline or microclustered: attributes of the absorbable hydrating waters found in Nature.
Is neither excessively alkaline or acidic.
Consumed in moderate amounts, does not disrupt metabolytes, electrolytes or generative tissue mineral reserves.
Is a component of a total body ecology program, not a stand alone solution.
Can be inexpensively produced by anyone using readily available resources.
13 Symptoms of Chronic DehydrationAdapted from "The Water Prescription"
by Christopher Vasey, N.D. (Inner Traditions 2006)
Most people don't think they need to worry about dehydration. To them, dehydration is something that happens to travelers in the desert when they run out of water. But there is a chronic form of dehydration that does not have the sudden and intense nature of the acute form. Chronic dehydration is widespread in the present day and affects everyone who is not drinking enough liquid. This list of 13 symptoms will inspire you to go get a glass of water, and then another, and another... After each symptom we will show how lack of fluid affects the issue.
  1. Fatigue, Energy Loss: Dehydration of the tissues causes enzymatic activity to slow down.
  2. Constipation: When chewed food enters the colon, it contains too much liquid to allow stools to form properly, and the wall of the colon reduces it. In chronic dehydration, the colon takes too much water to give to other parts of the body.
  3. Digestive Disorders: In chronic dehydration, the secretion of digestive juices are less.
  4. High and Low Blood Pressure: The body's blood volume is not enough to completely fill the entire set of arteries, veins, and capillaries.
  5. Gastritis, Stomach Ulcers: To protect its mucous membranes from being destroyed by the acidic digestive fluid it produces, the stomach secretes a layer of mucus.
  6. Respiratory Troubles: The mucous membranes of the respiratory region are slightly moist to protect the respiratory tract from substances that might be present in inhaled air.
  7. Acid-Alkaline Imbalance: Dehydration activates an enzymatic slowdown producing acidification.
  8. Excess Weight and Obesity: We may overeat because we crave foods rich in water. Thirst is often confused with hunger.
  9. Eczema: Your body needs enough moisture to sweat 20 to 24 ounces of water, the amount necessary to dilute toxins so they do not irritate the skin.
  10. Cholesterol: When dehydration causes too much liquid to be removed from inside the cells, the body tries to stop this loss by producing more cholesterol.
  11. Cystitis, Urinary Infections: If toxins contained in urine are insufficiently diluted, they attack the urinary mucous membranes.
  12. Rheumatism: Dehydration abnormally increases the concentration of toxins in the blood and cellular fluids, and the pains increase in proportion to the concentration of the toxins.
  13. Premature Aging: The body of a newborn child is composed of 80 percent liquid, but this percentage declines to no more than 70 percent in an adult and continues to decline with age.
Once I have these 5 signals, the aerobic bacteria in my body mediate the nutrients in these foods from nature. The foods feed the bacteria on my villious lining. If I feed the bacteria. The bacteria helps feed me. This is the symbiosis - a symbiotic lifestyle. If I give the bacteria the 5 signals they now have something to work with. They deliver for me and I deliver for them. The 5 signals from nature are their reality.  Even if the villious lining in my body was 99% coroded and uncolonized and the microvilli was stuck together,  I could start cultivating the flora in that 1% spot and it would eventually make the dormant villi work again. It is kind of like your foot when it "falls asleep" when they start working again.
To obtain my desired perfect body ecology I need a symbiosis between the 5 food signals and an abundance of aerobic bacteria. For me, missing any one of these signals will disrupt my ecology and will lead to a greater chance for immunde disruption.
By feeling good from all of these signals, I am not in "search mode" and am not constantly seeking ways to make me feel better.
Nature will take it's course
Body Ecology 101
How to spot someone with bad body ecology...
We have 75 to 100 billion cells within our body.
We have 10 times that many microorganisms living within our body.
Body ecology is the relationship between these micro organisms and our 75 to 100 billion cells.
 I control this interaction by the lifestyle choices I make.
My lifestyle ultimately determines my health.
Body ecology management is recognizing this interaction, and making informed choices to create my pain free body.
I have learned to give signals to these 75 to 100 billion organisms in my body so I can have an abundance of energy and just so I can simply feel good.
On this website we show you how we use the five signals that have had a tremendous influence on our lives, including myself, my friends, and family.
My body used to give me signals that as warnings that I needed to change my lifestyle. Back then, I did listen but not in the right way. I would take stuff to stop colds, headaches, etc. Now, I know that this is not good for me. When I got colds, I used to try to stop it. Now, I know it is a good thing that my body is releasing all of the built up toxins.
Some of the signals that my body used to give me were:
Cravings.. I always just ate at restaruants and didn't realize it was an addiction to my cravings
Aches and stifness and the need to get massage
Disease...I thought it was just normal for family members to get sick as they aged
Low energy... I thought it was ok to be tired every day after a half day of work
...and all the other indignities of aging...
With good body ecology I have no white tongue. I wake up refreshed. I have no bodily pains and I have an abundance of energy...and its not from taking supplements or some energy booster. It's as if I never run out of energy reserves.
The signal foods that I consume on a daily basis is what keeps my body in symbiosis. I put most of these signal foods in my beverages. I believe and have seen that pain, discomfort, contentment, body harmony are dependant on what my body is signaling.
My body responds to these 5 signals by either giving me pain or by giving me a sense of satisfaction.
What is your signal? Is there one signal that you are missing that you crave?