It is your decision to Trash it...or Stash it! We give our opinion based on the facts we have.


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 Vegetables (any and all, even organic)

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Those that say stash say: Who wouldn't eat vetables. You cannot be healthy if you don't eat vegetables.


Those that say Trash say:'

Vegetables are absolutely not good to eat. They are not natural. They are not symbiotic. I don't care if they are organic. I stay far away from these un-natural cultivars. And, for those who say growing your own foods in your own garden is the best. Well, that's just as bad as buying organic vegetables in the store. If you plan on living to 100 then getting your nutrition from vegetables will not get you there. Stay away from vegetables. You will find a provocative article by clicking the vegetables above.


Our Blindguru says:

We definately say TRASH. As a symbiotic rawfoodist we try to avoid eating vegetables. Call our Symbiotic Tele-Chat and you will be convinced that vegetables are not optimal either. We get our plants elsewhere.



Distilled Water

Those that say stash say:

What the proponents of this myth want you to believe is that because distilled water is so pure, drinking it will leach minerals from your body, thereby robbing you of good health and nutrition. There is no basis of fact to document this claim. The national best-selling health and diet book, : "Fit for Life II: Living Health" by Harvey & Marilyn Diamond, answers this question. The following is an excerpt:

"Distilled water has an inherent quality. Acting almost like a magnet, it picks up rejected, discarded, and unusable minerals and, assisted by the blood and the lymph, carries them to the lungs and kidneys for elimination from the body. The statement that distilled water leaches minerals from the body has no basis in fact. It doesn't leach out minerals that have become part of the cell structure. It can't and won't. It collects only minerals that have already been rejected or excreted by the cells...To suggest that distilled water takes up minerals from foods so that the body derives no benefit from them is absurd."

Those that say Trash say:

Distilled water leaches the body of minerals and is not natural.


Our Blindguru says: We say stash only if the water is restored. We do say TRASH if the water is JUST distilled and not prilled.



Those that say stash say:

A four to eight-ounce glass of raw fruit or vegetable juice provides all the healing nutrients in their living, organic, alkaline, whole, complete, balanced form. Why not just eat the vegetables and fruit? You'll understand that the first time you juice. It takes over a pound of carrots to generate a single glass of carrot juice! Could you eat that much in one sitting?


Those that say Trash say: 

The truth is, there is no real advantage in drinking juice over eating whole vegetables. It's just something that 'seems' to make sense, and appeals to our need for something quick and easy. How could drinking one carrot be better than chewing 3? In nature, the human wouldn't be sitting around waiting for food to rot to the stage where it is soft enough to slide down our throats without chewing. We have teeth. We're supposed to chew. Were mostly designed to find ripe crisp foods, and CHEW them. Chewing not only cleans our teeth, the very act of chewing and digesting whole foods promotes good digestive action. It also aids in making us feel full, keep that feeling that way, and discourages over-eating.

Juice is an isolate, out of balance, not a whole food. Juice has been known to make an acid metabolism & bloodstream from all the sugar and

makes bad body ecology. Carrot juice has just about the same effect of soda on your blood sugar. You might as well drink your favorite soda.


Our Blindguru says: Call our FREE Tele-Debate to discuss this. We say TRASH



Ionic Footbaths


Those that say stash say: They are great for detoxing the body

Those that say Trash say: This is another invented health maintanence monitoring program  that doesn't work.

Our Blindguru says: See Myths and Scams page for our article on this. We say TRASH!



Hot Tubs

Those that say stash say: 

They can be very theraputic after a long day of strenuous work. It can be helpful for overworked muscles.


Those that say Trash say:

Hot tubs are just another pain management tool to get the toxins out of the skin or to sooth muscles due to a poor ecology. It's a waste of time just to sit there to sweat out your toxins under water if used as a maintanence tool. A symbiotic rawfoodist would have no desire to use a hot tub. If you want to see if you are hydro-phobic or hydro-phillic, you can go to a "hot yoga studio" or sit in a hot tub or sauna. If your own internal cooling system is not good you might find your self sweating. Those with a good ecology do not sweat like those that have a poor ecology. It's not intuitive to want to sit in a hot tub in nature. Muscle stiffness is usually related to cellular dehydration and the cure is not a hot tub. The goal should be to wean yourself off the need to go in hot tubs, not try to find the best one to relax in. Once most people have invested in one, then tend to use it often. I doubt someone would spend a few thousand on a hot tub and then sell it after a month or so when they realize they have no need for it anymore. Once most people get one, they develop a dependency on it.

 If you want to see another test to see if your ecology is good click here.


Our Blindguru says: Trash if not using it for an injury.



Do not buy a dehydrator unless it is made with furniture grade wood.
And, never make a dehydrator that has a fan inside.
The last thing you will want is dirty air blowing all over your food.
You wouldn't set your food out all day on the counter would you?
These are closed systems with a vent for moisture to come out.
These are the safest dehydrators to get if you plan on dehydrating.
These Raw Foods Dehydrators do  not require a fan for its efficient drying. The simple, effective design of this top-ventilated dryer creates a "chimney" effect: as air enters through the screened heater at the bottom, it warms and rises, taking moisture with it out the top. These are noiseless too.


 Those that say stash say:

I want everyone to know that cheese produced in the United States has legally allowed to have aluminum in it. ALL cheese made in the USA has Aluminum since its "allowed". It makes the cheese taste creamier. This is banned in Europe. Aluminum is responsible for many diseases and cancer.  This is the main reason not to eat it... not just that it congeals your blood and clogs your arteries. If you are concerned either get your cheese imported from Europe or better yet...make your own raw vegan cheese in the dehydrator.  Raw Macadamia or Cashew cheese can be made by blending in a 3 or 3+hp blender and then allowing it to ferment in a warm dehydrator. Also, a dehydrator is good for when you want to dry out foods if you plan on saving fruits or vegetables. Dehydrating can be thought of as a low temperature form of cooking and a food preservation technology.

One benefit of dehydrating may be the production of dried fruit for consumption in the off season. The dehydrator may also be the ideal tool for the making of lactofermented nut and seed cheeses. Stable temperature in the 90-100F range for five to nine hours will produce some delicious results. Dehydrators should be used for occasional use as a transitional tool to wean oneself off of cooked foods, such as breads, etc. A dehydrator is possibly good for the fermentation of foods.

Those that say Trash say:


Most living things require water.  Living water is found to be essential to the order found in plant and animal life forms.

Removal of water is a form of denaturing a living organism.  In order to qualify as a 'whole food' all of the water drawn into the edible portion of the plant must be present.

We consist mostly of water.  We draw our nutrients from a solution of water passing through our small intestine.  When we eat food from which the water has been removed, we must replace that water by drinking beverages.  This is never as good as the 'living' waters originally present in the whole food.

All forms of cooking, including dehydrating, are the remnants of ancient food preservation technologies.  We have high speed refrigerated transportation technologies which sufficiently replace the need for the cooking technologies.

Dehydrated food is not only a type of fractionation, but also a form of cooking.  It therefore does not meet the criterion for raw or even whole food.

More reasons NOT to buy a dehydrator.

The important alkaline mineral salts such as calcium are held in suspension in an ionic solution before they are able to be bound by the intestinal microflora.  Dehydration and subsequent rehydration supplied by drinking additional water or the body fails to retain the ionic state of the various mineral nutrients present in the whole food.  This makes the job of binding and transporting nutrients more difficult.

As a symbiotic rawfoodist you will never hear me recommending a dehdyrator to anyone. None of my friends who eat predominately living foods own a dehydrator. It takes up a lot of electricity and time and you lose nutrition. If you are just transitioning off the S.A.D. diet it could be a transition but it is not necessary. Don't fool your body into thinking it is getting cooked food. For those that I have sold dehyrators to in the past are now returning them to me. I wish I knew who first introduced dehyrators to those starting the living foods diet. It is not a substitute. Don't fall for it.

The electricity a dehydrator uses is very expensive, requiring usually 12 to 24 hours of continuous operation. Rarely, you will see a symbiotic rawfoodist have one in their house.

Our Blindguru says: There are a few reasons we use it but not to just eat dehydrated food for the sake of eating to appeal to our food addictions.

Today we have modern refrigeration. There is rarely a need for dehydrated foods unless you are going to be in extreme situations or you are going on a trip where you will have a hard time finding nutritious food. We say trash.


Drinking water with your meals


Those that say stash say:

The idea that drinking water with meals is somehow unhealthy is an old myth.  They say it dilutes the pH of stomach acids. Consumption of dehydrated or otherwise cooked foods requires water be consumed to reconstitute these foods so they can be digested.  The stomach has the ability to move digestive juices, enzymes and water in and out as needed to complete its digestive function. The waters in raw produce may be the valuable part.  They contain most of the nutrients in solution ready to be digested and absorbed without drinking addtional water. 

Water used in a variety of vital functions such as circulation, digestion, excretion and absorption needs to be replaced.  The best sources of our vital living waters are raw water foods such as fruit.  This includes sweet, juicy and fatty fruit. It is also beneficial to have an ample supply of pure alkaline water available as some supplemental water is desirable during warmer weather and periods of increased activity.  Drinking water is also beneficial when the diet consists of foods with lower water content such as nuts, seeds, fatty fruit and cooked food. We should be eating watery foods in the first place. The food cannot be absorbed properly unless its in a solution. So, without water, it would not be healthy. But, we should not even have the need to drink water with our meals anyway.

Those that say Trash say: Water with meals will dilute your digestive enzymes and you won't be able to digest your food properly.


Our Blindguru says: This is totally a myth. Our digestive systems are smart enough to handle water with out meals. A person with a good ecology wouldn't have the need to drink lots of water with their meals anyway since they wouldn't be eating typical foods that appeal to sugarvores, starchavores, and junkavores.



The gym

Those that say stash say:  Physical exercise can improve both your mental and physical health. The benefits of aerobic exercise include improved cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength and flexibility. Exercise pumps more blood through your veins. This increases the size of your arteries, prevents fat from clogging your arteries and helps prevent blood clots. A strong heart does not have to work so hard so you are less likely to have a heart attack. Regular exercise also increases your HDL (good) cholesterol and helps lower your total cholesterol. Exercise also helps lower your blood pressure. Your lungs will also benefit from exercise as they become better conditioned so that activities such as climbing stairs will not make you out of breath. Muscles that are not used become small and inelastic, but aerobic exercise will help tone your body by increasing muscle size, strength and flexibility while burning calories. Exercise can also help alleviate stress and make you more productive, so choose something that you enjoy and stick with it.

Those that say Trash say:

99% of people are mineral effiecent. The last thing they should do is exert them selves without the proper resources. 
They might build muscle or lose weight but what about the joint damage due to lack of minerals to repair the join surfaces. This is why many people's joints hurt
who do repetitive motions, such as lifting weights.
And, about cardio, if the heart muscle is mineral deficient, how much are you going to stress it? I would only working out if you have excellent
resource of minerals. So, figure out how to get the minerals into your body and then work out, if you desire. Before you do cardio, you might want to check
and see if you are doing more damage than good. See our Symbiotic Exercise page for more information on why exercising is bad.


Our Blindguru says: Call our Tele-Conference to discuss. We say TRASH exercise.




The Sun

Those that say stash say: 

The sun does not cause cancer but it will act as a trigger to produce cancer if the diet is poor due to a bad ecology. When sunbathing with a poor ecology the sweat contains carcinogens which can develop cancer. In a way, the sun can cause a chemical reaction with the toxins and that is when most people can get skin cancer.



Those that say Trash say:

The sun causes cancer. Stay out of the sun. Use sunscrean whenever you go in the sun.





Those that say stash say:

Naps are best in the sun. If one missed their sleep in the crucial hours of 10pm to 2am (or best from 8pm to 4am) then there is no problem with a nap.


Those that say Trash say:

Many people take naps when they are tired as a health management technique. If you are getting enough sleep (or oversleeping) and still are taking naps, then there might be a problem.


Our Blindguru says: Our answer would depend on the person's ecology who is asking. A symbiotic doesn't require naps as we sleep a good 7 to 8 hours a night without moving. The only time we nap is if we did strenuous work and were exhausted and needed a nap. See our Bedroom Page if you want to see an unusual pillow we use.




Those that say stash say: If the honey is wild and raw and the bees have access to agriculture then it is good to eat. The hives cannot be within at least 5 miles of a farmers field. The bees need to be wild also, otherwise you might be just eating simple sugars, not the good polysacharides (complex sugar molecules). Most honey is raw but not wild and can possible be just a bunch of unhealthy simple sugars.


Those that say Trash say:

Why use this? If you are using it for something that does not taste sweet why do you have the need to sweeten it.

Someone with a good ecology doesn't need something to be sweetened. If you don't like the taste of a food without the honey you shouldn't be eating that food in the first place.


Our Blindguru says: We use honey but not to sweeten foods that aren't naturally sweet in the first place.

Community Food Systems


(click the picture to hear more about why we don't eat grains)

Those that say stash say: All grains - whole, enriched, and fortified - form the base of a balanced diet and are important for children, adults, and seniors. Fortunately, more than 68 percent of consumers realize grain foods have many functional benefits, including increased energy and the possible prevention of some diseases, according to a recent Gallup survey. 

Those that say Trash say: If you read the Symbiotic Foods page...that is all you need to know to convince yourself to stop eating grains.
Lets get technical about corn.

The corn seed (kernel) is composed of four main parts: the endosperm, the pericarp,
 the germ, and the tip cap. The endosperm is most of the dry weight of the kernel.
It is also the source of energy for the seed. The pericarp is the hard, outer coat
that protects the kernel both before and after planting. The germ is the living part
of the corn kernel. The germ contains genetic information, vitamins, and minerals
that the kernel needs to grow. The tip cap is where the kernel was attached to the cob.
The part that you see exit your body as part of your fecal matter is actually the part
 (complicated proteins that the body creates) to break apart what the corn kernel covering is made of.
The rest of the corn kernel (the interior stuff) is easily digestible by the human digestive system.
 The center part of the kernel is mainly starch (complex carbohydrate) and a little bit of protein...
and a few vitamins and minerals. The human body then can absorb the breakdown products from the starch
and protein, as well as the vitamins and minerals into the blood stream, where the materials can be
 delivered to the rest of the body tissues.

Eating corn is not any different than it would be if you were eating some other plant food without
first removing it from its protective shell. The destruction of the integrity of the pericarp whether
it be by the teeth from chewing, or the processing of the kernels by machinery is what determines the
visual effect in the waste after digestion. If you swallow whole sunflower seeds, you will see them in
your poop. If you grind them up to a fine dust and eat them, you won't "see" them, but they will still be there.
If you were to eat a cornbread muffin, then have the feces analyzed by a lab, chances are that the tiny particles
of corn husks (pericarps) that were ground into the meal to make the cornbread will be unchanged by the digestive
 process. It just will not appear as a kernel of corn. All grains are forbidden.

Note: Buckwheat is not a grain like many people think. It is a fruit seed.

Our Blindguru says: TRASH! Call our Tele-Conference if you think differently.


Trying to quit smoking

Those that say stash say: There are 1000's of articles and commercials that will tell you that trying to stop smoking is good. I am sure you have heard them.



Those that say Trash say: You should never "TRY" to quit anything. It is more harmful to superimpose an idea than to persue a course of change that would eventually result into a loss of interest in a particular addiction.
Smokers' bodies rely on the smoke for neccessary body function and have adapted to it. Persue a change to make your lose interest in this smoke molecule. This would be the same for any addictive substance, including bananas, cashews, and chocoloate.
The logic behind "trying" to quit is faulty and that is why most people fail to quit smoking. You shouln't "quit" either and slowly quiting smoking will become easier and finally will not interest you.


Our Blindguru says: Trying to quit smoking is not good. TRASH! Cigarettes stimulate nerve force but create an immune disfunction. Without this nerve stimulation, especially if you don't have the mineral reserves, you might be in trouble if you don't smoke. This is why it is so hard to quit. Once the 3 to 5 lbs of bacteria is present, smoking doesn't really have a chance to appeal to the person.




Those that say stash say:

Massage is wonderful for the body. It releases toxins and neutralizes and moves acids. It is helpful for those that cannot relax.


Those that say Trash say:

Why do we even need massage. It is a made up health management technique to create a balance in musculature. Our muscles should not be water mal-absorbant so one should never have a need for a theraputic massage. If you injured a muscle then one might want a massage but not for pain management when it could be prevented. Most massage therapists will tell their patients to drink lots of water after a massage. We find this very funny!

When the 3 to 5 lbs of bacteria is present in our symbiotic bodies, the best way I can describe it is a "microscopic massage" on the villi, the villious lining of the intestine. I've seen people start to feel the difference that this bacteria does in 1 week. People always ask me how long it takes. Well, there is a general rule of thumb. Ttake your age. Subtract 20 and that will give me the best estimation of time. If I was 50. Then I subtract 20. Then I could estimate it would take 30 months to get this 3 to 5 lbs of bacteria growing in my body. Once I have this "new organ" (that's the really only way I can describe it best), all of the health maintanence protocals I used to have no longer exist.

The process to get the bacteria is so simple it almost seems dumb. It takes no willpower to get it. We don't have to "try to gain it". It cultivates within.


Our Blindguru says: If you have a good body ecology...you wouln't even want someone rubbing your body for theraputic reasons.



Digestive Enzymes Pills

Those that say stash say: Enyzmes are good only if eating cooked food. Lipase is very important. It is usually found in grasses and weeds that most people rarely eat.


Those that say Trash say:

I would only take enyzmes if I was eating a high percentage of cooked foods or if my body was enzyme deficient. There is generally no need for a symbiotic to take enzymes. Lipase is the most important enzyme. This one is usually found in grass. As a symbiotic, I do not need enzymes but many people who have a stressed out digestive system or a poor functioning villi might take them until they have produced at least 3 lbs of aerobic bacteria. Even if someone is eating the highest brix foods it doesn't matter if the food is not being absorbed.


 Our Blindguru says:  There is no need to take enzymes with food is you eat a symbiotic diet. There some circumstances when some people need them but very rare.



Flax oil, Olive oil, or most other oils.


Those that say stash say: Do your research and you will see how many benefits their are from oils. Oils are heart healthy.


Those that say Trash say:

Take flax oil, for example. It oxidizes rapidly. So rapidly that you have to refridgerate it and keep it in a dark bottle. It is best to blend the seeds and eat it fresh, not eat the denatured oil. If you cannot eat it straigt... then why eat it. If you can't enjoy it by itself then why do you think it's healthy to eat it with other foods.
Most people like coconut oil by itself. I would eat it off the spoon. Most are expeller pressed. If you are not like, "hey, give me another tablespoon of that oil...it is so delicious...then it's probably not good for your ecology and how healthy the ecology is in the first place. Also, coconut oil might taste bad to some people'
but then they aquire a taste.


Our Blindguru says: See our things to do page and try eating the oil this way.