"Rawfooders, whose main diet consists mainly of nuts, avocados, dehydrated foods, etc.,

do not typically live longer than meat eaters".

Yes, this organic tomato is less than desirable and should not be eaten.

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The symbiotic diet is the reverse of the raw foods diet.


The natural biological design of human beings is to live a vibrant healthy life of about 120 years and our body instinctively knows how to bring forth this state of health. A symbiotic lifestyle simply reawakens those instincts so that living in a state of paradisaical health becomes effortless and joyful. In this way, we go beyond other holistic health systems, which bring forth only some aspects of the biological design of the body.


The symbiotic lifestyle premises are:

1. The human body is designed for a state of well-being that far exceeds the current definitions of health according to traditional and holistic medicine.
2. To bring forth this state of well-being requires emotional maturity, eating according to our biological design, and a shift to a stress-free cellular metabolism.
3. True emotional maturity requires proactive healing of the unconscious emotional landscape.

4. Eating according to our biological design requires a diet of primarily raw, living, plant foods.
5. All dietary systems that are not based on, (but not necessarily 100%), raw plant food nutrition create only compensatory states of health.
6. The combination of raw plant nutrition, cellular movement, and emotional healing, changes the body’s pleasure system so that a natural health-enhancing lifestyle becomes the most pleasurable expression of being and requires no more discipline.


As a symbiotic rawfoodist, your senses of smell and taste guide you to eat the right food, at the right time, in the right quantity, offering optimal digestive efficiency. All overloads and deficiencies are automatically and effortlessly balanced out by instinctual adjustment.
Natural, symbiotic foods —the type of food our species has evolved with for thousands of years offer a much better chemical and genetic compatibility with the body's digestive enzymes than the foods we only recently, have learned to process


A symbiotic raw foodist's nerve frequency is usually at the alpha state

and lower than anyone Else's in the room.


The process of getting of finding your symbiotic intuition..........

The process takes about 12 months to rejuvenate your tiny, finger-like structures that protrude from the walls of your intestines called villi. There are additional extensions called microvilli that protrude from the epithelial cells lining the villi that need to be rejuvenated as well.

Your villi and microvilli determine how

effectively you absorb nutrients

The active friendly bacteria won't colonize on dirty villi in order to release oxygen to the cells. If the bacteria are anaerobic... then you can't absorb your nutrients. Life is directly proportionate to how absorbent your villi lining are.

The average person has 1 1/2 lbs of the bacteria. Most sick people have 15% of their capacity. This makes the bones lose their density, and makes their hair grey sometimes.  

You can't absorb minerals if villi are clogged

The villi's job is to keep bacteria alive to supply oxygen. If you have bad bacteria, you will just pee the good nutrients out since you have poor absorption in your intestines.

You need to awaken your unused nerve endings. It's like when a foot goes to sleep after you haven't used it, and then when it wakes up you feel this tingling. Your nerves in your villi lining may have been numb too. Then, when those nerves wake up, you feel alive again.  

The rate you follow the program will depend on the amount of coping resistance you have to the new lifestyle.   For many, becoming symbiotic, makes iodized salt, such as that on chips, fries, fast food, and processed food, taste bitter.

In nature you would come to a berry tree or bush or a fruit tree and eat till content. A mixed meal with rancid fat, for example, confuses your digestive intuition. It gives your body a mixed molecular signal.  Most people eat rancid fats, such as those in cakes, fried foods, or any food heated around 350 degrees.

This rancid fat makes the body acidic. Avoid all baked foods and chips. and ultimately you won't even desire them. It is very important for your body to get the fat signal in order to reduce your cravings for all the rancid fatty foods that might be making you sick. For most people, once the body becomes symbiotic, these rancid fats actually "tastes" rancid, and there is no more desire for them.  


Symbolic Intuitiveness

Our noses have first choice. Whatever on the raw tables smells most appealing is given highest priority to the mouth. Symbiotic raw foodists will eat a particular food, whether it be oranges, carrots, durian, dead sentient being flesh, birds eggs or plates of wriggling insects, and they will continue feeding on that one particular foodstuff until the body, through subtle messages, indicates that it has eaten enough.

This may be signaled by a slight tingling on the lips or tongue, a change in taste, or another message from deeper within the body. This they call "l'arręt instinctif" - the instinctive stop - and once it has been reached, they will push their food aside, and if they still feel their appetites have not been satiated, they will return to their tables, and once more smell each item, and choose the one with the most appealing odor.

The pattern will continue, such that one meal may consist of 2 or 3 different types of food, until their hungers are satiated. I can see the sense in doing this. Symbiotic eating only works provided your choice is of foods in their natural states. Instinctive eating can only be practiced with a valid selection of foodstuffs.

Given also the choice of mixed conglomerations - combination abominations, and cooked monstrosities, the nose will generally lie to ones body about what it needs.. These types of smell were generally never around at the dawn of time, so the human body does not know how to analyze correctly their value as food. Our sense of smell is a highly powerful organ rarely given its full credit.. My overall feeling is that there is much to be learned from the early instinctive eaters.

More symbiotic intuition: Did you know?

Sleep: If you ever woke up at the correct time to notice...you will notice that all the birds start chirping and almost every living animal starts moving and making noise when the sun comes up. This is regulated by the Pineal gland.

If you live in harmony with nature you would wake up at this time too. We need to go to bed between 10pm and 2am. This is when our cells rebuild. You will have a natural tendency to wake up when the sun comes up if you follow this sleeping schedule.  Ideally, you  should not change quickly. Our bodies need to re-adapt to waking up at 6am or when the sun rises. All nature wakes up when the sun comes out. If you are waking up after 7am then you are not in harmony with nature. Oversleeping is not good for us also.      


Intuition, the 6th sense

Do you also sometimes have the feeling that someone is watching you? You can feel the eyes burning at your back. And yes, when you turn around there really is someone watching you. On the other hand, when you see an object in a store and a little voice is telling you not to buy it right now, although you wanted it.  
That is what we call your sixth sense. Besides the 5 well-known senses like vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch there is a 6th sense, named intuition.

Literally intuition means "inner sight", so insight. Others meanings are 'inner consciousness or 'inner knowledge'. Originally the word is from Latin.

According to the dictionary intuition is 'immediate mental apprehension without reasoning; immediate insight.' It is something that we all take for granted, yet is it not remarkable that somehow we can come to correct conclusions without having all the fact to hand and without using reason?

How is it that we can form an immediate assessment of a person the first time we meet them, and find that our initial insight is proved to be correct. Moreover, why is it that we can sometimes make a correct guess at a direction to travel or guess the answer to a question, and get it exactly right? What is it that gives us these immediate insights?  
Psychic (or para-normality, parapsychology, spirituality) is also known as the 6th sense of human beings. Psychic means "beyond the ordinary" and is considered as something that's different to most people, but it's rather abnormal if you shouldn't have it. Everyone is psychic, only few people know they have it, and will develop little of it.  
In former times, psychic was a taboo. It was tucked away, and nobody was allowed to talk about it; everybody thought it was a threat. Still there have been always paranormally gifted people, or people developing it. Nostradamus is common knowledge. Nostradamus did many prophecies for the future, which proved to be true.

You can develop your intuition, which can be handy to deal with difficult choices. We also call this intuitive development. You can even take some courses if you want to develop your intuition. You can also do some intuitive test on the Internet. Click at the fun link on this site to find out about them.


Intuition as form of knowledge

Intuition is an unconscious form of knowledge. It is immediate, and often not open to rational / analytical thought processes. Rationalization of an intuition, and the development of a chain of logic to demonstrate more structurally why it is valid may follow later.

Intuition differs from an opinion since the latter is based on experience, while an intuition is held to be affected by previous experiences only unconsciously.

Intuition is also said to differ from instinct, which does not have the experience element at all. A person who has an intuitive opinion cannot immediately fully explain why he or she holds that view. Intuition is not limited to opinions but can encompass the ability to know valid solutions to problems.

Intuition has advantages in solving complex problems and finding new results. Intuition is one source of common sense . It can also help in induction to gain empirical knowledge. Sources of intuition are feeling, experiences and knowledge. An important intuitive method is brainstorming.

Intuition does not mean to find a solution immediately, though it does mean the solution comes inexplicably. Sometimes it helps to sleep one night. There is an old Russian saying: "The morning is wiser than the evening."

There is a simple way to be highly intuitive- Be curious and seek out new information. Then be teachable and flexible. This activates the Blind Guru within. 


Question for us: Why do raw food diets fails?

Diets fail because they are predicated on a desire to replace something ‘bad’ with something ‘good’.  This kind of illusory thinking sets up all kinds of resistance in an already threatened system.  We all are habituated or ‘addicted’ in a sense to whatever we require to maintain an acceptable level of function.  The things we depend on should never be thought of as bad for us as this type of thinking just adds to the negative impact of our environmental circumstances.  Rather we might consider a gentle systematic approach with an eye toward becoming differently adapted to a more helpful set of environmental signals.  There need not be any sense of substituting something good for something bad.


Question for us: Can you talk about things that try to make us stay as far away from the raw food lifestyle as possible that are all there to help us cope with bad ecologies and addictions?

Nature and the reality that controls her are infinitely more powerful than artifices of persuasion.  It is possible to become completely indifferent to the confusion represented by media of mass communication.

The purest and most helpful avenues of connection with physical and spiritual reality will never need to be marketed in any way.   We might prosper by learning indifference to all forms of advertising.  Nature is capable of providing us with everything we need to optimally function on the physical level.  Practitioners and teachers of complex styles of body maintenance can operate only where there is a vacuum of self sufficiency.


Question for us: What do you think about the way the rawfood diet is being taught?

It appears much is being made of specialized diets consisting of most or all uncooked food.  Though an interesting twist in the history of diet reform as a means to physical and spiritual enlightenment, the suggestion of ‘raw food’ as a single point solution falls short of providing a complete reality map one could follow to a satisfying conclusion.  With the level of compromise most of us have experienced at least on the physical level, even the most gradual attempts to reform our environment will eventually be met with insurmountable resistance.  Diet as well as any other environmental outcome is the result of years of adaptation which controls how we filter our universe.  Perhaps it would be wiser to consider gently transitioning our filtering interface rather than using another’s will power as a crutch.




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