About Us

Advancing Next-Generation Wireless

T-3 is a global leader in test and measurement inspiring innovation within development labs, communication networks and IT organizations. We enable today’s communication ecosystem as well as tomorrow’s emerging enterprises to deploy life enriching communications networks, devices, services and applications.


At T-3 we work behind the scenes to help the world communicate and collaborate faster, better and more often. The world’s leading communications companies rely on T-3 to help design, develop and deliver world-class network, devices and services. T-3’s lab test solutions are used to evaluate performance of the latest technologies. As new communication services and applications are introduced in the market, T-3 provides tools for service management and field test to improve troubleshooting and quality. T-3 also enables to secure and manage their networks.


T-3 offers a complete portfolio of solutions to enhance customer Quality of Experience.


Industry Experts


We pride ourselves on being experts on next-generation communication networks, devices and applications. Our engineers provide valuable contribution to many of the leading communication organizations. We provide testing services in LTE, IMS , VOLTE, Ethernet networks, IP Telephony and VoIP, VPNs, Multiplay, Cloud Computing environments, Data Center networks, Wireless applications, and Location Based Services. Our areas of expertise include:

•            Broadband Networking: MPLS, DOCSIS 3.0, DSL, Gigabit Ethernet, and IP

•            Convergence: VoIP, IP VPNs, IPTV

•            Next-Generation Internet: IPv6

•            Wireless: HSPA+, LTE, 3G/4G, CDMA, UMTS, MIMO & Advanced Antenna Technique, and Location Based Services

•            Enterprise Networks: Cloud computing, virtualization, load testing, system performance, and network & application security