Training: End to End Voice over LTE

One day or multiple days online or onsite group training is provided on the followings:

  • Introduction to VoLTE

Provide the basic knowledge of VoLTE architecture, VoLTE functions, VoLTE Pre-call functions and Protocols for Voice Communications over packet based networks.






  •  EPC Architecture

Fundamentals of call receiving, call signaling, policy control and call management through IMS Core are discussed with call flow diagrams. Communication with PCRF are discussed in details.

  • IMS Core Architecture

Purpose of IMS Core, CSCFs and communication between the network elements inside and outside the core are discussed. IMS registration procedures are discussed with illustration.




  •  IMS Services Architecture

How IMS supports other advance applications is discussed. Knowledge on communication between IMS core elements and Voice Application Server (VAS) is delivered.

  • VoLTE Call Flow and Management

End-to-end Signaling and RTP call flows are discussed in details. Signaling system and procedure between EPC, IMS Core and the Application Servers are provided.

  • VoLTE Protocols

Most of the important protocols, e.g. GPRS Tunneling Protocol User Plane (GTP-U), GTP-U Transport, Medium Access Control (MAC), Non-Access-Stratum (NAS) Protocol, Packet Data Convergence Protocol (PDCP), Radio Link Control (RLC), and Radio Resource Control (RRC) etc. are discussed.

  • VoLTE Roaming

Knowledge of Roaming Process over VoLTE in the control plane and user plane architecture is provided. VoLTE Roaming Architecture as per GSMA IR.88 is discussed