Title: Schamlos

Price: $300



Brian was born and raised in Sidney, Ohio. After graduating from Sidney High School, he attended the School of Advertising Art in Kettering, Ohio.  At this school he earned an Associates Degree of Applied Business in Advertising Art, graduating in the top ten of his class.  After graduation he perused freelancing for a handful of clients for several months. He was then offered a graphic design position with 2BSdesigns and graciously accepted the position. 2BSdesigns is a design firm in downtown Yellow Springs, Ohio that specializes in any graphic design, web design, and web based application creation. Aside from work, he spends his time creating traditional art, painting miniatures, three dimensional sculptures, and animation.


Shamlos, the title of this work is German, which translates into English as Shameless. The figure in the painting is a bogeyman of sorts. Shamlos was inspired by dreams Brian had as a child. The personal experience with this strange being has left an impression in his mind; allowing him to portray his vision to the world with this piece.