Price: $1,200 

Media: Acrylic


Jason Morgan began painting professionally in his
hometown in Texas several years ago.  He started out
by making old master reproductions for interior
designers.  A favorite was a series of details from
Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel.  In doing that work, he
discovered his fascination with the human face.
Gradually, he acquired the necessary skills to begin
accepting fine art portrait commissions. 

Drawing further inspiration from Rembrandt to
Rockwell, his greatest challenge has been not only to
capture the likeness of each subject, but to create a
unique and lasting piece of art that will be cherished
for generations.

Informal sittings for the purpose of getting to know
the subject and taking additional photos for the
client to choose from are the basis from which he
paints.  Jason works exclusively in acrylics and, more
often than not, stretches his own canvases.

In addition to portraiture, Jason has painted a
variety of both interior and exterior murals.  You can
see his latest large-scale piece across from the City
Building in Wilmington (Ohio).

Jason and his family recently relocated to Yellow
Springs in the hopes of continuing to develop his
craft in a more art-friendly, down-to-earth community.
His wife grew up in Wilmington and had many fond
memories of visiting Yellow Springs -- it was a
natural choice in their search for a better home.
Now, he can be found almost daily at work at his easel
in Studio 211 at the Union School House on Dayton

Artist Statement:
"As long as I can hold a paintbrush, I don't ever want
to go back to work in an office cubicle again!"