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What you need;
Stretchy fabric (t-shirt, dollskin...)
Matching thread
Disappearing marker
Pattern (pfd-file)

The instructions are easy;
Print out the pattern (adjust the settings so it will print over the whole page), cut out and place on folded fabric. Trace with disappearing marker. Sew around body, leaving open where indicated. Align foot-seams against each other, pin and sew across. Clipp (donīt forget the corners!),turn and stuff. Dont put more than a little, little bit of stuffing in those areas where the body bends. Close opening and sculpt toes.
If you want boobs, trace 2 circles onto fabric (a filmcanister works well). Donīt forget to make darts for better fit. Sew onto front.

Head: Trace on folded fabric, and sew. Pin back and front together and sew around. Needlesculpt face.
HINT If you want a flat face, just trace and sew the back-head, and then place that on a piece of fabric RST, pin in place and sew around.

Screw the head on to the neck through the opening in the back and stitch in place.

Voila! you now have a doll that you can either leave as it is, sculpt and stitch some more, decorate, stamp, paint and so on!