Who am I then, you might ask?

Well, Iīll tell you. My name is Mia Svensson. I was born in 1979, and I live in Skurup, which lies in the south of Sweden. My family are my parents - Karin (1951-2001) and Göran, my brother Fredrik (who is six years older than me) who has a wife named Mia,  a son named Johan and a girl named Mathilda. They are true rascal! Then there is of course all the relatives, who on my fathers side accounts for about 100 people or more.


 I have a dog too, heīss a chorkie, a Chihuahua/yorki-mix named Pyret, weighing in at 1.5 kg when wet! He is the perfect size to take him everywhere and becomes everyones mascot wherever he goes.

 MulleMy second dog was a Jack Russell named Mulle, and he was pretty round around the tummy! As far as I know, he was the heftiest dog Iīd ever seen so far.  My first one was a Shi Tzu, named Totzie. She was calm and quiet, the total opposite of what Mulle was! She died of an acute uterus-inflammation, so if you have bitch, and donīt want puppies, you sterilise her. Itīs for her own good, Totzieand minimizes the risk.  Over the years, I have learned that I have truely gotten the Ying and Yang of the canine world. Totzie was female, calm, was afraid of heights and loved going fast, didn't have to many teeth and was never sick until that day she died. Mulle on the other hand, is male, was full of energi (Ok, not so much as he got to be an old fart!), Had no problems what so ever to heights (he would jump of a trailertruck if I didn't stop him), didīt like speed,  had all and very strong teeth and was to the vet on numerous occasions for all sorts of things, including three operations (right eye, castration & bloodear).

My interests then? Oh, geez, well, that I have many!
I read a lot, mostly horror, fantasy and some sci-fi, and since I started listening to audiobooks, my "reading" has increased greatly! I sew and craft even more.  Iīm a member of an online crafting community dedicated to threadanimals,  who shares ideas, hints and invites you in to see their webpages. It might sound ridiculous, but these are wonderful creations my newfound friends does, pure work of art!  I also belong to Den of Angels, a forum for BJD-lovers (that stands for Ball Joint Dolls).
What else? I play around with FIMO, which is a plastic-clay you burn in the oven. With that I make dolls, trolls, miniatures, frame-decorations and much more. I also draw a lot, even if itīs mostly sketches and scribbles now days. I like languages, and have planned to learn as many as I can. Right now I can speak swedish, english and I can count in german. In the future I hope to learn more, and hopefully I can get a job that will allow me to use my skills in an effective way!

What I canīt live without:
  • My family
  • My dog
  • Books!
  • pencils and paper
  • Crafting supplies
  • Music
  • My sight and my hands.