From the beginning in 1945 when the first priority was to save the Lizard Canary from extinction, and through steady growth in numbers and quality during the 50's, 60's and 70's this was achieved.  The culmination of this hard work was the first "All Lizard" show held at Melton Mowbray in October 1981, quite simply the greatest show of Lizards that has ever been held in this country with an entry of nearly 400 birds, a figure which may not be equaled or bettered.  Since then the show has become the premier Lizard show and a regular event.  The show was renamed the "Classic" in 2006 to reflect this.  The results from the shows is shown below and further down is the future judges rota for future Classic shows.  The judge for the 2014 show is Brian Jay.

                                                                       Classic Winners  
Year & Location
Best Lizard
Second Best
Third Best
Best Novice
2016 Roade
D KeeleyD NewtonD NewtonD Keeley
2015 RoadeN HasteadS BoltonS BoltonW Elton
2014 RoadeN HasteadS BoltonS & A MartinS. & A. Martin
2013 Roade
J. Record
S. & A. Martin
D. Westley
S. & A. Martin
2012 Nottingham
D. Newton
S. & A. Martin
D. Westley
S. & A.  Martin
2011 Nottingham
J. McKinnon
J. Record
J. Short
2010 Nottingham
B. Boulton
J. Coakley
S. Bolton
B. Boulton
2009 NottinghamS. Bolton
S. Bolton
C. Jordan
C. Jordan
2008 Nottingham
DTA Lizard Stud
S. Bolton
S. Bolton
S. Kendall
2007 Nottingham
D. Ross
S. Bolton
S. Bolton
D. Kinder
2006 Nottingham
J. & A. Goacher
D. Kinder
J. & A. GoacherD. Kinder
2005 Nottingham
Herod & Slater
J. & A. GoacherJ. & A. GoacherP. Brockman
2004 Nottingham
N. Reeve
J. & A. GoacherJ. & A. GoacherD. Booker
2003 Nottingham
J. Record
N. Reeve
S. Bolton
J. Robson
2002 Nottingham
J. & A. GoacherJ. & A. GoacherJ. & A. GoacherJ. Robson
2001 Nottingham
T.S. Insall
T.S. InsallD. Sewell
D. Sewell
2000 Beeston
T.S. InsallT.S. InsallN. ReeveG. Thompson
1999 Nottingham
J. & A. GoacherT.S. InsallN. ReeveG. Thompson
1998 Frodsham
N. ReeveN. ReeveP. Dawson
G. Thompson
1997 Nottingham
N. ReeveJ. & A. GoacherJ. & A. GoacherJ. & A. Goacher
1996 No Show
1995 Nottingham
R. Bullock
N. Reeve
P. Dawson
P. Dawson
1994 Nottingham
N. Reeve
J. Scott
H. Evans
P. Dawson
1993 No Show
1992 Nottingham
K. & A. Knighton
H. Evans
N. Reeve?
R. Taylor
1991 No Show
1990 No Show
1989 No Show
1988 Heanor
S. Bolton
S. Clowes?S. Clowes
1987 No Show
1986 No Show
1985 No Show
1984 Melton Mowbray
A. Durrell
A. Durrell
?J Storer
1983 No Show
1982 No Show
1981 Melton Mowbray
D. Townsend
D. Townsend
G. J. PlumbN. Burton

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