Lizard Canary Association Classic Show at Roade 2014


Nigel Hastead wins the Founders Trophy.


It was another bright day on Sunday 9th November 2014 for the L.C.A.’s second visit to Roade Community hall.  As with last year the show secretary was John Record and the show manager was John Martin.  Catering was provided by Tracy Allen.  Judge for the day was Brian Jay from Suffolk who was assisted by stewards Andy Williamson and Geoff Louth.  The Number of birds benched this year this year was 164, a rise on last year.


The winning bird was a near Clear Cap Gold Hen from Nigel Hastead; second best was a Broken Cap Gold by Stan Bolton; Third Best was a Non-Cap Silver Hen from the partnership of Steve and Amanda Martin; Fourth place was again Nigel Hastead with a Clear Cap Gold Cock; Fifth place went to Harry Slater’s Non-Cap Silver Hen.  Other winners were Daniel Richmond with Best Champion Over Year and Wayne Elton with Best Novice Clear cap and Best Novice Broken Cap.


Once again the show was sponsored by Johnson and Jeff bird seeds, LBS Gold Chip Bedding, Ryder Rosettes, Birdcare, Rob Harvey, EMP softfood by Donald Cooke and Cage & Aviary Birds.  Big thanks to Joe Coakley for organising the sponsorship and for providing the large displays. 


There were also rosettes and plaques from abroad including those from Belgium Lizard Dag show, the Italian Lizard Canary Club, Australia and New Zealand.  Domestically there were rosettes from the IOA and Cage & Aviary birds.


A big thank you for those who helped put up the staging in the morning and got the show hall ready for the check in.  Further massive thanks to the few who stayed behind after lifting to take down the staging and clearing up the hall.


Best Lizard in Show – Nigel Hastead

2nd Best Lizard – Stan Bolton

3rd Best Lizard – Steve & Amanda Martin

4th Best Lizard – Nigel Hastead

5th Best Lizard – Harry Slater


Best Champion Lizard – Nigel Hastead

Best Champion Clear Cap – Nigel Hastead

Best Champion Broken Cap – Stan Bolton

Best Champion Non Cap – Harry Slater

Best Champion Over Year – Daniel Richmond

Best Champion Stam – No Entries


Best Novice – Steve & Amanda Martin

Best Novice Clear Cap – Wayne Elton

Best Novice Broken Cap – Wayne Elton

Best Novice Over Year – No Entries

Best Novice Stam – No Entries


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