Since its conception in 1945, the LCA has acquired many fine trophies, reading the names inscribed on the trophies is almost a history lesson in itself and is a veritable 'who's who' of Lizard Canary breeders and exhibitors past and present.

Below is a list of LCA trophies that were put up for competition during 2014, the show where they were awarded and the winner.

East Anglian LCA Show 19th October 2014

Albert Durrell Memorial Trophy S & A Martin

The K & A Cup S&A Martin

Len Wood memorial Trophy D Newton


LCA Classic Show 2rd November 2014

Founders Trophy N Hastead

A W Smith Trophy N Hastead

Breeders Trophy S Bolton

Novice Trophy S & A Martin

Over year Trophy D Richmond

Juvenile Trophy N/A

Barnes Trophy S&A Martin

Scottish LCA Show 16th November 2014

Darby Trophy W Peters

Bill Rogers Tankard W Peters

Alan and Angela Trophy W Peters

Southern LCC Show 30th November 2014

Audry Mary Bowl S Bolton

Schneider Trophy S Bolton

Non Cap Trophy S Bolton

Novice Points Trophy W Elton


Midland LCA Show 7th December 2014

The Knighton Cup S Bolton

Terry Dodwell Memorial Trophy S Bolton

Barry Faulkner Trophy S Bolton

Northern Memorial Trophy

Points count at the following shows Wallsend, Trimdon, Scottish LCA All Lizard & Scottish National - Not Awarded

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