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The Lizard Canary Association is dedicated to the promotion and conservation of the oldest breed of canary: the Lizard canary.  The Lizard is believed to have originated in France during the reign of Louis XIV, but became established as a distinct variety thanks to selective breeding by British canary fanciers in the course of the eighteenth century.Gold Clear Cap                                        

The Lizard canary is so named because the pattern of its plumage has been likened to the scales of an exotic lizard, and its unique characteristics have survived unchanged up to the present day.  Thanks to the L.C.A. and the dedicated fanciers who maintain pure-bred strains of the breed, the Lizard canary has emerged from the verge of extinction at the end of the Second World War to become a well established, if still rare, breed with a golden future.

The Lizard Canary Association offers its members:

  • A handbook that provides essential information on breeding and exhibition of Lizard canaries.
  • "The Lizard News", a magazine with the latest news and information on the activities of the LCA and its members, published three times a year.
  • The LCA Classic - the world's largest show dedicated to the Lizard canary.
  • A written show standard (adopted by the C.O.M. for international bird shows).     
  • Patronage for local bird shows that accept the LCA's show standards and judges.      
  • A panel of judges with specialist knowledge of the Lizard canary.                              Image by Alessandro De Santis
  • Contact with other dedicated Lizard breeders.                                                               
  • Information and advice on all aspects of the history, breeding and exhibiting of the Lizard canary.

For more information and membership details, please contact the LCA Secretary David Allen 01865 452476


Sunday 10th March 2019

Roade Village Hall



Please attend this important meeting

Surplus Stock

If members have surplus stock for sale, please contact the club's Secretary David Allen (01865 452476)

David will then compile  a list, so if members contact him for stock he can direct them in the right direction



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