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 This is a comprehensive index and guide to the various art topics that you can find on this site - and related sites

ART TOPICSMy Makingamark on Art Websites
for those wanting to know more about the art businessArt Business Info. for Artists
A new website for artists who want to find out more about the business side of art - including:
  • how to promote your art and your career
  • how to sell art
  • how to protect your art
  • how to manage the money and assets
For those who want to draw or paint plants and flowersBotanical Art and Artists
Resources About Botanical Art and For Botanical ArtistsA compendium of botanical art past and present for botanical artists & illustrators of today & tomorrow
Coloured Pencils

PLUS on this website

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  • Coloured Pencils - This leading resource has information on every aspect of coloured pencils - from brands to lightfastness to tips on how to use coloured pencils. Identify the best brands of coloured pencils for drawing and how to use them

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  • Pastels and Pastel Pencils: Information, advice and links about pastels - the media, the art and the artists - For both new and experienced pastel artists
  • Pastel Paper and Pastel Boards

Oil Painting

  • The Best Books about Oil Painting: Do you need an instruction book about how to paint in oils? Want to develop your skills in painting with oils? Are you interested in knowing more about oil painting? Find out about art instruction books about painting in oils which can fill in the gaps in your art library
Watercolour Painting

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  • The Best Watercolour Paints for Artists: Information, analysis and reviews of professional quality watercolour paints
  • Makingamark's Top 10 Fine Art Books  - now out of date, this listing of the best selling and top rated fine art books was completely reviewed and revised every single month up until the end of 2012. It was amazing how many stayed in the list month after month.
  • Artists' Favourite Art Books - This is a list of favourite art books - compiled from the responses of practising artists who read my popular art blog.
  • Art Bookshops - a developing list of good art bookshops with a bias towards London

Find out about colour at a pace which suits you

  • The Best Art Books - Colour: These are the best books about colour I know for those wanting to develop their understanding of colour, mixing colours and using colour in their art.
  • The Best Artist Guides for Mixing Colours  If you want to know more about how to mix colours - with good visual aids - then these guides provide you useful information which avoids wasting paint and producing mixes the colour of mud.

PLUS on this website

A Making A Mark Guide: Colour and Color
The following publications are available as pdf files and can be downloaded for free
for personal educational use only

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  • Colour - Resources for Artists: provides links to information and advice about colour for those who want to learn more about colour and its use as an artist
  • Colour Theory for Artists: about the science of colour, how it actually works and how people thought it worked in the past.

Learn all about the rules of composition and design - and how to ignore them

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Drawing and Sketching
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  • Drawing and Sketching - Resources for Artists: Find out about drawing and sketching. This site shares advice and information about: * drawing * sketching * how to draw and sketch * drawing materials
  • Travel Sketching: How to sketch the places you see: For people who want to know how to sketch and/or advice and information on keeping a sketchbook of their travels Plus links to travel sketchbooks
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  • 12 good reasons to paint in a series - Find out about 12 reasons why artists choose to work in a series.

See also Oil Painting and Watercolour Painting in the Art Media section
Verre eglomise
  • Verre eglomise - Reverse Glass Painting: Find out about Reverse Glass Painting (also known as Verre eglomise or 'hinterglasmalerei') - where the painting is painted on one side and then viewed from the other side.
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  • The Best Books about Landscape Art  - Do you want to learn about landscape art and how to paint landscapes? Do you want to find out which which are the best books about painting landscapes?
  • The Best Art Books about Still Life