You didn't have to wear the Jacket back then

     in order to live the mission today...

Join or Start an Alumni

So why do local FFA programs need an Alumni?

Today's agriculture is much different from the industry it was just 20 years ago.  Agriculture's increased diversity is due to scientific and technological advances which have spurred career opportunities that our grandparents could only dream of!


Because of this, agricultural education and FFA programing have expanded to keep pace with the opportunities that the industry presents our young people.  The difficult thing, however, is for agricultural teachers/FFA Advisors to keep current on all aspects of the changing field.  The FFA Alumni is perfectly positioned to provide the support structure for adults that want to support the agricultural youth in the community and state!

What does the Alumni do above the local level?

  • Provide scholarships to the Washington Leadership Conference.
  • Closely monitor state and national legislation that affects agricultural education and the FFA.
  • Provides a government intern program in governmental affairs areas to provide support for agricultural education
  • Support the Nebraska Agricultural Educator's Association.
  • Supports the annual State Contests and Awards Ceremony at the Nebraska FFA Convention.
  • Support leadership development activities for Nebraska FFA members.
  • Provide the people power to help conduct agricultural education activities.
  • Provide student teacher scholarships in memory of Dr. Ted Ward.

Great!  So how do we start an affiliate?

The National FFA Alumni has provided a quick-start guide to starting an affiliate (click this link to see the handbook). Take a look and see how easy it is to get a local group going!  Feel free to contact Krystl Knabe with questions and let us know your intention to charter!

See the following links for more information:

How to Charter an Alumni Affiliate

How can I join?  Does my community already have a FFA Alumni?

Anyone and everyone who supports agricultural education and the FFA is welcome to become a member. Check with your local FFA Advisor to see if your FFA chapter has an Alumni Affiliate.  If they do…join!  If not, encourage others in your community to come together and organize an affiliate to support your local FFA chapter.  The National FFA Alumni goal is for every FFA chapter to have an active Alumni Affiliate by 2020. Another option for membership is to become a member-at-large.  Contact Tammie Steinhauer, membership chair.  Your membership in the FFA Alumni will support FFA Alumni activities at the state and national levels.

What are the advantages of membership?

  • Provide an opportunity to be a member of a nationwide organization supporting FFA youth and the agricultural industry.
  • Life members receive the national FFA magazine.
  • All members receive the national and state alumni newsletters that assist members with ideas and information about agricultural education, FFA, and the FFA Alumni.
  • Eligibility to have a voice in the national and state alumni associations.
  • Your membership adds strength to the over 42,000 members nationwide and over 1,600 members in Nebraska as the FFA Alumni works to support the FFA and agricultural education.
  • Allows you the opportunity to support FFA and agricultural education programs in your community and throughout Nebraska.



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