Other Curriculum Resources

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Biotechnology Lesson Plans from UNL

Excellence in Ag Science Day 2017- UNL Extension 

Colorado Agricultural Education Curriculum

UNL Sustainable Agriculture Videos and Lesson Plans

Established with the aid of a Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) grant, this project was created to offer insight into what sustainability within agriculture actually looks like. Spread across eastern Nebraska, ten different farming operations are featured across the twenty different videos. Each farmer was interviewed by a high school student from a nearby school about what their operation does, how and why they choose to manage it in a certain way, and what makes it sustainable as well as what would make it more sustainable.

California CTE Online.org
California received a large grant which enabled them to develop curriculum.  The site requires a login, but it is free and open to all CTE teachers!

Food Science & Technology Curriculum
The curriculum is old, but has some relevant labs and background information.

Nebraska syNErgy Curriculum

The University of Nebraska has developed a series of training curricula to promote workforce development in Nebraska’s renewable energy and energy efficiency industries.  These trainings are presented in a contextualized (e.g. ‘hands-on’), short-course format ideally suited for K-12, trade apprenticeship and related vocational programs.  The goal of this curriculum is to provide the foundation for sustained employment and career advancement in Nebraska’s ‘green collar’ workforce.

Agriculture in the Classroom

The Agriculture in the Classroom (AITC) National Resource Directory offers 194 lessons plans for students aged Pre-K through 12th grade.  How much do you know about agriculture? How much do your students know? See where your knowledge and students' knowledge stands with these quizzes from AITC.  Click Here for Nebraska's Ag In the Classroom site.

Ag Education Curriculum Repository for Learning Disabled Students
A repository has been created for Ag Ed curriculum for Learning Disabled (LD) students in our classrooms, and is accessible for use by all Ag Ed teachers.  Sample Learning Objects (LO) are provided as a format for pre-service teachers to construct additional LOs on other topics.  Visit the repository here.

Nebraska Transition Library
Nebraska teachers can check-out curriculum and resources at no cost to help students with disabilities.
Contact your ESU for more information about this program.

Nebraska Career Tour Videos

Check out the videos of Nebraska's industries to provide your students with experiences that are outside of the classroom while staying right in your own school. The flyer with links is located in the documents section below.


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