/prəˈfiSHənsē/ (noun)
     "a high degree of competence or skill; expertise."


Proficiency Awards

Proficiency Awards recognize the development of technical knowledge and skills that students develop through their Supervised Agricultural Experience programs.  Based on a calendar year of SAE documentation, students may begin applying for this award program during their freshman year through one year after graduation.  Student applications compete in over 50 categories at the chapter, district, state and national levels.  See the Policies and Procedures Manual for full eligibility and program details.

In addition to completing a Proficiency Award application and mailing to the state office, postmarked by February 11, 2018 or hand delivered to preliminary evaluation on February 22, 2019 in Kearney. All applicants advancing to state must also complete the State Qualifying Proficiency Application Form by the date designed on the state calendar of due dates. Please click here to complete the State Qualifying Proficiency Application Form. This form will require indication of potential interview conflicts, indicating if the applicant wishes to be considered for first place, and submitting biographical information which will be read on stage during state convention if selected as first place.

All Proficiency Applications must be completed online using the AET.  Visit National FFA's Proficiency Award Page for more information.
Tip: View the Proficiency Award PDW video.

Downloadable Proficiency Award Documents

Nebraska Proficiency Handbook (Draft 2017-2018)
Proficiency Awards: Nebraska-only Proficiency Area Descriptions - Began in 2013, Updated July 2017
Proficiency Awards: District "Combination" Evaluation Form
Proficiency Awards: District "Entrepreneurship OR Placement" Evaluation Form
Proficiency Awards: District "Research" Evaluation Form