1) How did you get involved in Ham-radio and how many years are being a ham now?
I have been involved in Ham-radio via my best friend during secondary school (1963). 
I have been in Ham-radio since 1963. (for 43 years).
2) What attracted you the most in being a Ham-radio operator?
All kind of possibilities in Ham-radio, QSO's in CW, SSB, RTTY and DIGI Modes, HAM-MEETINGS etc.
3) What is your favorite mode and/or band?
The CW mode is an Art.
I prefer CW, but I use many different modes like CW, SSB, RTTY, BPSK.
I am an Award collector and have over 450 different Certificates and a number of Plaques and Trophies too.
4) What equipment do you use?
I started with homemade gear and since 1968 with a Sommerkamp FTDX-500, FT-277B, Kenwood TS-830S, DRAKE TR-7.
Now in front of me are: TR-7 and TS-870, ICOM IC-260E for 2 meter and a Transverter for 50MHz/10 Watts.
5) Do you hold DXCC and what is the score?
Yes, I do!
My 9BDXCC MIX score is: 328/13,  6 wkd-not-cfm and 3 missing.
9BDXCC SSB score is: 251/8,  36 wkd-not-cfm and 50 missing,
9BDXCC CW score is: 323/10,  9 wkd-not-cfm and 5 missing
Worked but not confirmed are: TX4PG, K7K, KH8S, P5/4L4FN, VK0MM/VK0LD and ZL8R/ZL8RI.
Not yet worked countries are: KH4, KP1 and VP8SA.
6) What has been your most memorable story related to Ham-radio so far?
There are many stories!
In the secondary school we played handball, and one time my best friend told me that he was going to a Radio
Club in order to make contact with his friends from the USA, Russia, Japan etc.
It was the first time that I heard about Ham-radio and I asked Izo (that's his Name) if I could go with him to this Radio Club.
He told me that it was not allowed to visit the Club without having a license.
I asked Izo what to do to get access to the Club and he answered me that I had to learning CW and everything
that comes along to make a good CW QSO.
He has been my Teacher and in very short time I saw the gear in our Club.
It was a very old transmitter with 813 tubes in the PA and the receivers were Halicrafter's SX-43 or so.
My first QSO was with a Ham from NY (Sorry I have forgotten the Call).
And after the first QSO my head turned a couple mm's bigger because for every word I forgot to send I got a
friendly knock to my Head, Hi.
After a few days I remembered all the words I had to send during a CW QSO (because of the friendly knocks, HI).
So, I got my license on 23.08.1963, with CW of course!
7) Do you think CW had it's best time since you don't need it anymore to get a license?
No, I think that CW is an Art, and I have been against the rules to get a license without CW.
I like CW and I have been involved in World High Speed Telegraphy Championships as a competitor and since
2005 as a Jury on WHSTC or HSTC.
I am a member of many CW Clubs like: HSC, VHSC, OTC, HA-CWG, Z3-CWG, BTC, A1-OP, TOPS, AGCW, 9A-CWG-President, RTC, UA-CWC, etc.
8) How would you explain our hobby to someone not familiar with Ham-radio?
Many times I have been teaching young people or children and there are many ways to tell them about our hobby.
- Ham's can make connections with the people from around the world.
- Ham's can have friends from around the globe and if you need something from abroad they can help you out.
- Ham's can learn as many as possible languages by talking with friends and practice their languages.
9) Do you have other hobby's besides Ham-radio?
Yes, my second hobby is Fishing (my wife Gordana too).
She has a license for HAM RADIO too, but no chance to have her in front of the equipment (She tells me all the time).
10) Any final words to the people reading the interviews?

Every year I meet up with our Group (DE0MST, DF9MV, DJ3XG, DL5MFL, DL9CHR,  9A3KB, 9A6AA, 9A7N, 9A7Z)

and be active from one of the Croatian Island's.

I have been a IOTA, WAB, Holyland, Russian Robinson Club, USACA, WLH, Awards, Trophies, Plaques chaser.

I have got over 450 different rewards.

I am a Bus driver and I work in the Public Service in Zagreb, born in 1947 near Zagreb, Croatia.

I am a DIG member which means that I send QSL 100% and glad to receive your QSL's, dear fellows.

Thanks a lot and see you on the bands.

Your friend Daki/9A2WJ