1) How did you get involved in Ham-radio and how many years are being a ham now?
We used too use the walky-talky devices when went to school.

Later on we came to use some CB Band and someone had told me about the ROARS, that was in 1990.

So, in total you can say that I am in this field for almost 17 years now.


2) What attracted you the most in being a Ham-radio operator?
We used these devices even at the office, I felt I needed to know more details about these things.


3) What is your favorite mode and/or band?
I prefer to use the 20 meter band and for me it's the king's band!

However, I also like operating on 15, 40 and 10 meter and digital mode.


4) What equipment do you use?
IC-765, IC-746PRO, FT-1000MP, amplifier is a Ameritron-811/800 WATT.

The antenna is an TH7-DX from Hygain.

5) Do you hold DXCC and what is the score?
I made 30.000 Contacts so far!

6) What has been your most memorable story related to Ham-radio so far?
We have been assigned to visit Zinzbar where we set up camp and our devices.

It was a wonderful trip and we had a lot of fun, that was 1-10/07/2000 and the call-sign was 5I3A.

7) Do you think CW had it's best time since you don't need it anymore to get a license?
I think CW is very important when using QRP and a mode which will allow you to reach long distance.


8) How would you explain our hobby to someone not familiar with Ham-radio?
It is a typical telecom media which is used for quite a long time now.

It offers you friendship, and it can also be used in disasters.

9) Do you have other hobby's besides Ham-radio?
Yes, in addition to the ROARS, I am interested in POINTS-mapping, Super-Diving and Horse riding.


10) Any final words to the people reading the interviews?
Greeting from Muscat - Sultanate of Oman.
I am Member of Royal Omani Amateur Radio Society.

I am QRV on almost all bands using SSB, RTTY, PSK31, SSTV, CW and FM.