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         DXNL 1915 - December 17, 2014

                      DX Newsletter


            *** 60 years DXNL *** 1954 - 2014 ***


                a free and weekly service of

           DARC Committee "DX and HF contesting"



                Editor: Klaus Poels, DL7UXG

                (e-mail: dxnl@dxhf.darc.de)



A6, United Arab Emirates:

     Andy, DL3YM, is expected on the air holiday-style between Dec. 23

     and Jan. 5 as A6/DL3YM. QRV on 40-10m on CW. QSL via DL3YM (d/B),

     automatically via bureau, LoTW.



     Nikolai, RW6ACM, will be active as RI1ANZ, beginning Dec. 22, from

     the Progress base (AN-016), on HF on CW, SSB, and digital modes.

     QSL via RN1ON (d/B), LoTW.


E5, Cook Islands:

     Amateurs on the Cook Islands celebrate the 50th anniversary of the

     islands' self-governing status with the prefix E50 during 2015. So

     far the following call allocations are known:

      Warwick Latham (E50W), Penrhyn Atoll (OC-082)

      Desmond Clarke (E50D), Aitutaki Island (OC-083)

      Victor Rivera (E50V), Rarotonga Island (OC-013)

      Jim Ditchburn (E50J), Rarotonga Island (OC-013)

      Robert (Bob) Walker (E50B), Rarotonga Island (OC-013)

      Kathryn (Kat) Cheval (E50K), Rarotonga Island (OC-013)

      Andrew (Andy) Duncan (E50A), Rarotonga Island (OC-013)

     Visitors will receive a call with the E51 prefix as usual. Many

     thanks to Andy (E51AND) for the information.


G, England:

     There is now a video available concerning the operation of the

     special event station 2SZ during October, which marked the 90th

     anniversary of the first radio contact between Great Britain and

     New Zealand: http://vimeo.com/112857938


JA, Japan:

     8N150KC celebrates the 50th anniversary of the founding of the city

     Kokubunji. QRV until 31 March 2015; QSLs automatically via bureau,

     eQSL. http://8n150kc.jimdo.com/


JD1, Ogasawara:

     Koji, JI1LET and Take, JA1UII, will be active from Chichi-jima

     (AS-031, WLOTA 2269, JAFF-018, WW Loc. QL17) between Dec. 22 and

     Jan. 2. QRV as JD1BOI and JD1BON on 80-6m on SSB, CW, and RTTY. QSL

     JD1BOI via JI1LET (d/B), JD1BON via JA1UII (d/B).


PA, Netherlands:

     Mark, PD0MV, is going to operate the special event station PD17MH

     between Dec. 19 and 26 to draw attention to the tragedy of

     Malaysian Airline's flight MH-17. QRV on 14200, 7080, and 28400 on

     SSB. QSL via PD0MV (d/B).


     PA6XMAS, run by members of the Romeo Foxtrott DX Club, will be

     active between Dec. 20 and Jan. 1 on HF.


     PA55HAL marks the anniversary of the first voyage of the cruise

     ship Rotterdam on 11 Dec. 1959. QRV until the year's end. QSL via

     PI4HAL (d/B).http://www.pi4hal.nl/cms/


SP, Poland:

     Dionizy, SP6IEQ, celebrates Christmas on the air will the call

     3Z14XMAS until Dec. 28. QSL via SP6IEQ (d/B), LoTW.


     HF2014PRNF draws attention to the project "Razem na fali" which

     cares for handicapped people. QRV until Dec. 31. QSL via SQ3BKH

     (d/B), eQSL.


     Members of the radio club SP9KRJ commemorate the battle of Limanowa

     100 years ago with the call HF100BL. QRV on HF until the year's

     end. QSL via SP9KRJ (d/B).


SV, Greece:

     Members of the Northern Greece Amateur Group Thessaloniki activate

     J400EG again for the 400th anniversary of the death of the artist

     Domenikos Theotokopoulos - better known as El Greco. QRV until Dec.

     27, QSL via SV2HTI, LoTW.


V5, Namibia:

     Dietmar, DL3DXX, pays Martin (V51W) a visit from Dec. 19 to 29. QRV

     as V5/DL3DXX, mostly in CW, with a focus on 160 and 80m, including

     also the Stew Perry contest. QSL via h/c (d/B), ClubLog.


VK9N, Norfolk Island:

     Nobuaki, JA0JHQ, is going to activate Norfolk Island (OC-005, WLOTA

     1469, WWFF VKFF-392)from the 20th to the 22nd. QRV as JA0JHQ/VK9N,

     mainly on 12 to 17m on SSB and maybe on 30m CW. QSL via h/c (d/B).




     W1AW will be active /3 from Maryland, /4 from Georgia, and /KH6

     from Hawaii during the upcoming week.




XE, Mexico:

     Markus, DJ4EL, plans to get on the air as XE1/DJ4EL between Dec. 21

     and Jan. 4. QRV on 20-10m on SSB. Between Jan. 2 and 4 he is going

     to visit the national park La Malinche (XEFF-046, WW Loc. EK09xg).

     QSL via DJ4EL (d/B), OQRS, LoTW.


YO, Romania:

     YO1989BV marks the 25th anniversary of the Romanian Revolution of

     1989 on the air until January 6. QSL via ClubLog, eQSL.


     YP96GU commemorates the Romanian unification of 1918. QRV until the

     year's end, QSL via YO3IZT.





Juan Fernandez Archipelago - 2015:

     The F6KOP team aims to activate Robinson Crusoe Island (SA-005)

     from February 24 to March 4 in 2015 with a 22 operator team. The

     group will be lead by Alain/F5TJV and his co-leaders Tony/F8ATS and

     Jean Luc/F1ULQ.


P2, Papua New Guinea:

     Norbert, DH1NK, begins a 5 to 6-month long stint of work in a

     hospital in Papua New Guinea in January. He hopes to get on the air

     during his spare time as P29NK on SSB and maybe PACTOR. QSL via

     DH1NK (d/B).


9Q, Democratic Republic of Congo:

     The Radioamateur Association of the Democratic Republic of Congo

     has invited the Italian DXpedition Team (Silvano/ I2YSB,

     Vinicio/IK2CIO, Angelo/IK2CKR, Marcello/IK2DIA, Stefano/ IK2HKT,

     Mac/JA3USA, and Alfeo/I1HJTK) for March 2015 to Kinshasa in order

     to further develop amateur radio in the country. They will be

     active as 9Q0HQ.


VP8, South Sandwich Island and South Georgia Island:

     A team of 14 operators plans to activate South Sandwich Island (#4

     most wanted) and South Georgia Island (#9 most wanted) during

     January 2016. Plans are for 6 stations on 160-10m on CW, SSB, and

     RTTY. http://www.intrepid-dx.com/vp8/


Spratly Islands - DX0P:

     A team consisting of AD5MD, DU1BP, K6BF, K6BG, WA6LOS, WE6DX, WJ1P,

     WW6CP, K6ZRH, DV3KWM, and DU7RJA is going to activate Spratly

     (AS-051) during April 2015 as DX0P. QRV on 160-10m on CW, SSB, and

     RTTY. QSL via WJ1P.



Abbreviations in this DXNL:

LoTW  Logbook of the World

OQRS  Online QSL Request System

WLOTA World Lighthouse On The Air Award



Upcoming Contests


20./21.12.     Croatian CW Contest

20.12.          OK DX RTTY Contest

21.12.          RTC Party



IOTA     Compiled by Friedrich, DL4BBH (iota@dxhf.darc.de)




CW:  28040 24920 21040 18098 14040 10114 7030 3530 kHz

SSB: 28560 28460 24950 21260 18128 14260 7055 3760 kHz


OC-017; 3D2, Viti Levu and Vanua Levu group: Watch out for

     Udo/DL9HCU working as 3D2HC during the next weeks from Nadi. QRV on

     30-15m, mainly in CW with a QRP rig. QSL via h/c (d/B).


OC-157; YB8, Banda Islands: Iman, YB4IR, will be active as YB4IR/8 from

     Bandaneira Island between the 22nd and 25th. QRV on 80-10m on SSB,

     CW, and RTTY. QSL via h/c (d/B), OQRS.


     Din, YB8RW, will also be active from the same island from the 22nd

     to 25th as YB8RW/p. QRV on 40-10m on CW and SSB. QSL via YB8RW (d),



    DXNL 1913 - December 3, 2014
                      DX Newsletter

            *** 60 years DXNL *** 1954 - 2014 ***

                a free and weekly service of
           DARC Committee "DX and HF contesting"

                Editor: Klaus Poels, DL7UXG
                (e-mail: dxnl@dxhf.darc.de)

C6, Bahamas:
     John, 9H5G (KK4OYJ) will be active from the Bahamas until late April
     2015. Currently he's on South Bimini (NA-048) but activities from
     NA-001, NA-113 and NA-054 are also planned. QSL via NI5DX (d), LoTW,
     ClubLog OQRS. http://kk4oyj.wordpress.com/ 

CE9, Antarctica:
     Paolo, IZ2QEJ  is staying on Concordia Base (AA MN-06, WAP MNB-03, IOTA
     AN-016, ANFF-006) until Feburary 2015. During his free time, he will
     try to get on the air as IA/IZ2QEJ on the HF bands.
     QSL via IZ2QEJ (d) after his return.

F, France:
     The special callsign TM55BM will be active to remember the 55th
     anniversary of the dam failure at Malpasset until December 6.
     Operators include Paul/F2YT, Damien/F4ASQ, Pierre-Marie/F4FCE,
     David/ F4GQP, Lawrence/F4GVK, Jim/ F5MCC, Patrick/F5MQW,
     Lydia/F5MSS, Robert/ F5RHD and Michael/F8GGZ. QSL via F4FCE (d/B).

J6, Saint Lucia:
     Bengt, SM7EQL and Ronnie, SM7DKF are on vacation on St. Lucia Island
     (NA-108, WLOTA 1336) from December 7 through 15 and operate as
     J6/homecall on the highbands. QSL for J6/SM7EQL via SM6JSM, J6/SM7DKF 
     via SM7DKF. http://www.sm7dkf.se/ 

     Members of the "The Buddies in the Caribbean DXpedition group"
     will also be QRV from St. Lucia Island.

JD1, Ogasawara:
     Freddy, F4HEC received the callsign JD1BOX and will be QRV from
     Chichi-jima (AS-031, WLOTA 2269, JAFF-018, JCG 10007, WW Loc. QL17cc)
     on the HF bands from December 4 to 12.  QSL via F4HEC (d/B).

T8, Palau:
     Kaoro, JH7WER will operate as T88ER from December 3 to 6 from
     Koror Island (OC-009) on HF and 6m, mostly on CW. QSL via
     JH7WER (d/B).

     Hiro/JA7DAJ is QRV as T88FC at the same time, working on SSB.
     QSL via JA7DAJ (d/B).

VP8, Falkland Islands:
     Members of the Royal Air Force ARS will activate the special calls
     VP8RAF/100 and VP8FIR/100 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary
     of the "Battle of Coronel". QSL for VP8RAF/100 via G8FC (d).

VQ9, Chagos Island:
     Robert, N7XQ will operate as VQ9XR from Chagos (AF-006, WW Loc. MI62eq)
     on all HF bands (CW/SSB/RTTY) until December 19. QSL via N7XR (d).

     W1AW will be active during the upcoming week /1 from Maine (ME) and
     /9 from Illinois (IL).  http://www.arrl.org/centennial-qso-party 

T30D report:
     An article about the recent T30D DXpedition can be downloaded from
     the website of the German DX Foundation (in German language):

Lord Howe Island - VK9DLX:
     QSLs for VK9DLX are being printed as your read this. First cards
     to be sent out in January 2015.
     QSL requests via OQRS. http://oqrs.lagunaria-dx-group.org/ 

FT4TA - Tromelin Island:
     A photo gallery of the recent FT4TA DXpedition is now available
     in their website:


TI9, Cocos Island:
     Dom/3Z9DX and Jorge/TI2HMJ plan an activation of Cocos Island
     (NA-012) as TI9/3Z9DX from February 16 to 23. QSL via 3Z9DX (d/B),
     OQRS, LoTW. http://www.nielsen.net/ti9a/ 

PY0T, Trinidade and Martim Vaz Islands:
     A team of five operators plans to operate from Trinidade Island
     (SA-010, DIB OC-02) as PQ0T in the second half of 2015 for a couple
     of days.

Abbreviations in this DXNL:
DIB   Diploma Ilhas Brasileiras 
DICE  Diploma Islas de Chile
JCG   Japan Century Guns 
LoTW  Logbook of the World 
OQRS  Online QSL Request System
WAP   Worldwide Antarctic Program 
WLOTA World Lighthouse On The Air Award 

Upcoming Contests
05./07.12.   ARRL 160m Contest
06.12.       TARA RTTY
06./07.12.   TAC
07.12.       10m RTTY Contest

IOTA     Compiled by Friedrich, DL4BBH (iota@dxhf.darc.de)

CW:  28040 24920 21040 18098 14040 10114 7030 3530 kHz
SSB: 28560 28460 24950 21260 18128 14260 7055 3760 kHz

IOTA News:
     IOTA manager G3KMA reports that contrary to previous announcements,
     Bjoern/OX5T and Mia/OX5M are *not* operating from NA-220.
     Due to its proximity to the main island, Qarqortoq counts as NA-018

AF-004; EA8, Canary Islands: Andrea/IK1PMR and Claudia/PA3LEO are once
     again QRV signing EA8/homecall from December 9 to January 8, on
     all HF bands (CW/SSB/RTTY). Direct QSL via HB9FKK, bureau QSL also
     via homecall. http://www.ik1pmr.com/ 

AS-013; 8Q, Maldive Islands: Francesco/IK0FUX is spending his vacation
     on Maayafushi Island from December 1 to 10 and plans to operate on
     the HF bands in holiday style as 8Q7UX. QSL via homecall (d/B), LoTW.

AF-045; 6W, Senegal North group: Members of the der "Association des
     Radioamateurs du Senegal" (ARAS) will sign 6V1A from Goree Island from
     December 5 to 7. QSL via QRZ.COM.

AS-064; R0X, Bering Sea Coast group: QSL manager Victor, UA3AKO reports
     that QSLs for the IOTA expedition RI0X have arrived from the printer
     and answering QSLs has now started.

EU-027; JW, Bear Island: Svein/LA9JKA will be on Bear Island for a
     work assignment until May 2015, starting December 6. In his free time
     he plans to operate on all HF bands and 6m. In the winter season his
     focus will be on 160m, in the spring on 6m.
     QSL via LA9JKA only direkt.

EU-125; OZ, Jylland West group: Volker/DJ8VW will operate as 5P8VW from
     Romo (OZFF-004) on 160m-6m (CW/SSB/JT65) from December 6 - 20.
     QSL via DJ8VW (d/B) LoTW, eQSL, OQRS.

OC-151; YB9, Tenggara Timur Islands: Correction for DXNL 1912:
     We announced the activity of DL7UVO and DL3KZA as YB9/homecall with
     a wrong QSL information.  QSL for YB9/DL3KZA via homecall DL3KZA (B),
     not via DL5KZA.

SA-070; CE5, Bio-Bio Region group: Members of the "Radio Club of Concepcion"
     plan to get on the air as XR5JA on December 6/7 from Quiriquina Island
     (WLOTA 0445, DICE ICE-501) on HF. QSL via CE5JA (d/B)