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              DXNL 1926 - March 4, 2015

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ARRL International DX Contest:

     The upcoming ARRL International DX Contest SSB (March 7/8) will

     bring many rare DX stations on the air; some of them are also

     on the air before and after the contest for those not in North

     America. Additionally to this DXNL, make sure to check out NG3K's

     website for more announced ARRL DX SSB operations:



5X, Uganda:

     Eric, SM1TDE will say in Entebbe until March and is QRV on the

     bands (mostly CW) as 5X8EW. QSL via SM5DJZ (d/B).


5Z, Kenya:

     Nick, G3RWF plans to be QRV from Nairobi signing 5Z4LS from March

     5th to 18th, on 10m - 80m (CW only). This operation includes the

     ARRL DX SSB Contest and the BERU contest.

     QSL via G3RWF, preferrably via ClubLog (OQRS).


8P, Barbados:

     Thomas, W2SC will operate as 8P5A in the ARRL DX SSB (SOAB HP).

     QSL via NN1N (d/B), LoTW.


9Q, Democratic Republic of Congo:

     The "Radioamateur Association of the Democratic Republic of the

     Congo" (ARAC) invited the "Italian DXpedition Team" to Kinshasa.

     The main purpose of their stay is to give theoretical and practical

     training and refresher courses for the Amateurs of the DR of Congo.

     Additionally, they will operate as 9Q0HQ from March 10th to 25th

     (on all HF bands incl. 160m, CW/SSB/RTTY). The team consists of

     Silvano/I2YSB, Vinicio/IK2CIO, Angelo/IK2CKR, Marcello/IK2DIA,

     Stefano/IK2HKT, Mac/JA3USA and Alfeo/I1HJTK. QSL via I2YSB (OQRS).



C6, Bahamas:

     Thomas/N1GN, William/NE1B, Paul/K1VK and Kenneth/AG2K will visit the

     Bahamas for the ARRL DX SSB contest and operate as C6ANM.

     QSL via LoTW.


     Another team, Pier/W1NA, Massimo/ N5NHJ, Pasquale/I8QLS and

     Gino/I8ULL will be QRV in the ARRL DX SSB as C6ANA from NA-080.

     QSL via N5NHJ.


DL, Germany:

     DL65DARC will be run by district Niedersachsen (H) between the 2nd

     and 8th of March and by district Nordrhein (R) between 9th and the

     15th of March. DK65DARC will be run by district Mecklenburg-

     Vorpommern (V) during the first time period named, and by district

     Oberbayern (C) during the second.


E3, Eritrea:

     The "SEISA/Foundation for Global Children" plans a new activity

     together with the "Eritrea Project 2015". From March 6th to 17th,

     Zorro/JH1AJT, Paul/N6PSE, Franz/DJ9ZB, Jay/JA1TRC, Yuki/JH1NBN,

     Kazu/JH1OGX, Thomas/NQ7R, David/WD5COV and Dnitri/RA9USU will hit

     the bands as E3A with up to four stations on the air at the same

     time. QSL via M0URX.


FY, French Guiana:

     Marc, F1HAR will work the ARRL DX SSB Contest as FY5KE from the

     club station of the "Radio Amateurs Club de Kourou".

     QSL via FY1FL (d), LoTW.


     Chris, F4GHW will celebrate the "Carnival French Guiana 2015" with

     the special event callsign TO5BR from March 10th to 23rd.

     QSL via F4HGW (d/B).


     Herve, F5HRY will operate as TO1A in the ARRL DX SSB (SOSB).

     QSL via F5HRY (d/B).


HR, Honduras:

     Dan, HR2DMR will be QRV in the ARRL DX SSB Contest as HR2WW (SOAB).

     QSL via KD4POJ.


JA, Japan:

     Members of the "Kamigori Amateur Radio Club" will be QRV as 8J3KGR

     until the end of the year to celebrate the 60th anniversary of

     Kamigori. QSL via bureau.


LX, Luxembourg:

     Philippe, LX2A will be QRV in the ARRL DX SSB Contest as LX7I.

     QSL via LX2A.


LZ, Bulgaria:

     The 90th anniversary of the IARU will be celebrated with the

     special event callsign LZ90IARU until the end of the year.

     QSL via LZ1BJ (d/B).


P4, Aruba:

     Robert/AA6VB, Andrew/AE6Y, John/K0DQ and Edmund/N4OC will join

     forces and operate as P49Y in the M/2 category of the ARRL DX SSB

     Contest. QSL via AE6Y, LoTW.


PY, Brazil:

     The 450th anniversary of Rio de Janeiro will be celebrated with

     the special event callsign PQ450RIO in the month of March on HF.

     QSL via PY1AA (d/B). http://www.rio450anos.com.br/


PZ, Suriname:

     Peter, PA1LP ist vom 5. Maerz bis 5. Juni als PZ5LP von Suriname

     aus von 80 - 10 Meter in SSB und Digi-Mode erreichbar. Seine

     Station besteht aus FT-857 (100 Watt) und G5RV. QSL via eQSL.


SP, Poland:

     The 205th anniversary of the famous Polish composer Frederic

     Chopin will be celebrated by members of the club station SP5PPK

     with the special event call SN205FC, until March 7th.

     QSL via bureau.  http://www.sp5ppk.waw.pl/


     Valdi, SP9MZX will be QRV as SN100KO until March 31st (possibly

     longer) to remember the 100th anniversary of the death of Karol

     Olszewski.  QSL via SP9MZX (d/B).


     The radioclub "Grodziski Klub Krotkofalowcow" (SP5PMU) will

     celebrate their 20th anniversary with the call sign 3Z20PMU.

     A special award is available. Every QSO will be confirmed by

     eQSL automatically; paper QSLs can be requested via bureau.


SV, Greece:

     J42CPMV wll celebrate the day of the "Volunteers Minor Civil

     Protection" on the bands, until March 8th.

     QSL via bureau, SV2HXV (d), LoTW.


T8, Palau:

     Tevfik, TA1HZ will travel to Koror, Palau Island (OC-009, WW Loc.

     PJ77fi) from March 5th to 12th and operate in the ARRL DX SSB

     contest as T88HZ. Outside the contest he will also operate CW,

     SSB and digital modes on the HF bands. QSL via LoTW, eQSL.


TI, Costa Rica:

     Eddie/K4UN, Juan/TI2JCY, Carlos/TI2KAC, Mauricio/TI4ZM,

     Robert/W4BW, Keith/W4KTR and Alexis/W4XO will join the ARRL DX

     SSB contest as TI5M from Poas Alajuela. QSL via TI2KAC.


     Also TI5W will be QRV from from Costa Rica. The team consisting

     of Kamal/N3KS, Chris/KL9A, Mark/M0DXR and Nathan/N4YDU will

     operate in the contest in the M/2 category. Outside the contest

     look for them as TI5/homecalls. QSL via N3YIM (d).


V2, Antigua and Barbuda:

     Alan, N3AD will operate as V26M in the ARRL DX SSB.

     QSL via W3HNK.


V6, Micronesia:

     Ken, JR1JYR will operate as V63JYR during his visit to Pohnpei

     Island (OC-010) from March 5th to 11th. He will be on the air

     on 20m - 10m on CW mostly, with a little SSB and digital modes.

     QSL via JR1JYR (d), LoTW, eQSL.


VP2M, Montserrat:

     Charles, K1XX will operate the ARRL DX SSB as VP2MLL (SOAB)

     from Montserrat. QSL via N4OX.


VP9, Bermuda:

     Kurt, W6PH will once again operate as VP9/W6PH in the ARRL DX

     SSB Contest (SOAB LP). QSL via W6PH (d).


VU4, Andaman and Nicobar Islands:

     Followin the HAMTECH 2015, international hams (using the callsign

     VU4A) and Indian hams (using VU4I) will be on the air from Port

     Blair (AS-001) from March 6th to 18th. http://www.niar.org/


YN, Nicaragua:

     Jeff, N6GQ will once again operate from Nicaragua as YN2AA. His

     operation from March 4th to 8th will focus on the ARRL DX SSB

     contest, outside the contest he's QRV on all bands (160m - 6m).

     QSL via NN3W, LoTW. http://www.n6gq.com/





Mega DXpeditions Honor Roll:

     In the 90s, Jari, OH2BU started compiling the "Mega DXpeditions

     Honor Roll", will all DX operations that logged more than 30k

     contacts. Bernd, DF3CB has taken over the maintenance of this

     list and compiled an impressive database, which is hosted on

     the German DX Foundation's website:



K1N: Interview with Glenn, W0GJ:

     The "Mediterraneo DX Club" (MDXC) published an interview with

     K1N co-team leader Glenn, W0GJ, by IZ8CCW.






Spratly Island:

     DX0P from Spratly Islands (AS-051) was announced for April 2015.

     Led by Leo/WA6LOS the team consisting of DU1BP, DU2BOQ, DU7RJA,

     DV1JM, K6BF, K6BG, WE6DX, WJ1P and WW6CP will operate with several

     stations at the same time on 160m - 10m on SSB, CW, RTTY and JT-65.

     QSL via WA6LOS.



Abbreviations in this DXNL:


DIE      Diplom Islas de Espana

DIP      Diploma das Ilhas Portuguesas

IARU     International Amateur Radio Union

IOTA     Islands on the Air

LoTW     Logbook of the World

OQRS     Online QSL Request System

PIP      Portuguese Islands Plaque

WCA      World Castles Award

WLOTA    World Lighthouse On The Air Award



Upcoming Contests


07./08.03.             ARRL DX  SSB Contest

07./08.03              Open Ukraine RTTY Contest

08.03.                 UBA Spring Contest

08.03.                 YL activity day

08.03.                 DARC 10m-Digital Contest



IOTA     Compiled by Andreas, DK5ON (iota@dxhf.darc.de)




CW:  28040 24920 21040 18098 14040 10114 7030 3530 kHz

SSB: 28560 28460 24950 21260 18128 14260 7055 3760 kHz



AF-004; EA8, Canary Islands: Felipe, NP4Z will operate the ARRL DX

     SSB Contest as EE8Z from the station of the "Los Chachos Contest

     Club", Island of Tenerife (DIE S-012, WLOTA 1276) in the SOAB

     category. QSL via N4AO (d), LoTW.


AF-014; CT9, Madeira Archipelago: Rosel, DL3KWR and Hardy, DL3KWF

     will be QRV from Madeira (DIP MA-001, PIP MD-001, WLOTA 0053)

     from March 5th to April 1st. Signing CT9/homecall they will

     mainly be on the WARC bands, operating CW.

     QSL via Homecalls (d/B) or request by email: dl3kwr[@]darc.de /

     dl3kwf[@]darc.de. http://www.dl3kwf.com/ http://www.dl3kwr.de/


NA-001; C6, Great Bahama Bank group: Rob, K4OV and Lee, N1BA will be

     operating from the Bahamas as C6ATF from March 4th to 9th. This

     includes an operation in the ARRL DX SSB Contest.

     QSL via K4OV (d/B), LoTW, eQSL.


NA-105; PJ7, Sint Maarten: Members of the "Uruguay DX group"

     Gustavo/CX2AM, Mario/CX4CR, Rainert/CX8FB and Humberto/CX3AN

     will visit Sint Maarten (WLOTA 0711) from February 28th to March

     9th and operate as PJ7C in holiday style (80m - 10m, CW/SSB).

     QSL via EB7DX.


OC-195; VK7, Furneaux group: Tim/VK4HFO, Chris/VK3FY and Christian/EA3NT

     will operate as VK7FG from Flinders Island (VKFF-175, WW Loc. QE49)

     from March 5th to 9th. They will have three stations on the air and

     operate on all bands from 160m to 6m. Flinders Island counts for the

     "Antarctic Challenge Award". QSL via M0OXO, OQRS.


OC-210; YC8, Sangihe Island: Ronald, YC8ROP will take part in the ARRL

     International DX SSB Contest from Sangihe Island (WLOTA 2486) in the

     SOSB 15m LP category. QSL via YC8ROP direct, LoTW.


SA-099; PJ2, Curacao: John/K6AM, Chad/WE9V and Geoff/W0CG/PJ2DX

     will take part in the ARRL International DX SSB Contest as PJ2T

     in the M/S category from Curacao (WLOTA LH-0942). Some of the OPs

     will be QRV as PJ2/homecalls before and after the contest.

     QSL PJ2T via W3HNK, LoTW.