I was really looking forward to the REGION 1 field day contest this year after the fun that we had last year.

The same as last year, I would join in at the "kennemerland group".

So, saturday-morning at 09:00 I was one of the first to arrive in the small forest near Hoofddorp where we keep this yearly event.

Joost/PA2EAR was already there and we started building the 80 meter vertical first which is a peace of cake if you know how to do this(it's still a 20 meter high pole).

While we where busy other's like, Joop/PE1DOY, Werner/PA0FLE, etc had arrived and started to build the tent and the new spider beam which they had tested some weeks ago.




Last years we used a Fritzel 3 elements 10/15/20 meter band yagi in a 18 meter fixed tower.

This Spider beam would be held in the air by a 10 meter telescopically Clark tower, strong enough to carry the +/- 6 Kg antenna.

Soon the tent was ready and Kees/PA5WT could install the gear and also the 5KW power-engine was set far enough from our shack to reduce the noise.

The 80 meter and 40 meter ( 40 meter vertical wire parallel to the 80 meter vertical) stood straight up and so we just had to lay the radials around it for good ground.

Next was the 160 dipole and a 40 meter dipole held up in the center by a small tower at about 10 meters with the legs going up to two trees.

We had some problems getting the 40 meter dipole at resonance but finally we made it  and al the antenna's where ready to go.

A problem occurred with the rotator and the small pipe that held the yagi, so we could only rotate the thing with a rope.(*&%$#@!)

This was the only thing that went wrong but it could not spoil our fun and good mood.

We also had some VHF activity's by Joop/PE1DOY who had a nice telescopically tower with vhf antenna's attached.

He worked some nice long distance on 2 meters and 70 centimeters in a very relaxed way.


At 15:00 GMT saturday afternoon the contest started and Kees/PA5WT had to control the first big burst of stations replaying PI4KML/P's "cq".

He did well and  soon it was my turn to sit behind the laptop and listen to the cw concert.

I got used to the N1MM buttons real fast cause I downloaded this Program at home to practice a bit.

The offer on 20 was good but 10 and 15 meters where very bad.

After some time we where visited by Peter/PA4EA as well and he also climbed the chair to have some CW fun while I kept his dog busy.(please don't pee on my shoes or trousers,HAHA)

As the hours past we already had a good amount of QSO's in the PC and also Dick/PA0GRU did his best to get them in correctly.

Soon it was time to eat and Joop/PE1DOY got uss some nice chinese food which tasted very well(thanks Joop).

The evening went on with still good rates on 40,80 and 20 meters.

Peter/PA2V came along to operate some hours which was a welcome surprise.

Kees/PA5WT went home for a short sleep and would be back around midnight.
I planned to sleep on the stretcher later when he was back.

Around 00:00 we where the only two  operators left for the night, which was very quite and comfortable also because of the warmth coming from our good old AL-80B which we had set at about midrange/400 watt.


 PA5WT/Kees and PA3GVI/Rob.


Every 3 hours the power engine started screaming for a fill up and these where the only minutes we where of the air.

I really enjoyed being there at night because of my fascination for low band and so I was desperate to go on 160 when Kees woke me up after a short sleep at about 04:00 local.

A lot of Europe of course on the low dipole but at 05:30 local I heard PY2DO coming out of the noise with a good 559 report.

We exchanged serials and I was very happy and trilled to have this DX in the log just like in the old times.

Soon it became light and Dick/PA0GRU was there again too.

De higher bands opened up a bit after the afternoon and so we could have a good amount of multie's on 10 and 15 meters as well.

This had really been our worry but the chances seemed to turn our way now.

At that time we could already see that we would probable beat the score of last year which would be very good with the sunspots cycle being even worser then last year.

I had to leave the event around 15:00 local to join my kids at a weekend event on the soccer field to end around 16:00.

I didn't mind to much cause this had taking quite some energy from my being there from saturday 09:00 till 15:00 sunday with only 2 hours sleep.

The boys did very well the last hours and so the 2005 field day had come to an end again.

All stuff was cleared quick and now we just have to wait for the final results.

I enjoyed being there very much and loved the antenna building and running the pile up's.

Thanks guy's for the fun, see you soon again!




PI4KML/P Field-day 2005

































Score: 498.636


Multipliers we worked:
ZS,ZA, 9M2, VU2, P40, ZA, ZP, YV, PY, VE2, K.

-FT-1000 MP
-Ameritron AL-80B amplifier
-Laptop with N1MM logging software
-Power engine 5 KW.
This years crew was formed by the following amateurs:
PA0FRX/Gerard, PA0GRU/Dick ( HF-operator), PE1OCT/Jaap, PE1DOY/Joop (VHF-operator),
PA1G/Gert-Jan, PA2EAR/Joost, PA2V/Peter, PA3FMC/Henk, PA3GPA/Fred, PA4EA/Peter,
PA5WT/Kees(HF-operator), PA0FLE/Werner, PA3GVI/Rob(HF-operator), NL-13190/Rob.