1) How did you get involved in Ham-radio and how many years are being a ham now?
My first approach to a radio equipment was in the year 1972, when on vacation in a Camping in Tuscany. Close to my tent there was an Ham doing some /p operation. I immediately loved the hobby. The same year I became SWL (I1-65165). I got my license I1HYW in the year 1979.
2) What attracted you the most in being a Ham-radio operator?
DX and in particular contacts with Antarctica has always been my dream and goal. To make contact so much far away, knowing that your voice is crossing the oceans just like a dream!
3) What is your favorite mode and/or band?
20 meters have always been the most satisfactory band for me and of course SSB.
4) What equipment do you use?
At the beginning I did start with an old Sommerkamp FT-277 and a Swan vertical 4 bands, than I moved the QTH and installed a 4 elements 3 bander  Yagi with dipoles for other bands. Now I'm running  Yaesu FT-1000 MP,  Henry-2 KD classic amplifier, into a 6 elements Delta Loop, while the 4 elements Yagi is still working well after 25 years on my little tower.
5) Do you hold DXCC and what is the score?
My last DXCC up date, is dated Feb. 1, 1990 (reference number 7585) with 316 Countries confirmed. Now I have about 38 more to add, but the costs for up dates are raising so much that decided to stop it.... I do not like to continue when costs are escaping from a common sense of limit!
6) What has been your most memorable story related to Ham-radio so far?
We did know that the aircraft with DX-pedition crew did crashed  on the island of Palmyra, when landing.  one of the operator has been seriously injured and he has to be evacuated  by a C1340 of the US Coast Guard. The Team decided to stay on the island and put this NEW ONE on the air.That was the 5 Jan. 1980.
The best of my recall, is when I did work K6LPL/KH5 on Palmyra Island the 8th of January 1980, just 3 days later on .
7) Do you think CW had it's best time since you don't need it anymore to get a license.
I hate CW when I had to study it hard to pass the license examination, according to the rules of the 70's. Now I regret to have stopped it. I have a keyboard Tono Tetha 9000E machine which I use for my CW now.
As I'm  experiencing now, there is  still a lot of CW and I'm sure it is always amusing thousand of operators even though I thing a big percentage is now a days doing CW by computers.
8) How would you explain our hobby to someone not familiar with Ham-radio?
It's hard to explain something which has became part of your life, to someone not familiar with Ham-radio.
I always say that this is a wonderful hobby but it has to remain a Hobby.
A good old friend of mine, taught me that there are 2 categories of hams: Hams for love & Ham for business. Now a day I see to much business around what was a lovable hobby !
9) Do you have other hobby's besides Ham-radio?
Yes I like gardening and I like Antarctica. I am the content Manager of the WAP (Worldwide Antarctic Program) www.ddxc.net/wap a web site dedicated purely to Antarctica. One of my main object is to build a Church in Antarctica, at the Italian scientific Base MZS at Terra Nova Bay.
10) Any final words to the people reading the interviews?
Enjoy the hobby...but put it in the right position of the scale of values ...and don't forget that family is always at the 1st place.