Another hobby of mine is fishing!

I went fishing with my dad at a very young age when we used to go to the manmade forest near Amsterdam almost every sunday.

We tried to catch bream wich was well stocked in the many small lakes and channels there. 

One day I saw some people catching a big carp and from then on I wanted to catch a fish like that too.

I caught my first carp with some cheese as bait.

I improved my gear and knowledge of how to fish and find, bait them.

Fishing at least one night a week was common and most of the time even more nights where spent on the waterfront , specially when I moved to the house at the lake(see the picture on the "Rob/pa3gvi" page).

Nice carp up to 33 Lbs are in this lake and many of them saw my net.

As this is a closed lake the fish can't swim in or out and I had quite a good sight of the stock in there.

Fish weighting 10 to 20 Lbs where very common and often fish above 20 Lbs where landed.

My interest went to the channels and lakes wich run through the country, more or less all connected and are busy occupied by commercial and recreation ships.

Here was always the chance to hook a record fish and that keeps me going to this waters, still.


I will not boder you with all kinds of stories but just show you some of the fish I caught "and" released after they had poosed for a picture!


Enjoy the pictures!

This Common Carp (28 Lbs) woke me up at 03:30 on a cold September night (2015).

A 27 Lbs Mirror Carp on a cold September morning (2015).

Summer 2015: My son Stef with a beautiful Mirror Carp...watch the nicely coloured tail!

Big Common, Spring 2015.

May 2013, one from the shallows in spawningseason, 33 Lbs common Carp.

My son Stef knows how to catch them as well, 23 Lbs Common and 28 Lbs mirror Carp, May/July 2013.

A 30 Lbs common caught from a spring hotspot, May 2013


One I caught stalking, 27 Lbs Leather carp, May 2011.


22 Lbs Common from a local venue, July 2010.


Most recent picture from a 26 Lbs common, caught in the local waters.


A big common of 32 Lbs caught in the spawnwaters near my house.


A nice 33 Lbs mirror carp caught in a channel during a night session with big fish.


One of the big commons( 28 Lbs) caught from out of my garden.


"Big Common" from the channel again, at a topweight of 46 Lbs( my record).


Another one from a busy night at the channel, 34 Lbs this time.



A fish from very shallow waters at 28 Lbs.


A 26 Lbs hard fighting common.


Could not resist the fine bait, this 29 Lbs common.



If you consider a carp-trip to the Netherlands I will be pleased to help you out on permits and can even bait up the area you wanto fish.(no garantees ofcourse!)

I can inform and arrange bed and breakfast as well.


Thats all for now, more pictures to come............I hope!!!