I discovered making video's and compilations some months ago (write March-2008) and this is a fun thing to do.

I produce them with my Photo camera and edit them with Windows movie-maker.


Have fun watching!



27 December 2014, Ham Radio from the Big Gun........the lost files.

20 October 2013, PG6G travel to LX for CQ-WW-RTTY.

3 January 2013, finally finished my LX-2012 video.

11 September 2011:

The PI4W contest team visited PI4CC station in the dunes of Hoek van Holland.

16 December 2010:

Video from our October 2010 Bonaire DX-pedition.



18 Augustus 2010:

I heard Salleh/V85DX very loud on 20 meter phone and let the video run for a while.



26 December 2009:

Ham related..more or less!


7 October 2009:

Longer video of our HF activities in LX:



 29 September 2009:

Video of my activity in the CQ-WW-RTTY contest with the PI4W contest-team.



12 September 2009:

Small video of my contact with 3D2GM when active from Luxembourg as LX/PA3GVI/p.



10 July 2009:

This is PA3FUN/AM booming in!



 14 June 2009:

The PI4W/p  fieldday was a big succes again and we can all look back at a super weekend!




14 May 2009:

I went to Luxembourg with Theo/PA1TK for the VHF/UHF/SHF contest.

Great adventure again!



16 December 2008:

I have just finished the video of our last trip to the big gain antennas.

I was there on 27 + 28 November with PA8F and PA8A using the callsign: PG6G.

We had a 20 hours fun stay at the station with about 650 QSO's.



 11-December 2008:

Big Antennas!




11-November 2008:

A video of our PI4WNO-activities in the WAE-RTTY contest.



 2-November 2008:

I like contesting, mainly CW and RTTY.

During this weekend I joined the Ukrainian DX contest (CW) and made a small video of it.



 27-October 2008:

I am a member of the PA1TK contest-team and we go abroad almost every year to be active

in the IARU VHF contest.

This year we were active from HB9 on the Chasseron with free sight to all directions.





I had a fun contact with Marv/K4KEW/AM who operated from a Boeing-707 at 36000 feet

above the Atlantic Ocean.

A very nice contact and so I decided to tape a part of his transmissions after I signed.




Fieldday 2008 video!

Very nice weather and super good spirit during this weekend.




This a short video of Marti/OH0B on Aland Island.

He was very strong on 20 meter/SSB that morning!




I am a member of the PI4WNO contest-team and we take part in several contests.

As we have no permanent place to install antennas and such we rent a small house and build

them in the nearby fields, works quite well actually!

Have a look at our CQ-WPX-SSB contest video!




Here are two VP6DX video's.

The first has my 40 meter/SSB QSO, on the second you can hear how loud they were into Europe.

I only hoped to make one contact but ended with 8 QSO's from a G5RV.

A super DX-pedition, the 2008 number one for me!





After our success with the big arrays at the commercial station I made this long video.

It includes the 3Y0E QSO and a QSO of PA8A with VK7AC on 40 meter/SSB.




We went to the commercial antenna-site again and I could log 3Y0E and CE0Z.

This is a clip of my QSO with Petrus/3Y0E on Bouvet Island.




I am always thrilled to make contact with people in the Antarctica area.

I decided to make a compilation.




Picture/video from PA8A and PA3GVI at the commercial station in December 2007.




A compilation from a cracking pile up and my QSO, recorded by 6W/PA3GIO in Senegal.




This was my first short clip of a QSO with W2GS when we were at a commercial radio site.