While we are on the Island I try to post here every day!

CU in the pile ups!


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PJ4B is now QRT but we keep posting here about the QSL process and other relative info.




- Thursday 31 March 2011.


We keep receiving direct cards daily and we will be answering these as soon as possible.

Just a week ago, first 600 Buro cards requests were answered and found their way into the system.


Wednesday 5 january 2011.


By now we answered 99% of the direct requests and have just a handful remaining which will

be answered ASAP.


PJ4B card


Friday 17 December 2010, PJ4B video.


The video of our PJ4B trip is ready.

Enjoy watching!


(select 480p for best result)


Tuesday 7 December 2010.


We are busy processing direct requests as cards have just arrived after a week delay at costum service.

Today, the first batch are in the mail to confirm the NEW DXCC!.


Left to right front : PA3GVI and PA8A

Left to right back: Karin (XYL PA3GVI) and PA8F


Monday 1 November, PJ4B pictures.


I just uploaded pictures of our PJ4B Dxpedition.

Feel free to have a look,....please click the picture!


We receive many direct cards daily and we are busy opening these, import that into the log etc, to make

the ASL progress go smooth.



Sunday 24 October, home again!


The PJ4B-team arrived home safely in Amsterdam Airport after a long flight on Saturday 0820z.

We fully enjoyed the trip and the great pile ups and look back at a great adventure.

Back home there were several e-mails about log checks and ASL requests for PJ4B.

To keep everyone informed about the QSO checks, QSL requests and QSL progress I will post anything

new here on the weblog.

ASL for PJ4B: PA8A, direct(2$ + SAE) or buro (no registered mail!)


PJ4B team : PA3GVI, PA8A, PA8F.


Video on Youtube from the first hours on 40 meter towards Europe:


Friday 22 October, last QSO's.


Today is our last day on the Island and we planned to make some more contacts till 1900z.

Then, we will dismantle the station and leave for the airport to fly at 2350z to Amsterdam airport.

It has been a very nice experience with big big pile ups, sun and good spirit!

Besides the activity on the radio we did also discover the beautiful Island with his kind people and

beautiful fauna.

We fully enjoyed the interest in our activity and making so many people happy with a new DXCC.

The log will be fully uploaded before we travel, sure hope you are in there!

Please keep visiting this weblog for updates on ASL status etc.


One of the inhabitants of our property.


Thursday 21 October, again at RNW.


Our second shift at the Radio Netherlands antenna site as PJ4W.

I started at 10 meters and worked a bunch EU and a couple stations from South Africa which were very strong.

Not to many calling at all so we switched to another band.

Fred fired it up on 12 meters were he instantly had a pile up going.

Great fun again to be there!


Antenna matrix at RNW


Antenna field with the antenna we used today(B5).


Wednesday 20 October, another day in paradise.


Are the pile ups getting less, absolutely not!

Peter got jumped on when calling cq by many JAís on 15 meter in the afternoon and had to extend the

listening frequency, go by  numbers to have a decent copy.

In about one hour worked the districts 1 to 4 and we will look for 5 to 0  tomorrow.

Many European stations requested another attempt on 160 meter.

So, I decided to be there after dinner and stayed up late till 0200 am local.

I went one hour working EU and then switched to NA and SA for another.

That worked very well, but itís unbelievable that stations keep calling on top of each other, I guess they

donít  understand what ĎEU UPí means!

Some keep calling who ever you call, which is frustrating, specially on 160 were QSB and QRM is tremendous.

But finally, when I almost fell asleep at the operating position I had worked over 300 stations and decided

to take a rest.

It was a wonderful day again!


Log is also uploaded to clublog!



 The 160 meter antenna feed point.


Tuesday 19 October, special request.


I know people try to get DXCC in many different way but never heard anything like Jose/N4BAA tries to accomplice.

He collects pictures from stations or dxpeditions in as many DXCC countries a he can!

We were happy to help him out and made some pictures especially for him.



Sunday 17 October, fist week went by very quickly.

First week on the island went very quickly but we sure enjoy the many contacts on the HF bands.
Many people have logged into the PJ4B livestream and we got nice feedback along the way.
I have great fun working 160/CW but power line noise and QRM is killing.
No need to say that the rate on this band is often low.
Yesterday morning I made about 60 QSO's in 2 hours but felt satisfied with the thought that I made a
couple hams very happy.
It were most European and US stations that got into the 160 log with the exception of FK8CP.
Fred/PA8F joined this weekends JARTS RTTY contest as Single Operator/Low Power with PJ4B.
He made 1447 QSO's with a claimed score of 809.523 points.
(Picture attached)
Logs have been uploaded up till 18 October 0000z.
There are many people asking for checks and we do the best we can and as quickly as possible.
PJ4B (PA8F) in the JARTS RTTY contest, single operator/low power.

Saturday 16 October, sceds worked out great!


Remi/FK8CP contacted me via e-mail ahead to the dxpedition and told me he would love to make the

contact on 160 meter in CW.

Today he was in the chat connected to the livestream and we tried several times on 160 his SR.

It didn't work out right but about an hour later he was in my log, 559 both ways!

In the evening V51B showed at the chat and wanted a QSO on 40/SSB.

Just had to turn the antenna and there he was loud and clear.

I think I made at least two people very happy today!


Friday 15 October.


Made many contacts today on 21 and 14 MHz during the daytime.

After dinner I focused on 160/CW were I worked many Europeans.

Fred made the first contacts in the JARTS RTTY contest before midnight and will be on during the weekend.

If you are in a rare part of the world or desperately want PJ4B on 160, then check into the livestream

and chat to make a sced!

I will be happy to make your day!


Thursday 14 October, Power down, but ready with the improvised V for 80 meter!


Power went down around 1000 local and we installed the improvised V for 80 and a 17 meter dipole.

After that there was nothing else to do then take it to the beach untill power was back.

Peter stayed at the house and fired it up on 20 meter after the power returned at 1300.

When back, Fred focused o 15/RTTY and the other station on 20/SSB.

In the evening after a dinner in Kralendijk I worked EU on 160 for an hour.

I also got the log uploaded to clublog.

Tomorrow morning I will be active on 80/SSB and 160/CW.


Difficult to see...but the V for 80 is just below the C31XR.


Wednesday 13 October, sight seeing! and pile ups.


I went out early to be active on 160 meter/CW.

The QRM and the power line noise is tremendous but I managed to make about 70 QSO's in 2 hours or so.

Later In the morning we went to the very northern part of the island to visit Washington Slagbaai park.

The north east side is the windy side and so the waves come in with massive force.

Wild life wasn't really that spectacular, besides some donkeys, lizards and goats.

After a long dry ride in the back of the pickup we enjoyed the cold drinks, food en had fun snorkeling.


 Rob and XYL


Tuesday 12 October, active from RNW as PJ4W.


We we scheduled to operate from the Radio Netherlands antenna site today from 0900 to 1430 local.

The pile ups were tremendous, like you would never believe!

We were active on 17 meter in phone.

It was also a great opportunity to use the new Yaesu FT-5000 which is sponsored by Yaesu.

The radio looks really nice!

We made about 500 QSO's as PJ4W.


 PA3GVI, PA8F and PA8A (at PJ4W)


Monday 11 October, beach and radio, good combination!


Fred and I spend time with our wife's on the beach as this is also a holiday for us.

Peter stayed at the station to play the pile up on 20 meter phone.


Sunday 10 October, PJ4B starts at 0400z.


With everything set, except the 80 meter dipole which has a bad connection, we were ready to fire it up

at 0400z.

First stations (on 40/SSB)in our log were our contest team-members PD0LUR and PD2JAM.



Saturday 9 October, preparing the station.


Today we spend most of our time checking antennas, configure laptops and testing the equipment.

In the evening we had a dinner meeting with the other operators for the Bonaire2010 dxpedition.

This was organized by PJ4NX and PJ4LS, thanks you guys...dinner was great!



Friday 8 October, arrived on Bonaire.


After a long flight via St. Maarten we reached our destination in the Caribbean.