PA3GVI at the contest station

I was born on may 16th 1964 in a small town called Zevenhoven which is in the center part of the country.
I grew up in the countryside and got interested in radio when I was 15 years old.
This was the time that 27MHz was very popular and so I got my first CB radio.
Quite soon I had enough of the meaningless talks and started doing some AM radio with locals, running 5 watts output.
Then, one day I heard an Italian stations and they could hear me too! Wouw!, this was fun.........!
From that day on I was grabbed by the DX/radio virus for live. I bought an all mode transceiver and made my first
inter-continental contacts.
I had my fun this way for several years.

I learned to know my wife and found a new home in the village of Noorden, beautifully situated between a few lakes not to far from the village I was born and raised.



Quite some years later (after years of radio silence) I got interested in radio again and went for the VHF license in 1993.

Together with a friend I succeeded(after many miles to the radioclub "Kennemerland") and I could use all amateur bands above 30 Mhz from that time on.

In 1994 I bought an old FT-225RD and had a 17 elements yagi installed on the small chimney from the house.

The first VHF contacts where made and also some cards started rolling in via the buro.

I enjoyed 2 meters but as my hart was on the DX part of the hobby I found this band not active enough to fill my DX hunger.

So I started practicing morsecode, again with help from the guys at "Kennemerland" radioclub every monday evening.

I was desperate to get this 12 wpm so I played the cassettetapes at least 45 minuts a day and some key practice aswell.

Soon enough our groop was at the right speed and we could do the exams in early 1995.

The exams went very well and so within months I got my call which is still the same now.


From that day on I am interested in making contacts around the world, ragchew, contests, and playing with antenna's.

At first, I only used a simple dipole for 20 meters wich was good enough to get outside Europe for some years.

But soon I made a dipole for 80, a vertical and an inverted V for 40, and bought a small 3 band yagi for 10/15/20.

Contacts where mainly made in SSB as I found CW oldfashion and evendo I got the 12 wpm ,"difficult".

Untill my friend PA3GWJ/Dennis pushed me toward this mode and now 90% of my contacts are in CW.

Now, the only antenna I did not have for a long time was 160 wich seemed very difficult to make.

I got interested in lowband DX-ing more and more and so I wanted something for 160 meters aswell.

I started with an "inverted L " in the national PACC contest, just to get some multie's on that band.

This was not really a set-up to last so the thing went down again and I started to make a big vertical, a sort

of oblong-antenne which was about 80 meter total, held in the air by some trees in the garden( tree hights varying from 10 to 18 meters).



A big coil made of PVC pipe(diameter 12 centimeters), and long 60 centimeters wound with 80 meters of

electric wire made it resonant at about 1.820 Mhz.

It was fed with 450 ohms twinlead to the shack where the 200 ohms impedance was reduced to 50 ohms with the tuner.

Worked very well!

Contacts with the USA where quite common and I could even work VK with this antenna using only 100 watts.

About a month later I made the antenna "full size" and this worked even better.

Highlights with this antenna where YV5SSB, JT1CO, 3B9C, VK's and lots of stations in the carribean.

I can also recall a night with many US contacts and even when I reduced power to 5 watts the report at W4ZV's station was 559.

Topband had me hooked and you could find me there many nights a week chasing DX, making ragchew contacts, most CW.

This loop also worked well on 80 and 30 meters which was a welcome gift.

 Shack 2007


 Shack 2012

As my wife got a job at the townhall in a city nearby and our kids started to grow bigger the small wooden house was getting very crowded and so we moved to the city Bodegraven in july 2004.

Much has changed for antenna's because the garden is small and the only thing I could do was make a half wave dipole cut for 40 meters, feed it with the 450 ohms feeder and tune it from 10 to 80 meters in the shack. Since 11-05-2006 I changed it into a  2x 15,5 meter doublet.

This Is what I still use and evendo it's not the best setup you could wish, it's working!

The noise in the city is many times higher then on the countryside were my noise level was "1 s-unit" on

topband and not much higher on most of the other bands.

This doublet runs from the chimney to the backyard fence and a fishingrod at the front of the house.

So, this is a brief story about my radio-live and you can read more and see pictures as well when you click in the menu, left side this page.


Good DX,73'.