On this page you find some audio-files from the contacts I made on HF.

These are recorded with the windows "audio-recorder" and so only the DX station is heard.( you can hear me,.......but that is me interfering the system,hihi ..........  )

(Sun and earth)



PY2DO-160 meter CW 257.9KB

This is a file from PY2DO on 160 meter/CW, recorded when I operated at the PI4KML/P-team/fieldday 2005 conteststation.

Here is ET3TK on 17 and 15 meter/CW, very nice signal.

ET3TK-17 meter CW 1.1MB
ET3TK-15 meter CW 424.7KB

I had worked Abdullah (9K2GS) in the 90's and still today he has fantastic audio!

9K2GS-20 meter SSB 1.3MB

This is YV5YMA on 20 meter in SSB, good opening that evening.

YV5YMA-20 meter SSB 588.6KB

Below, some audio from HB0/PA6TUE in Liechtenstein.

HB0-PA6TUE-20 meter SSB 1.3MB
HB0-PA6TUE-30 meter CW 641.0KB
HB0-PA6TUE-40 meter CW 1.1MB
HB0-PA6TUE-40 meter SSB 581.9KB
HB0-PA6TUE-80 meter CW 1.3MB
HB0-PA6TUE-160 meter SSB 772.7KB
HB0-PA6TUE-20 meter CW 1.0MB

I made some contacts in the "Worked all Europe -contest".Listen to A61AJ, PY8AZT and 4X4DZ on 40 meter/CW.

4X4DZ-40 meter CW 530.8KB
A61AJ-40 meter CW 1.0MB
PY8AZT-40 meter CW 1.1MB

This is how "S9SS" sounds here on 30 meter!

S9SS-30 meter CW 1.0MB

Listen to CO8LY!

CO8LY-30 meter CW 1.0MB

LX/PA1XA, nice signal.

LX/PA1XA-40 meter CW 985.0KB

A soundfile of YV5SSB/Alexis, he seems always strong into Europe!

YV5SSB-40 meter SSB 678.7KB

VK2IA on 30 meter around 18:00 GMT.

VK2IA-30 meter CW 628.9KB

T88BH on 30 meter, "new one"!!

T88BH-30 meter CW 749.9KB

PJ4/OE9MON on 40 meter SSB, big signal way past sunrise.

PJ4/OE9MON on 40 meterSSB 1.1MB

ISS recording on 9 november 2005.

ISS 9 november 2005-bill mc arthur.mp3 4.2MB

TF/N0HJZ on 15 meter in SSB.

tf/n0hjz-15 meter SSB 717.6KB

Two WAE-contest soundfiles.

A61AJ-40 meter CW 1.0MB
4X4DZ-40 meter CW 530.8KB

Creta Island on 15 meter/SSB.

sv9/ik8und on 15 meters SSB 923.2KB

PA3GVI recorded by my friend Mike/IK7UFR on 20 meter/SSB.

pa3gvi soundfile 1.1MB

This is a recording of 6O0N from Somalia on 40 meters/CW.

6O0N on 40 meter CW (20-01-2006) 1.4MB

Singapore on 30 meters, Enno/S61FD.

S61FD-30 meter CW (27-08-2005) 405.9KB

Listen to Carlos/WP4U from Puerto Rico on 17 meters/SSB.

WP4U- 17 meter SSB (02-02-2006) 2.3MB

Sounds from Africa, 7Q7VB and TZ3M on 30 meters/CW

7Q7VB- 30 meter CW (18-02-2006) 1.9MB
TZ3M-30 meter CW (18-02-2006) 1.8MB

Another 30 meter/CW soundfile, 6W/RW3TN from Senegal.

6W/RW3TN-30 meter CW (23-02-2006) 1.5MB

Working A71EM from Qatar through a hugh simplex pile up on 40 meter!!

A71EM - 40 meter CW (01-03-2006) 1.8MB

Working 9G5LF in a big pile up on 30 meters.

9G5LF-30 meter CW (30-3-2006) 1.7MB

Working Enno/9V1CW on 20 meter in CW.

9V1CW on 20 meter CW 1.4MB

Working YI9KT from Iraq.

YI9KT -30 meter CW 2.3MB

6W/PA3GIO recording with my QSO.

6W-PA3GIO op 20 meter.SSB 404.4KB