This is my 2007 diary page with coverage about my hunt for DX and other items related to Hamradio.







- 26 December 2007, at Ameritron!


Always wanted to have a look around at the Ameritron factory?

...here's your chance:


 click the picture to watch the vid.




- 24 December 2007, VK9WWI confirmed!


Today I received the VK9WWI QSL-card from HA7RY/Tomi for a contact I made on 27 September 2007, on

17 meter in CW.

This is DXCC 303 confirmed (304 worked).






- 23 December, New DXCC worked and log update!


It has been crazy these days;.....hunt for 3D2AG/p,  keep an eye on 3Y and JD1BMM and try to work FJ as well.

About the 3Y/Bouvet I can be short cause as far as I know he has only been active short on 20/SSB on the 22th.

The 3D2 is quite active and I went to Peter/PA8A a couple times early in the morning when I saw him spotted.

No luck yet, we only heard parts of his transmissions, not good enough to make a QSO.

But there is plenty of time if he is still holding his schedule on leaving 20 January 2008.

JD1BMM is active but as it seems has more interest in working the low bands!..haven't heard him yet!


FJ/St. Bart's, I left that one for a while as the pile ups are fierce and very wide like there will never come

another chance to work this new entity.

I doubt that, in fact..I think that there will be someone on the island almost every month from now on!

Besides it has a couple native ham's as well, FJ5KH is one of them and also active now.

Two nights ago I gave it a shot for about 1,5 hour but no luck(there was nothing else to do and I couldn't sleep).

I found FJ/OH2AM today on 7042 MHz, listening up (strange frequency for CW) and set the second VFO

on 7.047 MHz.

I guess I was lucky when he came back with my call after 10 minutes, I confirmed and I was in the log.

So, that's a new one then, DXCC 304!!

Well, that's fun and the pressure, if there was any, is off and I can focus the other ones I need for DXCC.


Like I said, I went to Peter to work the 3D2 but wasn't successful (yet).

Whilst waiting for him or other new DXCC to show up on the bands, In the meantime, I could work other DX.

Here is a line up from the stations I worked between 18 and 23 December:


T88YU from Palau on 20/CW

FK8DD from New Caledonia on 20/CW

DS5KJR from South Korea on 20/CW

JA7WQJ from Japan on 20/CW

ZL1RDK from New Zealand on 20/SSB

BU2AI from China on 20/CW

YI1OM from Iraq on 20/SSB

AP2TN from Pakistan on 20/CW

3W3W from Vietnam on 17/CW

BA4XA from China on 20/CW

BV8SE from Taiwan on 20/SSB

T88LY from Palau on 20/SSB

FJ/OH2AM from St. Bart's on 40/CW (new DXCC)



T88LY/Miho                                  T88YU/Yutaka                              T88GS/Koki (their son)


Have a look on their website at: www.sakurai.or.jp/HAM/T88/2007/2007.html

Video's at: www.sakurai.or.jp/HAM/T88/2007/WMV/T88YU.WMV






22 December 2007,FJ/ St. Bart's is a new DXCC!


The Caribbean Island of Saint Barthelemy (St. Bart’s) was discovered in 1493 by Christopher Columbus and was named after his brother Bartolomeo.  The Island was claimed and settled by the French in 1648.  Sweden purchased St. Bart’s from France in 1784 and then sold it back to the French in 1878.  In 1946 Guadeloupe (FG) was granted a Department of France.  This included the island of St. Bart’s. 

Saint Martin (FS) was added to the DXCC list on July 1st (per May, 1955 QST) with an effective starting date of November 15, 1945 and afterwards.  St. Barthelemy (FJ) QSOs have always counted as FS-St. Martin for DXCC, up until this point.  On February 21, 2007 French authorities signed into law 2007-224 giving the island of Saint Barthelemy a new political status of “Overseas Collectivities”, which was then published the following day. 

On July 2, 2007 the United States State Department recommended a revision of their list “Dependencies and Areas of Special Sovereignty” list.  On Friday December 14, 2007 Saint Barthelemy was added to the “Dependencies and Areas of Special Sovereignty” public list. 

DXCC Political Entities criteria 1c states: “The Entity contains a permanent population, is administered by a local government, and is located at least 800 km from its parent.  To satisfy the "permanent population" and "administered by a local government" criteria of this sub-section, an Entity must be listed on either (a) the U.S. Department of State's list of "Dependencies and Areas of Special Sovereignty" as having a local "Administrative Center," or (b) the United Nations list of "Non-Self-Governing Territories."  St. Bart’s clearly meets that criteria and should be added to the DXCC list as a new counter.


Here is the info you will want to input into your logging software.

Prefix – FJ

Country Name – Saint Barthelemy

CQ Zone – 8

Start date – Probably February 22, 2007

QSL Bureau – Yes (REF France)

UTC Offset – 4 hours behind UTC

IOTA – NA-146

ITU Zone – 11

Continent – North America

Longitude – 62.83 West

Latitude – 17.92 North

Other islands that will count for Saint Barthelemy – Chevreau, Coco,  Fourchue, Fregate, La Tortue, Le Boulanger, Pain de Sucre, Pele and Toc Vers.    


FJ – SAINT BARTHELEMY, first team to be active from this new DXCC entity! 


DXpeditioners have been monitoring the status of St. Barthelemy (FJ) for several months.  Immediately after the addition of St. Bart’s to the United States State Department’s Dependencies and Areas of Special Sovereignty list an initial two man seasoned DXpedition team flew to the Caribbean this past weekend. 

The team instantly discovered a transportation shutdown on St. Bart's as flights and ferry passage to the new counter were shut down due to local strikes.  The team then hired a local private boat for transportation to Gustavia, the islands capital city.


OH2BHOH2BH, Martti Laine, and OH0XX/HP1WW, Olli Rissanen, will be the first two operators of the team and are now in the process of building up two stations.  Depending on conditions, operator’s schedules and how things go the operation could continue even into the Christmas OH0XXholidays.  The team wishes to give those who Deserve another DXCC counter a most welcome Christmas present as they wish to pass their jubilant greetings far away from their family’s Christmas preparations and to close another DX year the way we all like it best.


The team plans to begin activity today, Tuesday December 18th around 1200 noon local (1600Z) as FJ/OH2AM.  They will have two stations, using an FT-1000MP and FT2000MP along with Fin Fet amplifier.  Initial operations will begin on 20 meters SSB and 17 meters CW.  The goal of this operation will be to give as many DXers as possible a new country.  Additional bands may be added as the DXpedition goes forward.  Concentration will be to have one station on CW and one on SSB.  QSL cards for this operation should go via OH2BN.







The following was posted on the ARRL DXCC Web Blog on December 18th

St. Martin and St. Barthelemy

Dec 18, 2007 11:46 ET

Dave Patton, NN1N

We are presently reviewing the DXCC status of these two islands.



The following is from the ARRL Web site on December 19th.



DXCC Desk Announces New Entity.


The ARRL DXCC Desk is pleased to announce the addition of St Barthelemy (FJ) to the DXCC List, making the island entity number 338 with an effective date of 14 December, 2007. Cards with contacts dated December 14, 2007 or after will be accepted for DXCC credit. New card submissions for St Barthelemy will not be accepted until January 1, 2008 in order to allow time for administrative adjustments.


On February 21, 2007 the French Ministry issued a decree making St Barthelemy an Overseas Collective, making its status equal to that of Guadeloupe, Martinique and other French territories currently on the DXCC List. On November 8, 2007 the President of Association Des Radio Amateurs De St Barthelemy, Philippe Delcroix, FJ5DX, contacted the DXCC Desk, requesting that St Barthelemy be considered a new DXCC entity.

The "event date" that caused St. Barthelemy to be added to the DXCC list was December 14, 2007, the date the US State Department Fact sheet was updated by the Bureau of Intelligence and Research. This update added St Barthelemy to the List of Dependencies and Areas of Special Sovereignty with its Administrative Center in Gustavia, qualifying it under DXCC rules in Section II -- 1 Political Entities (c):

c) The Entity contains a permanent population, is administered by a local government, and is located at least 800 km from its parent. To satisfy the "permanent population" and "administered by a local government" criteria of this sub-section, an Entity must be listed on either (a) the U.S. Department of State's list of "Dependencies and Areas of Special Sovereignty" as having a local "Administrative Center," or (b) the United Nations list of "Non-Self-Governing Territories."


St Martin

French St Martin (FS), while also added to the List of Dependencies and Areas of Special Sovereignty, will remain on the DXCC List, but it is now considered a Point 1 Political Entity under the same classification as that of St Barthelemy.

Please direct any questions you may have about St Barthelemy, St Martin or the DXCC program to the ARRL DXCC Desk.




- 14 December 2007, active from the broadcast-station.


My good friend Peter and I were given the uppertunity to visit the station again and play the big antenna's.

Click the picture to see more!






- 2 December 2007, CW poll!


How many QSO's do you make in CW?

Please, join my CW-poll by clicking the morse key!!






- 27 to 30 November 2007.


Stations logged the past few days are:


KP2/K3UA on 20 meter in CW (US-Virgin Islands)

KP2/K5YG on 20 meter in CW (US-Virgin islands)

XT2SE on 20 meter in SSB ( Burkina Faso)

TT8PK on 20 meter in SSB (Chad)




- 24 and 25 November 2007, CQWWCW contest!


I decided to take it slow and would just be active in the contest when I had the time and felt like it.

I decided to do only 40 meter and this band was in a very good condition.

Specially on Sunday in the afternoon when I could work several JA's, VK's, Zl's and a 9V.

Nice multipliers right?....ofcourse many stateside and Caribbean stations as well.

All together I made 170 QSO's, worked 63 DXCC entities and 17 CQ-zones.


If you joined the contest and did already send your log, there is a logs received page on the

internet and it can be found at: www.cqww.com/logs-received_cw.htm

Results previous years here: www.cq-amateur-radio.com/cqwwhome.html




- 23 November 2007, Pirate!


Yesterday, late in the afternoon Andre from the YAESU dealer called with the good news that the FT-990 was

already fixed again.

The problem was coursed by an empty Lithium battery inside the TRX that backs up the memory.

They just had to replace the thing and it worked again, cost me just 50,00 Euro.

Back at Peter's house there was some time left to log a few.

V5/DJ4SO (Namibia), 5X1NH (Uganda) both on 17 meter and C6ATA from the Bahamas on 40 meter/CW at

noon, local time!!!!

Then suddenly a lot of commotion on 14.025/CW,...let's listen carefully.

Ooh, P5/BY1KA..is this real????...work first, worry later!

He says up 2, here we go!....PA3GVI PA3GVI.. his respond;PA3GVI 5NN!

I got him but many announce that it is a pirate, so I won't count this one as a new one until I have that certain.

If anyone has info on this, please send me an e-mail.






- 22 November 2007.


I brought the FT-990 to the Yaesu dealer this morning together with Peter.

Back at his house we fixed his desktop microphone which had a bad working connector.

This didn't take much time so there was plenty of time to play the radio.

Nice DX available but this is a normal case ahead of a big contest (weekend 24/25 November).

Following stations were worked:

XT2SE (17/SSB), S79AB (20/SSB), PJ7/DG5XJ (20/SSB), HK0/NoAT (17/CW), HS0ZCW (20/SSB),

KP2/K3UA (20/CW).

Last but not least, a very nice contact with Mike/W0YR with 59+++ signal both ways!




- 21 November 2007.


I drove to my friends house for a cup of coffee and possible work A35MT from Tonga.

This is LY1DF/Tomas Magyla and you can see more activities/pictures from Tomas on:




A3/Tonga is an entity that I need for my DXCC and LY1DF seemed to be active from there, mainly

low bands.

I saw him spotted today ( 80 meter) and the day before (17 and 80 meter) on some occasions but not by

European stations.

I listened to the online receiver of JR6NJD ( http://sagara.mine.nu/bloge/ )earlier this morning and I could

hear him working the JA pile up.

Hopefully he would go to a higher band while visiting my friend.

After the coffee we checked the A3 but he was still on 80 meter and I checked some other spots.

C91KDJ from Mozambique was on 21.012/CW, so I turned the yagi and I got him with one call.

Then on to 5X1NH from Uganda on 18.089/CW, I got 5NN from him.

The bands seem to be wide open because at that time (1034 UTC)we could still hear stations from the Caribbean

coming through on 40 meter, let's see if they can hear me too!!

The band was very noisy on the vertical and the high dipole but the Rhombic towards SA was pretty quite.

I called PJ2/GI0RTN from Curacao and he instantly came back for me, giving me 5NN.

Not bad as I was not the only European calling.

Last station I worked before going home was VP5/K7WA from Turks and Caicos.

This was also on 40 meter and it was about noon then!!




- 20 November 2007, lights out!


I made my first contact today around 1057 UTC with J38AA on 20 meter/CW.

Within halve an hour I logged PJ2/GI0RTN and D44AC on the same band.

Then I saw a couple DX-stations spotted on 18 MHz and when I pushed the band button all lights of the

FT-990 went out, except for the S-meter.

I don't know what happened but I could not find anything............

So, this one goes to the Yaesu dealer on Thursday and I just have to wait and see what will be the damage.


  FT-990 went silent!




- 19 November 2007, 9U0A card arrived.


 Burundi confirmed!


Today I received the 9U0A card which confirms DXCC 302.

The website with pictures and online log can be found at: www.dl7df.com/9u/

The team made 33.504 QSO's and the DX-pedition has been approved by the ARRL for DXCC.

See the ARRL item: www.arrl.org/?artid=7804




- 17 November 2007, PI9NOZ/A.



After ceasing regular broadcast transmissions (RNW) last month the Dutch KPN Broadcast Services shortwave

station located at Flevoland will be activated on 40 to 12 meters this upcoming weekend (17 - 18 Nov).

Special call is PI9NOZ/A on CW, SSB and PSK.

17 curtain antenna’s with 21 dB gain and 2 omni’s with 7 dB gain will be used.



I have not heard them yet (only 2 spots on the cluster)but I found the following URL with some

pictures: www.pi6atv.com/pi9noz/




- 16 and 17 November 2007, CQ DX on 40!


I went to PA8A around 23:00 local to test the three antennas he has available for 40 meters.

There is a 40 meter Inverted V, a vertical and a rhombic of 4 wavelengths long.

The Rhombic worked very well into the South/Central-America region.

Most important difference were the static crashes on the dipole and vertical which did not occur on the

Rhombic, it seemed a pretty quite antenna.

In the contacts we made the rhombic outperformed the dipole and the vertical roughly about 10 db.

We mostly got 59 reports while we had some difficulties pulling the stations out.

Stations we worked were:


I went home around 03:00 local, time to go to bed!




- 1 to 13 November 2007.


I have been active during the day mainly and found 17 meters opening up pretty nicely.

On the 1st I logged 7W53N (Algeria), A92HB (Bahrain), 4U1WRC (United Nations) and A45WG (Oman) on

this band.

Followed by 5U5U from Niger on 10 meter/SSB and XU7MDY from Cambodia on 20 meter/CW.

I also worked XU7MDY too the following day but then on 17 meter/CW.


On the 3th I had a short QSO with Ron/ZL1RDK, a Dutchman who emigrated to New Zealand(on 20 meter/SSB).

This happens to be a meeting point frequency for Dutch people that went to live in VK and ZL.

They can often be found on 14.345 MHz in the morning over the long path.


On the 7th I worked Mike/RW1AI on the "North Pole 35" drifting station.

QSL via RW1AI, either by the bureau or direct to : Mikhail N. Fokin , P.O.Box 13 , St.Petersburg , 193312 Russia.
I also worked JT1LZ (Mongolia)on 40 meter/CW at 23:32 UTC.



The 10th showed good conditions on 17 meter again and I logged the following:

HS1NGR (Thailand) in SSB

OD5/F5PTM (Lebanon) in CW

KP4SQ (Puerto Rico) in SSB


TF3ZA (Iceland) in SSB


On the 12th again Mike on the drifting station/R35NP, this time on 30 meter/CW followed by TT8PK from Chad

on 17/SSB.

He was not really busy so I got into his log with one call.

About two hours later, around 12:30 UTC, I worked 6V7D from Senegal on 20 meter/CW, VE9GXV from Canada

on 20 meter/SSB and CO8LY from Cuba on 17 meter/CW.


A day later I made another QSO with TT8PK, again on 17 meter in SSB.


 TT8PK from Chad.




- 1 November 2007, Icom radio news.


Here is a link to a nice Icom video visiting K3LR contest station.

If you like multiple towers and lot's of aluminum, you should check it out, it's awesome.

Link: http://fp8.adhost.com/icomamerica/irn/v5/irn_5_full.wmv


More big stateside contest stations ;

K1TTT; www.k1ttt.net/

KC1XX; www.kc1xx.com/

W3LPL; http://homepage.mac.com/rrucker/PhotoAlbum32.html (watch the slideshow)

K9NS; www.k9ns.com/




- 29 October 2007, cards received via the buro.


I have been away with the family during the weekend and found a bag with QSL's on my return.

Apparently one of my friends delivered them whilst I was away..nice!


It was a big pack and I would like to mention a couple nice ones here.

Remember all came via the buro!


6O0N-Somalia, 3B8/PA3BAG-Mauritius Island, 9G1AA-Ghana, 5X1X-Uganda, TZ5A-Mali, 5U5Z-Niger,

5U7WP-Niger, J79CW-Dominica Island, J3A-Grenada Island, FP/K9OT-St.Pierre and Miquelon,

C31LJ-Andorra, VU4AN-Andaman Islands, XR0X-San Felix Island, CU6X-Azores, 6Y2Z-Jamaica,

CE1URJ-Chile, S01R-Western Sahara, J73CCM-Dominica Island, ST0RM-Sudan, V31YN-Belize,

ET3TK-Ethiopia, 9M2TO-Malaysia, C6AKA-Bahamas, HP3XBS-Panama, J79XBI-Dominica Island,

9Y4/YL2KL-Trinidad and tobago, 5Z4DZ-Kenya and 5A7A-Libya.


Further, regular cards and many for my LX-2006 DX-pedition which were confirmed right after the trip.






- 20 to 25 October 2007, log update.


In the week ahead of a big contest there are often nice prefixes to hear on the bands.

With the upcoming CQWWSSB contest next weekend(27+28 Oct.) they tend to test antenna's and such.

A real good chance to work a couple new ones or just get some good DX into the log.

I have other things this weekend so I have to pass for this one.

Three operators remain from our PI4WNO contestgroup and they will be active during the weekend in the

multi/single section.


Anyway, nice prefixes...I could work a couple myself.

C52C is on at the moment, operators are from Slovakia and info can be found on their website at;

www.om0c.com/gambia/index.html or click the picture!

So far I worked them on 20/SSB, 40/CW/SSB, 17/SSB and 15/CW.



The bands have been surprisingly good at times like on the 20th when I saw Ed/ZL4IR spotted on 7.169 MHz.

I tuned to the frequenty and to my own surprise I could still hear him, about 57.

The time at that moment, two hours after sunrise.

I know Ed has a good antenna but I can't remember hearing him this strong this time of the day via the

long path.

When finished I called him and he came back for me straight away.

I had the amplifier switched on at about 400 watts and Ed gave me 57 in return, very nice.

I was lucky with the C52C on 40/SSB too because I had been listening to him for a while on 7.050 MHz working stateside, QSX somewhere around 7.260 MHz or so.

Then all of a sudden he switched to work up 5 for Europe, something I expected cause I had set the second

VFO to 7.055 MHz, just in case!

I was the first to work him before hell broke loose.

Other stations I logged were J88DR on 17/CW, ZL2SQ on 40/CW, E7/YT2ED on 20/SSB, VP5/WA2VYA and

1A4A on 40/SSB.

Heard a lot more during the days and evenings, so tune in and take advantage of all the activities!




- 20 October 2007.


Remember world traveler Vladimir Bykov/UA4WHX?

He was active from 21 different DXCC entities in Africa which took him almost 26 months and made

310,000 QSO's from this continent.

On his travel he lost two radios and one finger!

Vlad was active under the following callsigns: 4K0VB, 4L0B, 5H3VMB, 5H3VMB/3 (AF-075),

5H3VMB/5 (AF-074), 5R8VB, 5X1VB, 5Z4/UA4WHX, 5Z4/UA4WHX/P (AF-067), 5Z4BU, 7P8VB, 7Q7VB,

9J2VB, 9U0VB, 9X0VB, A25VB, C91VB, C91VB/4 (AF-103), C91VB/6 (AF-088), D20VB, D60VB, J20VB, OD5/UA4WHX, ST2KSS, ST2VB, V51VV, V51VV/P (AF-070) and Z2/UA4WHX, 3DA0VB.

You can find pictures of his Africa adventure on the following url: www.flickr.com/photos/tags/ua4whx/

Or simple click the picture!


 Vlad, active as C91VB.




- 19 October 2007, 4U1UN card.


Just received the 4U1UN card from a contact made on the 25th in August this year.

I did never work them(to my own surprise some years ago) but finally ran into them by coincidence.

This confirms DXCC 301 and I am just waiting for the 9U and VK9WWI cards.


 4U1UN, not really a far away DXCC but still rare!




- 17 October 2007, VK9WWI story!



I was one of the happy that made a contact with VK9WWI/Willis Island which was on the air from

22 September to 03 October 2007.

I think the guys did a great job and helped many on a new DXCC.

You can read their story and have a look on some picture from their stay on the Island at:





- 8 to 16 October 2007.


I was happy to see 15 meter open pretty good at times and was able to work nice DX on this band.

I worked 5L2MS (Five Lima two Mercy Ships) on a few bands, a Liberian callsign activated by 4 Dutch Ham's.

You should have a look at the website; www.liberia2007.com/dxpedition.php


Following DX came into my log;

7X2LS on 40/SSB and 80/SSSB                                OD5/F5PTM on 30/CW and 15/CW

5L2MS on 15/SSB, 20/SSB and 17/CW                    5R8RJ on 15/SSB

4S7NE on 30/CW                                                      5H3EE on 15/CW

ZS1CT on 15/SSB                                                     9J2CA on 17/CW

YC1LA on 15/SSB                                                     3B8FG on 17/CW

9J2BO on 15/CW                                                      AP2TN on 20/CW


I also ordered 1000 new QSL cards at Gennady's excellent QSL-service(www.ux5uoqsl.com/samples-en.html).

No shackpicture at the front as I wanted something completely different this time.

Below you see the front and backside samples of the card.

Do you like it??







- 1 to 4 October 2007.



I did not really join the big pile-up's for J6 and 9U both got to work them couple times.

Here's the line up of the DX contacts I made:


9U0A on 15 and 20 meter in CW

3V8SS on 20 meter in SSB

J28JA on 40 meter in CW

5N47DNP on 40 meter in SSB

J6/DL7AFS on 40 meter in CW




- 29 and 30 September 2007.


A couple well known DX-peditioners are on the move again and active all bands these days!

I am talking about DL7AFS/Babs and DJ7ZG/Lot who are on St.Lucia(J6) and DL7DF/Sigi who is active from Burundi(9U) with a German/Polish team.

I have J6 confirmed and worked Vlad/UA4WHX when he was active from 9U but still need his card.

So I thought it would be good to try and work Sigi as 9U0A from Burundi as much as I could, if it was only for a backup card!

Besides, Sigi has proved to send QSL's 100%, so let's just hope that this one will be approved by the ARRL.


I worked 9U0A on 17 meter/CW on 29th and earlier that morning had J6/DL7AFS into the log aswell.

This was on 80 meter/CW, not bad at all!

On the 30th I worked Babs again, this time on 40/SSB, quite easily actually.


Websites of these operations can be found on the following url's;


  J6/DL7AFS: www.qsl.net/dl7afs/


  9U0A: www.dl7df.com/9u/




- 27 September 2007, VK9WWI in the log!




I was looking forward to the VK9W DX-pedition from Willis Island near Australia which is a seperate DXCC.

They got active on the 24th and mainly focussed the low bands/CW then.

I could just hope to get them on 30 meters or on one of the higher bands to work them.

This morning I heard them very very weak, 17 meter/CW, on my own G5RV and called Peter/PA8A if he had

a better copy.


 Willis Island


His answer was possitive and so I took my paddle and jumped into the car for the 5 minut drive to

Peter's place.

This was around 08:30 UTC and at arrive I found a big pile up spread out more then 10 KHz.

I noticed him taking much time to get a call through, probable because he had good conditions to JA and

USA as well.

Together with about whole Europe calling this must have been very difficult.

I joined the pile for about 1,5 hour and then I had to drive home for my kids to make lunch.

Damn, didn't work them, I expected to get them quickly as the VK9-path is not really difficult.

When the kids had gone to school I went to Peter again to give it another try.

By then it must have been a better time/propagation moment as I worked them within 30 minutes!

He had to correct my call from RA3GVI to PA3GVI but finally I got the 'TU'!

I was excited about this as it didn't seem that many Europeans got through in this wide pile up.

I know these wanted DXCC's are forced to do so because of the hugh amount of stations calling but when

spread out this wide it is more like a lottery then a good chance,HIHI.


I won the lottery, VK9WWI in the log (DXCC 303)!



After this 'new one' I checked the bands for other DX and worked P29VCX, HV50VR and VR10XMT, all on 20/SSB.

No need to say I went home very satisfied!




- 20 to 26 September 2007.


Has been day's of disappointment, DXCC wise that is!

A3EA wich should be active from Tonga didn't show up and JD1BMM was mostly active digital modes.

I needed them both for DXCC and so I constantly checked the cluster, without any result.

Never mind, hope to get some activity from these countries soon and work them.

I worked nice DX along the way and here is the line up;

3B7C on 17 meter/CW and 80 meter/CW   

7Z1HL on 17 meter/CW   

J28JA on 17 meter/CW   

OJ0B on 40 meter/CW   

JT1DA on 20 meter/CW   

TF/G3SXW on 20 meter/CW and 40 meter/CW   

R1AND on 20 meter/SSB   

TF/G4IRN on 30 meter/CW   

PJ4/PA3CNX on 20 meter/SSB   

NP2/AK2P on 40 meter/SSB   

J6/DL7AFS on 20 meter/CW   

HB0/DJ3HJ on 40 meter/SSB   




- 18 September 2007.


I received an envelope from Joe/W3HNK.

Inside were; VU7LD, KP3A, ZP0R, WP3C, NP4A, TI4CF and ST2BF card.

Joe had them send free of charge, really great!



Worked few DX as well today.

PJ2/LY4F from the Caribean on 40 meter in SSB followed by 9H3YM from Malta.

This is the VRZA team that goes to malta every year with a very large group.

Late, around 07:24 UTC I worked the 3B7C dx-pedition on 17 meter/SSB.

This went very easy as they were actually not really busy, needed just one call.




- 15 September 2007, HF day.


HF day is held every year, 3rd weekend September.

This time they planned to show a couple DX-pedition presentations and not the least important, we would get

our trofees for PACC contest and fieldday 2007.

We, PA1WFB/Fred, PA8A/Peter and myself/PA3GVI, arrived around 10:15 local and were just in time to listen

to Dick/PA2DW to hold his opening speech.

After that, Ronald/PA3EWP talked about his VU7RG adventure along with nice pictures.

Another presentation right after but we were up for some coffee and talk to some friends.

So we missed that but were on our seats again when Rein/PA0R held a very interesting story about 5A7A.

There were many difficulties to overcome on this DX-pedition.

But Rein, who is a very relaxed/down to earth guy, and the international team managed to solve everything

and they even made it 2nd place world CQWWCW (multi/multi section).

After his story we watched the 5A7A video, very nice!


We took a break again and around 15:00 we got the trofees for PACC and CW-fieldday 2007.

Fred, went up front to receive the PI4WNO  trofee, 1st place Multi/single/QRO.

I got mine for 3rd in PACC, single OP/CW/QRO.






- 13 September 2007.


Some time ago I contacted Joe/W3HNK for my HAM INTERVIEW page.

If you are an active DX-er you probable know him because Joe handles cards for many DX stations.

As he is a very busy guy time passed before I receive the e-mail with the answers to the 10 Q's.

Have a look on the HAM INTERVIEW page what he has to say!(left side menu)


Joe wrote a note for Dutch(PA) operators who requested cards via the buro;


I appreciate Rob (PA3GVI)contacting me about this interview as it wasn't expected here! Any PA-operator that send me cards through the bureau and received no reply, (since Im so backed up with bureau cards)if they would send me ONLY a return envelope with their CALLSIGN on it, any card or cards I have for them I'll toss it in their envelope and pay the air mail postage to them!
And in a later e-mail;
This includes SWLS...too.....and ANY PA operator if they QSL-ed to me via the bureau or NOT...from today on I will offer FREE services to any PA that works any of my stations. This is FOREVER...just send card and MUST include a return envelope. My shack is completely open to any PA op......to qsl direct with only a return envelope! Joe/W3HNK
What a guy!!
Joe/W3HNK with HB9BXE and IZ0BTV on DX convention of the Strange Radio Team




- 6 to 10 September 2007, 3B7C/St. Brandon DX-pedition!


I did not have to much time available to play radio but worked a couple anyway.

It started on the 6Th with YB9/PA0RRS from Indonesia on 30 meter/CW around 16:51 UTC.


 3B7C from St. Brandon Island in the Indian Ocean.


On the 8Th I made the first QSO's (on 20 and 40 meter/CW) with 3B7C on St. Brandon Island.

This DX-pedition with operators from different nationalities will be on the air from 7 to 24 September and

the website can be found at: www.3b7c.com/

There is an on-line log available too and all 3 QSO's are confirmed!

Same day I worked A52AM from Buthan on 40 meter/SSB.

A day later I worked 3B7C again in the early morning around 04:54 on 30 meter/CW.

They were actually quite weak then but ofcourse this was not the best time to make a contact on this band.


The 10Th of September conditions were very good in the evening with strong signals from different continents.

Between 16:40 and 20:59 I logged the following stations;

- YB9/PA0RRS from Indonesia, this time on 40/CW

- E21EIC/8 from Thailand on 40/CW

- VE1CHW/Rob from near Halifax who is originally from The Netherlands on 20/SSB

- CE3-VE7SV from Chile on 15-CW

- 6W1SE from Senegal on 20/CW




- 2 September 2007, FT-950 from Yaesu.


The Yaesu company has a new transceiver out, the FT-950.

Info about this new radio can be found on: www.universal-radio.com/catalog/hamhf/0950.html

The provisional manual is available in PDF on:







- 1 September 2007, BS7H/Scarborough reef card.



I received the BS7H card today and I must say, it's beautiful.

The front shows a lonely operator on one of the rocks just before sunset.

The back has 5 more small pictures with all the team members and rock pictures as well.

Inside the card is for sponsors, DX-pedition info and QSO confirmation.

I am quite fond with the card as this is DXCC number 300 confirmed, and the number one most wanted at

the time they got active.




- 20 to 26 August 2007, another newie for DXCC!


I worked VK7GK/Gerry and ZL4AU/Rolly on 40 meter/SSB.

Both past our sunrise with pretty good signals and nice long QSO's too.

Further a contact with PA3EXX active from Greenland as OX/PA3EXX, 20/SSB and a nice chat with my friend

Adrian/M0UCK from the UK.


On the 25th around 17:20 I walked into the shack and saw 4U1UN spotted on the cluster.

I quickly tuned to 14.005/CW and found him handing out reports, simplex!

I realised he would go split as soon as the crowd would grow and so I instantly started calling up 1.2 KHz.

As the rest was still calling simplex I just hoped he would tune away from the big pile up and hear me first.

Yes,..unbelievable....it worked, he called me right away and I was the first one to work him.

I had to correct my call but he confirmed and I was in the log.

I got a new DXCC (302) and left all the others behind, some were still calling simplex but others got the drill

and had moved up. 

When you least expect it,..you work them!


 DXCC 302!




- 18 August 2007, back from holiday in Luxembourg.


I have been on holiday for the last 2,5 week in beautiful Luxembourg.

I was very near to the famous LX7I contest station in Eschdorf and after I checked the cluster on the

public PC I drove down there to find Marcus/DL1EKC running the station, single operator/CW in the

WAE-contest (worked all Europe).


 LX7I (by DL1EKC).


 LX7I antenna's.


When I got home again I found the 3B7SP (ST.Brandon Isl.) card in my mail, very nice.

This is DXCC 299 confirmed (301 worked)!





- 20 to 25 July 2007.


It is obvious that the holiday season started with many stations active from their holiday destination.

I worked the following stations;


I heard many PA's active from different European countries as well.


Besides the people on hoilday there is 'ofcourse' other DX available too!

I logged CX5BW from Uruguay on 20 meter/CW and 5H3EE from Tanzania on 40 meter/CW.

Mike/5H3EE has a website (partly under construction) which can be found at; www.zawadi.de/

Or click on one of the pictures below!






- 12 to 19 July 2007.


I focus on working DX during the early mornings and late evenings.

There is not much on during midday hours, or putt another way, cannot be heard here.

We have European skip quite often which is fun as well.


On the 12th I logged two interesting stations, V5/HB9PHJ and 8R1RPN.

The V5 from Namibia could be work very easily on the 17 meter band in SSB at 0825z, needed just one call.

At 2225z I worked the 8R from Guyana on 20 meter in CW, the band opens up really nice at this time.


On the 13th  I logged another A2 from Botswana, A25SL, this time on 17 meter/SSB.

The 17Th brought me a Caribean contact in the form of FS/EA3GHZ from St. Martin Island on 40/SSB.


On the 18th I went to my friend Peter to play some radio there, I arrived at 19:00 UTC.

I hoped that VP6TD would show up, a DXCC I still need.

Tom is quite active from there but is difficult to work due to operating hours and simple equipment his end.

I seen him spotted around 0000z so maybe he would be here tonight!

Such a delight to work from Peter's station and first calls on 20 meter in CW were answered by W4QBE (USA),

LW6DJQ (Argentina) and CE2NKA (Chili).

Then on to 20 meter/SSB were I worked my good friend Joe/AA1BU.

Joe is normally active during our mornings on 80 meter/SSB, rag chewing the time away with stations

from Europe.

But Joe is celebrating his holiday on the US-Virgin Islands and I was delighted to have a QSO with him

as KP2/AA1BU.

I was active till 01:00 UTC (19 July) and had the following DX in my logbook;

FS/CT1BWW (St.Martin Island), JA4COO (Japan), CP6XE (Bolivia), VK2GWK (Australia), YN2N (Nicaragua),

A25CF (Botswana-40/CW), FS/EA3GHZ (St. Martin Island), VE3/DK1KBB (Canada), ZL4NR (New-Zealand),

OX3KQ (Greenland), VE6QX (Canada), VK3MO (Australia) and a bunch of US stations.

The band was wide open in all directions as I worked stations from Asia, Caribean, Central-America, Africa,

South-America and North-America....and the VP6?

He showed up a couple hours later and only saw him spotted by a few North-American stations.

Next time better as tom will stay there till September.


On the 19th I fixed a small problem with Peter's tower and worked A25SL after on 20 meter in CW.

This was at 07:28 UTC.




- 11 July 2007.


I brought a short visit to Peter/PA8A his shack early in the morning to work DX on 20 meter.

Unfortunate the band was pretty much closed besides one strong Alaska station, KL3R.

He was on 14.009 and I worked him over the North-Pole, simplex with 559 (CW) and arctic flutter.

Later the crowd had grown and he worked split, up 2.

In the late evening between 22:45 UTC and 24:00 UTC I worked the following stations;

- PJ2/DL8OBQ on 20/SSB from Curacao Island

- VY2/KV8Q on 40/CW from Canada

- 5X1GS on40/SSB from Uganda

- A25OOK on 40/CW from Botswana


Something else....!

Did you read my article about the fishing rod method to get a wire over a high tree.

Kees/PA5WT did send me this link; www.youtube.com/watch?v=xC7u23ZI5ug of a guy who made a

wonderful tool.

This is beautiful made but I guess this is more expensive then the rod!


 Made in the USA!


Thanks Kees!




- 10 July 2007, website update!


I have recently add a couple interviews to the 'HAM INTERVIEW' page.

Also changed the lay out to make the page more user friendly .

Go check it out here: www.sitekreator.com/pa3gvi/ham_interview.html


Renamed the HAM-RADIO EVENTS page to 'pa3gvi articles' and published three new articles.

- Ham-Radio from the Netherlands (from a large property to a crowded city lot)

- Learn CW!

- Going fishing?

You can find them here: www.sitekreator.com/pa3gvi/pa3gvi_articles.html



- 8 and 9 July 2007, having DX fun in the night.


It seems that the bands open up very nicely in the (late) evening.

On the 9th I worked WP4U from Puerto-Rico on 28 MHz/SSB at 20:45 UTC!

On the 8th just after working A25OOK (see 7 July) I worked VP2EREM from Anguilla Island on 40/CW.

After that I checked into the the 'NIGHT WATCH' net on 7193/SSB were I did hand out reports to

several US-stations.

At 00:48 UTC I logged 9Q1EK from the Republic of Congo on 40/CW followed by Nigel OY/G3TXF on

30/CW and Roger OY/G3SXW on 20/CW.

Last one into the log was OJ0/SM0LQB from Market reef, worked on 20/SSB.




- 7 July 2007, Botswana on the air!




From 5 to 20 July 2007 a mixed group of ham's is active from Botswana.

I worked them today on three different bands/three different call signs;

- A25KDJ on 17 meter in CW.

- A25SL on 30 meter in CW.

- A25OOk on 80 meter in CW.

The website with a, as it seems not yet active , on-line log can be found at: http://www.tdxs.net/


 Nigel and Roger.


I also had a contact with CW-experts Nigel/G3TXF and Roger/G3SXW who are active for 3 days from

the Faroe Islands.

I made the contact, in CW of course, around 22:42 UTC on 7.003 MHz.

Info and pictures can be viewed on the website at: www.g3txf.com/dxtrip/OY/OY.html

You can request for a buro-card via e-mail!




- 5 July 2007, short skip on 20 meter.


I went to Peter to help him out with some jobs that had to be done.

But before that I had two hours of short skip fun, using his station, on 20 meter/SSB.

Enourmous pile up, as If I was rare DX, but fun doh!

Most contacts went well but there was heavy QSB with stations being 59 at first, went into the noise to

come back same level again.

I worked stations from DL, 7X, PA, I, SP, LY, EK, 4X, HA, T7, EA, OE, GM, UA9, GI, SM, LZ,.




- 4 July 2007.


Early in the morning I had a lovely QSO with Ed/ZL4IR on 40 meter in SSB.

He was not as strong as usual but still a good 56 while he gave me 57 in New zealand.

Later, must have been around coffee time, I had a nice chat with Robert/G3DPW and Karl/Dl7KCH about

antenna's, specially the G5RV and it's possibility's.

Robert has the same experience as I do with this antenna, works just about everything he can hear.




- 3 July 2007, another one confirmed!


I received the V73NS card today from Neil on Roi-Namur/Kwajalein Atoll in the South-Pacific.

This is a very quick return because I had send the card directly after I worked Neil on the 10th of June,

roughly a month ago.

This confirms DXCC 298 (301 DXCC worked).




Besides this I have been active on 20/CW in the morning hours were 9G5ZH from Ghana responded

to my 'CQ'.

A little later I worked RW1AI/0, located somewhere on the ice near the North-Pole.




- 30 June 2007.


I checked into a North-America net on 40 meter/SSB this morning lead by Bob/N4JTE.

I worked a couple guys this way with signals varying from 44 to 59.

In the afternoon I logged VQ9JC (CW) and 4O3DX (SSB) on 20 meter.




- 29 June 2007, N8S card/Swains Island!


It finally arrived, the card confirming my 20 meter/CW contact with N8S from Swains Island.

This is DXCC 297 confirmed and 4 others(BS7H, 9U0VB, V73NS and 3B7SP) are still underway.

N8S, what a nice card!



The postman delivered the VERON magazine (one of our two radio society's) as well.

On the traffic page I found the final results of the PACC contest.

I got 3rd in the SINGLE OP/CW/HP section, good enough to get a trophy on the HF-day in





- 25 June 2007, W1AW video by K7AGE.


Randy/K7AGE published a new video on 'YOUTUBE' about his visit to the ARRL headquarters.

It's fun to watch, so click the picture and enjoy the W1AW tour!



Note: Good video again Randy!



- 24 June 2007, Art of DX-ing by W5FKX.


Don/W5FKX did a wonderful job by writing this article for those who wanto get involved in DX-ing.

It's actually a 'must read' for everyone!


A, B, C's of DX Fundamentals of the Art of DXing: An Interactive Tutorial by: Don Boudreau/W5FKX

You can read this informative bookwork at: www.deltadx.net/ABCDx/ABCDx.htm , or by clicking the picture!






- 23 June 2007, VP2M/Montserrat video.


I came across another nice 'YOUTUBE' video about a past VP2M/Montserrat DX-pedition.

Click the picture to watch the vid!


 VP2M DX-pedition.


Have a look at Scott's/NE1RD (nice call) web-page and blog:




In the late evening I logged the following stations from Africa::

5X1VB from Uganda on 30 and 80 meter/CW

C52T from Gambia on 30 meter/CW

9Q1EK from the Democratic Republic of the Congo on 30 meter/CW




- 22 June 2007.


I was active today from Peter's shack but the conditions on HF were not good at all.

So instead I worked a couple stations from South-Europe that could  be heard on 50 MHz.

This is a band I usually don't operate on because of the simple fact that I do not have such equipment.

Little later I worked a couple from the same area on 20 meter in phone.

Turning the antenna towards the Caribbean delivered W2SY(SSB) from the USA and CO8LY(CW) from Cuba.




- 16 June 2007, 3B7SP on 30 meter with the dipole!


I was out early again (0200z) and checked if I could hear 3B7SP from St. Brandon Island.

I worked them from Peter's place a couple days ago, but it would be fun to work them with the dipole.

I heard them alright(30/CW) but unfortunately they were working the USA at that time.

So, I stayed tuned on the frequency, hoping they would switch to Europe again soon.

After almost '2 hours' the operator said 'QRX QRX 5' and it went silent.

Then after 5 minutes he called 'QRZ 3B7SP up'!

I had set the second VFO about 3.4KHz up and I got him on the first call, great!

30 meters is treating me so well!




- 13 June 2007, a new one confirmed via the buro.


This evening I went to Haarlem for a club meeting at PI4KML.

There would be an interesting presentation about the Dutch coast-station and how most of their CW

messaging came to an end.

I was there and joined my friend Kees/PA5WT which I had not seen for some time.

He handed me a bag of buro cards(more then 200 hundred) because I had not been there for a long time.

This pack of cards turned out to have a beautifully surprise between the regular QSL's.

I found a card from a ZK1EAA, a contact I made back in 2003, not realizing that this had been a North and

South Cook Islands operation by HB9EAA.

website at: www.hb9eaa.ch/dxped03/index.htm

I had written South Cook in my log at that time but I made the contact in the days they were on the

North Cook Islands, a DXCC I still needed! (as I have South Cook already confirmed)

What a surprise!


 DXCC 301.


The presentation was really interesting and it included a 10 minutes movie about Marconi as well.

After that I went home, was already 22:30 local, to have a cup at Peter's place and make a couple

QSO's again.

I planned to make it a short visit but this turned out different!!

It started with checking a couple spots and I logged HI0C from the Dominican Republic(on 20/SSB)

and FG5GP from Guadeloupe Island (on 15/SSB).

I searched a clear frequency and started to call CQ.

Long story short, many stateside again and rare DX as well like; CP5RC (Bolivia), 9Z4CT (Trinidad&Tobago),

FM5WE (Martinique Island), HP3EPS (Panama) and OA3CPO (Peru).

Oeps,.... more then 1,5 hour passed and I returned home around 01:30 local!




- 11 and 12 June 2007, 'CQ North-America'!


I planned to go to Peter/PA8A to work DX from there in the late evening.

At 23:00 I bicycled to the house and after a soft drink we raised the tower and I installed myself behind the

FTDX-9000D, tune the amplifier and I was ready to go.

With the yagi pointed towards North-America I got immediate response, actually an instant pile up!

In the next 2 hours I logged about 100 stations from the USA and Canada.

Every time I signed with a station after a QSO, and give my call again, there was a massive pile-up.

Now and then others called in like; YS1ECB from El Salvador, HK3OVP from Colombia and XE3AAF from Mexico.

At 00:30 UTC (uuh....that's 02:30 local) I returned home again, wondering and amazed about the pile-up I had coursed with Peter's station.

Truly a delight to use his super station as many mentioned; 'strongest station on the band'!


 DX-ing is my life!




- 10 June 2007.





When I woke up this morning 3B7SP was on my mind.

The Polish team that was heading for Agalega Island had problems with the Catamaran and decided to

go to St. Brandon instead, which is the same DXCC prefix/country.

On the way to Agalega Island they lost an engine and a sail but they eventually made it to the harbor of

St. Brandon with the help of a fishing vessel.

So, 3B7SP instead of 3B6SP and I heard them quite loud on 20/CW.

I joined the pile up about 45 minutes until I saw FO5RH spotted on 20 meters in CW.

I tuned to his transmitting frequency and heard him quite clear, handing out reports to a few Europeans.

It wasn't busy at all and when he called CQ again (simplex) I made the contact with a 559 both ways, splendid!

After that I went back to 14.021 MHz again to listen for the Polish guys in the Indian Ocean.

I could not get them and at about 08:45 local Peter/PA8A called me on the UHF channel we monitor.

I could just hear him work 3B7SP and he invited me to come around and try to work them.

I did accept the invitation and jumped into the car to arrive 5 minutes later at his house.

They were very loud on his system and I quickly set the 2nd VFO on 14.202 MHz to give it a try.

I just needed to call two times to get into the 3B7 log, DXCC 299!


  Kwajalein Atoll (V73NS).


Whilst listening to them working the big crowd we sat back and enjoyed a cup of coffee.

After that we checked 15 meters because, in the meantime, they were spotted there .

Within 30 minutes I could work them in CW and SSB on this band.

I was happy to have this one and talking about the ones I still needed, V73NS was on the cluster.

Why not try this one, I still need V7 for DXCC!

Well, he is about 559, should be able to hear me.

It didn't take long to make the contact as he instantly answered my call, DXCC 300!

What a blast, two new ones in one morning and reaching the 300 DXCC-countries mark (worked).

No need to say,.....this made my day!!!!!!!






- 8 June 2007, PI4WNO/p on YOUTUBE!


My friend Wander/PD1DER made a very nice video from our recent fieldday with PI4WNO/p.

It's a picture compilation with the voice of Fred/PA1WFB, interviewed by the local radio.

This interview is in Dutch but pictures give a good idea about how things were situated and what fun we had.


Enjoy the 9:34 minutes long Youtube video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=HVY0sG111d4




- 2 and 3 June 2007, field-day 2007.....what a super weekend!


Many members of PI4WNO/section 66/Woerden had volunteered on Friday evening to build a big part of

the field-day station.

I was actually very surprised and impressed when at arrive on Saturday morning 09:00 local most of the antenna's were ready to go.



Fred/PA1WFB picked me up 20 minutes earlier and we were both very exited about this weekend.

There was a 30 foot tower which held the Fritzel FB-33 yagi for 10/15/20 meters, a 30 foot tower with a mono-band 20 meter vertical, a 40 meter base mounted vertical and a 40 foot scaffolding which held a

duo-band GP for VHF/UHF and a telescopic tower for the 80/160 meter dipoles.

Wooow, job well done guys!!



With the main portion ready we could take it slow during the day because the contest would start at 17:00 local(1500z).

We started measuring the 80/160 meter dipoles because we needed new CW antenna's for these bands.

This went well and soon we could hoist the dipoles up the pole on the scaffolding.

We had to lower them a couple times to get the right resonance-length but this was a piece of cake with the

available antenna analyzer.

With all antenna's in the air now Fred set up the HF station in the smallest contesttent I have ever seen, hihi.


 Just big enough to fit in two!(hi)


But never mind, there was just enough space to fit in two chairs at the table and with this size the amplifier could warm it up during the night.

The club transceiver, a FT-990, and AL-811H were set and we could soon test the CAT interfacing and the amplifier.

The amplifier did not switch on when keying the TRX so we had to fix this inside the FT-990.

As I had this too, when I connected my own FT-990 to my AL-811, I knew the drill and this was quickly set and done, after Fred soldering the wire to different pins, and set the FT-990 internal switch in the right position.



So we were ready, hours before the contest would start.

The other guys were busy setting up the VHF/UHF and demo HF-station.

They even installed a camera in the high tower so we could see the driveway of the property and see when visitors were about to arrive.

Jaap/PA0MRN and his XYL provided us the whole weekend from good food which was highly appreciated by

the crew members of PI4WNO/p.

Nice bread, coffee and drinks around noon and soup, meatballs and bread again in the evening, just lovely!


The contest started at 17:00 local and I had good runs, +/- 60 QSO's an hour.

Nice multipliers into the log like HL (south-korea) and VP8 (Falkland Islands) on 20 meters and even a VK8

on 40 meters.

The night went well and it was typical that there was no dip in activity during these hours, something you use to see in contests.

They just kept on coming on a regular base and soon it started to get light again, having about 660 QSO's

in the log by then.

The 40 meter vertical and the dipoles for 80 and 160 meter worked well with mainly European contacts on the low bands but nice DX too from time to time(USA).

I felt exhausted in the early morning because I did not have any sleep from Saturday morning till Sunday morning.



After the good breakfast I felt much better and went on to make contacts again, enjoying the good response.

I still had to make some contacts on 15 meters were I did not hear anything the day before.

Glad to work a couple stations there and have the multiplier total go up a bit.

At 12:39 local I logged my last contact, I had reached the 800 QSO mark and found this a good result.

I could not bring it up to go on for another 4,5 hour till the contest would actually end.

I had been searching for stations along the bands but most were dupes and I actually felt very tired.

We decided to slowly break down the contest site and we went home around 16:30 local.

It didn't take long to fall asleep after a warm bath!


I want to thank everyone involved, they made this weekend to be such a success!

The whole crew was very exited about the result and the enjoyable weekend we had.

We had great weather, visitors, good food, and a lot of fun!




Transceiver: FT-990

Amplifier: AL-811H

Logging: N1MM on laptop PC

Antenna's: - 80/160 meter: Inverted ''V' dipoles

                  - 40 meter: Vertical with about 20 ground radials

                  - 10/15/20 meter: FB-33 3 band yagi

                 - 15/20 meter: Vertical with 4 radials


Further, a VHF/UHF station with a duo-band GP on a high tower and a Demo-station for HF (TS-870).




Band      QSO's      Points      DXCC

1.8         110         380          18

3.5         170         514          24

7            188         570          30

14          293         838          39

21          39           112          16

28          1             2              1


Total:     801        2416        128

Claimed Score: 309.248 points


Worked DXCC: 4J, 9A, CT, DL, EA, EI, ER, ES, EU, F, G, GI, GM, GW, HA, HB, HL, I, K, LY, LZ, OE, OH, OK,

                        OM, ON, OY, OZ, PA, S5, SM, SP, SV, TK, UA, UA2, UA9, UN, UR, VE, VK, VP8, YL, YO, YU,

                        Z3, ZA.


Many more pictures can be found here:













- 26 and 27 May 2007, CQWWWPX/CW-contest.


Nice contest but I did not really have the time to have a serious go.

So, I just gave away points on 20, 40 and 80 meters for fun.

About 120 QSO's made in the few hours available and a good test for the CW/field-day next weekend.

I will be joining PI4WNO for the first time and we plan to be active 24 hours with 2 operators(maybe 3).

There will be a VHF/UHF contest-station and a demo-station for the visitors as well.

If you hear us, gives a call please!



Google earth-> filed-day location PI4WNO/p: www.veron.nl/tech/locator/gloc-pi4wno-velddag2007.hti




- 18 to 22 May 2007, log update.


Truly amazing conditions at times!

I worked into the far east on 40 meter and 10 meter was open almost every day.

I could only hear European stations but heard other PA's working ST/Sudan.

I had a very nice QSO with Wim/XU7TZG from Cambodia who told me he used a very high Windom antenne

up more then 100 meters in the air.

This works really super!


So here is the line up of the contacts I made:


28 MHz: I6EBI (Italy), HA5FA (Hongary), MM0EAX (Orkney Islands), EU3AR (Belarus), HF500P (Poland),

             EI3IX (Ireland), RV1AC (Russia), OH1LWZ/m (Finland), I2YKT (Italy), 9A950DX (Croatia),

             9A3MN (Croatia), S54O (Slovenia), IZ7KHR (Italy), 9A3OS (Croatia)


18 MHz: 9M2/JH3GCN (West Malaysia), XU7TZG (Cambodia)


14 MHz: 3XD2Z (Guinea)


10 MHz: JT1CO (Mongolia), LG5LG (Norway), VP9KF (Bermuda Islands), TF/G4ELZ/p (Iceland)


7 MHz: N3ATQ (USA), RA3FA (Russia), RA3YAO (Russia), K8BEG (USA), F9OQ (France), UT4UW (Ukraine),

           HA6OJ (Hongary), RA3ID (Russia), OK1CAM (zech Rep.), YV4GD (Venezuela), VP2ERV (Anguilla Island),

           VK7GK (Tasmania), SJ9WL (Sweden), YB0AR (Indonesia)




- 17 May 2007, North America on 40 meter/SSB.


I was out early around 02:00/UTC and worked AA7JV on 40 meter in CW.

Tuning up the band I entered the SSB portion and I found a NA/DX-net on 7.178 MHz.

I checked in with Bob/KC1AU and worked a bunch of North American stations in a row.

Some did need PA for 40 meter/SSB, so this was fun!

A couple hours later I heard Giovanni/6W/IZ2DPX, active from Senegal at present, on 14.193 MHz.

He was not busy at all so I got myself into his log with one call.


 PA<->VP8 path at 20:39 UTC.


In the evening I worked 9H3RZ from the Island of Malta on 30 meter/CW followed by VP8LP from the

Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic on 20/SSB.

These two were worked between 20:00/UTC and 20:45/UTC.




- 15 and 16 May 2007, 9M4SDX and VU7LD card!


Worked nice DX on the 15th with the repaired/replaced dipole.

First NH6P from Hawaii Island and 9U0VB from Burundi on 20/CW followed by JT1BH from Mongolia on 30/CW.

On the 15th I received the VU7LD card from Lakshadweep and the 9M4SDX from the Spratly Islands fell on the

doormat a day later.

Worked DXCC: 298

Confirmed DXCC: 295





- 14 May 2007, fixed the dipole!


I planned to fix the dipole that broke loose from the tree a couple days ago.

Dick/PA3GLF promised to help me out as the feeder needs to be guided through the chimney hole and such.

I decided to replace the whole system, dipole and feeder which I prepared yesterday.

We had to go inside two times because of the rain but finally the job went well and without a problem.

The 2x 15,5 meter dipole slopes down the same way except that I extended the pole for the dipole at the back of the house.

It tunes well again from 10 to 80 meter, so I am back on the air again!



Feeder to dipole connection                                           Feeder and coax through chimney hole



Pole on the chimney                                   Back of the house




- 12 May 2007, more Scarborough Reef/BS7H!


The BS7H website is updated with pictures and the log.

The team has returned home save and the ARRL has approved this DX-pedition for DXCC.


I found two short video's of Martti/OH2BH and Paul/K4UJ on YOUTUBE from after the operation.

OH2BH video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXXi6WDMqGQ

K4UJ video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XiGd0erXNQ



BS7H Log Search Results QSO's with PA3GVI

Band Mode
20m SSB
17m SSB

A total of 2 QSOs were found

This ham radio log contains 44,440 QSOs from 29-Apr-2007 1347Z through 5-May-2007 2354Z.




- 10 May 2007.


When walking the dog early this morning I found one of the dipole legs broken loose from it's attaching

point in the tree at the front of the house.

Not really a big problem but a good oppertunity to replace the dipole wire and the feeder.

This is planned next week as I need some help to guide the feeder through the chimney channel.

My good friend Dick/PA3GLF will help me with the job.

In the meantime I can fix the new wires for the dipole and attach a rope to hoist the leg into the tree again.

I am of the air for a couple days.




- 6 May 2007, Mail from Slavko/S57DX/ST2R.


In the last few days I have been e-mailing with Slavko/S57DX/ST2R for the 'HAM INTERVIEW' page.

He wanted to join and did send me some nice pictures and a short explanation about his stay in Sudan.

Here is his story:

My ST2R operation from Sudan was just a single occasion.
But it was a nice experience and really something new for me in all aspects.
I was a UN/WFP (world food program) employee and working on a temporary contract as a TC-specialist.
My main job was building telecommunication towers, antennas, cables, programming radios etc.
It was a very interesting job and If I would have been just a few years younger I would have
stayed on the job.
At home in Slovenia I work in the Slovenian Army Forces and it was difficult to arrange,
being out of duty for 4 months.
But the main reason for my Sudan adventure was of course Ham-radio!
I have a good friend of mine Dane/ST2T (at home S57CQ) who worked in Sudan for the last 3 years.
The very first idea was to visited him and have the opportunity to work some contest from his location.
But later he told me that he needed a TC-specialist and If I wanted I could work for the WFP for a few months
and earn some money as well.
I found this a nice chance to be 'DX' and visit Africa and Sudan for the very first time.
I worked for the WFP from January 3Th till April 20Th.
I made 18.000 contacts with ST2R , almost all of them with 100 Watt and a simple multiband wire dipole.
It was very interesting to be on other side of the pile up!
My job was very hard, raising towers and antennas at temperatures of 40+C is not easy, but anyway I tried to
find some spare time and be active on the radio as much as possible.
Dane ST2T is out of Sudan now and is stationed in Dubai.
He is still waiting for his A6 license.
I am his QSL-Manager for all his past activities: S57CQ, YI/S57CQ, YI9T, A52CQ, 5B/S57CQ, T9/S57CQ,
9A/S57CQ etc.
In the interview I mentioned Ham-radio friendship.
In Sudan I met Magdi/ST2M and we became very good friends!
I also made other friends: Jovica/ST2A and ex ST0RM (T98A) and Fernando/ST2BF (EA4BB).
From the very first moment we became very good friends!
That is the magic of Ham-radio!
I hope to meet you on the bands! Regards, 73 de Slavko/S57DX


I would like to thank Slavko for the short story and the lovely pictures!

The first picture is from the Sudan-trip and the other two from his home station in Slovenia.

If you worked Slavko from Sudan you can QSL via the bureau or direct to his address.

For direct request please enclose SAE (self addressed envelope) and IRC or green stamps.







- 5 May 2007, 5W0RE card arrived.


I just received the 5W0RE card, great......another new entity confirmed.

The total DXCC confirmed now is 293 while I have worked 298 DXCC-countries.

The ones that are in the mail and I did not receive yet are: VU7LD, 9M4SDX, N8S, BS7H, 9U0VB.


In the evening when I was visiting Peter/PA8A we both managed to work BS7H on 17 meter/SSB.

He seemed to have a lot QRM as he had to repeat and correct the suffix or prefix on several occasions.

He answered my call when I was in the pile for about 5 minutes but he called me PA3JVI.

I corrected the call but he gave me 'PA3JVI 5NN' and went on:((

About 30 minutes later he got me again and with the correct suffix that time!




- 4 May 2007, BS7H interviews.


I found a couple interviews with operators and a coordinator of the BS7H DX-pedition that is now active

from Scarborough reef in the South Chinese sea.

Quite interesting to listen to and it makes you realize they are in a very remote area with many dangers hiding like lightning, sun and the reef itself.

During the night the operators on the rocks are on their own.

It's very dark out there and to dangerous to guide the small boats towards the rocks.

Listen to James Brooks/9V1YC explaining the situation via satellite phone:

Download [2.0 MB]BS7H Scarborough Reef 2007 - (08:45) [MP3 , 2.0 MB]

Another one but with BV4FH who is the Asia coordinator for the DX-pedition:                   

Download [365.3 KB]Pre-BS7H 2007Interview - (01:04) [MP3 , 365.3 KB]

Last but not least, an old interview with Tim/KJ4VH and Martti Laine/OH2BH when active there in 1995:

Download [1.6 MB]BS7H 1995 Interviews (Engl./German) - (06:45) [MP3 , 1.6 MB]


 Scarborough Reef DX-pedition, BS7H.




- 1 May 2007, worked BS7H and 9U0VB!


Out early this morning to check BS7H activity.

No sign of him at that time around 02:15 UTC on my G5RV but worked YW4AJ from Venezuela on 40/CW.

In the evening I had to fix an antenna at Peter's place, I arrived there at 16:30 UTC.

While the lady's had a cup coffee we checked BS7H which was on 20/SSB/CW and on 17/CW at that time.

He was quite weak actually and so we decided to go and fix the antenna first, try to work him after.

The antenna was fixed in halve an hour and back into the shack BS7H signals had build, up to an S7.

I tried CW on 20 meter first but he worked North-America only, so let's try SSB then.

Really a big mess at the transmitting frequency 14.185 MHz and stations had spread to 55 KHz.

I settled down on 14.224 MHz and hoped him to pass that frequency,....be patient!

Within 30 minutes he called me 'PA3GVI 59', conformed the contact and wished him good luck.

Wow, really great..another new country and a difficult one.

Peter wanted to give it a try as well and he repeated the same trick, needing not more then 30 minutes either.



Then I saw 9U0VB spotted on the cluster at 21.240 MHz.

This is Vlad/UA4WHX who has been active from several countries in Africa.

I had 9U/Burundi confirmed but it got rejected for DXCC (no legal license).

I turned the yagi, tuned the amplifier and gave a call, he was not busy at all.

He answered instantly and another new country was in the log, super!

I just need to send the cards and wait patiently (hopefully this one will be approved by the ARRL).

Worked DXCC 297 and 298!




- 19 to 27 April 2007, log update and BS7H.


Were shall I start, I had nice contacts with Dutch speaking Ham's in Puerto Rico and The Philippines.

I talked a while with Willem/WP3UX, he lives on the island for 2 years now and was quite strong on 40 meter/SSB.

The other Dutch speaking guy was Moj/PA3GZU, not to strong and handing out reports at 14.275 MHz on the 23th.


 From the Island of Puerto Rico.


Others that came into the log were: VP5/PY2XB(Turks and Caicos Islands), 9N7JO(Nepal),

JT1Y(Mongolia), YK1BA(Syria) and YV5ZV(Venezuela).

Further did some rag chew on 20 and 40 meters in CW and SSB.


Within 24 hours the next BS7H/Scarborough reef, or Huang Yan Dao as they call it in that area, will

be on the air.

I am exited because I do need this one for DXCC and I think it's going to be a hard nut to crack!

I guess I am not the only one that has to face the big pile-up's again after N8S and 9M4SDX.

But, openings will possible be much better/longer for my area then the N8S (and longer) and the distance is much shorter so that's not the problem.

Anyway, website can be found here: www.scarboroughreef.com/ or www.bs7h.com .

The last news about this DX-pedition at the time of writing is as followed.


At 6 UTC  on 25 April,  the BS7H team  left Hong  Kong harbour  on a  60-hour
voyage to Scarborough Reef, from where  they intended to be  QRV for 9  days.
However, at 02.40  UTC on 27  April the  team was  located approximately  240
nautical miles  north west  of the  reef and  making less  than the  expected
progress because of extremely rough seas. Current estimated arrival to BS7 is
their Sunday morning  local time. Because  of rough seas,  there has been  no
maritime mobile operation.  The announcement that  they have commenced  radio
operations will appear on the expedition's website (
www.bs7h.com). The roster
includes eighteen operators:
Chen Peng, BA1HAM         Tom Berson, ND2T
Fan Bin, BA1RB            Joe Blackwell, AA4NN
David Chen, BA4RF         Paul Pescitelli, K4UJ
Chen Fang, BA4RC          Mike Mraz, N6MZ
Terry Liang, BA7NQ        Mike McGirr, K9AJ
Ko Chih-Ta, BV6HJ         James Brooks, 9V1YC
Eddie Valdez, DU1EV       Martti Laine, OH2BH
Jun Moreto, DU1BA         Massimo Mucci, I8NHJ
Bob Vallio, W6RGG         Christian Entsfellner, DL3MBG
Scarborough Reef has unique and dangerous  attributes, and as such BS7H  will
not have online logs or pilots. All efforts  are on keeping the team safe  so
they can provide a new one to as many  hams as possible. QSL via KU9C.  Jose,
CT1BOH has created a set of interactive propagation maps for BS7H.Select a time
and frequency, and the corresponding propagation  map will be displayed.  The
maps are accessible at


 Old BS7H picture, ...amazing!


I hope to make at least one contact with this rare entity, one that is high on the wanted list.

Let's just hope they will have good weather and can be there the time they have planned.




- 15 to 17 April 2007.


I have been very busy with adding new items to the website.

OPERATING PRACTICE by Mark/ON4WW is a very valuable article for new Ham's, but it's handy for already

licensed as well to improve operating skills and over think their behavior in pile up's and such.

HAM INTERVIEW is a page where HAM's and SWL's are being interviewed, all answering the same 10 questions.

Every HAM or SWL can contribute to this page by sending me an e-mail.



Besides all this I worked a few stations on 80 and 20 meters.

KP2/K0BZ on 80/CW, NP4A on 80/SSB and K1UA on 20/SSB.




- 14 April 2007, VI5PN 'YOUTUBE' video!


In my correspondence with Jack/VK3WWW he mentioned a very nice video available on YOUTUBE concerning their VI5PN/DX-pedition to St.Peter Island.

Truly a master piece and a good sight into how these things are done.

Have a look at:


Part 1: www.youtube.com/watch?v=xD0MiuRp-Dc 

Part 2: www.youtube.com/watch?v=U05j5J1FYPc&mode=related&search=




- 10 and 11 April 2007.


Have not been to active much but managed to work a couple:


- WP4U from Puerto Rico on 20/SSB.

- UA3WY from Russia on 20/CW.

- UA9JFN from Asiatic Russia on 20/CW.

- LZ1XX from Bulgaria on 20/CW.

- J5UAP from Guinea Bissau on 20/SSB.

- KB3BCZ from the USA on 20/CW.

- IT9YPP from Italy on 20/CW.

- AA1BU from the USA on 80/SSB.




- 6 April 2007, worked N8S from Swains Island!


The next DX-pedition to this little Island in the South-Pacific had started and I still need this one for my DXCC.I contacted Peter/PA8A via 433 MHz (our lifeline) and he could just hear them in the noise.

I decided to go there and have it a go before the main European crowd had a good copy.

This would make it easier as the split frequency would not be that big now with yet not to many calling.


         'Tiny Island in the South Pacific'              


At arrive I set the split at 2 KHz and after 15 minutes I heard him sign 'PA3GJI'.

I hear you think,......that's not you, but that's what I had send due to my stressful CW writing.

Anyway, he went on and as he got stronger the pile-up grew to amazing heights, even working up 30 KHz!!

Really madness but understandable with so many people calling.

It took me more then 1,5 hour until I heard my call again, 'PA3GVI 5NN'.

Yes, got him, that's Swains in the log!.......DXCC 296!


Website can be found here: www.yt1ad.info/n8s/index.html

Swains Island on WIKIPEDIA: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swains_Island




- 4 April 2007, two from Africa.


Nice activity from Africa on this evening.

I first logged my friend Pete/SM5GMZ who is active from Senegal at the present time as 6V7F (20/SSB).

He will be there till the 12Th of April-2007 and will operate 10 to 160 meters.

Pete is a photojournalist for several news agencies as Reuters and AFP.

Enjoy the beautiful pictures available on his website: www.peppearninge.se/

 Good luck on you Pete!



Shortly after I had worked Pete I heard 7Q7VB 0n 10.103MHz/CW, let's give that one a call!

Minutes later I was into the log from Vladimir/UA4WHX, who is in Malawi now.




- 3 April 2007.


Strong signals this morning from Asia and the Pacific area.

I talked to David/VK2SSH(in SSB) from NSW in Australia and a short one with JA6GCE from Japan (in CW), both on 20 meters.

After CQ-ing in CW for a while, UK7AX from Uzbekistan answered my call followed by RK3AQV from Russia.




- 3 April 2007, new menu item.


I have just added a new item to the menu, 'DX-CLUSTER'.

Have a look and let me know what source you use to get informed about DX.

I could add that to the page as well.




- 30 March 2007, 3C0M cards arrived!


A few months ago I made a very nice contact with Elmo/EA5BYP when operating from Annobon Island

as 3C0M (Africa).

This was on 15 meter/SSB and I was one of the last to have a contact with Elmo.

He mentioned the plane, that would pick him up, just landed and he had to go and get his gear together for departure.

Today the cards arrived, one for me, one for my friend Peter/PA8A (we had send ours in one envelope).

This one confirms DXCC 292 (worked 295/waiting for VU7LD, 9M4SDX and 5W0RE).




- 24 and 25 March 2007, CQWPX contest with PI4WNO.


The 'contest-group Woerden' would join the event in multie/two section.

This means two radio's active with 5 operators (two could not be there due to different circumstances).


 Rental shack.


Preparation started the day before on Friday.

We erected the 16 meter tower which held the 80 meter dipole and the inverted 'L' for 160 meter.

The 40 meter vertical got mounted some 60 meters away from the tower for flawless operation on 40/80 meter or 40/160 meter.

This worked very efficient together with the coax stub filters.

(Details about how these are constructed can be found here: www.k1ttt.net/technote/k2trstub.html)

On Friday we simple did not have the time to install all the antenna's, so we decided to start on the low bands at night and build the 15 and 20 meter antenna on Saturday morning.


 16 meter high tower.


Late in the evening we all gathered at the contest location to install equipment, mark coax, configure laptops and such.

Tune the amplifiers,...wait...did the house-manager switch the fuses for two amplifier operation?

We had asked the guy but did not check if this was would hold.

Nope, still 6 ampere fuse, not even close to what we needed!

We would have to find a way to solve this next morning (we did not dare to wake him at 01:00 local).

So, we started the contest with both transceiver running 100 watts into the antenna's.

Not all that much but at least we could start the contest.

Difficult to get through with this amount of power but when it was not to busy we could easily work into South- America and the Caribean on 40 meter.

Some were really strong like PZ5A who was a real 59 for a very long time.

Surprisingly we could not get through, possible because of the strong North-American pile up's.


 Two verticals.


After a short sleep, Fred and Joop arrived at dawn and we started to build the 20 and 15 meter vertical.

After this, some final tuning to the 160 meter antenna and we were ready to go again.

Mainly 'Search and Pound' but after the manager helped us out with a bigger 16 ampere fuse we were at full power and 'running' as well.

We all enjoyed the play with the radio's and the less experienced could get used to operating a HF contest.

A couple visitors came along and even brought some fine cake.(thanks Peter and Herma)


 Position 1.


 Position 2.


On Sunday Fred and myself had family obligations so we had to leave around 11:00 local.

Willem, Stan and Joop would go on till about 15:00 and take some antenna's down before heading home.

We all had to work the other day so we decided not to stay till the end of the contest.

I don't know the QSO total yet but it will not be a number one score for sure.

Never mind, we enjoyed the fun and that's what it's all about in our contest group.

Thanks to all the operators and visitors for their support!

Special thanks to Wander/PD1DER, for the pictures!








- 22 March 2007.


I made two contacts on 17 meter today.

First 3DA0DAM (Swaziland) in SSB followed by VP5/W5CW (Turks & caicos islands) in CW.




- 17 to 20 March 2007.


Following stations were worked last few days:


KD2XF  -  USA  -  on 20 meter/CW

HA5AQ  -  Hungary  -  on 30 meter/CW

UR5WCA  -  Ukraine  -  on 30 meter/CW

EU1DC  -  Belarus  -  on 30 meter/CW

LZ1QK  -  Bulgaria  -  on 30 meter/CW

TR8CA  -  Gabon  -  on 30 meter/CW

K8CW  -  USA  -  on 17 meter/CW

6W/RW3TN/P  -  Senegal  -  on 20 meter/CW

6W1SA  -  Senegal  -  on 20 meter/CW

S58AW  -  Slovenia  -  on 20 meter/CW




- 15 March 2007, yep... worked the Spratley Islands!


I went to Peter/PA8A to do some tower work and hoist one of the 160 meter dipole legs.

At arrive I checked the cluster for 9M4SDX from the Spratley Island group, a DXCC I needed!

They were at 18.075/CW and I set the second VFO to 18.077, and gave it a shot.

He was not to strong but after about 10 minutes I heard him sign my call and the report which I confirmed and send his as well, -.-. ..-. -- , ..... -. -. , - ..- ( cfm 5nn tu)

Good contact and yet another DXCC of the list, this was DXCC number: 295...Great!



Back to work, the 160 meter dipole-wire that had jump from a tree-joint.

I just had to use my secret weapon (my fishing-rod) to get a new rope over the treetop again and hoist the wire to a better height.

After that I climbed the tower to check one of the coax feeders.

Peter had some water coming in after rain and we presumed the 40/80 meter dipole coax was damaged somewhere on the outside.

I found some dubious scratches and I fixed them with galvanizing tape.

I hope this will keep the water away for this moment but we decided the best thing to do is to replace it in summer!..better be safe then sorry!

After the work we enjoyed another coffee and we had 1 hour left to play the radio before heading home.

We found VP8KF from the Falkland Islands on 14.185 MHz/USB.

After his chat with a UK-station there was a big pile-up but Peter was the one picked out first.

He made a quick QSO and I did the same 5 minutes later.

What a lovely morning, play the antenna's, work a new country!




- 14 March 2007, again..3XD2Z!



Only contact today was with 3XD2Z from Guinea in Africa.

I worked this station a couple times, on 15 and 20 meter, but not yet on 40.

He was not really that busy this morning and I could simple make the QSO at 06:33 UTC.




- 13 March 2007.


Only worked a couple just before going to bed around 22:20 UTC.

VP9/AA1AC ( Bermuda Islands), TU2/F5LDY (Ivory Coast) and ZA1FD (Albania), all on 40 meter in CW.




- 3 to 12 March 2007, loads of DX!


Conditions have been good and I logged very nice DX.

It started on the 3Th with 9G1AA from Ghana on 20 meter/SSB.

This was the first station which got active again in 19993 since 13 years of radio silence.

More info about this station located at the Dormaa hospital can be found here: www.dagoe.com/9g1aa2.htm

DAGOE stands for "Dutch Amateur Going On Expedition" and Dutch hams (but also trained hospital personal and native hams) are active from there since the big breakthrough in 1993.

Take some time and read their story!



On the 4Th again 9G1AA but different operator.

In the afternoon I heard N1MM/Tom, the developer of N1MM contest software on 14.315 MHz/SSB.

I called in to make a short chat with Tom and thank him for the wonderful software he wrote.

Little later I worked YM0DX on AS-099/BOZCAADA Island in turkey on 17 meter/SSB

Info and pictures here: www.okdxf.eu/ankety/tc0dx/en/tc0dx.php

On the 6Th I could log them on 40/CW and 20/SSB as well.


In the early morning of the 7Th I called Seth/J79XBI, CQing on 3.799MHz

I got 56 from Seth, operating from Dominica Island in the Caribean.


Then, jump to the 10Th.

I would go to Peter at 04:30 local (on my bicycle) to be active from there on 160 meter/CW.

I also hoped to work the 5W0RE/Samoa from there, he was spotted on 20 meter/CW the last days, during the early morning hours.

On 160 meter not to much came back on the CW-CQ but I was very happy when my good friend Dave/NN1N

answered my call.

He gave me a FB-report, 599, and we could even have a chat in SSB a bit up the band.

Strange that we got no replay calling "CQ" while conditions seemed to be very good towards the US.

CQ-ing on topband again ended when the tuner started to spark.

We had to open it to find a blown solder spot on the print.

So, no topband anymore but the cluster showed many interesting DX.

In about 30 minutes I worked the following stations: A71EM from Qatar on 17 meter/CW, J28JA from Djibouti on 17 meter/CW, SU8DLH from Egypt on 20 meter/SSB and YI9DXX from Iraq on 20 meter/CW.

Did you know that the YI9DXX is actually a "Internet remote base" (IRB) which can be controlled from the US and other places around the world, read more about it here:



and here:



Then the 5W0RE got spotted and I quickly tuned 14.010 MHz to see if we could hear him.

He was very light and suffering heavy QSB too, see if we can get the call through because not to many were calling.

One moment I heard him sign, ..3GVI, and gave my call and his report.

He answered with "TU", not sure if I worked him but think I did!!


(later e-mail correspondence with HA9RE confirmed the contact, DXCC 294!)


I went home at 09:15 local to go to sport with the kids.

In the evening I logged the last contact of this day, J88DR from St.Vincent Island on 20 meter/CW.


On Sunday the 11Th I worked VP8DW from the Falkland Islands on 40 meter/CW, not bad!

Followed by TC0DX on EU-186/GOKCEADA Island on 30 meter/CW (see the same website as YM0DX).


On the 12Th I checked the bands to find 20 meter open to Asia in the early afternoon and worked a couple from that area like DU1EB from the Philippines(SSB), BA4DW/7 and BY8AC from China(both in CW) and 9N7JO from Katmundu in Nepal (SSB).

Just before dinner I talked to Henk, EA5/PA5HKM from the Benidorm area in Spain, very nice QSO!

In the late evening I worked J88DR from St. Vincent Island on 40 meter/CW.


I made a sound-file of my contact with 9N7JO to show you how strong he actually was!


9N7JO on 20 meter.mp3 502.5KB

Interested in hearing more soundfiles, go here: www.sitekreator.com/pa3gvi/soundfiles.html




- 2 March 2007, tower-work and DX at PA8A station.


Remember the 160 meter dipole we installed into Peter's tower for the PACC-contest early February?

Because of bad weather and busy QRL obligations we did not yet bind the feeder to the bundle

of coax going up the tower.

That's what we planned to do for today and play some radio as well.

After the coffee I climbed the tower to fix the feeder with binders spaced about 30 centimeters from each other.

This took quite some time and about halve way we noticed that one of the 160 meter dipole legs had jump loose from it's pully-rope.

More work to be done and after finishing the feeder the dipole was up again within the hour as well.

It had turned 12:00 local by then, time for another coffee and have a look at the cluster for some nice DX.

The 5W0RE from Samoa in the Pacific would be great to work as a new one but he was on 3.5 MHz, no good for Europe of course this time of the day.

Call "CQ" then on 20 meter, that should work.......

Instantly response by A41NN from Oman followed by ZL2SP from New-Zealand with a beautiful 59 both ways.

There is VP8/LZ1UQ, spotted on 14.007/CW, he is on St. Kliment Ohridski Base.

Located on Livingston Island/South-Shetlands,..let's try!

Bingo on the first call and happy to work this Bulgarian station on Antarctica.

Base info by clicking the picture below or this URL:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._Kliment_Ohridski_Base

A list of all the bases on Antarctica can be found here: www.newzeal.com/theme/Bases.htm


 One of the main buildings at Livinston Island.


Two other ones could be logged little later, ST2R from Sudan and 9M2/PG5M in West-Malaysia, both in CW.




- 1 March 2007, XF4DL card has arrived!


In the post today, the XF4DL-card confirming a 17 meter and 30 meter contact.

DXCC number: 291 confirmed!





- 26 and 27 Februari 2007, Dejavu!


Does this happen to you as well?

You see the spot's of an exotic DX-station or from one you desperately need for your DXCC?

The pile up's are fierce and you can't get through or,.. can not even copy them at all for days?

Then, on one day you walk into the shack, switch on the transceiver and hear them!

And that's not all, work them on the first call,.....your speak less!!

Well, this happened to me today with VK9DNX from Norfolk Island in the Pacific-Ocean.

It was just after 1400z when I heard them quite loud on 30 meter(CW of course) and worked them first call.

This had happened to me with T88BH, 3Y0X, VU7, and many others, isn't radio fun?!


 VK9DNX, hangout Island!


Information about this DX-pedition can be found by clicking the picture or at: www.df3cb.com/vk9dnx/


Shortly after working the VK9 I worked VA5DX from Canada and BV4CT from Taiwan, also on 30 meter.

Both good signals but the BV4 signal went up and down and suffering QRM from a pile up, calling another DX station down a couple KHz.



In the late evening (UTC) of the 26Th, and early morning of the 27Th I could also make my first QSO with

VP2MTE from Montserrat Island on 80 meter/CW.

This is another DX-pedition of Phil/G3SWH, now joined by Jim/G3RTE, and they will remain on the Island till

the 28Th of February mainly using CW from 10 to 160 meter.

QSL via G3SWH, either direct with SAE and adequate return postage or via E-mail for a bureau reply or via the bureau.

Phil's E-mail address is: Phil -at- g3swh.demon.co.uk


Happy with this one in the pocket I then jumped to 3.504 MHz were WP3C from Puerto-Rico called CQ!

This QSO went smoothly as well, boy am I having a ball lately on 80 meter,..conditions are great!

About an hour later Phil/VP2MTE had moved to 40 meter/CW and so I quickly tuned the antenna and amplifier to make the contact on this band as well.

With the 300 watts from the AL-811 into the inverted-V it took me just a few calls to get him.


Some 45 minutes later, back to 80 meters again because Tom/VP2EST from Anguilla Island was on 3.508 MHz.

Tune the transceiver up about 1,5 kHz (split) and give it a try.

Soon he was into the log and with this one I called it a day, pulling the plug, because it had already turned 02:20 local by then.


 VP2EST's home.


I had to work a couple hours at the pool in the early morning and my normal routine is to check the cluster when arriving home again and see if there is anything of interest.

I feel very privileged to have a job like this, with the schedule changing from daytime to evening and reverse.

Because the working hours switch between evening and daytime I can check the bands on daytime but also stay up late and take advantage of the good conditions on the low bands, catch up sleep later on the day.

So, back home at 10:30z I saw 6W/F6HMJ from Senegal spotted on 14.005/CW.

He was not to strong but workable, he got into my log without much trouble.

Another spot,....a PA-station working NY4PD from Florida on 7.158 MHz/SSB.

I made a couple QSO's around noon local time with North-America but you don't hear them this strong to often.

Brian/NY4PD gave another "CQ" and after giving my call sign he replayed with, "the strongest station calling",

that's nice!

We made a very nice QSO, Q-5 copy both ways!


 NY4PD/Brian calling from Florida.


Brian is using a 4-square antenna system and 1 KW output.

Enough for today..that's all folks!




- 25 February 2007.


Late at night I worked PJ5NA from St. Eustatius Island in the Dutch West-Indies on 80 meter/CW.





- 24 February 2007, more YOUTUBE!


Have a look at these:


PI4CC, PACC-2007 contest movie(thanks Joop): www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGV5wzwm6-s

4M5DX, CQ-WPX 2006 contest movie:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFSePhzlMpk




- 13 to 22 February 2007, DXCC 290.


Nice DX again these days, ahead of the ARRL contest, but also after.

The week before a major contest can be interesting with many exotic ones available, warming up their gear.

In this week I logged the following stations in CW:

14 MHz: V26G(Antigua island), KP2/K3CT(British Virgin Islands), PJ4/K4BAI (Bonaire island)

7 MHz: 5Z4DZ(Kenya), J75KG(Dominica Island) and KP2/K3MD(British Virgin islands).


Conditions were general good, but 80 meter has been amazing at times.

In the DX window I logged J79DX (Dominica Island), VP2VW (British Virgin islands), J79XBI (Dominica Island),

VY0ICE/VE2 (Canada), CM6RCR (Cuba), VA3AAG (Canada), all in SSB (single side band).

VA3AAG/Gerrit is born in Oosterbeek/The Netherlands and we had a very nice QSO on the 22Th.

Gerrit is on quite often and you can hear him talk to PA's (and others too) on 3780 MHz in the morning hours

around the European sunrise.

On 40 meter/CW I could work HQ2R from Honduras, a rare entity.


On the 21Th, the postman brought me an envelope with a Russian stamp.

This was a card signed by Alex/RW3AZ, confirming my QSO with 3XD2Z from Guinea.

Another new DXCC confirmed, that's 290 countries in total.




- 17 and 18 February 2007, ARRL International DX contest.


No serious attempt, just to hand out points.

You need to work USA and VE stations in this contest and they give RST and their state-abbreviation or


Foreign stations(outside W and VE) give RST and approximate power.

At the end of the weekend I had 150 QSO's and 58 states/provinces.

You can view the soapbox here: www.arrl.org/contests/soapbox/?con_id=130


            Band    QSOs    Pts      Sec
             3,5       31       93       13
             7         30       90        15
            14        89       267      30
       Total        150     450       58

           Score : 26.100




- 10 and 11 February 2007, PACC contest.


I went to my contest location (PA8A shack) around 09:00 local to make the last few things work.

The laptop with the N1MM logging software needed adjustments and I had to test the CAT-connection and settings as well.

Karin, my wife, who understands my drive for DX-ing and contesting, brought me with the car and at arrive we enjoyed a nice cup of coffee together with Peter and Herma.



After that, we first checked the guying wires from de dipoles and 40 meter vertical in the back of the garden.

Then we brought the tower to it's heigh-end (25 meters) which is a very impressive sight.

Next thing, connect the laptop to the PC with an interface for CW and serial cable for CAT connection.

This all worked without a problem, on to the different settings for the amplifier.

It is always handy to write them down for quick change of frequency and I did that for the antenna switching

as well.

This might sound exaggerated to some people but I would not be the first to use a wrong setting, when tired after 20 hours contesting.



Time for lunch with about an hour to go before the contest would start.

It was not difficult to find a clear spot on 15 meters and I waited for the clock to hit 1200z.

I settled on 21.013 MHz and the first to respond was RU9CD followed by a couple PA's.

Stayed there for about 15 minutes and because no others called in I quickly moved to 20 meters were conditions should be better.



This worked much better and stayed there for about 2 hours with nice multipliers responding to my CQ like 9M2, TA, K, and VK.

I switched to 40 meters from 1600z to 1700z to work a bunch there before the sunset.

A lot Europeans came into the log in these hours, then, shortly back to 20 meter again.

A couple new multipliers and on to 80 meter to get the first Q's into the log on that band as well.

I like to switch frequently when response is marginal.


In the evening I had to switch back and forward from 40/80 and 160 because the big runs did not hold on that


I had some runs of 2/3 a minute but unfortunately not for hours like it did last year.

I noticed heavy fading on 40 meter and a local interference coursed a strange rattle on the rhombic antenna.

First nice DXCC on 40 and 80 were logged into the night but strange enough no North-Americans on 160 for me while I saw many PA's spotted by stations from stateside.

The dipole disappointed somehow there but we only used 200 watts from the FTDX-9000 on this band.

Maybe it should have been better to have the Drake-L4B amplifier working there too, like on the other bands.

Anyway, worked NN1N, AA9D and VE9DX, the last two around my sunrise when signals tend to get stronger.

So, three nice multies on 160 then, not bad.



My expectations for 40 meter was high too because I had three antenna's working there.

A dipole with the feeding point up 24 meter, a vertical with 3 elevated radials and a rhombic directed to South-America with about 9 dB gain.

I hoped to work many stations from the South-America region and long path VK and ZL around sunrise.

It worked, but just a few called, not to many extra new multies, something I counted on.

But conditions and activity can not be forced and you just have to take it as it comes.


During the Sunday-morning hours things went just fine and I could easily get my score above the 1000 QSO's.

Nice contacts into Asia via the long path on 20 meter and little later short path on 15 meter.

At a quarter to 1200z I had 1175 QSO's in the log and went to 40 meter to get those last 25 for 1200 Q's.

I succeeded and stopped the contest 2 minutes before the end.

Everything worked well except the laptop freezed for about 3 times during the night.

This was just a matter of restarting, but annoying when you are just running a pile-up!



My appreciation goes to Peter and his lovely wife Herma for their hospitality, the fine coffee and the nice Chilly Concarne (Saturday evening dinner)!

Also nice to meet many friends in the contest and appreciate your appearance!


Here is the summary with a best ever score for me of 262.515 points!


                Band          QSOs       Pts          Cty

                1,8             127         127          28

                3,5             354         354          47

                  7             292          292         48

                14            355          355          71

                21             89             89         19

                28              4              4            2


Total                     1221          1221       215


           Score : 262.515




Rig: - FTDX-9000


Amplifier: - Drake L4B


Tuner: - Drake tuner for the 160 meter dipole


PC: - Compac laptop with N1MM logging software


Antennas:  - 160 meter: inverted V dipole (feeding point up 24 meters)


                  -   80 meter: inverted V dipole (feeding point up 24 meters)


                  -   40 meter: inverted V dipole (feeding point up 24 meters), vertical with 3       

                       Elevated radials, Rhombic 4 lambda to South-America (+/- 9dB gain)


                  - 10/15/20 meter: 3 elements yagi up 25 meter



See you all next year!




- 9 February 2007, 40 meter DX!


I had to lay down and take it easy for the last 5 days because of a "serious" back-problem but today

things felt better.

I was up around 02:30 UTC and worked nice DX on 40 meter, were conditions were excellent.

I logged the following stations: YA/LY1Y (Afghanistan), 3B8CF (Mauritius Island), 5Z4/9A3A (Kenya),

TI5/KI7Y (Costa-Rica) and YW0DX (Aves Island).

All in CW, except the YW0DX, he was very weak but workable in SSB.

By the way, they have a website running at: www.yw0dx.4m5dx.org/



Around 09:15 local I went to Peter to fix the 160 meter dipole for the PACC contest, PA3GLF/Dick joined us a bit later as well.

We could not get the SWR down last week so we decided to replace the balun, but again no good result there.

A dip, but we could not get it tuned.

A little later we found out that the Drake tuner didn't work properly and after connecting it to the FTDX-9000

the dipole could be tuned all the way in the CW portion of the band.(In the evening Peter fixed a false contact

inside the Drake tuner and now it works great again)

Tomorrow at 1200z the PACC starts and I hope to have good conditions and work many of my regular visitors!

I am interested in receiving soundfiles, specially from the lower bands(40/80/160 meters).

Good DX and hope to see you in the pile-up!




- 2 February 2007, DXCC 290.


After a long time of wishing and waiting the YX0LIX/YX0A card fell on my doormat today.

It confirmed QSO's on 15 meter/SSB, 30 meter/CW and 40 meter/SSB.

With this one in the showcase the total score is at 289 DXCC-countries confirmed .


 Aves 2006 card ( front)




- 2 February 2007, preparing for PACC-contest.



In the weekend of 10/11 February the 52Th Dutch PACC contest takes place again between Saturday 1200z and

Sunday 1200z.

All radio amateurs around the world are invited to join this friendly contest and work as many PA's and

provinces (multiplier) as you can.

More information can be found on the PACC-website at: www.veron.nl/pacc/index.htm


I have been operating form a field setup for the last few years ( see stories 2005/2006) which took a lot of

effort from myself and my friend PA3GLF, helping out with building antenna's and such.

I choose a more relaxing (and warmer) way this year!

Not from the field but from PA8A's super station!

Peter/PA8A has good antenna's for all bands except for 160 meters.

So, yesterday we made a start with a 160 meter dipole fed from the 24 meter high tower, both legs sloping down to about 10 meter.

This one needs some more adjustment later this week, right before the contest weekend.


The antenna's will be as followed:

- 160 meter: dipole

- 80 meters: inverted V

- 40 meters: inverted V + vertical(3 elevated radials)+ Rhombic of 4 lambda towards South America.

-10/15/20 meters 3- elements yagi at 24 meters.


I will operate in the same section, SINGLE OP/CW/HIGH POWER(section A), as last year.

Everyone is invited and I will be happy to contact everyone of you!

The story with pictures will be published short after the contest here in the stories 2007 section!




- 28 to 29 January 2007.


Conditions are still very good and focused on 80 meter last mornings with the following results:

FM5CW from Martinique Island in CW.

AA1BU from the USA in SSB.

PT7CB from Brasil in SSB.

ZS6CCY from South-Africa in SSB.

CM6RCR from Cuba in SSB.

CO8LY from Cuba in CW.

PS8NF from Brasil in SSB.


The strongest signal, without a doubt, came from Bill/ZS6CCY, who was a real 58.

Big pile-up and happy that I got through!




- 26 January 2007.


I received a MP3-file  from Bert/PA3GIO on which you can hear our 20 meter/SSB QSO, when he was in 6W/Senegal.

Listen to the pile-up and finally.....the QSO!


6W-PA3GIO op 20 meter.SSB



- 24 and 25 January 2007, a night at the radio!


In the morning of the 24Th I worked Joe/V31JP in Central America on 80 meter/CW.

Joe was 559 on my G5RV while he gave me a 569 from Belize.


In the late evening around 22:45 I was in my shack again to chase DX for a couple hours.

Several spots showed good conditions and I was soon into a QSO with JT1ZW from Mongolia on 80 meter/CW.

So, good conditions into Asia and little later I heard 9V1YC with 559, working the simplex pile up.

I called too but could not get though,.......XU7ACY then, a bit up the band.

Also simplex and I heard him sign "PA3? PA3? "after a few minutes but soon the crowd jumped upon him and I could not make the QSO.


At 23:15 I needed just one call to log PJ5NA (80/CW) from St.Eustatius in the Dutch West-Indies, truly a rare Island.

Little later and also in CW on 80 meters there was 8P9NX on 3512, let's  try!!......."PA3GVI 449....CFM ur 579 TU".

Great, another nice DX in the log.


 The Netherlands --> Barbados path.


No more DX could be heard on 80 since then and I switched to 40 meters.

The cluster said ZF2BJ was on 7013/CW and I quickly moved to that frequency.

There he was, quite strong, handing out reports from the Cayman Islands.

I tuned the amplifier, gave a call and he returned to me instantly.

Tuning further down on the band I found VU7MY/VU2JOS, who was quite lonely on 7003/CW.

This surprised me as there were no spots at that time of the VU7's on any band.

Just needed one call and he was in the log, this goes smoothly, isn't it?


 PA3GVI -->  R1AND path.


I should actually have gone to bed by then because it had turned way past 03:00 local.

But conditions seemed good and there was more to come....

VU2PHD/Mathew was on 7007/CW, just a 559, but workable.

More guys already found him because he was on the cluster, which coursed a small pile-up there.

But, finally I got through and got the 579 from India.

From the other end of the terminator there was PJ2/W9VA from Curacao on 7015/CW, easy to work.

Followed by R1AND, barely readable but he returned almost instantly on my call with 559.

They were just in the grey-line while the rest of Antarctica is still in daylight(see the picture above)


After this QSO I saw no more spots of interest on the cluster and I could not find anything either so I pulled

the plug and went to bed.

This was a very productive night on 40 and 80 meters, great fun!




- 21 to 23 January 2007.


21Th: Highlight of the day was a QSO with 3A2MW/Frank from Monaco on 30 meter/CW.

23Th: I worked VU7RG on 15/CW, 15/SSB (both at Peter's place), while later in the evening I logged them

on 40/CW and 80/CW.(online log must show if this last one was a good one due to QRM'ers)




- 12 to 20 January 2007.


There were several pile up's to break last few days.

The new VU7-stations, which are currently active from the Laccadive Islands till January 31Th, seem to have

better antenna's and/or more power then the December gang because signals are much stronger.

I worked them twice now and it took me just a few calls to get through.

They have a nice website with an online log etc.,.....go have a look here: www.vu7.in/


Another nice DX-pedition is the one from Burkina Faso in Africa.

They signed "XT2C" and they were active all bands with yagi's and verticals.

I could work them on 20/SSB and 80/CW before they went QRT on December 20Th.

More info of this trip with experienced operator's can be found on: http://xt2c.free.fr/home_uk.html


Other nice DX worth mentioning are: 6F75A from Mexico- worked on 40/SSB, 9N7JO from Nepal-worked

on 17/SSB and ST2R from Sudan-worked on 80/CW.


Have a look at the log!





- 11 January 2007, QSL-cards via the buro.



Yesterday evening was our "new-years" club-meeting at PI4KML.

The QSL- manager handed me a big pack of cards from all around.

Here are a few that jumped out:







- 10 January 2007, new NCDXF video!


 NCDXF, since 1972.


I guess you guys are all familiar with the NCDXF (Northern California DX Foundation).

The foundation accomplished a lot for ham-radio over the years and still does.

For example, to name two, the sponsoring of DX-peditions around the globe and the well

known beacon network.

Many DX-peditions that you and I worked were supported by the NCDXF.

They have  a new promotion-video out now, produced by 9V1YC/James Brooks.

The Video is about 10 minutes long and provides interesting info about the NCDXF.

NCDXF website can be found on: www.ncdxf.org/

The URL for the video is: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1969114446660423090



- 9 January 2007.


I was wide awake around 01:45 UTC and went to the shack to see if there was anything interesting on

the bands.

I heard a few South American stations coming in on 40 meters in SSB and CW.

Within 5 minutes I worked HK5CPH (in SSB) and HK1X (in CW) both from Colombia.

I listened for a while and went to bed again about one hour later.


Around noon local I heard Paul/PA0GMW still working State-Side (USA) on 80 meter in  the DX-window.

Very strange and exceptional conditions for this band on this time of the day!

Paul has a very efficient 4 square and hears much more then the average stations around.

I could not hear the USA stations on my dipole!


At 13:05 UTC I worked 7Z1UG from Saudi Arabia again, this time on 20 meter/CW.

Followed by 9N7JO from Nepal on 30 meter/CW, 9M2MRS from West Malaysia on 20 meter/CW and

Bert-6W/PA3GIO from Senegal with 55 and heavy QSB on 15 meter/SSB.

I heard XU7ADI from Cambodia on 30 meter as well, about the same time as the 9M2 but there was tremendous QSB and QRM which made me decide to leave that for what it was........


So, nice DX through the day.



- 7 January 2007, kid's day!


Kids day has been successfully organized in the USA for 13 years now.

This year it's the first time for the youngsters in PA-land and was a success at our club station PI4WNO.

We installed the antenna's on the 6Th and today we were ready to have the kids coming at 10:00 local.

We had 3 stations running, 20 meter, 40 meter and a VHF/UHF combi.

For 20 meters  and UHF/VHF we used a GP and for 40 and "inverted V".

I picked up two of my kids (the other was to busy on MSN-chat) at 12:00 local to drive back to the clubhouse

again where another ham had arrived with his son.

They were enthusiastic and after a contact on UHF they started looking on the globe and at the QSL


Fred/PA1WFB was very busy showing and explaining digital mode(RTTY) to a few that had just arrived.

My son Stef wanted to play CW as well, something he does now and then at home, and made a nice SSB

contact on 40 meter with G3OUC.


 Davey and my daughter Myrthe on UHF.


Myrthe, she is only 7 years of age, focused on typing down countries (in "word") she found on the globe.

At that time more kids had found the way to our club location together with their dad's to make  their

first QSO's on UHF.

Time went fast and before we knew it was time to break up again at 15:00 local.

More then 10 kids visited the station which was not bad at all!

My son Stef is still very enthusiastic and has just send a personal letter and card to G3OUC!

He enjoyed listening 80 meter for a while too.


New HAM in process?........sure hope so!




- 4 January 2007.


It started good for me this morning with C6ARI from the Bahama's on 40 meters/CW at 06:36 UTC.

Two minutes later I worked the 1A4A (SMOM) again but this time in Sideband(SSB) on 40 meters.

Little later, I saw YY1MTX (Venezuela) on the cluster and could hear him quite well, he was 57.

With the amplifier still on (+/- 300 watts), I called him and Jose responded to me with 57 as well.

A couple hours later European stations were very loud on 40 meters  and so I called "CQ".

DK7UKR, GM7AAJ, M3TUC called in, followed by my good friend Adrian/M0UCK.

Nice to talk to you mate!


Just before noon, I heard 6W/PA3GIO from Senegal on 14.195 MHz working the pile up, 5 to 10 up!

I had been waiting for Bert to show up after seeing the first spots yesterday.

I tuned the amplifier for 20 meters and after 5 minutes he heard me, bingo!


       Bert/PA3GIO on the cover of "CQ-DL" magazine.


Bert is a SSB-only operator and has traveled to quite a few exotic DX-locations.

I love his cool way of handling the pile up, without rise of his bloodpresure, as it seems (hihi).

Bert has a very extensive website full with pictures and background info of all his operations.

Have a look at the impressive list of DX-peditions here: www.pa3gio.nl/index.html 


In the evening at 20:57 UTC I logged CX7CO on 14.009/CW.

Really nice to talk to Carlos from Uruguay again but QSB was heavy and the signal was 559 at best here.

Satisfied I pulled the plug and did some QSL writing after!




- 2 to 3 January 2007: DXCC 288 confirmed!


A group of Italian ham's are active from "1A" (Sovereign Military Order of Malta) and it looks like everyone

needs this country.

I must say, I worked "1A" only once or twice over the last 10 years.

Pile up's are  massive  but I could get them on 28 MHz/SSB on January 2Th .

They have a website running inclusive an online log.

All can be found here: www.1a4a.org/dblog/


As far as concerned "DZ", I logged D7AFC from St. Helena Island (20/SOB), CON8G from Morocco(17/SSB) and VA2DF from Canada (40/SSB) on the 3rd of January.

Also a bunch of rag-chew contacts on 40/SSB with strong signals from G's, DL and PA's.


QSL wise, the new year started good for me too with the arrival of a card confirming DXCC-288!

This was with A22/JA4ATV from Botswana, contacted on 10-11-2006 in CW on 21 MHz.