1) How did you get involved in Ham-radio and how many years are being a ham now? 
I am active in Ham-radio from 1972 with M1C and later from April 1983 as T77C.  
2) What attracted you the most in being a Ham-radio operator? 
The great attraction of being in contact with the world.  
3) What is your favorite mode and/or band? 
My favorite mode is CW on all HF band in particular low band. I worked DXCC honor roll on both modes,
phone and CW.  
4) What equipment do you use? 
At the moment my rig is Yaesu FT-1000 MP and 1 Kw amplifier, using a 4 element Yagi on 10/12/15/17/20m
and half sloper for 30/40/80/160m.  
5) Do you hold DXCC and what is the score? 
I have DXCC Honor Roll #1 mixed all countries confirmed. I only miss P5 on CW but worked him on SSB.
I hold DXCC Honor Roll #1 in San Marino, and have 2800 countries confirmed on 9 bands.  
6) What has been your most memorable story related to Ham-radio so far? 
I follow DX on all HF bands and when I work a new one that is always a thrill.  
7) Do you think CW had it's best time since you don't need it anymore to get a license? 
I like CW and I think It will be the best mode also in the future.
To get a new license without CW is an opportunity for newcomers.  
8) How would you explain our hobby to someone not familiar with Ham-radio? 
At the present time It is very difficult to explain our hobby to someone because they are most into Internet.  
9) Do you have other hobby's besides Ham-radio? 
I like music, I play the guitar.  
10) Any final words to the people reading the interviews?
In my log, I have about halve a million (500.000) QSO's after 35 years of activity and I am 57 years old.
I hope I have given a good contribution to the worldwide amateurs radio community.