This is my 2011 diary page.

Have fun reading Ham-radio items and coverage of my hunt for DX!






    - 30 December 2011, log update.

Just before the end of the year a quick line up from the stations I worked besides being active in a contest. 

-VP5/W5CW on 12/CW

- VK2DX on 10/CW

- A65EE on 10/SSB

- BA8AT on 12/CW

- 9K2/SP4R on 12/CW

- CN8KD on 12/CW

- CU7AA on 12/RTTY

- PP1CZ on 12/CW

- CO8LY on 10/RTTY

- ST2AR on 12/CW

- T88XC on 12/RTTY

- VP9/KG2A on 40/CW

- HI3TEJ on 40/CW

- VY2/K6AAX on 80/SSB+40/SSB

- KP2AD on 80/SSB

- V5/DJ2HD on 10/SSB

- V25RV on 40/CW

- 7Z1HL on 12/CW

- ZC4LI on 12/CW

- TF3PPn on 12/RTTY

    - 10 and 11 December 2011, ARRL 10 meter contest(CW section).

This would be a CW only, 100 watt effort as my amplifier doesn't support 10 meter.

I waited Saturday morning for the band to open and it did at 0703z when I heard the first station.

Ofcourse, others with yagi's would hear station East of me a bit earlier because the 31 meter long dipole

isn't all that good on 10 meter.

In the first halve hour I could work a couple JA, VR and JT, I could hear them only short.

Along the weekend I could log a lot in S&P, calling CQ's just gave me short runs.

The morning had short openings to JA and UA0/9 while the afternoon was good for NA and SA.

Highlights were NH2T, 5X1NH, HK1NA, PJ2T, CE2/VE7SV, A71EM, VP5CW and CE1/K7CA.

I ended up with 322 QSO's (1 Dupe), a claimed score of 106.572 Points.

   - 3 and 4 December 2011.


I gained some points in two contests this weekend, Tara Melee RTTY and the Tops Activity which was

a CW contest.

Finally I had 109 QSO's in the RTTY and 50 in the CW contest.


- 26 and 27 November 2011, CQ-WW-CW.

This would be the weekend with the contest of all contest.

Truly one of the most popular ones and certainly the hottest for me as a CW operator.

Ahead of the contest I bought a second hand 3 KW tuner, the AEA AT-3000.

I know this tuner from long ago, it is an old one, when I was at PI4KML fieldday station somewhere in 1994.

AEA made not many of these as MFJ started to come up strong at the same time.

It tunes all the bands and I had all the settings ready to make a quick band switch during the contest weekend.

So I planned to do a serious attempt and I started at 0000z.

I found a clear spot on 7082 MHz to call '«Q' and was soon in a nice pile.

Quite a number of US, 40 seemed to be in good shape as I worked nice DX like VP2, ST, ZF, VP5,PZ, KP4 etc.

I would not work to hard for the special ones at this time as there would be enough time left during the

second night to get them into the log.

So I went for the numbers and at 0500z I switched to 80 meter which I found out soon wasn't all that good.

I worked a bunch stateside but not the numbers I did on 40 meter.

So I did what you can do best in contests, switch back and forward bands and do some S&P as well!

After sunrise I checked 10 and 15 meter but only a couple UA's could be heard at that time.

So I went to 20, always good for action isn't it?

I truly found it a benefit to only have a 31 meter long dipole as I didn't have to turn a yagi to work US and JA's same time:)

During the day I checked 10 and 15 meter frequently but found these bands much less then in the WAE contest

a couple weeks ago.

But the rate continued to be good and this was also the case during the second night.

No drop down in rate during what normally are the quite hours of a contest...it went on and on!

Sunday I went to do more S&P on the higher bands to get the available multipliers into the log.

It turned out to be a nice score and around 1900z I pulled the plug and, I wasn't even all that tired.

The tuner held out just fine with 400 watts on most bands(my amplifier goes from 15 to 80 meter).

On 80 meter I could only use 100 watts as I could not get the SWR down far enough with the external tuner.

The internal FT-2000 tuner did the last bit.

I was satisfied with 1530 QSO's, 1522 without the dupes.

There were 111 DXCC logged during the weekend, really nice!

The claimed score is not accurate as my CTY file was probable a bit old and didn't recognize TO3 and TO7.

TO3 is St. Barthelemy (FJ) and TO7 is Martinique (FM).

Worked DXCC: 3V, 3W, 4J, 4O, 4X,5B, 5H, 6W, 8P, 9A, 9G, 9H, 9J, 9K, A4, A6, A7, BY, C5,C6, CN, CT, CT3,

                        CX, D4, DL, E7, EA, EA6, EA8, EA9, EI, EK, EL, ER, ES, EU, EX, EY, F, FJ, FM, FY, G, GD, GI,

                        GM, GW, HA, HB, HC, HI, HK, I, IT9, IS0, JA, JW, K, KP2, KP4, LA, LU, LX, LY, LZ, OE, OH, OH0,

                        OK, OM, ON, OY, OZ, P4, PA, PJ2, PJ4, PY, PZ, S5, SM, SP, ST, SV, TA, TF, TI, TK, UA, UA2, UA9,

                        UN, UR, V2, V3, VE, VK, VP2M, VP5, VU, YB, YL, YO, YU, Z3, ZA, ZC4, ZF, ZL, ZS.

  Band    QSOs    Pts    Cty   ZN

     3,5     303     375    40    7

     7       435     956     81   19

     14     382     610     57   23

     21     250     438     62   21

     28     152     340     42   19

Total    1522    2719  282   89

Claimed Score : 1.008.749 Points


Station description:

TRX: FT-2000

Antenna: 31 meter long inverted V for all bands

Tuner: AEA AT-3000

Amplifier: Ameritron AL-811

Log program: N1MM

New AEA AT-3000 tuner!


- 19 and 20 November 2011, LZ-DX contest.

 Bulgaria DX contest

Another weekend, another contest of my interest!

The LZ-DX contest can be operated in SSB and CW but I choose to do CW only.

On Saturday I had to work and because of that I made only 25 QSO's in the evening.

Sunday morning I was there early and finally made it to 501 QSO's.

 Band  Mode  QSOs    Pts  Sec

   3,5    CW       53       99   10

   7       CW     185     519   27

   14     CW     168     298   22

   21     CW       35       81     9

   28     CW       60     117   10

Total  Both     501   1114   78

Claimed Score : 86.892 Points          


- 12 and 13 November, WAE-RTTY.


I operated from home, just 100 QSO's, and with the PI4W team from our 2 Radio shack.

We would operate in the Multi/TWO section and had set-up verticals for 40+80 meter on Friday.

These work very well from the wet field with almost no building around it.

Team members started the contest at 0000z as I had to work on Friday evening till late.

But I was there early Saturday morning and could jump in on 80 meter.

The band was noisy but worked nice DX with ofcourse many Europeans as well.

Switching through the weekend the radio(s) were almost never alone, quite an effort with only 5 op's.

It became a very good contest with nice DX, and higher bands were very good too!

This year we also got used to the QTC traffic and made many ourselves.

It is a fun aspect and delivers many point extra.

We ended up with 2030 QSO's which includes dupes, claiming 1.708.992 points.


- 5 and 6 November 2011, Ukrainian DX contest.


Another contest I like to join, The Ukrainian DX contest.

It's CW and SSB but I normally only operate CW in this one.

There is worldwide interest which makes it even more joy full to be there.

Over the weekend I made 404 QSO's and claimed 281.302 Points.


- 29 and 30 October 2011, CQ-WW-SSB at PI4W.

I was only able to operate at PI4W on Sunday but what a blast it was.

Smoking hot bands, specially 10 meters which was wide open.

When I entered the shack around 0300z I choose to go on 80 meters and that went very well.

The 1/4 vertical seems to perform well and many stateside stations were logged.

Further VP2, PY, TI etc....more then 300 QSO's in a couple hours.

Further on in the day our team focused on 15 and 10 meters, what a party.

What a joy to hear KH7X over the long path and work all the exotic prefixes.

PI4W band/points totals:

 Band    QSOs    Pts   Zn    DXC

   3,5     471     707   14    59

   7        344     478   18    73

   14      373     664   27    84

   21      216     425   22    69

   28      303     734   34    89

Total    1707   3008 115  374

Claimed Score : 1.470.912 Points

From home I made 77 QSO's, mostly on 10 meters.


- 17 to 24 October 2011, Good conditions on 10 and more...T32C..TX7M!

Plenty DX available on 10 meter and despite the fact that the 31 meter wire inverted V isn't a super

antenna for this band I could log a couple, mainly in RTTY.

In fact the band was so good that I heard, for what I suspect, East European or Russian taxi centrals.

On the 18Th I heard TR8CA from Gabon in FM on 29.100 MHz.

I tried to call him and he answered my call, brilliant!.........this brings back old time memories.

I had tried to work the T32C DX-pedition on Kiribati with my own set up and didn't succeed so far.

That all changed on the morning of the 19Th when I heard him very weak on 40 meter in CW just 13

minutes after my sunrise.

There weren't to many callers and I thought this could be my chance.

With the use of filters, notch etc I could make him audible and when I heard him sign 'UP' I gave my call.

I almost fell of my chair when he came back to me right away, it made my day.

One day later I could add 30/RTTY and 17/SSB to my T32C list.

Another one I hunt for is TX7M, a DX-pedition to the Marquesas Islands in the Pacific.

This is one of the last 16 countries I need and would possible be a difficult one to snag as pile ups were

very large.

I had heard them the last days and they were very strong on 20/CW but the crowd had spread out 10 KHz

and it was a mess.

This was not the case in the afternoon of the 24TH when the pile was only 2 KHZ wide.

They were weak at that time and I needed all my filters again to hear him good enough to make the contact.

Listening to the pile I heard most stations calling within the 2 KHz window so I decided to call little higher

were it was silent.

After 10 minutes he heard me and a new DXCC (# 326)was into my log....YES!!!

Others that entered my log during these days were:

On 10 meter:










On 20 meter:






- 9Y4LAS (SSB)

- 15 and 16 October 2011, JARTS RTTY contest.

Last year at this time we were in the Caribbean  to activate PJ4B and Fred took part in this contest which

has world wide interest.

Therefor I planned to do a serious attempt and I must say I do not regret it.

Bands were very good and I was amazed about 10 and 15 meter again.

These bands already opened up around 9 AM on Saturday and Sunday and I could work a string of JA's.

I had almost forgotten how good 10 meter can be when the solar cycle is on its way to the top.

I made a total of 657 QSO's and enjoyed the high bands fun!.

Band    QSOs    Pts    Cty   Sec

   3,5      19       38     12     0

   7       203     465     41   12

   14     226     505     42   15

   21     103     243     28   13

   28     106     273     19   16

Total    657    1524  142   56

Claimed Score : 301.752 Points


- 13 and 14 October 2011.

In the morning of the 13Th I could hear T32C very light on 40 meter CW.

It was way past our SR but I tried to call him as there were not many hearing and/or calling.

I was absolutely sure he called me, but I guess it was wishful thinking, the log unfortunetly doesn't show it.

But I visited my friend on the 14TH and I could bag them on 17/CW, 30/CW and 20/SSB.

10 meter is getting better and better each day as well!

I worked VE7SV and VE5ZX in CW that band on the 13TH.


- 10 October 2011, Eastern Kiribati contact!


T32C, a DX-pedition to the Island Kiritimati in the South Pacific is already on the air since about 1,5 week and

I have not been able to hear them at all.

At my friends place this morning and he told me right on that he was very strong on 20/CW.

Did I want to make a QSO?....sure did and only had to send my call a couple times before he heard me.

Website can be found here: http://www.t32c.com/ (or click the picture below the header)


- 8 and 9 October 2011.

I made 100 QSO's during the weekend in the Makrothen RTTY contest.

Most contacts were on 20 meter which stayed open late in all directions and I was called by Japanese, US

and South America stations.

Band     QSOs      Pts

     7        20       26534

     14      75     272248

     21        5       16282

Total     100     315064

Claimed Score : 315.064 Points


- 24 and 25 September 2011, CQ-WW-RTTY contest with PI4W.

First big contest for our contest team from the K3(Kamerikse Kontest Kontainer).

On Friday we had build up the station which means the installation of the 80 and 40 meter vertical,

transceivers and amplifiers.

All seemed to work, N1MM with MMTTY/MMVARIA and so part of our team started at 0200 local time,

Saturday morning.

I had to work but would be at the contest station right after around 1700z.

The others went home and I was there for the night together with Willem.

80 meter was good until 0100z, then the conditions dropped, on the 40 meter station we discovered a

problem when changing from MMVARIA to MMTTY.

No response at all, nobody heard us either when calling CQ or in S&P.

We found the error hours later when we changed it back to MMTTY (thanks Stan)

I slept in the car for 2 hours and was back at the radio at 0230z.

In the morning it quickly picked up again with nice openings on 10 and 15 meter.

We could work the world on those bands until late in the evening.

At 2300 local on Saturday evening it was still wide open in all directions.

I recall working a South American station, then North America and China little later on 15 meter.

In the afternoon I went home, I really was to tired and the others went on working the higher bands until

late in the evening.

We did really great and made 2061 QSO's!

Claiming a score of  2.596.664 points.


- 17 and 18 September, SAC-CW.


I was deep into the Scandinavian Activity Contest this weekend.

During such a weekend you will definitely have all the possible prefixes from Finland, Norway and Sweden

in your log!

I made 368 QSO's, 20/40 and 80 were very good, 20 a bit less on Sunday morning.


Band    QSOs    Pts    Cty
   3,5      98       98     30
   7       130     130     39
   14     131     131     25
   21         9         9       6
Total    368     368   100

Claimed Score : 36.800 Points


- 15 September, nice!

At the radio this evening and I worked T6JC from Afghanistan on 20 and 40 meter in CW.

Also V85TL from Brunei on 20 in phone.

Then my eye caught a spot on the cluster for K8H on 20/CW.

A special event station for the 26Th Delaware All-Horse Parade.

Looked it up on www and found they have a real time log and possibility to download your own certificate

for the contact.

Let's try.......minutes later I worked them and found my QSO in the log.

Another minute later the certificate was on my desk.


About 30 minutes later I heard 8J1RL, an station of the Japan Amateur Radio League(JARL) located

at the Japanese research station 'SYOWA' in Antarctica.

He was calling CQ on 14.005 MHz in CW and was not busy at all.

I gave my call up 2 KHz a couple times and he heard me.

One from Antarctica which was on my wishes list and I did not work them until now!

SYOWA base, Antarctica

- 10 September 2011, visit to PI4CC contest station.


Today we visited PI4CC contest station.

This stations  location lays at the coast, in the dunes of Hoek van Holland, the Netherlands.

 Six members of our PI4W team gathered at a restaurant and from there we went for the 45 minute drive.

Arriving at the car park a few members of PI4CC where already waiting for us.

They took us for a nice tour through the bunker and to each tower with antennas.

We were quite impressed by the way how they have things arranged, and of course by the location.

Close to the sea and it's salt water, away from the city without QRM, nice!

After the visit we went to the boulevard and enjoyed a nice lunch.


A video can be found on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJM7_Xw_rKY

Pictures of our trip can be found here: http://picasaweb.google.com/102248308588215425673



- 3 and 4 September 2011, SSB- Fieldday contest fixed!


Our PI4W contest-team is always active in the CW-fieldday which is held in June.

The Snowfield is more or less a less attractive one because of the time of the year.

However, September can be pretty mild but night temperatures are normally dropping.

So, our team members mostly are fixed stations in the SSB contest and so I joined the fun

for a couple hours.

Conditions didn't seem all that good but ofcourse I was only active off and on.

I made 150 QSO's, all ofcourse, with portable stations.


- 29 and 30 August 2011.


With the change of the season, which seems to come very early this year, I feel like getting on the radio

again more often.

Here's a few I work the last two days:

- DU9/PA3GZU from the Philippines on 20/SSB

- TA4ED from Turkey on 20/RTTY

- KL7LF from Alaska on 20/SSB

- WH6R from HKH2JU from on 20/CW

- KH2JU from Guam on 15/SSB (Danny was very loud, a real 59!)

- YB4IR from Indonesia on 20/CW

- IS0/IZ1LEJ from Sardinia Island on 20/SSB

- HK1R from Colombia on 20/CW


- 27 and 28 August 2011, YO-DX-CW.


Active in the YO-DX contest this weekend and made 252 QSO's.


- 13 and 14 August 2011, WAE/CW contest.


Nice DX could be heard and worked during these two days.

Saturday morning there was a very good opening over the North Pole towards KH6 and W6/7 on

20 meter, KH7X was extremely loud and for many hours!

Sunday, several JA's, VK's and ZL, some Japanese were loud through the whole day.

I enjoyed the contest very much and made 201 QSO's.

No QTC traffic, didn't feel like showing off to much.

Some of the DX in my log: KH7X, KH6MB, 5H3EE, PJ2M, VE7CC, FM5CD, BD4HF, 9M2MT, W7SW, CX9AU.



Learn CW!

Why, I hear many people say....CW is oldfassion and not used anymore.

Partly true, commercial-wise it has been replaced by digital and satelite communication.

Hamradio-wise it is mainly said by people who do not wanto take the effort to learn or read about morsecode(CW).




Wake up please...morsecode or CW (continuous Wave) is still very popular and can even get your

signal further around the globe then, for example, SSB.

A contact with much QRM, QSB, or other interference can be made far more easy in CW.

And....I worked many new countries in this mode from a crowded citylot through pile-ups!

I also experianced that often less can be heard in SSB, or spotted on the DX-cluster, while there is 

many DX available in the CW portion of the band.

I have a couple friends who were not really into CW and got their licence many years ago.

Somehow they got interested again and started practicing the code again or just to get on speed again.

In my opinion, learning CW is like learning a foreign language or ice-skating.

Even if you did not use it for years you have not forgotten the basics, right?

For those who like to know more and wanto get started again I collected info to start all over again or

just to speed up.

If you wanto start learning morse-code(CW), you need to know the morse code-alphabeth and numbers.


Letters Code



























Letters Code



























Cijfers Code






















I would suggest to start slowly and learn just a few letters or numbers a day, 20 minutes will do.

This can be done with the help of available morse tutors which are free for download from the internet.

These are for PC use but what if you are on holiday or in your car.

In your car?.......yeah I used to do that, play cassette-tapes and sing (dah-dit-dah) the cityís mentioned

on the traffic signs.

Today, al lot can be found on the internet for this purposel aswell.

The ARRL has lotís of MP3 files from 5 to 40 WPM for download which you can putt on a CD and play them

on your mobile CD-player, car CD-player or on your home equipment.




Ones you can identify all letters and numbers you could start making QSOís on the bands at low speed.

You will hear that, in CW, abbreviations are common and first time it will sound like ďabacadabraĒ to

your ears.

I collected the most used Q-codes and abbreviations in a regular QSO for you:


QRT : I will stop transmitting

QSB : Fading

QSY : change frequenty

QRM : man made noise

QRN : static noise

QTH : city/position

QSL : acknowledge received info

QRL : I am busy

QRA : callsign or name of your station

QRP : low power

QRO : hig power

QRG : frequency

QRS : transmit slower

QRZ : who is cailling?

QSY : change frequency

QRV : are you ready?



GM : good morning

GA : good afternoon

GN : good day etc.

GB : goodbye

ES : and

TNX : thank you

FER : for

GD : good

RST : report

OP : operator

RIG : equipment

ANT : antenna

NR : near or number (mainly in contests)

TU : thank you

CUAGN : catch you again

= : space between parts of transmission

HW : how copy ( example: HW? = is how copy?)

TEMP : temperature

GL : good luck


Of course you can just communicate in your own language without abbreviations, that's just fine!

Donít hesitate because, if the other operator is a real HAM he will slow down at your speed to make the contact go smoothly.

Another good point to start with is write down the things you would like to mention during the QSO.

For example:




I know it will be scary the first time but when you get used to make QSOís, you will be happy that you learned CW!

Thanks for reading and hope to hear your ditís and dahís one time!

Ooh, when you are on speed and like contesting, this program will test your skills through QRM and QSB:


It will train you to get calls, RST and serial numbers at different speed.

It helped me to get my speed up to 35 WPM !


- -. . .   . . . - -     


 - 10 August 2011, next weekend on the radio. 

Coming weekend there will be WAE(worked all Europe) contest for CW again and I plan to take part just

like last year.

This contest, extra points can be gained with received QTC's, send to you by the DX you work.

These are nothing more then previous logged contacts,but it is quite a challenge to take part in this


If you are not familiar with QTC traffic you can practice these or just improve your CW skills at:


Have fun and hope to see you next weekend!


- 10 August 2011, ST0R QRT!

Today the DX-pedition to South Sudan came to an ending.

They made an outstanding number of QSO's, 121.286 in total!

As you might expect, the pile ups were fierce and I could not even hear a bleep first week.

I made a couple contacts from my friends place just to make sure I worked this new one.

Later, despite of the weak signals on my dipole, I made it into their log with my own station on 17/CW,

17/RTTY, 15/RTTY, 30/CW and 40/CW.

I ended up 10 times in the log and I am quite pleased with that.


- 4 August 2011, Finally!


ST0R was audible occasionally on the higher bands but I kept monitoring them through the days.

On 30 and 40 they could be heard...but again, piles were so big and wide......no chance!

Today I heard them weak on 17/RTTY at first, a little later with fading.

Maybe this would be my lucky day and I could have a try for them.

Minutes later he came up again and showed some QSO's with Japan on my screen.

I tried to call 5KHz up and after a couple minutes he heard me and I was in their log!

Have a look at the screen shot.



- 29 July 2011, finally got to work ST0R!

Of course I tried to hear and work them with my own station but I only heard them few times since

they got on the air 25Th.

They were extremely weak, I guess conditions were not good enough to make it with the Dipole.

Besides, the pile ups were fierce and very broad split was used, no chance for me!

I decided to go to my friend Peter who has a very good station.

Peter already worked ST0R first day but wanted to add some more bands/modes.

So after i arrived we checked the cluster where they were active at that moment, 20/CW and 15/SSB.

Within 8 minutes I got them both bands, proving that a high yagi and some power does it quick!

About 30 minutes later they were at 17/SSB, didn't take long to get them in my log.

Others noticed the 50MHz beacon could be heard in Europe and when we tuned to 50.105 MHz

we could just hear him in the noise.

As they have an SMS service for this band they were soon calling CQ and Peter was one of the first

to work them in SSB.

Minutes later they got on CW where I could work them as well, woow..really great!

Up to then we worked all active and we chatted a while to return later.

When back they showed up on 10/CW and it took us only minutes to work them there.

They were very loud on 17/CW too but were only working JA's, but never mind.

This was a very productive day for the both of uss and when leaving I thanked Peter for his

hospitality and company.

I was full of joy and after dinner I saw them active on 17/CW working Europeans.

I had not heard them this strong at home and I joined the pile.

Took me long but I finally made it into their log!..Yihaaa!

Woow, 6 QSO's in day, only one word...MAGIC!!

- 16 July, South Sudan is a new DXCC!


The Republic of South Sudan became a new DXCC on 14 July 2011.

Cards from that date on will be excepted for the ARRL for the DXCC program.


A DX-pedition is planned from July 25Th till August 10Th.

The website can be found here: http://www.dxfriends.com/SouthernSudan2011/

Or click the picture:


- 15 July 2011, T31A card.


Just back from a holiday in Belgium I found a card in my post which confirms my contact with

T31A-Central Kiribati.

A very rare one and I was glad to make one contact on 17 meter in CW.

DXCC#324 (326 inclusive 2 deleted)



- 25 and 26 June 2011, Marconi Memorial contest(CW).



A CW contest and conditions seemed not that good.

Much fading and at times I had hard time getting the serials.

I ended up with 185 QSO's in my log, couple of them being dupes.


Band  Mode  QSOs    Pts  Cty
     7    CW       41       41   18
   14    CW     140     140   28

Total  Both   181     181   46

Claimed Score : 8.326 Points


- 18 and 19 June 2011, All ASIA DX contest-CW.


I made a couple contacts during the AA-DX contest.

Nice to work a string of JA's, some Chinese and Mongolia stations with only 100 watts.

I have only 50 QSO's in my log.


- 16 June 2011, New tubes for the Amplifier.


TNT post delivered a box with brand new Svetlana 572B's (matched 3).

These are for my AL-811 which seemed to have 811's for breakfast and dinner :)

I decided to buy NOS Svetlana's from Frank/K5SVC via Ebay.

The tubes were solid packed and arrived without a scratch, good service!






- 14 June 2011, VP8ORK.


I received a very nice QSL from the VP8ORK manager.

On the card, QSO's confirmed on 15 and 17 meter in CW.

DXCC confirmed #323 (324 worked).



- 3 to 6 June 2011, CW-fieldday Region 1.


This weekend the yearly IARU Regio 1 CW-fieldday would take place again.

Everyone can start 24 hours ahead of the contest with building their station which has to be fully

self supported.

That means, no fixed electricity and no building or any other permanent structure to support antennas.

We have done this for a couple years now and I can say that it starts to get routine.

Edouard and Manfred had done their best to arrange the Scaffolding which would support our 3-band

yagi and the power generator.

We all gathered around 1500z and the 6 people split to work on the 80 meter vertical, the 40 meter

vertical and tent/shack.

As the Scaffolding was on it's way to the location, we enjoyed the good dinner made by Nan, our trust in

hungry hours.

When the guys arrived the started quickly building and guying the structure for the yagi which finally

could be mounted just before sunset.


On Saturday morning most of us were all there again for the final things, 160 meter dipole and

lifting the yagi above the scaffolding.

It went very smooth and soon we had everything set for 1500z, the time the contest would start.

We had two guests, PA5WT/Kees and PA3FLA/Berend who reacted positive to our call for operators.


The higher bands didn't look in good shape so we started on 15 meter and little later to 20 meter.

For a couple hours the rate was quite good, more then 60 QSO's an hour.

We made a hand full contacts the first day on 10 meter with the a dozen multipliers for a start.

The night went well as Kees and I worked on 3 hour shifts from 0000 to 0600 local.

This way we were able to get, at least, some sleep.

About 700 QSO's in the morning, that's not bad at all!

But it turned out to be very hard to get good rates again after sunrise.

We finally made it to +/- 1025 QSO's, thanks to the persistence of the operators.


A couple hours ahead to the end of the contest we started taking down the low band antennas.

This way we would not be home all that late!

One hour before the end the rate went dramatic low and we decided to break down the rest as well.

This ofcourse, goes more quickly then building and soon we all were on our way home after a very

enjoyable weekend.

This all would not be possible without the many others who were willing to help us building or in

any other way.

Big hand as well to Berend and Kees for being our guest operators.
Last but not least, Nan Voges for the catering, youre the greatest!!

See you all next year!


Picturebook at:


Or simple click one of the pictures below!




- 21 May 2011, last PJ confirmed!


Today I received the last PJ for which I still need a card, PJ7/St. Maarten Island.

DXCC# 324 worked(#322 confirmed), waiting for VP8ORK and T31A cards.



- 14 and 15 May 2011, CQ-M contest.


I made 102 CW-QSO's during the weekend in the CQ-M contest.


- 7 May 2011, ZL8X card.


I have not been on the radio for some time cause the weather is very nice and I spend some time

for the other hobby.

In the meantime the ZL8X card (Kermadec Islands)arrived with two contacts confirmed.

I worked this DX-pedition on 40/CW and 20/SSB, a new one for me at that time.

Very nice card!




- 25 April 2011, Yihaa...got T31A on 17 meter in CW!



Central Kiribati was high on my needed DXCC list and they would be there 18 to 28 April.

They arrived days to late at Kanton Island and when they got on the air I was at Peter's place days later.

We heard them, just audible, on 15 in phone but stronger on 20/CW then.

Pity the 20 meter operator turned to work the USA stations who obviously had better conditions to the

Pacific at that time.

I realized that working them from my own station would be very very difficult because of the many callers and the weak signals so far.

I also have some terrible QRM on the higher bands which would make it even more difficult.

But it turned out well when Peter called me today and told me he had just worked them on 17 meter in phone.

He was working on numbers and was at #7 when I reached Peter's house.

He took his time with the number thing but he was also active on 17/CW..let's try that then.

I set the second VFO to 2 KHz up and only had to call 5 times before he came back to me.

Woow, really nice and another added to my DXCC list.(DXCC # 324)

At home I wrote the card and made the envelope ready to go (with SAE and 4$).


T31A website at: http://www.t31a.com/news.php



- 22 April 2011, QSL cards!


The last few days I received a couple direct cards and many others via the buro.

The highlights of the buro section were JT5DX (Mongolia) and T6YA (Aghanistan).

The T6 was worked on 17 and 20/CW while the JT-card confirms a contact on 20/CW.


Direct, I received two different and beautiful cards from the February 2011 Sao Tome & Principe


I made work of this DX-pedition and logged them on 14 bandslots.

Another one that came my way direct was from Z33JE.

I remember this QSO because this was a very plesent and long QSO on 10 meters/SSB with Dudley in



 - 14 April 2011, 9Q50ON card.


Received the card from the Democratic Republic of Congo DX-pedition, a six man effort in December 2010.

Ronald/PA3EWP was one of the team members together with 5 operators from Belgium.

I was able to make 2 contacts with them, on 20 meter in CW and SSB.



- 4 April 2011.


RSGB-80-CC-CW: 75 QSO's


- 2 April 2011.


LZ-OPEN-40M-CW: 29 QSO's

EA-RTTY-201: 86 QSO's


- 23 to 25 March 2011, What's up?



Working a DX station is not always as easy as it seems. If you are in the ballgame of hunting

these rare ones you will get the ins and outs sooner or later.You know, go up 3 if he says up 2!..or use

slow CW for example.

Recently I came across a technique I didn't hear for a while, work the stations down your QRG ..but

say that you listen up!...That doesn't sound logic..agree?

I truly cannot imagine doing this if you are on a deserted Island and wanto work as many as you can.

And to my opinion, it will only last very short as soon enough some will spot you and mention you listen down.

Anyway, I worked FP/W6HGF(St.Pierre & Miquelon Island)2 KHz down on 20 meter/RTTY evendo he

kept saying to call up!

After I worked him the panic spots were plenty.."is he really down"?


Others that came in the log were:

- D44AC on 15/SSB (Cape Verde)

- HK1R on 15/SSB (Colombia)

- P49V on 15/CW (Aruba Island)

- HC2SL on 15/CW (Ecuador)

- 4S7DXG on 30/CW (Sri Lanka)

- CT9/DL3KWR on 30/CW (Madeira Island)

- V85/9M6XRO on 20/RTTY (Brunei)

- D44AC on 20/SSB (Cape Verde)

- YB1LL on 20/CW (Indonesia)


- 21 March 2011.


In the evening I made 25 CW-QSO's in the BUCURESTI contest (SSB and CW).

I never heard of this contest before and activity was low but it was fun anaway.


- 19 and 20 March, finally PJ7 in my log!


This weekend I could finally work PJ7/K2GSJ,St. Maarten Island.

I worked all the new PJ's now and PJ7 was the last remaining since it became a new DXCC on 10-10-10.

Managed to log him on 12 meter in phone.

DXCC standing now: 323 worked (325 inclusive deleted ones).


Also this weekend two contests, RDXC (CW)and BARTG (RTTY).

RDXC: 167 QSO's



- 16 March 2011, UA4WHX Africa-tour QSL cards.


The postman brought me a registered envelop today which included 8 QSl cards from Vladimir Bykov.

This traveler and DX-peditioner is better known as UA4WHX and you probable worked him when he was

cruising Africa from may 2005 to June 2007.

I did send cards then but found out that nothing had reached it's destination.

So, I did send an email with the QSO's I made and used a Paypal payment to get my dollars there.

Worked really fine and Vladimir's response was quick ever time!


In the envelop there were cards from:

- 9J2VB (Zambia) QSO's on 14/CW, 15/SSB, 17/CW

- 7Q7VB (Malawi) QSO's on 30/CW (2X)

- 9U0VB (Burundi) QSO's on 15/SSB, 20/CW

- Z2/UA4WHX (Zimbabwe) QSO on 30/CW

- J20VB (Djibouti) QSO on 30/CW

- 3DA0VB (Swaziland) QSO on 30/CW

- 5X1VB (Uganda) QSO's on 30/CW, 80/CW










 - 10 March 2011, 10 meter...open to the far east and Pacific!


At my friends place for a couple hours and 10 opened up really nice into the far East and Pacific.

We heard KH2/N2NL very strong in the CW portion of the band and the European crowd calling

was very large.

I tried to get him for about an hour but simple could not get through.

I had less problems working VR2XMT in Phone on 10 meter, 59 both ways, and I got him first call.

I went to 12 meter then were I worked, J68PJ (CW), YB0MWM (SSB) and ZD7FT (SSB).


- 28 February 2011, annoying contest tactics!




To me, contesting is a good way to practice and develop contest skills and enjoy the pile up's that one

could get into.

I like CW, RTTY and SSB contesting from home and our contest station where building antennas for

big contests is a fun aspect of the hobby as well.

However, being in many contests I have noticed some annoying things.

For example:

- A stations starts to call CQ on your frequency without asking if it's in use.

- If you say it is, they sometimes tend to do as if they don't hear you, mostly done by the big guns

  because they know you will leave with your tail between the legs.

- Minutes after you got spotted a stations pops up very close to you within the 300 Hz bandwidth.

  I think they try to attract stations on your behalf, don't you think so?


I don't know if you should call this contest tactics?!

To me it feels more like a kick in the balls while playing soccer or, an elbow in your face with rugby,

know what I mean?

Has nothing to do with fair play in my honest opinion.

Oh well,.......it's just a hobby!


 - 26 and 27 February 2011, this weekend on the radio.


Two contest of interest this weekend, the CQ-160-SSB and UBA-DX-CW contest.

I have my doubts about SSB on 160, specially when it concerns DX, to much noise for me.

CW is a better choice and I can work across the Atlantic in that mode.

Anyway, I woke up early and was full of faith that there would be a lot activity on the 160 meter band

and at least would work dozens of European stations.

It turned out to be a disappointment and I could only work a couple stations(10) on Saturday morning.

But the UBA would start at 1300z, and in my favorite mode CW!

That went well, being off and on the radio till Sunday afternoon, 1300z.

I made 304 QSO's in the UBA, was fun with nice DX like HS, JA, USA.

On Sunday evening I gave it a last try on 160 meters to get at least 25 QSO's, which would mean one

point for our National contestcompetition.

I did not succeed, went to bed with just 20 stations in the log, a waste of time!


- 23 February 2011, Building a super station...by K1TTT.


 By k1TTT


Here is a link to a book about building an Amateur Radio contest super station. (thank you PA5WT)

It's a PDF file with 441 pages and it comes with many pictures.

Click on the picture above and you have your free copy.


- 22 February 2011, Guglielmo Marconi.


I think we Ham's all know Guglielmo Marconi, inventor of wireless communication.

Reading the daily notes on newsgroups I found this link to a video about this legend.(tnx PA1HR)

Click the picture for the video from ZDF (German television).

Sorry guys, it's only available in Deutsch.



 - 22 February 2011, to error is human.....!


When I logged in to update the website I found that last time I did update the 'DX NEWS' page I had

forgotten to click the publish button.

Therefor DC news was not really up to date, but now it is again!



- 21 February 2011.


Went to my friend and spend some time on the radio there.

First QSO was with Dudley/Z22JAE in Harare/Zimbabwe on 10 meter in SB.

Dudley is a Ham for long time and is still using Collins equipment, separate receiver and transceiver.

A very enjoyable chat, good to see 10 meter opening up again....must have been the weekend explosion

on the sun!!

Then I went on 15 meter/SSB where I logged PJ6/G4IUF on Saba Island followed by KP4BD from

Puerto Rico.

On CW calling CQ delivered WA2C from New jersey and CO8LY from Cuba with a 599+ signal.

See if I can get a pile running on 17/SSB.........instant response with about 20 stations from the USA and

Canada, one from Peurto Rico.

Just before I went home I turned the yagi and worked 5N7M from Nigeria who was on 12 meter/CW.


- 21 February 2011, PJ2T card.


I received the PJ2T card in the weekend for a contact made on 31 October 2010.

We were just back from our PJ4B adventure then and I needed al the 'PJ' new ones .

Till then I got PJ4, PJ2, PJ6 and still need to work PJ7...shouldn't be all that difficult!



- 19 and 20 February 2011, ARRL-DX-CW.



Always fun to be active in this contest and I gave it a serious shot.

It did not keep me from doing the usual things that come with the weekend but I could spend enough

hours with the radio.

However, I did miss the daytime conditions on Sunday as we went for a birthday party.

I was on all band/high power (but only 100 watts on 80 meter).

Conditions did not seem to be all that good, I worked less states then last year and could only generate

short runs with NA callers when CQ-ing.

So most was done S&P but with that,..your rate can be quite high as well.

Final result when I went to bed Sunday evening, 353 QSO's/36 US-States/4 VE-Provinces.



TRX: FT-2000

Ant: 31 meter Inverted V dipole, tuned to all bands + 3 band vertical 10/15/20.

Amplifier: AL-811 (300 watt)


ARRL-DX score:

Band    QSO    Pts    Sec
   3,5      70     210    25
   7         84     252    28
   14     145     435    39
   21       49     147   1 7

Total    348   1044  109

Claimed Score : 113.796 Points


US-States: AR, AL, AZ, CT, CO, CA, DE, FL, GA, IN, IA, IL, KY, KS, LA, MD, MA, ME, MI, NJ, NH, NY, NC,



VE-Provinces: AB, ON, PEI, QC.


- 15 February 2011, PJ4X card.


I received the PJ4X card today, a new one since 10-10-10.

DXCC# 319 confirmed (Worked DXCC# 322:waiting for ZL8X, VP8ORK, PJ2T)



- 15 February 2011, S9DX..more QSO's!


When this Expedition started I was not really focused on working them, besides... they could not be

heard here with the 31 meter long Inverted V(any band).

But now, things have completely changed and when I heared them the first time I started to chase them as

much as I could.

Worked them on many bands and modes now and they were even very strong on 12 meters today!

A band were my dipole doesn't work all that good and I just occasionally hear something there.

This keeps our hobby very exiting isn't it....the propagation, the hunt, the thrill if they come back to you, or

when you work a new entity.


Propagation to S9DX from The Netherlands





- 12 and 13 February 2011, PACC and WPX-RTTY.


For Dutch radio amateurs the PACC is a really nice contest as they can measure contest skills, operating

practice and antennas between each other.

The complete PI4W team was active from PA8A's QTH.

But before that would start at 1200z I woke up early Saturday morning to make some QSO's in the

CQ-WPX-RTTY contest.

A pity that these two were in the same weekend.

If you are a RTTY fan and love to work a couple new ones, the WPX-RTTY is your contest!



L+R: PD0LUR + PD2JAM                                      PA8A



We all gathered at Peter's place around noon local time to install the laptop and we were ready to go.

The bands were quite good with QSO's to PJ4 and USA, nice to have these multipliers in the log.

In the afternoon we enjoyed a fine dinner made by Peter's wife, we almost forgot we were there

for a contest.

On to 40 then and nice pile going, would we leave and go to 80 or 160?...difficult choice!

We stayed on 40 meter and Fred and I went home at 2200z to get some sleep and for that reason we

could not be on 160/CW untill in the early sunday mornin.

The others are all SB operators but they did a very good job on 80 SSB instead.

When I returned in the morning I got on 160 at first to find very few responding, 40 then ..that should

be better.

Conditions at that time seemed to have dropped, others noted 40 and 160 being very good around midnight.

The higher bands opened up again and we worked nice DX on 15 and 20 meter ending up with

1278 QSO's and 222 multipliers.

Not a top score, reading the others comments, but that's just fine.



PA3GVI                                                              PA8F


When home I made more contacts in the WPX-RTTY contest.

I could even bag S9DX on 15 and 20 RTTY, very nice!

They are not yet shown in the online log but I guess they have separate logs for the contest.

Think will find them there later!

Got 252 QSO's in the WPX, hope it will be in a different weekend next year.


- 9 February 2011, installing the K9AY loops.


Coming weekend the PI4W group will be active in the PACC contest.

In the past years that I ran the PACC contest from Peter's place the antenna system worked very well but

we noticed that the dipole for 160 wasn't the best receiving antenna for this band.

Today we would join forces at PA8A's place to install the two K9AY loops for coming weekend.

Stan, Joop, Peter and myself picked a good day as it was dry and got some sun in the afternoon as well.

Constructing the array went well and hopefully this antenna will make the difference at 160 in the weekend!


We might use a special callsign...to be announced!




- 8 February 2011.


Just after noon I worked S9DX, a German team on Sao Tome & Principe, on 17 meter in CW.

They were quite weak the last days and this was the first opportunity they were audible and workable.

Website here: http://s9DX.hkmann.de/?Home%26nbsp%3B


Also had short QSO with Razi/YI1RZ in Baghdad/Iraq.

This was on 20 meter, phone.


- 7 February 2011, number stations.



Have you ever heard about number stations?

I did, but never really took time to read about them, it seemed a boring subject so far.

Until yesterday evening when I was playing on the laptop with the TV on.

Some police serie was on and number stations were subject of their investigations.

I missed most of the serie but did spent the next hour searching for info about these stations that first appeared on the HF bands short after World War 2.

They are believed to be code messages from Intelligence agency's for spies around the globe, broadcasting streams of numbers, letters or words in Phone, CW or RTTY.

Fascinating, isn't it.....and they can still be heard, even with a simple handheld short wave receiver.

If you are interested too, just make a search for them on Google and you will be busy for an evening.

It might even get to you and find yourself making study about them!

Link to start from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Numbers_station

Kept me busy for a couple hours!


- 5 and 6 February 2011, Black Sea contest.


Even do I was sick I forced myself out of bed now and then.

I knew the Black Sea contest would be on and I could not resist to join in, CW only.

This would be a good practice for the PACC contest next weekend and we have planned a serious attempt with the PI4W group.

Had nice runs but all of a sudden it got silent again.

Couldn't get my antenna tuned on 80 meters without a reason and conditions were not all that good either.

Anyway, I made 291 QSO's and had some CW fun.

Highlight was when HK3Q called in on 20 meters!


- 5 February 2011, FK8CP on 40 meter/CW.


Yesterday morning when having a quick listen on 40 meter for VP8ORK I heard Remi/FK8CP on 7.011 MHz.

Calling CQ towards Europe, listening up, it already got past our Sunrise.

I tried to get through but did not make it due to other stations who were probable much stronger.

But I did send an email to Remi, telling him I had heard him on 40 meter and hoped he would give it a try


He replied positive and so I was here at 0540z when Remi noted he was still at work but could listen to me


No copy then and I waited till Remi would be home again at about 0700z.

That would be fine as his Sunset would be at 0740z and we could take advantage of the Greyline propagation.

Remi was soon on 7.012 and listening up for Europe but told me to call on 7.010, that would be much easier for him to pick me out of the crowd.

He soon heard me and we exchanged reports, making the first contact with him from home.

I had worked Remi earlier when on PJ4 when we had set up a successful sced on 160 meter.


Some e-mail traffic followed and Remi told me he is just recovering from Cyclone Vania that hit New Caledonia

3 weeks ago.

It destroyed his 80 and 160 meter antenna, beverages and other things but the 25 meter high vertical

for 160 is already back on air again.

He plans to repair his 80 meter antenna next week and we can try to make a contact there too!


FK is not a new country for me but it truly a nice experience this morning.

Thank you for being there Remi!


 0710z and a visible Geyline, was this a skewed short path contact or Long path, anyone?


- Today 1910z-

FK8CP/Remi wrote:

My SS was 0740z.

Most of the time EU 40m around my SS are true LP.

EU 80m around my SS: sometimes skewed (beter RX here on 90degree BOG than N/S beverages).

EU 160m around my SS: often skewed.

VY 73, Remi


- 4 February 2011, Icom factory tour.


I found this link on the Internet to a PDF file which gives good sight how things are made in the Icom factory.

You can view the tour by clicking on the image, loading might take a couple minutes as it is 51 pages.

Have fun!


 Click for the Icom tour!


 - 31 January 2011, new one....VP8ORK!


 VP8ORK website


I went to my friend and was able to work VP8ORK on South Orkney Islands on 17 and 15 meter in CW.

Signals were very poor but worked a new one, DXCC # 322.



- 28 to 30 January 2011, CQWW160-CW.


Members from our PI4W contest team had set up the 90 foot antenna earlier this week.

I drove to the location with Fred (PA8F) on Friday just after noon to bring equipment and make some final

adjustments on the vertical.

When driving up the property lane we saw Joop (PD2JAM) and Stan (PD0LUR) were already there.

Fred, installed gear inside the container and Jo op an I connected the coil for resonance and the coil for

matching the system to 50 ohms.

After that we added some more radials on ground and we were ready for the night.

We did not have any receiving antenna at this point, something we plan for next year.

However it proved to be quite effective last year, I think because of the very quite location.


Fred and myself are the two CW operators of our group and we planned at least to be active two nights.

We have a very luxury bed inside our small contest station so we could pick up sleep if needed, the other

could still be active.

About halve an hour before the contest the band was already very crowded, would get difficult to find a

clear frequency.

Difficult but we did.....just before 2200 UTC with having the bandwidth at 300 Hz.

Still some sound from the side but we were up and running.

First, mainly EU calling but later first USA stations in the log as well.

Time to hit the sack for me, Fred would switch from working his way down the band map for spotted DC

to call CQ.

During my beauty sleep Fred worked a couple nice ones like P49V, T70A and Stateside.

We had nice runs and in 9 hours we had 545 QSO's in the log.

This first night we noticed the US stations not being very strong, this would hopefully be better next night.

We went home Saturday morning around 0800 UTC to take a rest back home and get together with the family.

We returned around 1830 UTC and the band was already full again with stations.

We heard JT5DC the first evening but did not try to work him then, now we were into the log quite quickly.

Conditions to the states were much better too then the night before.

Nice to be called by V31YN and work a bunch of Midwest and West Coast during the grueling.

We were thrilled to work XE, PJ2, HI, JT, A7, 4Z, C6, P4, FM, WP3 and VP9 and closed Sunday morning at 0745 UTC.

Tired but with a good feeling we went home and decided not to return in the evening as many European

station would be dupes.

The vertical worked very well and we were heard very quickly each time we called in a big pile up.

The lack of receiving antennas was not a problem with hearing the DC but of course it's much better to

have them next time.

The space is there and we have about 1 mile to the west with only farmland.

See you all in the next contest!







- K3 transceiver

- AL-811H amplifier (400 watt)

- 90 foot vertical with 36 radials

   Baseunit for resonance and matching to 50 ohms

- laptop with N1MM 


Band    QSO    Pts    Sta   Cty
   1,8     964    5564   33    69
Total     964    5564   33    69

 Claimed Score : 567.528 Points


- 25 January 2011, eye for antennas.......in Spain.


Isn't it funny how we Ham's seem to have a secret eye to spot antennas.

While trying to find a large market area in Orihuela I spotted two yagis up a tall building.

Looked like a 3 band yagi and a 2 element one for 40 meter.



- 22 January 2011, BARTG-RTYY.


We travel to Spain in the afternoon but I could not resist to make 25 QSO's in the BARTG-RTTY contest.


- 15 and 16 January 2011, 4X contest!


Four contests this weekend and I set a goal to make at least 50 QSO's in each to gain points for the

contest competition.

Wasn't all that easy as there were many other things to do through the weekend.

But I didn't do to bad!


LZ-OPEN: 50 QSO's               ->              CW only for me.

RSGB-AFS-SSB: 47 QSO's     ->              Damn, I was just to late to make it to 50!

HA-DX: 101 QSO's                ->              Difficult start and seemed not so busy.

UK-DX-RTTY: 100 QSO's       ->              Good activity worldwide.                                            


- 14 January 2011, DC Code of Conduct PowerPoint...spread the word!


Haven't you heard about the DC Code of Conduct yet?

It's something every Hamradio operator should read, to make a change in operating behavior worldwide.

A PowerPoint application is available and you are free to download and play this at clubs or meetings.

Spread the word via your personal website and join the fight against impolite behavior.

You can download the DC code of Conduct PowerPoint at: http://dx-code.org/powerppt.htm

More DC Code info here: http://dx-code.org/dxcode4.htm



- 10 January 2011.


I visited my friend and after coffee we fired up the rig and amp to make a couple contacts.

On 15 meter/SSB I worked 8Q7AK from the Maldives Islands.


- 8 and 9 January 2011.


A couple of contests this weekend and I wanted to hand out a couple points and gain QSO points for

our National contest cllub competition.

On Saturday I made 51 QSO's in the WWPMC contest in CW and 59 QSO's on Sunday in the ARRL RTTY roundup.

Good for 4 points in the contest competition.


- 5 January 2011, good DX!


A new year with new adventures and new DXCC to be worked.

End of January a team will be active from South Orkney Islands and this is definitely one I wanto work.

In April a DX-pedition is planned to T31-Central Kiribati, another rare one which is high on my list.

Hopefully propagation will be good enough to work both at least on one band.

Info about both DX-peditions can be found here: http://www.vp8o.com/  and  here: http://www.t31a.com/