This is my 2014 diary page.

Have fun reading about my chase for DX, contesting and other Ham Radio items. 

- 27 December 2014, The lost files!

Cold and white outside, time to look into some old video and picture files.

In 2006/2007/2008 I was, together with PA8A and PA8F,  active from the Radio Netherlands shortwave

antenna site. In October 2010 when the Dutch Caribbean Islands became a new DXCC entity we were active from

Bonaire Island as PJ4B. In those 2 weeks on the Island several Hams operated from the RN site, using their big

antennas and create hugh pile ups. Files and video which were not used in the above videos are putt together to make this new video.

Ham Radio from the Big Gun...the lost files.

-26 December 2014, DKARS magazine...January 2015 edition.

The January 2015 edition of DKARS magazine is on-line now!

Click the picture to go to the magazine.

22-December 2014, Sometimes you wander and find interesting places.......

-Lost my way on the Internet and came across the website of Rick Westerman/DJ0IP, Customer Support Manager for
Spiderbeam GmbH. Pages with lot's of information
about Antennas, Matchboxes, Baluns and lot's of other stuff.

- 20 and 21 December 2014.

Two contest of my interest this weekend but active in between other facts of life.

-185 QSO's in the Croatian CW contest

- 64 QSO's in the OK-DX-RTTY contest

-16 December 2014, DXCC news!

A couple ATNO (all time new ones) will be brought 'on air' during 2015/2016 and hopefully all together make

many DX-ers very happy!.....one QSO with each of them would be fine for me.

- Navassa/January 2015

 1972 KC4DX video

- Heard/November 2015

 1997 VK0IR video

- South Sandwich/January 2016

 2002 VP8THU video

- South Georgia/January 2016

 South Georgia Nature video

- 15 December 2014, How to build a 160 meter station.

This is a Youtube video from Remco/PA3FYM building his 2014 CQ160CW station. You see him working on

the TX antenna, a 100 feet vertical, counterpoises and several Beverages.
Thumbs up!

- 13 and 14 December 2014, ARRL 10 meter contest (CW only).

Limited operating hours as I was not feeling too well but, made 200 QSO's.

Category: SO/Low Power/CW

- 7 December 2014, published in Decembers magazine (DKARS page 60)

QSL cards!

Work station near Punta Arenas Chile

When you try to explain Ham radio to the un-aware and get to the point of QSL cards many people say, ooh….27 MHz! This band became Legal in the Netherlands in March 1980 and it opened up a new World for many interested. It was like what messenger or Facebook is now…you could, pretty anonymously(if you wish),  talk to people and make new friends. I recall wild names like King Kong, Winchester, Rubber Duck and such. These alter ego’s often  came back visually on the QSL cards and for many it became a sport to collect as many as you could. In that age cards were plain coloured paper with black print. What a contrast with todays cards. A Photo QSL in full colour is normal today and the prices are affordable too. If you chase DX, keeping your DXCC up to date via LotW is a possible route. For me..,after making interesting contacts, collecting cards is a logic effect and I get my DXCC awards this way. I love it when there is a pack with cards waiting for me at the club meeting. It feels like getting a gift from Santa and looking at the cards you can recall working certain stations and you experiance the contact again. So, I love them and I keep albums with the most beautiful. These QSL albums are like books to me and now and then I open it on a random page and the stories pop up again from my mind. Like the contact with AH8A back in 1995 when I just had my HF license. I worked him  on my 20 meter dipole with 100 watts. Woow, I made my First contact into the Pacific and I treasure that card.

 Greetings from Rwanda


I still have some cards from my 27 MHz/SSB time when I used to talk to a doctor, Harm and his wife Marijan, in Rwanda back in the 80’s.This is just a postcard with a friendly note but this was so much fun. I recall talking to Harm in his 4 wheel drive mobile, being miles from home into the Rwanda bush and Marijan from their post near the hospital. They could not hear each other and in between the nice conversation Marijan asked me if I could relay to Harm and ask how late he would be home. Harm answered and asked what was for dinner. This might not have been a life saving messages but it was priceless to me. I never had contact with Harm and Marijan again after they left Rwanda but the above story is the reason why I still have this card. Another one… this Dutch guy Iman who was on the job aboard of the Smit-Lloyd 71, 6000HP Class-Tug/Anchor-handling/Supply vessel in the harbor of Punta Arenas, most southern part of Chile. Again a postcard but one out of a million and I still have that one.

 Aji from Indonesia


Or the Indonesian beacon Aji/9WO-202 who, which I have been told, later became a Ham and now has passed away. All these memories in an album and I could go on for hours. Today, most cards are full color and truly, one is even more beautiful then the other. So I stopped buying these albums and got back to the old routine, shoe boxes. A shame actually because many are real master pieces,  tell their story and deserve better. Should I stop to send them then and go for the digital version. I truly don’t get the same feeling with these digital cards but that's for everyone to decide on their own.But It has not traveled all the way from one continent to the other by airplane or boat and no-one has ever touched it’s skin. It feels like a cold object, how different then the good old paper ones. I can’t wait till the next meeting to pick up my cards, touch the paper and dream away!


73, Rob/PA3GVI


- 5 December 2014, Hamradio in Spain.

I was in Spain for a couple days and I did see Ham Radio antennas when driving around.

On one of my early morning walks I spotted this licenseplate.

Digital mode obviously....don't know about the baudrate!

- 22 and 23 November, LZ-DX contest.

Made serious work of the LZ-DX contest this weekend. Not the full 24 hours, about 240 Q's were made on

Saturday afternoon and therest during the Sunday night/morning hours. Total of 707 QSO's including the dupes.


 Band  Mode  QSOs   Pts  Mlt

    3,5  CW     100    246    19

    7     CW     151    449    32

    14  CW     112     294    26
    21  CW      64      126      2
    21  USB    100     309    26
    28  CW     113     384    16
    28  USB      60     193    20
Total  Both   700    2001  141

Claimed Score : 282.141 Points


- 20 November 2014, QSL via the Buro.

This evening, at the clubmeeting, I had interesting cards waiting for me.

I will name a few:

- FW5JJ from Wallis and Futuna (20/SSB)

- ST0R from Republic of South Sudan (30 and 15/RTTY)

- VI4WIP50....strange callsign from Australia (20/SSB)

- P40MH from Aruba Island (20/SSB)

- FH/DK9PY from Mayotte (10/CW)

- H44G from Solomon Islands (15/RTTY)

- YK9G from Syria (17/20 and 30/CW)

- 19 November 2014, Honor to W3HNK!


About two weeks ago I went through my log to see how far I was with DXCC on 160 meters.

I worked just over 100 entities but still had not send and/or received a dozen.

Saw I needed a confirmation for NP4A(Puerto Rico), a contact made in the CQ160CW contest in

January 2014. QSL manager for this station is Joe/W3HNK, who is a very kind guy who helped me out

several times in the past. After I had send Joe an e-mail with a request for a buro card Joe replied short

and clear as followed:


73 JOE

Today I received the 160 meter NP4A card and another one for a 10 meter/SSB contact with PJ4D!

Thank you again Joe for your kind, quick, awsome and unselfish service!

I owe you one my friend!

Check out my interview with Joe/W3HNK (click picture below).

 Joe is the guy on the left.

- 15 and 16 November, 1st Russian WW MultiMode Contest.

This contest started on Saturday 1200UTC and ended on Sunday 1159 UTC. On Saturday conditions were

marginal but absolutely bad during Sunday night and in the last few hours. K index rising on Saturday which is

not a good sign. But......I managed to make 250 QSO's in CW and RTTY.

During the slow Sunday night I could make a few DX contacts with stations which were not participating in the contest.

- P4/KG9N on 40/CW

- 6Y5WJ on 80/CW

- HV0A on 80/CW

- LX/PA3ERA on 80/CW

- PJ2/K8ND on 80/CW

Band  Mode  QSOs    Pts   DXC   OBL

   3,5  CW         4        12      3      0

   3,5  RTTY      2        13      2      1

   7     CW       49      260    20      8
   7     RTTY      7        35      2      1
   14   CW     101      556    25    22
   14   RTTY    29      198      0    10
   21   CW       14        74    10      4
   21   RTTY      2        20      0      1
   28   CW       18      125      6      5
   28   RTTY    22      208      4    12
Total  Both   248    1501    72    64 
Total Score : 204.136 Points

-10 November 2014, FT4TA..Finito!

All good things come to an end and so did the FT4TA DXpedition to Tromelin Island. They went QRT at 0100z today.

I was able to work this ATNO 4 times but did not make further attempts because of the HAM Spirit request.

In January 2015 the Navassa Island DXpedition, another new DXCC for me, will be on the air and I cannot wait to

make at least one QSO.

- 8 and 9 November, WAE-RTTY.

Been sick for the last few days and because of this I could not be active with the team from PG6G.

Instead I worked a few when I was out of bed short during the weekend.

Mainly DX that I found interesting to work.....did some QTC traffic too.


Band   Q/QTC  QSOs    Pts  Mlt

    7      QSO      11      11   27

    7      SQTC    10      10     0

    14    QSO       4        4     8

    21    QSO       9        9   16

    28    QSO     19      19   24

    28    SQTC   20       20    0       
Total    All       73       73   75

Claimed Score : 5.475 Points

- 1 November 2014, FT4TA in my log!

The FT4TA Dxpedition is on the air and this would be a new one for me. Tromelin Island had not been

on the air since 2001 so pile ups are large. I was very excited to work them on 30/CW and 20/SSB this

evening between 2315z and 2345z.

DXCC# 330 in the pocket!

- 1 November 2014.

Another article in DKARS magazine, published in November 2014.

In one of my recent articles I wrote about keeping up to date  with the active DXpeditions, rare DX, and working these stations. Working a DX station is not always an easy task as many others will be calling simultaneous with you. Pile ups are often very large and you don’t know where to start calling. Yes, at least up most of the time but what is a good strategy? It’s not always as easy as it seems but using common sence will get you through, or at least help a lot. If you are in the ballgame of hunting these rare ones you will get the ins and outs sooner or later. Most transceiver have 2 receivers these days or a bandscope so you can quite easily hear and/or see where the crowd is calling and find a more or less clear spot in between. I say in between because when a DX station says 5 to 10 up you will find most calling at the edges of this width. Go in between and your chance will increase. Or do something more unexpected, go 12 up or 4 up as the DX will now and then check where his pile up ends. Listening to the second receiver will help but this is practiced by many others as you can see the crowd moving along with each QSO. The only unknown factor with this is if he moves up or down for the follow up. Some DX stations go back and forth, start at the beginning again after reaching the end of the pile up or,…will make contacts on random frequencies. In the last case there is only one thing to do. Stay put and wait that he will find you even if it will take hours. Changing your TX QRG will in this case get you busy but makes no sence,it will get you frustrated! In CW the speed of these DX stations is often between 25 and 32 wpm and sending the same speed will get him into some kind of flow. However, I have worked DX while deliberate sending at very slow speed. I guess you stand out of the crowd and he will hear you because it sounds different.  Some years ago I came across a technique I did not hear before. Tell the crowd you will listen up but work stations down your QRG….that doesn’t make sence …agree? I truly cannot imagine using this technic if you are on a deserted island and want to work as many stations as you can. Few will find out but it will last very short as soon enough some will spot you and mention that you are listening down! Anyway, I worked FP/XXXXX  2 KHz down from his QRG on 20 meters in RTTY while he kept saying to call up!

After I made the QSO the panic spots were plenty….“ ïs he really down”?
So, think out of the box and you will succeed!

- 25 and 26 October 2014, CQ-WW-SSB.

Active from the contest station and did most of the hours as the other members were busy with QRL and such.

It started at 0000z on 80 meters, I occupied 3.770 MHz a couple minutes before the start of the contest.

It went of like a rocket and first hour had 170 QSO's in the log and 115 the second hour. The night went on and

I mainly focused on this band to switch to 40 short in between and around SR. Happy with the good start and

went to 15 meters before I would leave for home around noon to return around 17:30 local. Nice runs again and

conditions were great. Night came and I quite to take a nap for 2 hours in the bed we have for this purpose.

When I woke (0200z) bands were hot and I switched to 80/40/20 more then once, found KH7XX and VK9LM on

20 meters not being busy at all. One call and I had them in my log...I went on and supposed I would feel very tired

at noon but I guess the adrenalin kept me going. At 1130z I went to 20 again and had a massive run with 274 QSO's

just before other members came to visit. We took a long coffee break and I left after. PD2JAM came right after work

to finish in the evening with 2103 QSO's total and 1.486.945 points.

 Band    QSOs    Pts     ZN    Cty

    3,5     515     639    11     54
    7        404     505    14     67
    14      534    1092   24     78
    21      450     837    19     72 
    28      200     472    20     56     
 Total    2103    3545  88   327

Score : 1.471.175 Points

- 14 October 2014, DXing and DXpeditions by Ralph Fedor.

-10 October 2014, XR0ZR at PI4RCK.

Drove to IJmuiden with my friend Joop/PD2JAM this evening to the PI4KML meeting at PI4RCK.

Ronald/PA3EWP showed us a presentation about his activity on Juan Fernandez Island  (XR0ZR).

After the break pictures and video from KH8 activity too!

- 9 October 2014, DKARS article.

I recently wrote this article below for DKARS magazine, published in october 2014.

Working towards DXCC and beyond, increase your chances!

I was First licensed in 1994 and because CW was still essential to get on HF I got stuck to 2 meters for about halve a year. Then I succeeded for the CW demand and got on Shortwave, a thing I desired for a long time. The First years on HF I did not mind working as many entities as I could, I just made contacts and had fun meeting new Hams. This changed when I moved QTH and met Peter/PA8A in 2004. In the meantime I had picked up CW again after many years on Sideband and noticed that CW work's great from a small city lot. Peter introduced me to Dave Patton/NN1N who stayed at his house on his way to Friedrichshaben/Germany. He did not mind checking my cards for DXCC and that’s what he did! This meant digging in those shoe boxes with cards and search which entities I had confirmed, quite a task! The score was not bad at all, I had worked and confirmed 275 entities (mixed). This got me going and from the day Dave signed the DXCC paper I was keen on working the remaining new ones.

How can you achieve working these New Ones and get or upgrade your DXCC (1)?

1) DX Newsletters
I have always been reading the DX newsletter(2) but now with more interest, searching for new ones to become active. These are very good sources and with most DXpeditions running real time websites with blogs and other info they even tell you where to listen and call.

2) Clublog/Propagation
Keep track on when stations from your country are working DXpeditions.
If they use Clublog(3) you can check if you are in the log and even better….you can click the propagation button and see what times the DXpedition has been worked from your country. You can make a plan and increase your chances!

3) DX Cluster and Skimmers
As a third source I would suggest to keep a telnet(4) cluster running when you know a new DXCC will be on air soon. Some of these are skimmers, very handy with CW(some do RTTY as well). The First call of a DXpedition is presented at you real time(if heard by the skimmer selected). I use VE7CC with success as it happens more than often that I can still work the station simplex…right before the big crowd finds him and there’s  a large pile up!

4) Contests
Contests are great for working new countries, as a matter of fact you can easily work your First 100 countries and get your DXCC in one weekend. The CQWW contests are great for this!

5) DX Nets
You could get on DX-nets(5), on weekly or daily bases, which have given quite some Hams a new one, some of ours rather not admit that!

6) Time
An open door and the main thing……you got to have time! Special when you have just a wire hanging from your chimney to a low structure like I do. My antenna is a 31 meter long doublet with 450 ohms twin lead to my shack where I tune it from 10 to 80 meters. You will be amazed what you can do with such an antenna! But with DXpeditions on the air which are in high demand for the DX community you will not be the First one to work them…..just maybe when you are very very Lucky! You need the relative quieter times when the rest of your continent is at work. I noticed working DX stations during weekdays and/or to the end of their activity without too much trouble. I am aware that not everyone has these opportunities.

7) Luck!
We all need a bit of luck and so do you!
Sometimes you will be in the pile ups for hours and sometimes you work them on the spot…priceless!

Some of us have big yagi systems but if you don’t you might become a member of a contest station.You can possible use the bigger yagi antennas available.
Over the years I noticed that with big and high yagis (and QRO) you will get them sooner or later.
If the DX is barely audible in your part of the World, chances increase as well as the Hams with
lesser big antennas will not hear him at that point and the pile up will be much smaller or….he might not be busy at all!


1) ARRL DXCC: http://www.arrl.org/dxcc

2) 425DX:  http://www.425dxn.org/   

     DXNL: http://www.darc.de/de/darc-info/referate/dx/bulls/dxnl/

3) Clublog: https://secure.clublog.org/loginform.php

4) RXclus:  http://www.hb9bza.net/rxclus-overview

5) DX nets:  http://ac6v.com/nets.htm


- 6 October 2014, amazing!

 Believe you can do it!

This evening after dinner I went to my shack to see if I could hear C21GC from Nauru and T30D from Western Kiribati.
They had been audible a couple days earlier, deep in my noise, but even then....the pile ups were fierce.
I really did not give myself a realistic chance with my dipole, apex at 40 feet , in the noisy city but who knows.
First heard C21GC at 17:51UTC on 30/CW......amazed to work him within 10 minutes.
Can it go crazier...yes it can!
T30D is on 20/CW and I join the pile up and move to a quite place almost 6,5 Khz up.
This took me a little longer but eventually worked him within 30 minutes.
Exited of working these Exotic ones in the Pacific I jumped out of bed when I woke the other morning(04.30 local)
to check the T30D log.

What a hobby!

- 25 to 29 September 2014, Going South....350KM.

Members of our contest team(PG6G) traveled to Luxembourg again just like last year. We had two stations
active and having fun was the main goal. One station would be the random station (LX/PA3GVI) and be active
on different bands/modes. The second was used for the CQ-WW-RTTY contest (LX9WS). Weather has been
absolutely great and the contest went great too. A few problems on Sunday morning, the two amplifiers
gave up on us. One could be repaired, the other needs serious repairs. On Monday morning we packed our gear
together again and were home again late afternoon.

LX 2014 records:
LX/PA3GVI: 800+ QSO's
LX9WS : 12 56 QSO's

- 24 September 2014, Getting ready!

We just packed two cars with antennas, amplifiers, Coax etc for our trip to Luxembourg tomorrow.
PA8A, PA8F, PD2JAM, PA4B, NL-11607 and PA3GVI will be active till early morning 29th.
If all goes well we will be on air somewhere late afternoon/evening tomorrow 25th.
It's a small scale DXpedition with just two stations on air and not 24/7 for sure!
During the weekend we will be active in the CQ-WW-RTTY contest as LX9WS and have a second station
outside the contest for WARC or other bands.
Hope to make contact with you!

2013 picture below showing PA4B and NL-11607. (PA3GVI standing)

- 22 September 2014, QSL's!

During our last Club meeting I received many QSL's through the buro.
A big pack with cards as the last meeting was in June and this was the first meeting since the summer holidays.
Many regular cards from DL, UA and other European stations but also exotic DX and cards confirming some
Topband(160) QSO's.

I got 160/CW cards from JH2FXk, FM5BH and PJ2T.
Others which are worthwhile mentioning: E6AA (Niue), ZD8UW (AscensionIsland), 9X0PY (Rwanda), JY5MM (Jordan),
J52HF (Guinea Bissau), 6O3A (Somaliland), J87GU (St. vincent Island), D3AA (Angola), HC2AO (Ecuador), SU9AF (Egypt),
P40F (Aruba Island), PX7C (Brasil), TT8ES (Chad), V5/DL3DXX (Namibia), XR0ZR ( Juan Fernandez Island),
HF0POL ( Antarctica), TO7CC (Reunion Island), J38XX (Grenada Island), 9Y4W (Tobago Island), 5H3CJ (Tanzania),
FM/K9NW (Martinique Island), 5T0SP (Mauritania), J88HL (St. Vincent Island), AH0BT (Northern Mariana Islands),
PW0F (Fernando De Noronha), 5H2DK (Tanzania), PJ7/DL7VHS (St. Maarten Island), TO5G (French Guiana),
VP2MRV (Montserrat), FW0NAR/p (Wallis and Futuna Islands), KH2/JK2VOC (Guam Island).


- 19 September 2014, Ham Radio Quiz!

I just added a new page, The Ham Radio quiz. (Bottom navigation menu)
Check it out, unfortunately this is just available in Dutch.

- 18 September, Ham Radio Quiz presentation at the meeting.

This evening I presented the 2014 Ham Radio Quiz on our club meeting.
A PowerPoint presentation with 30 questions.
This years winner is Peter/PA8A with just 6 errors.
Congratulations Peter!
 Ham Radio Quiz 2014 trophy.

 Peter/PA8A, the trophy and PA3GVI.

- 18 September 2014, TY1AA DXpedition to Benin.

An Italian team is active from Benin from 11 till 26 September.
I have TY verified for my mixed DXCC, that's a 15 meter Phone contact, and have the entity confirmed on 30 in CW.
Sure I wanted to add some more bands and for the last days I focused on that!
They could be heard on 40/CW past my SR several times but they switched kinda late to that band/mode.
It was just to weak to hear exactly what he send......

Some peeple would suggest not to go for the band slots but give other hams with smaller equipment a chance.
Some DXpeditions even do not activate the band slots in their Clublogs for the same reason or just to avoid the
public opinion. I have a marginal station with a dipole and I think these DXpeditions would not reach their QSO
goal at all if people didn't make multiple band/mode contacts.
It's just a part of our hobby and If I cannot make the contact,.... I should try again another trip!
Selfish, I don't think so...if you are fishing and caught a big fish should you stop fishing????
Enjoy the chase!!

- 16 September 2014, DKARS magazine.

DKARS stands for Dutch Kingdom Amateur Radio Society and they publish a free pdf magazine.
Check out the September issue by clicking the picture!

- 13 and 14 September 2014, WAE-SSB contest at PG6G.

The big explosion on the sun on 10 September had a major effect on the conditions in this weekend.
A index showed between 30 and 40 on Friday evening just before I went to the contest station from PG6G.
Long story short, I only did S&P as calling CQ generated little contacts to none! Around SR, 6 hours later, I
had a marginal number of 90 QSO's in my log. Nice DX but mainly from SA and the Middle east.
This stayed this way on the higher bands the whole day, at least until I left at 16.00 local time.

I did not plan to go again with these bad conditions but I had to pick up my son from the railway station
as the latest train did not come. I could not sleep anymore, the A index had dropped to 17, so I drove to
the station. Conditions a little better and I could bag a couple NA when running. Left at 08.00 local, still
just 200 QSO's in the log.

Joop/PD2JAM returned later that afternoon with Pete/PA8A and they made another 100 QSO's.
Not a thrilling event but we had our fun. Good choice to be in Multi/Single!


Band   Q/QTC  QSOs   Pts    Mlt   
3,5       QSO      17        17     52   
3,5     RQTC      13        13       0   
7          QSO      79        79   102   
7        RQTC      30        30       0   
14        QSO      59        59     66   
14      RQTC      66        66       0   
21        QSO      95        95     86   
21      RQTC      20        20       0   
28        QSO      47        47     54
Total     All      426     426    360

- 30 and 31 August 2014, YO-DX contest.

I have been active several hours during this weekend in the Romanian contest.
This was a SSB/CW game but I entered in CW mode only.
Band  Mode  QSOs    Pts  DXC   Cty     
3,5      CW     101     334   28   13     
7         CW     196     616   29   19     
14       CW     237     766   39   25     
21       CW       16       52     7     1 
Total  Both    550   1768  103   58

Worked nice DX ahead of the contest:
- YW5D on 40/SSB, 30/RTTY, 20/SSB, 20/CW, 15/SSB.
- 6W1QL on 15/SSB.- 3D2CO on 20/CW.
- KH0/OZ0J on 15/SSB.
- 4S7VG on 15/CW.
- A61SM on 15/SSB.
- 9M57MJ on 15/SSB.
- VU2SMN on 15/SSB.

- 14 July 2014, what's doing???

Silence on my weblog doesn't mean I do nothing interesting at all.
Even with radio being slow during the summer months I was active in the IARU Region 1 fieldday
contest with PI4W/p. We made 1107 QSO's with 3 operators, PA3FAL, PA5WT and myself.
Set up was very simple this year, a mobile tower with a 3 elements Yagi on top for 10/15/20 meter,
dipoles for 40/80 and 160 meter.

 Kees/PA5WT in action on fieldday 2014.

Last weekend (13&14 July) I was invited at PA6HQ for the IARU Championship.
Several stations spread over our country used this callsign in the multi/multi/CW and SSB section.
Host for 15 and 20 meter was PA6Y in Ijmuiden at the north sea coast in the industrial area.
My effort was little, I was on 20 meter/CW on Sunday morning from 0400 till 0900z, but it was fun
to operate from the well equipped station. Hospitality was great, Thanks Kees, Theo and others....
Ooh all together we made more then 9000 QSO's in SSB and CW on all the bands.

 Part of the PA6HQ (15+20/CW) team.

 PA3GVI at running position.

 20 meter/CW station.

What else is keeping me busy?
I love fishing for Carp and that keeps me and my son Stef occupied from about may till the end of
August/September at least. The contest season will start again in September and I divide my time
for both hobby's. What are Carp...look below!

- 4 June 2014, DXCC # 329 confirmed!

Received the VK9MT card today confirming DXCC entity # 329.
Still 11 very difficult ones to go!

- 15 April 2014, 6Y3M on Topband.

End January 2014 I was active in the CQ-160-CW contest, from the PG6G contest station, using
my personal callsign. Today I received the 6Y3M card confirming our CW contact.

- 1 April 2014, New DXCC...VK9MT/Mellish Reef!

The VK9MT Dxpedition started during the WPX-SSB contest in the weekend but it was very very busy.
This would be an all time new one for me but they had big pile ups and wide split, didn't pay much
attention then. On Monday we take down antennas which can not be in the field permanent and that
was a good day to give it a try. We thought this would be much better as many people were at
work, at least in Europe and pile ups could be less big. So, not...and they just QSY-ed to the lower bands
when we were ready with the antenna teardown.
Tuesday: I decided to go to the contest station right after work at 1100 local were my chance to hear and
work them would be the biggest. I called my friend Joop/PD2JAM and he also agreed on going.
Cranked up the tower and we heard them on 15/RTTY. Not really loud but workable!
We set everything ready for RTTY and I gave my call 2 or 3 times and to my surprise he came back to me!
What a thrill, didn't think it would go this easy......
Little later they were just audible on 10 meters in SSB and Joop gave it a shot first. He did not have to wait long
before he got him, I followed minutes later and made sure he got my call OK. Within 1 hour we were
both in the log, a 'new one' for Joop and myself!!
My theory is that sometimes it is better when they are weak, they could maybe not be heard in other parts
of Europe. On the other hand, our signal would stand out with 400 watts into a 18 meters high yagi, at least
on 10 and 15 meters, we noticed on other occasions.

For me this was DXCC # 329 and there are 11 entities to go for the full house!
These Entities/Countries are high on my list:

FR/J - Juan de Nova, Europa Is.

FR/T - Tromelin Is.

FT5W – Crozet Is.

KH3 - Johnston Is.

KH5 - Palmyra & Jarvis Is.

KH7K – Kure Is.

KP1 - Navassa Is.

P5 - Democratic People's Republic of Korea

VK0 - Heard Is.

VP8 – South Georgia Is.

VP8 - South Sandwich Is.

    Honor Roll, here we come!

- 29 and 30 March 2014, WPX-SSB (PG6G).

We set up the second yagi, 40 meter vertical and dipoles for 80 and 160 meters on Friday afternoon.
Again, we used PG6G, and I started early Saturday morning on 160 and 80 meters. These bands were
not busy, I guess because some of the higher bands stayed open all night long during this contest.
Did work a couple US on 160 meters with just the dipole, rest was EU.
Later the other operators(PA8F and PD2JAM) came and joined the fun. We had a great time working
nice DX and enjoyed the long (mainly) US runs on 10/15 and 20 meters. Joop/PD2JAM operated the
lonely but busy last hours of the contest on Sunday evening bringing the total number of QSO's
to 2203. Again, not a topscore for Multi/Two but as always we were there for the fun!

Call: PG6G
Operators: PD2JAM, PA8F, PA3GVI (guest operator for a couple hours: PA5WT)
Antennas: dipoles for 80 and 160 meters, Vertical for 40 meters, 2 Yagis for 10/15/20 meters.
TRX: Yaesu Ft-1000 Mark V, Yaesu FT-990
Amplifiers: ZZ-750 and Nico-500 both at 400 watts
Logging software: N1MM

Band      QSOs     PTs     WPX
1.8          102      218      90
3.5          173      474      86
7             192      466      88
14           379      551      122
21           654      1420    267
28           703      1773    347
Total       2203    4902    1000
Claimed Score: 4.902.000 Points

Check out other participants stories and score here:

- 15 and 16 March 2014, BARTG-RTTY contest.

Our contest team loves RTTY contest!
Why?.....because while running a pile up you can still have a conversation with other members
and visitors in the shack. Besides, you can also do SO2R when you are on your own.
A relaxing contest you might call it and we would go for a good result, looking forward to the nice
10 and 15 meter openings like it did the last weeks. Build up on Friday went without a problem and
because we had just 4 operators decided to skip the first night. Joop/PD2JAM and I would start around
0700z on Saturday morning and Fred/PA8F and Rik/PA4B would join us later. 10 and 15 meter were
already open and that's were we stayed almost whole day. Nice runs in the morning first to Japan, later
 loads of NA-callers. Not many Russian stations we noticed, but the Russian DX contest was on and I guess
 they choose to join that. Late Saturday I was on my own and hoped 40 and 80 would explode too but it
didn't.....strange enough. Little interest there and I went to sleep when rate got dramatic low. Woke again
on Sunday morning around 0500z and tried 40 again but with the same result. I was glad to see activity
on 20 and up so forgot about the bad rates soon. One transceiver was on 10 meter the whole day again
and we switch 15 to 20 meter and reverse with the other. Joop did some SO2R on Sunday evening and
switched of the lights around 2200z.

Good contest, a thrill to experience 10/15/20 meter openings to JA, Asia and NA (East to West).
Ooh, Callsign was PG6G....one we will use more frequently from now on!

Results and info: 1104 QSO's, Claimed Score: 2.163.840 Points
Operators: PA8F, PD2JAM, PA4B, PA3GVI
Rigs: FT-990, FT-1000mp Field, K3
Amplifiers: Home brew Nico-500, ZZ-750
Antennas: 10/15/20 with 2 yagis, 40 with a vertical, 80 with a dipole (apex up 18 meters).

- 8 March 2014, DXpedition pics.

Remember the Jan/Feb 2014 DXpedition to Amsterdam island?
EY8MM/Nodir, one of the team members, has pictures on his website worth viewing.

Click the picture to go to his website!

- 6 March 2014, PJ4D...realtime log and livestream.

Kelly/N0VD is active from Bonaire island as PJ4D and running a livestream with realtime log.
Nice to make the contact on 10 meter/SSB this afternoon, see yourself in the log and hear yourself
several seconds later.

http://www.n0vd.com (then 'live log online')

- 5 March 2014, H40TA card.

Received the card for a 20 meter/CW QSO on the 2nd of January 2014.
This DX-pedition was organized to raise financial support for the local people and the hospital after
the earthquake and Tsunami on February 6Th 2013. The travel costs for the Dxpedition where fully
financed by the operators themselves and donations are welcome and go to LATA Hospital.

- 1 and 2 March 2014, Maintenance and ARRL-DX-SSB.

Went to the contest station on Saturday to do some maintenance jobs with Fred/PA8F and Joop/PD2JAM.
First thing we did  was move the Internet access point a little further away from the operating positions.
Next was to assemble the second yagi which was still in parts since our September 2013 LX trip.
The weather was extremely nice, was fun  to be outside and do some constructive work.
This way we don't need much time building the antennas, mobile tower etc. for BARTG-RTTY
(2 weeks from now) and CQ-WPX-SSB (last weekend in March).
Decided to make some contacts in the ARRL-SSB contest as well and I made 301 QSO's during the weekend.

 Internet access point.

 Looks like Mikado.

 We get there.....

 PD2JAM and PA3GVI with the build Yagi.

 Coffee break with pie!

- 19 February 2014, K9W card.

Today I received the card from the Wake Island Dxpedition, K9W.
DXCC #328 confirmed, 12 to go!

- 15 and 16 February 2014, ARRL-CW contest.

Plenty of time to play radio this weekend so I decided to go to the contest station and join this contest.
In this contest you can only contact US and Candian stations, multipiers are States(USA) and Provinces Canada).
I did not set up other antennas so I was mainly active on 10/15 and 20 meters. My Friend Joop did hoist
a 40 meter dipole on Saturday and I only make 54 QSO's on this band on Sunday morning. The higher
bands went really well and I had lots of fun working the NA runs. Final result on Sunday afternoon was
804 QSO's.

Band   QSOs    Pts    Sec   
  7          54      162    27   
14        251      753    45   
21        249      747    44   
28        246      738    49
Total    800    2400   165
Claimed Score: 396.000 points

As I was there early before SR, both mornings, I had to wait until NA signals could be heard.
Chatted a bit with ZL1BWG/Bruce on Sunday morning and made some DX contacts too.

- 3B9/OE4AAC on 15/CW
- 6W/MM0NDX on 15/SSB
- KH2/NH0S on 20/CW
- FK8DD/m on 15/SSB
- XV9NPS on 15/CW
- 3B8BAE on 10/SSB
- 6W/G3TXF on 10/CW
- Zl4IR on 20/SSB
- VK7ROY on 20/SSB
- VK5ZKT on 20/SSB
- VK2GWK on 20/SSB
- String with JA's on 15/SSB

- 8 and 9 February 2014, PACC contest.

As a tradition we would not operate from the contest location but from a team members house.
Peter(PA8A) has a super station and we never have to worrie about setting up extra antennas last day
before the contest. We made 1363 QSO's this year which is probable not a number one score but we
took the time to have dinner and breakfast with the complete team.
I personally found interest on 160 meters very low and the same for 40 and 80 SSB. CW was another
story. When on CW the rate went up quickly and it seemed a lot people prefer this mode (which I understand).

Outside the contest I could make 4 more contacts with FT5ZM on Amsterdam Island.
One to recall is the one I made at sunday morning at 0248 local when they where working stations from the
USA on 20 meters SSB. I saw them spotted and as the rate drops dramaticly during these long night hours I
decided to  give them a call. I even thought the operator was a bit suprised to hear a European in between
the US callers,hihi.

 Contest callsign.


 FT5ZM bandslots.

- 7 February 2014.

Just past 10 o'clock this morning I could work FT5ZM on 12 meter CW from home.
Nice to make a contact with just the wire antenna and 100 watts from the crowded city.

- 1 and 2 February 2014, FT5ZM.

Work them at least one time, any band or mode, that was my goal when I went to the contest station
on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday I would actually drive there to bring my amplifier and crank
up the tower. This would mean I did not need much time to be on air Sunday morning. Still some time
left and FT5ZM was on 15 meter in phone, but, working the America's (N+S). Chatted a while with
VE7JER and WE0J until it was time to go home. Just before flipping the switch I saw them spotted
on 20/CW. Joined the pile and it took me less then 10 minutes to get in the log...that went smooth!

Sunday morning I arrived before the higher bands would open. I waited patiently to hear first signals.
Little later, around 0620z, they could be heard on 15/CW. With the pile up spread out up to 10/15 KHz
it is a lotery but I knew my signal would be strong and he would finally come across.
Little later he heard me, 2 QSO's ...more then I went for.

I did expect them to come on 10 meter but my amplifier does not support this band. That would mean
100 watt but with the yagi up 16 meters it should work. When they got on SSB I had them quick and
when they aired in the CW portion of the band it wasn't really difficult either.

Happy with 4 QSO's I returned home just before mid day.

- 1 February 2014, ZS8C card!

Got the card today confirming my 10 and 15 meter SSB contact.
TNX Carson!

25 January 2014, CQ160CW and the storm.

I started the first night at 2200z, conditions generaly bad as I could not hear and work many
stations from the US. Worked some nice DX like PJ2, ZF2, FM and 6Y and went home on saturday
morning around 0815z. I was back at the station late in the afternoon and a heavy storm was upcoming!
When some friends came to have coffee heavy wind alredy hit the 90 foot vertical. When I checked the SWR
I saw that it had turned sky high. When looking outside we saw that the antenna had collapsed.
End of the contest.....617 QSO's in the log.

 Sunday morning.

 Friday/Saturday night.

-23 January 2014, FT5ZM on air soon!

Also starting soon, the Amsterdam Island DX-pedition.
The Braveheart is close to arrivel and they should be active starting this weekend, maybe even tomorrow?
I do have Amsterdam Island confirmed but hopefully make a couple contacts on new bands/modes.

 Braveheart at Antarctica

- 22 January 2014, countdown to CQ-160-CW contest.

Woow, I am really looking forward to coming weekend when PA8F and myself will be active in the
CQ-160 meter-CW contest. Friday we will set up the 90 foot vertical, hope condx will be good!

 Picture: the vertical in CQ-160-CW-2010

- 19 January 2014, DX-ing!

Went to the contest station today and worked nice DX.
I could make two QSO's with the FT5ZM team as VK6FZM/MM on their way to Amsterdam Island.
Carson/ZS8C did not really have it very busy when I called him on 15(SSB).

- 15 january 2014, PC-headset project.

I had been reading about making a PC-headset work on HF radios with very good results.
So I bought myself a Trust headset, found a small box and ordered the few parts needed for this project.
As these have electret elements you need to use the +voltage pin from your transceiver or add a small
battery box. The 3,5mm socket on the left is for the headset mic, the miniswitch on top is for manual PTT
and the 3,5mm DIN socket on the right for a footswitch. Ofcourse this works great using VOX as well.
The few tests I have done so far seem very promising, good sharp DX-audio (but still good
to listen to) for just a few dollars.

Click to picture below to go to the DX-zone article.

- 5 January 2014, At the contest station.

Hooked up with other members of our contest team to do some maintenance and play radio.
Fred and Joop switched video cards (both PC's) to be able to connect 2 screens. This way we can take
full advantage of all the contest info and related windows in N1MM. We had the tower cranked up and
made a few contacts, discussed upcoming contests. Overall we had a fun day at the station.

- 1 January 2014, DX-WORLD.NET
If you are a DX-er or not, one should bookmark this one as it is a great source for upcoming andrunning DX-peditions etc. Col/MM0NDX started this project in 2007 and it is a very well updated website.Through the years it got very popular by many Ham Radio operators around the world.It contains pictures, announcements, sound files etc often from present DX-peditions as from expired ones.
Click on the image to go to the website!