This is my 2016 diary page.

Have fun reading about my chase for DX, contesting and other Ham Radio items. 


- 25 December 2016: December activities.

Have been quite active this month, mainly in the early morning hours, right before dawn on 80, 40, and 30 meters mostly.

- 26 and 27 November 2016: CQ-WW-CW contest.

I Had serious back problems this week but happily that went better end of the week and I could spend some time at the
contest station this weekend. My favorit mode(CW) and I looked forward to work the lower bands.

I am about the only one who likes to be there at night and therefor decided to leave the 160 antenne in the box.
There would be plenty of stations available on 80 and 40 meters we asumed. This was the case and both bands went very
well. 80 meter was a blast  with good DX openings, specially around SR. 40 meter was better on Sunday then the night
before but still not the runs from NA that I expected.
Other operators were Fred/PA8F, PD2JAM and Mark/PA4M. Mark/PA4M is a new member in our team and like myself

specialized in CW. Nice to have you aboard our team!

Band    QSOs    Pts  ZN    Cty
   3,5     500     670   13   76

   7        369     575   23   93
   14      250     441   28   68

   21        73     175   22   57
   28          8        7      3    8
 Total    1200    1868   89  302

 Claimed Score : 730.388 Points

- 24 November, 2016: FT4JA card finally arrived!

Everyone who worked the FT4JA DX-pedition had to be patient when waiting for the QSL card to arrive.

Cards have been processed in France and had to travel to Juan Nova for final treath. This took some time but cards eventually
came in a envelop with very nice stamps from the island itself. This was very nice and the envelop itself is a collectors
item from now on...I guess.

This confirmed DXCC# 334 and there are just a couple(5) to go for the Full House!

- 24 and 25 September, 2016: CQ-WW-RTTY

Two men effort this weekend, PD2JAM and PA3GVI. I would be the one to begin at 0000z, Joop being so kind to pick me up
from home because I did not have the car this weekend. The night went rough and bad condx. Had to send my callsign several
times often. Later we thought/found this is a wrong setting or something in MMTTY or the transceiver. Later, when we
switched to MMVARI things went more smooth. Higher bands opened up except 10 was poor.

Joop made most of the contacts as he spend more hours at the station as I was not there on Sunday.

Total number of QSO's was 1073 and the new installed 40 meter rotary dipole worked very well!

- 21 August, 2016: back on the weblog again.

Kind of lost interest for the radio a little when Spring came into our area of the World.

I like to be outdoors and hunt for Carp during that time of the year, including Summer and vacation.

Just last weekend I made the first QSO's again in the WAE contest. Just 25 but I played the radio again and that's a start.

Over the last months I have received cards for VP8STI, VP8SGI and VK0EK...ones that were new on my list.

I am still waiting for the Juan Nova card (FT4JA). With 5 DXCC to go I am Honor roll but need to make the endorsement at

the ARRL. Probable will do that when the Juan Nova card is in.

Tomorrow we have a meeting with the contest members and a couple guys that agreed to reinforce our team.

So I am looking forward to the contest season really....time to pick up my CW skills!

-13 April, 2016: Final scores on FT4JA and VK0EK. 

Two days ago hugh's pile ups and excitement on the HF bands ended as VK0EK and FT4JA went QRT. For my self
and many Operators they both were ATNO and congrats to everyone who could make a contact. I am always satisfied with just one contact
but find a challenge in working them more bands and modes. With these DXpeditions with high demand I hardly ever get through
first days from home with my 31 meter Doublet but am fortunate that we have a contest station, about 20 minutes drive from my town.
Most DXpeditions can be worked easily from that station but I hardly ever heard the Palmyra team a couple weeks earlier and did not make a contact.
First contacts with FT4 and VK0 were made with the high Yagi first days. Then the pressure is off, at least it feels that way, and I
give it a shot from home. Mostly of the time with 2 or 3 week DXpeditions I can eventually putt more bands and modes into my log.
I am quite satisfied with my totals on VK0 and FT4 and can take 2 more of my wanted list. There are 5 DXCC to go for the full house!

- 2 to 5 April, 2016: More cocontacts.


March 5Th:

I got contacts with FT4 and VK0 already, both being ATNO, so the pressure is off but I would listen if I can hear and work them
other bands as well. This afternoon at 1415 UTC I worked FT4JA on 17 meter CW. Quite some QSB on but loud enough.

Didn't seem busy at that time or maybe Propagation was just better to our part in the World/Europe.

March 4Th:

I could not sleep at night and I mostly listen on HF if there is any interesting DX on.

I saw VK0EK spotted on 40 meter CW but I reckoned they could not be heard with my simple antenna.

As you may know I life in a crowded city, house in a block of 5, 31 meter inverted-V dipole over the house.

Not ideal but I know I can work DX on low bands...specially at night when all the QRM from neighboring houses is gone.
So I tuned 7.016 MHz and I could hear him working European stations. It did not seem busy, most stations worked him

1 to 3 KHz down. I gave it a try and at one point I heard parts of my callsign through the noise. Repeated my call and there
it was again. I returned with the usual 'CFM 5NN TU' and saw my callsign appear in the realtime log.

How wonderful, I was delighted!

March 2Th:

Today I was at the station again and was able to make contact with Juan Nova Island / FT4JA again.

This time they were loud on 15 and I made it into their log CW and SSB.

- 30 March, 2016: Another ATNO.....FT4JA/Juan Nova.

Oke, so the DXCC list will no longer count 340 Entities as Kingman Reef has been deleted on 29TH March.

This does not make any difference, I still need 6 to go for the full house, 339 in total.

Today FT4JA would hit the Airwaves from Juan Nova Island, one that's left on my list.

When I went to work at 13:00 local no sign yet but when I was done I quickly checked the cluster and saw spots.

No time for dinner and I went to the contest station, see if I could get through the first day. Crank up the tower, warm up the
amplifier and I was good to go. They were extremely loud on 15/SSB but working only North-America. Same on 10 meter/CW,
Less strong but Q5 copy. Again....only NA! I felt frustrated but they are there 2 weeks....no panic! Their RTTY signal on 20
meter was also strong but the pile up was very very large. Tried that for an hour but did not get through.

At one moment I saw the operator write:'QSY and change operator'! Were would they go, let me think!!!
I would think with 20 still open to Europe and the US they would go CW, let's try that. So I set the radio on 14037 according
to their band-plan and the second VFO 1.1 KHz higher. Few minutes later I heard tuning and operator send some test CQ's
followed by 'CQ CQ FT'. Then 'CQ CQ FT4'. That must be him checking if things work, it's their first day right! Then he gives full
CQ and up and I give my call several times.
He got my call (busted|)right away but I found his way curious...seemed he was
still using his RTTY macro's. PA3G 599 ( instead of 5NN) followed with PA3G.
Had to repeat my call couple times but he finally
had it right giving me the full RTTY mode exchange.... PA3GVI 599 PA3GVI.
First I wasn't sure if this was a pirate because that
was rather strange. Later the coin fell.....he did not change his macro's when going from RTTY to CW!
Happy to be in the log so quickly.....with some gambling!  
DXCC#334 (5 to go).

Update 31 March: Log is online.

- 26 March, 2016: VK0EK/Heard Island contact.

Heard Island is on the air for a couple days now and I planned to go to the station and try to make a contact.

At arrive they were active on 15 in CW and could be heard working many Europeans. I listened to the pile up for some time and were

stations were worked. I choose 13 KHz down from his frequency were it became a little bit less busy with callers. It did

not take long before I heard my call, about 15 minutes or so.

Great, another ATNO in my log, DXCC #334. Another great thing about this DXpedition is the Real Time Log. In an instand you can see if

you are in there. Below my QSO screenshot.

Stayed a little longer and made some QSO's in the CQ-WPX-SSB contest.

- 21 March, 2016: 5J0P/ San Andres Island.

I have not done that much Radio really for the last few weeks but I did make some contacts here and there.

This morning made another contact with the Polish team active from San Andres island, 5J0P.

At sunrise they were Q5 on 80 meter in CW and it wasn't really busy! Also made it into their log on 40/SSB and RTTY.

Nice to see your callsign apear in the realtime log after the QSO!

- 1 March, 2016: PACC log analyzed.

I read several Ham Radio Forums and on one of these I found an item about the DL4MFM log analyzer tool.

This is really a nice tool: http://tools.adventureradio.de/analyzer

Just select a log and add your Locator and Callsign and it will show you DXCC, QSO/per Hour etc.

Below you see the PG6G PACC contest results from the tool.



- 20 and 21 February, 2016: ARRL DX CW.

I was very excited on Friday eve for the upcoming ARRL DX contest. My favorite mode CW and even with just a doublet into the
antenna tuner it has been a wonderful contest previous years. In good spirit I set my alarm at 0000z for the contest to begin.
I could instantly hear that the bands were not in a good shape at all. Even the big US stations could barely be heard on 40 and 80.
A bit disappointed I went to bed again with just a couple in my log. I checked the bands frequently but it stayed bad through the day
but added a couple more on the higher bands. Sunday was slightly better on 40 meters and higher bands too. I called CQ a couple times
and obviously was spotted by skimmers because I got a few callers. Then it died out again....S&P was all left to do. I would probable
have done much better when active from the contest station with the Yagi and high dipoles but I had some Family obligations as well.

That's why I choose to do it this way and finally stopped with 113 QSO's and just 26 States and 4 Canadian Provinces.

There is always a next contest!

- 13 and 14 February, 2016: PACC contest with PG6G.

The Dutch PACC (PA Century Club) is an annual event and many operators from The Netherlands are active in CW and SSB.

Our PG6G contest team has joined for many years in the Multi/One section (CW and SSB) with good results every year.

The contest started in a relax way because as a tradition we would operate from one of our team members shack. Antennas for all bands including
a set of switchable K9AY's receiving antennas for 80 and 160 meters. We gathered at 1000z and just had to make some workspace
at the desk, make the laptop contest ready. N1MM had already been configured in the week ahead of the contest. At 1200z the game started
on 10 meter/SSB, then 15 meter SSB and CW. A good run on 40 meter in the afternoon with many EU and PA's in our log.
Until dinner at 1800z the average rate was 100 an hour. After dinner explored 160 meters to work many UK stations active in
their own contest. These, with their different exchange, can be logged in the PACC without a problem. Worked almost all the UK multipliers.
The other operators all went home or bed for the night and I would stay up and switched bands and modes, bagging the necessary points and multies.
Average rate still good but the night is always a struggle. Took a nap when it went down mountain, I slept 2 hours till 0400z when an other
Operator returned from home to get on the air again. Average rate goes up again during the early hours normally. We tried the lower part of the
Radio Amateur spectrum until the response went low again. On to the higher bands for a couple hours before we took the time to have a nice breakfast.

Last few hours 15 meter was really good with surprises like several VK's, DU, FR. Also worked 8 out of 10 Japanese call areas, these are all multipliers,
just as the ones from the USA, Canada and other Entities. Just before the end a last attempt on 10 meter which had been open occasionally.
We started the contest with a Dutch station and ended with a Dutch Staion First. The first QSO with PG16MC, last QSO PA6Y QSO, both on 10 meters.

1627 QSO's of which 16 were Dupes. Eventually the off time for the 24 contest would be about 4 hours in total Sleep, Dinner, Breakfast).

No failures during the contest, all antennas worked really well. Back home I uploaded the log to the robot and within a couple months will see the definite ranking.


PACC contest operators: PD2JAM, PA3GVI, PA4B, PA8F, PA8A.

Transceiver: Yaesu FT-5000

Amplifier: Drake L4B (400 Watts), Drake L7 (400 Watts)

Antennas: Yagi up 25 meters (10/15/20), Dipoles(40/80/160), K9AY switchable receiving loops (80/160).

Logging program: N1MM+

Best/longest run and QSO rate: 140 per hour for 60 minutes/2,3 per minute (CW)

Score: PG6G Multi/One Section

Band   Mode  QSOs     Pts    Cty
   1,8    CW      88       88     22
   1,8    LSB     59       59     15
   3,5    CW      202     202   36
   3,5    LSB     102     102   23
   7       CW      130     130   37
   7       LSB     149     149   26
   14     CW      286     286   55
   14     USB     119     119   29
   21     CW      139     139   32
   21     USB     216     216   53
   28     CW      62       62     11
   28     USB     59       59     11
Total  Both  1611    1611  350
Claimed Score: 563.850 Points


- 10 February, 2016: Next weekend...PACC contest!

Coming weekend 13 /14 February is the annual PACC contest. Activity from The Netherlands will be high on all the bands from
160 to 10 meters. Our Provinces will be the multiplier in this contest. I will be in the contest from PA8A shack just as previous
years. For this event our call sign will be PG6G and operators are: PA8A, PA8F, PD2JAM, PA4B, NL-11607 and PA3GVI.

Try to work all Provinces on each band if you can!

73, Rob/PA3GVI (PG6G team)

The 12 Dutch Provinces:

- Groningen (GR)

- Friesland (FR)

- Drenthe (DR)

- Overijsel (OV)

- Flevoland (FL)

- Gelderland (GD)

- Utrecht (UT)

- Noor- Holland (NH)

- Zuid Holland (ZH)

- Zeeland (ZL)

- Noord Barbant (NB)

- Limburg (LB)

- 6 and 7 February, 2016: Black Sea Cup contest.

Very nice contest and I choose to be in one of the CW only sections. First hours went really great and I eventually finished with
400 QSO's in my log. This was at 0500z on Sunday morning, I had to go to work by then.

In this contest I had my score transferred live to the cqcontest.net website which is a nice tool.

Seeing the score of other competitors might trick you to push it a little harder!

It is easy to do, just create an account at cqcontest.net and log in with N1MM+ via the Configurer and then Score Reporting.

- 1 February, 2016: The pressure is off!

- 29 to 31 January, 2016: CQ160CW and UBA-SSB.

 Second night, great condx!

Friday evening 1900z and I am at the station, waiting for the CQ-160-CW to start. My first plan was to take it slow and go to the station on Saturday
morning but eventually I felt to need to hit it hard this weekend. VP8SGI from South Georgia is on the air and I spend some time trying to make a contact.
I hear them on 40/CW! Got them quick and soon also 20/CW, both within 30 minutes. The beginning of the contest and the band really explodes,
people are trying to find a spot to call CQ.
Evendo I made a contact on a frequency just minutes before the start, stations started crawling up against
my frequency right away.
Never mind, adjust the bandwidth and I was fine. I went well but after a couple hours I forced myself to go to bed for a short time.
I am always afraid to miss a great DX opening when I do that in a 160 contest, the Europeans would be there the next night too. 350 QSO's in the log when the
bands died out after SR. Went to bed for some hours again to be fit again for the UBA-SSB contest which would start at 1300z.
First hour 95 stations in my log and it was soon time to get some dinner. Early in the afternoon because I wanted to be on Topband again just before SS.
Second night on 160 was a blast with a very nice opening to the Americas and the Caribbean. Dipole was only fed at a height of 14 meters and I did not
expect wonders. I worked a number of US stations, a HK, KP2, XE, C6, ZF, PJ2 and a couple Middle East as well. Quite Satisfied with a total of 731 QSO's
on Sunday morning. This would be my score as I wanted to go home before midday. The rest of the morning I worked hard to set a good score for the
UBA contest and I finally stopped at 400 Q's.
Tired but it was great fun. Nice to have Joop/PD2JAM visiting, to work VP8SGI, on Saturday
afternoon and in the evening after

CQ-160-CW:       QSO=731     Pts= 3914   St/Prov= 19   DXCC= 57

UBA-SSB:           QSO=400     Pts= 1125   Pfx= 75    Prov=24

Got him....twice!                                                                            

Mobile tower with the 160 Dipole                                                 Dipole feedpoint with inexpensive Choke Balun

- 28 January, 2016: Antenna work.

Coming weekend there will be the CQ-160-CW contest and the UBA-SSB contest. I plan to make contacts in both so today I needed to make the dipoles
ready. Tuesday we already installed a 40/80/160 meter dipoles from one feed point just below the yagi in the high tower. We could not get it right
and today I would go there to fix things. First took the 160 meter dipole from the feed point and after taking the dipoles down a couple times I had them

in the SSB portion of the 40 and 80 meter band. Then installed the 160 meter dipole in the mobile tower with a pulley and a rope.  Something was
definitely wrong and after a long search we found bad dipole connections. Soldered them again and problem solved.The height of the dipole is not all that
great, it will probable not bag DX on topband but there will be enough European traffic a swell. SSB and CW this weekend,,,,will be fun!

- 25 January, 2016: online log VP8STI and QSL cards.

Alright, so the 80/CW wasn't a good one but the 15 meter contacts are shown in the online log.

Here are a couple Z81 cards that I recently received through the Buro.

All three confirming 28 MH/CW contacts.

- 24 January,2016: BARTG-RTTY-Sprint contest.

Got up early because I planned to make a couple contacts in the BARTG-RTTY contest. This already started 1200z the day before
so I would just be handing out points for a couple hours. At the contest station I noticed K5P active on 20 meter but nothing
Switched back and forth from the contest to K5P until I had a 10 minute opening on 40/CW. He was very weak but
audible....could not get through. Instead tried VP8STI on 80/CW and due to QRMers and QSB I could not tell if my contact is a
good one. Contest rate was kind of slow but I didn't really care much. Shack was warm and I would wait to get a new band slot
oppertunity for VP8STI. Took me very little time when they appeared on 15/SSB, followed by a 15/CW contact. Went home
again at 1115z to shower and enjoy the rest of my afternoon.


- 22 January, 2016: Ham Radio Quiz 2015.

The DKARS december 2015 Quiz is now available in my Ham Radio Quiz section!

Let me know how you did!

 <------ mail to PA3GVI

- 21 January, 2016.

I spend most of the day at the station for K5P but without succes. Nothing heard!...ooh well!
Good news is that I could make a 20/CW contact with VP8STI and found my 40/CW in their log too!

- 20 January, 2016: More....South Thule Island.

I woke up in the middle of the night and when that happens I normally cannot get to sleep again. Today was no exception.......
The VP8 guys did upload their logs and I felt annoyed when I found my QSO in the log as PA3ZVI ( this one does not exist)!
Saw plenty EU spots of them being on 40/CW and 30/RTTY. When in the shack I could hear them on both bands and tried 40/CW first.
A large pile up so I went up high...12 KHz or so. I kind of got him quick at 0209z. After this I joined the RTTTY pile up for more then 2 hours
but without any success until they disappeared into the noise. Hopefully my 40/CW contact is a good one..but I am pretty sure!

- 18 January, 2016: South Sandwich Islands, VP8STI.

The team from the Intrepid Group arrived at Thule Island and first signals were expected today. Work was done at 1000z  so I
quickly drove to the contest station, no spots on the cluster yet! When just there my friend Joop joined me and after he had
brought a new Gas-tank for the heater we could heat the place up again. Soon VP8STI was spotted on 20/CW but was not really
strong at that moment when they just started. Little later on 15/CW signals wear weak at first but got quickly better and after
some time the pile up had grown to very large. Eventually I worked them after 30 minutes or so on 14KHz up. Thrilled to add a
ATNO and to write them of my small list of DXCC remaining. Joop is a Novice and has to wait for a better signal on 20 or 10
But first impression is not bad, the path for Europe is good. I am sure he will make a contact soon.

 New DXCC # 332

- 16 and 17 January, 2016: HA-DX contest by PD2JAM and PA3GVI.

We decided to be active in the Hungarian DX contest this weekend in the Multi-One category/all Band.

This one started at 1200z on Saturday so we had plenty of time to make every ready. Joop already installed the 40/80 meter dipole the day before and left
the heater on. I was at the station early on Saturday and hoped to hear K5P from Palmyra but again they could not be heard through the weekend.
We even made a
30 meter dipole because on that band a couple stations from are country made a contact there.

The contest went really good and even with the conditions not being really good there were plenty stations active from Europe and surrounding countries.

At 1200z on Sunday there were 950 QSOs in our log. Highlights were the two Japanese and one South Korean stations who were worked on 80/CW.

That doesn't happen every day, at least not with the relative low inverted Dipole.


40/80 dipole.                                                                               Running but still in my chair. :)


Yagi and dipoles.                                                                          Just outside our shack.

- 15 January, 2016: K5P/Palmyra Island.

The Palmyra K5P DXpedition is now underway for a couple days but me and my friend Joop have not heard a single bleep!

And, we are not the only ones here in Europe. Asia and the Americas seem to go great and most DX-cluster spots come from
these regions, QSO's in their log too! How come?....you see all kind of reasons posted and I can't tell which one is reasonable.

Is it the choice of antennas, the season or even the choice which frequency to use when....I don't know.

What I do know is that the team is very experienced and I suppose they know what they are doing and did possible have no choice in most of these things.

But I sure hope this weekend, when I am at the station anyway for the HA-DX contest, they will be heard at least and hopefully two QSO's more with PA.

- 11 January,2016: Remote Islands.

I have a true fascination of Islands and specially the remote ones. On my hunt to make a contact with all the 340 countries on
the ARRL list I encountered many. Some were very easy to make a contact with but others have been difficult because of a
reason. First you have the Islands that are under the protection of the respective Government and you need special
permission to enter. Others because they are so extreme in distance from the main land or are extreme in weather and landing.
Peter 1st, about 280 Miles of the Antarctic Peninsula and a dependency of Norway for example is very hard to reach and has a
harsh weather type. Ham Radio DXpeditions to these places are very very expensive and therefor these are activated not all
that often. The last time a group of Hams took the challenge was back in 2006 and the cost were somewhere around
500.000 Dollars. Partly financed by the team members but supported by many Ham Radio operators, equipment manufacturers
and DX associations. From the last 9 Countries I need and never made a contact with 8 of them are Islands!
Here is the exciting part. One of them, Palmyra island in the Pacific, will be on the air starting today or tomorrow and I know it
will be a madhouse on the bands as this one is high on the most wanted list. To make things even more chaotic, at least in my
mind, next week a team will land South Sandwich Island and 8 days later South Georgia Island, two others on my list.
So I am on High alert these days and if you see me run or speeding on the road..I am probable on my way to get behind the
radio as fast as I can! Hope I can make at least one contact with each of them!

Palmyra Dxpedition: http://palmyra2016.org/

South Sandwich and South Georgia Dxpedition: http://www.intrepid-dx.com/vp8/

- January 9, 2016: ZL9A and more....

It was still dark when my alarm clock woke me up at 0500z this morning. I had planned to go to the contest station but had no car to get me there.

I would take the first train leaving our station (0615z) to Woerden and then walk the last 4 Kilometers to the antenna site. The backpack, filled with food,
drinks and camera(you never know) and off I went. Arrived at the station at exactly 0700z and found the bands 10/15/20 still closed. I  
wanted to try to make a contact with ZL9A on Antipodes Islands today, located about 750 Km from the main Southern Island of New Zealand.

At 0730z the 20 meter band started to open up slowly and I could make a CW-contact with JD1BMH on Ogasawara Island in the Pacific.

45 Minutes later ZL9A could barely be heard over the Long Path on 14.260. Situation quickly improved and he came back with PA3GV??....
I repeated my call sign a couple times and thought I heard him say 'PA3DVI...thank you QRZ'. Not sure if I heard it wrong or did he?

They had to switch operators so went QRX for a while but 20 minutes later were back. Quickly I could make a contact again. Little later JD1BMH

emerged on 20/SSB and as there was no other DX I made a Sideband contact with him as well. Conditions on 20 got better and I listened for a while to
the ZL9A  working Europa, he got stronger and stronger. Strange enough 90 degrees off bearing, the normal bearing from PA to ZL9 is 94 degrees but
he was the loudest on 0 degrees bearing!! Anyway, I already got him and during the day he never showed up on 10 or 15 meter.
We have no permanent antennas for WARC or the lower bands at the station, just the 3 band Yagi.

At 1100z I did send a SMS to my friend Peter/PA8A, who is currently on Bonaire Island, to ask if he already had a radio ready after his arrival one day earlier.
He replied and we tried 15 meters. Nothing heard both sides but 20 went well. No 59 signals but audio was strong enough to have a chat.

Peter/PJ4B is still there till the 22Th of this month, holiday style, using a Endfed antenna with a Yaesu FT-950. Peter informed me that operating
during the evening would be more then challenging as the Hotel has Led lights outside that course tremendous noise on all the bands.

During the day my good friend Joop/PD2JAM joined me and we worked some DX, chatted the time away....

Other stations that entered my log:

-YB2EUZ from Indonesia

- YC9FAR from Indonesia

- T6SM from Afghanistan

- A61SM from Dubai

- XV4Y from Vietnam

- HV0A from Vatican

- NP2X from US Virgin Islands

- V25LK from Antigua Island

- 4X4TT from Israel

Several stations from the Ukraine and Russia.

- January 8, 2016: Reorganize QSL cards.... having flashbacks!


QSL cards are fun to collect and after 20 years I still look forward to receive the next bunch from the manager.

These cards, most of the being full color these days, bring back stories about certain contacts. This afternoon I decided
to reorganize/move my cards. That sounds more spectacular than it actually is as they just went from a plastic box to a office desk.
But they all went through my hands and some made me hold one and another longer as I remembered the contact. One of them was
a 160 meter/CW card from when I used to be very active on that band. I lived at a lake then and had a full size rectangular loop on
my property. It was fed from one of the vertical sides with 450 ohms twinlead, worked well on 160 and 80 meters.
Took part in many Stew Perry and CQ160 contests with minimum resources. For example, I had no 500 Hz CW filter (believe it or not),
no amplifier(just 100 watts) and no separate receive antennas at all. But, this full size Oblong worked very very well. Nights without
conditions went through my mind looking at the card but also the nights when all seem to go smooth. W8JI was 'the' North America beacon at
that time (he might still be) and I could tell if I could work more USA  after I heard/saw Tom on the band. If he was weak...not much of a
 chance...if he was loud(and he could be really loud) there were good opportunities. 3B9C/ Rodriguez Island card in my hand.....the last DX
contact I made before I had to take the antenna down. We would move to another city......


- January 7, 2016: Outgoing cards.

Spend some time today answering many incoming cards for PG6G, PA3GVI and LX/PA3GVI.
I was last active in Luxembourg in 2013 but I still receive Buro cards for this operation.

- January 2 & 3, 2016: Contesting weekend.

Nothing important this weekend and the rainy weather, the Winter being very mild for us so far,  kept me inside too!
Went for two contests, WWPMC (CW) and ARRL RTTY Roundup (RTTY obviously).
WWPMC: 202 QSO's
ARRL RTTY Roundup: 400 QSO's
That was fun, conditions not good and worked just a few outside Europe.


- January 1, 2016: First QSO in the new year.

In the early morning I made my first contact in 2016 with OG25YL in Finland on 80 meters/CW.
Later in the morning anticipated in AGCW contest(CW/50 QSO's) and SARTGHNY contest (RTTY/25 QSO's).