This is my 2008 diary page.

Have fun reading Ham-radio items and coverage of my hunt for DX!








- 21 to 24 December 2008.


Not much active here but worked a couple:

- FM5BH on 20/CW

- TR8CA on 20/RTTY

- CN89NY on 20/SSB





- 16 December 2008, PG6G video ready.


I have just finished the PG6G video with coverage of our visit to the big gain antennas.






- 11 December 2008, Big Antennas!


We Ham's,.....we love antennas right?

I collected a handfull of big antenna pictures for you.






- 29 and 30 November 2008, CWWWCW.


I couldn't really bring it up to be active long in this contest.

I was still recovering from our trip to the Broadcast station and besides, I needed to do some things

in and around the house as well.

Random I gave away some points and ended with 108 QSO's on 40 meter only.

Conditions seemed good, as always with the CQWW contests.

US were very strong Sunday morning and I worked several Caribbean as well, nice.





- 27 and 28 November 2008, active as PG6G.



Around 0900z we gate red at Peter's place to load the transceiver, amplifier en drive to the Location

from where we would activate PG6G.

This is the former Radio Netherlands antenna site which is not in use anymore since they found other stations

to broadcast their programs.

The transmitters have been sold but the coax relays and antennas are still working.

Within an hour we arrived and straight away set a table near the antenna-matrix so we could install our gear

and make quick changes to the different antennas.

All seemed to work well and soon we were on 20 meter/SSB to give our first CQ.

It was Fred/PA8F who started as this was his first time to visit the station, Peter and myself had been there

a couple times before.

First station in the log was A41OO/M  followed by 7Z1UG, VK6ARA, ZS6BGH, ET3AA and EP4RJ.

It didn't take long to create a pile up and it seemed like everyone was waiting for us.

Then we switched the antenna towards the US were we would stay for about 1,5 hour.




Signals were hughs and almost everyone was 59 and beyond, up to +40dB!

These curtain antennas work very well with a take-off angle being around 7 degrees and an impressive

gain of 22dB!!

I said it before but even stations with a marginal antenna situation and 50 watts made it into the log easily.

It is really unbelievable to hear a large crowd call every times why ended a QSO and called 'QRZ'!

The it was on to 40 meter/CW and the first to respond was not US but V8HTT from Brunei, nice huh?

Soon we worked several West Coast over the long path, time at that point around 1450z.

It didn't seem to be a large opening as after 30 minutes it suddenly stopped and we decided to return to 20

meters again.

We switched back and forward 20<-> 40 until 2030z and then we gave it another try towards South America.

We found a clear spot at 7059 and gave our first CQ.

First a couple PY's in the log and then CO, 8P, FM, CO, HI, HK, OA, CX, the complete region came by to say

hello, really nice!

Again, massive signals from all stations and they kept on coming.

Now and then we really needed a short break to drink a cup of coffee and stretch our legs.

It was good we had the electric heater as it was very cold inside the building.

The night went good and it didn't really get more quite, enough stations noticed our loud signal on the 40 meter band.

Some of our friend even took a day of from work to make a contact, something which wasn't that easy as

they had to overcome the large DX pile-up.

But Joop/PD2JAM, Rick/PA4B and Wander/PD1DER made it through with good operating practice, waiting for a short gape between the stations calling, thanks for the contact guys!

Anyway, the night went on and all three of us could sleep short on the stretcher we brought.

This helped us through the night as sleep starts to get the overhand after 18 hours pile up.

Fred had to leave the station early for an appointment, so Peter and I went on for 2 more hours.

In the early morning with the grey-line over VK and ZL I tried the long path but only a few VK's and ZL's responded in CW.

Conditions didn't seem to be good enough to produce strong signals over that path, something what had been

completely different last time in January 2008.

Back to 20 meter, we called VK7ROY who called CQ on 14.195.

After a very nice QSO Dick/3D2AB called in to make a contact with us cause we were so loud on fiji!

This was really a nice surprise, he was even stronger then the VK7, and so we could have a nice chat for about

15 minutes.




Dick was interested in the big antenna as he had been an engineer in the broadcast business.

After we signed with Dick, a few Japanese stations came into the log shortly before breaking up our station.

This was around 0800z, Peter and I were exhausted and decided to pack and leave.

It took us an hour to load everything into the car, clean up the room  and lock the building.

Satisfied we returned home, to install the FTDX-9000DX and amplifier in Peter's shack.

Then a nice coffee and watch some of the footage we shot, short before going home myself and enjoy

a warm bath.

We really enjoyed working everyone of you and will QSL all our 644 contacts via the buro!

We made 200 QSO's on 20 meter and 444 QSO's on 40 meter.

There are 68 DXCC countries in the log:

ZS, 4X, A7, A4, EX, EP, HZ, JA, TA, UA9, UN, VU, E7, 9A, CT, CU, DL, EA, EI, ER, EU, F, G, HA, I, LZ,

OE, OK, OM, ON, PA, S5, SP, SV, UA, UR, YO, YU, 6Y, 8P, C6, CM, FM, HI, HP, HR, K, KP2, KP4, TG,

TI, VE, XE, YN, 3D2, V8, VK, YB, ZL, CX, HK, LU, OA, P4, PJ2, PY, YV AND 4O.


Here is a short clip of the antennas we used during our 20 hour stay:



We will be back!...astalavista!




- 24 November 2008, PG6G.


The last few years we have been active a couple times from the commercial station.

End of this month we will go there again and we will use the special callsign, PG6G.

This is the official announcement:


PA8A/Peter, PA8F/Fred and PA3GVI/Rob will be active again with the big array, formerly used to
broadcast Radio Netherlands, with the special callsign: PG6G.
This antenna is a curtain antenna with 8 stacked dipoles between two 400 feet towers.
Radiation angle about 7 degrees and a gain of approximate 22 dB!!
Approximate date/time: 27 November/1200z till 28 November/1200z.
We will use SSB and CW and will mainly be active on 40 meter.
A video from our last visit can be found at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vE1zk60v3E
We also look forward to receive recordings which can be mailed to PA3GVI (QRZ).
Hope to make a contact with you!
73, Rob/PA3GVI




- 11 November 2008, looking back on last weekend!


What a weekend, great fun and a good score too with my friends from the PI4WNO contest-crew!

We took part in the WAE-RTTY contest from a spot we often use, a small holiday style house not to far

from where we live.

Facilities are not Hugh but there is a toilet and a stove, about all we need cause we bring food and such

by our selfs.

I arrived at the site around 2200z, the other guys had already installed the needed equipment like

transceivers, laptops and interfaces.

It seemed to work fine, only one interface cable wasn't cooperating, a problem we had easily fixed.

The contest started good with nice runs, me and Joop/PD2JAM staying overnight while the others went

home to return on Saturday morning.

The night went fast, of course with the usual dip but soon we headed for the morning and things seemed

to pick up again.The 40 meter band had been quite marginal, we actually expected more offer from the

US but you can't steer conditions can you?

The others, Willem/NL-11607 and Fred/PA8F, were fresh to go and made the first contacts on the 20 meter


This band brought in really nice DX like the Philippines and Hong Kong to name a few.

15 meter was dead most of the time and only a hand full QSO's could be made.

In the WAE-RTTY, as a European, you can work other European stations which was a welcome bonus.

Stations kept on coming during daytime on 40 and 80 meter, look at the QSO's on this band.

The 20 meter band staying a bit behind in the final score, in my opinion because conditions were not all that good on the higher bands (dept of the cycle).

I went home Saturday around 1200z to return in the evening for some hours, about 850 QSO's in the log.

Fred, Joop and Willem would operate again in the evening while Stan/PD0LUR would operate a big deal

of the early Sunday and on till we finished.


Band   Q/QTC   QSOs    Pts     Cty
  3,5    QSO       456     456      0
  7       QSO       469     469      0
  14     QSO       314     314      0
  21     QSO         57      57       0
 Total    All     1296    1296     0


1319 raw QSO's and after the re-score we could proudly sent in a log which contained 1296 QSO's an all time

high for the team.

A total of  811.026 points were claimed at the desk of the contest-manager.

We sure had a fun weekend and it was only a pity I had to work on Sunday, so I could not be there to help

the guys went finishing around 1400z local(we all needed to work the other day!).

I made a video of the contest to give you an idea how we run build and run these from the field out of scratch!

See you all next contest!



Check out my video section here: http://sitekreator.com/pa3gvi/pa3gvi_videos.html 





- 6 November 2008, preparing for WAE-RTTY.


The PI4WNO contest crew is preparing for the upcoming WAE-RTTY contest.

The field-day in June has been our last gathering so we all look forward on having a nice weekend

with friends and contesting.

Today PA0-krentebrood (actually NL-11607) and myself planned a day of building antenna's at the

contest location.

Weather was perfect and we could install following:

- vertical for 10 meter

- vertical for 15 meter

- vertical for 20 meter

- vertical for 40 meter

This means we only have to putt up the tower with the 80 meter dipole.







1 and 2 November 2008, Ukrainian DX Contest(CW).


Not much activity for me the last few days but a nice contest during this weekend, the Ukrainian DX Contest.

I was active in section Single Operator/CW/All Band and focused on 80,40 and 20 meter because my PC

has problems when on 10 and 15 meters.

Long story short; 403 QSO's and a Claimed score of 241.695 Points.

Please, have a look at the video I made.






- 28 October 2008, How radio works!


I found this vintage video on You tube.

"On the air 1937", How radio works.






- 27 October 2008, HB9 video.


I just finished the HB9/PA1TK/p-video from our stay at the Chasseron in Switzerland during the

IA RU VHF contest in September this year.






-  25 and 26 October 2008, CAW'S.


In the same weekend as the CASABA, imam....not really a good choice to organize a Ham fair but SSB

is not really my piece of cake anyway.(except for rag-chew)

Bands were crowded with big signal-stations and it was hard to keep frequency, even with 400 watts

into the G5RV.

I only made 105 QSO's during the weekend.





 - 25 October 2008, ham-event!


Today was the yearly Ham-event with flee-market and Hamradio related items in Apeldoorn.

This is a good place to meet friends and I went there with Peter/PA8A and his XYL.

I bought about 13 meters open wire for replacement on the G5RV and some flashlights for the kids.






- 21 to 24 October 2008.


I logged the following stations during the last days:

PJ4/N0VD on 40/CW (Curacao)

C57R on 40/SSB and 20/RTTY (Gambia)

9L1X on 20/SSB (Sierra Leone)

BD5BAJ on 20/RTTY (China)

6W/DL4JS on 20/RTTY (Senegal)

OD5PL on 20/RTTY (Lebanon)

E20WXA on 20/RTTY (Thailand)

OX/OZ4UN on 20/CW (Greenland)

VR2XMT on 20/RTTY (Hong Kong)

TF3GC on 20/RTTY (Iceland)
JT1DN on 20/RTTY (Mongolia)

JA1CFN on 20/RTTY (Japan)

JA1CQK on 20/RTTY (Japan)





- 21 October 2008, about morse code.


Short BCC clip about the old but very useful Morse code!






- 20 October 2008, again VK9DWX!




Really difficult to hear or work VK9DWX on Willis Island, both CW and SSB, with the G5RV but I set my

money on RTTY and guess I could be lucky in this mode.

Today my patients paid of and I could work them on 20 and 30 meter in RTTY.

Checking the online log however, only showed my 30 meter QSO, not my 20 meter!!??

later today I logged 6W/DL4JS, active from Senegal , on 20/CW and SSB.





- 18 and 19 October 2008, JARTS RTTY contest.


Another nice RTTY contest again and boy......, I really get hooked to this mode!

Conditions were good from time to time, 40 meter delivering many NA on Saturday morning, less on

Sunday morning.

The 20 meter band was good do, with nice multipliers like KL7, 9M6, 9M2, YB, ZL, many JA's and K's during

the weekend.

Overall, 451 contacts were made with a total of 123.586 points.




- 11 October 2008, RTTY contest.


I made 151 QSO's in the Makrothen RTTY contest today.

This contest was divided in three(3) parts, two on Saturday(11th) and one on Sunday(12th).

I could only be active during the Saturday runs as I had to work on Sunday.

Claimed score: 384.534 Points (which are actually KM/Distance)





- 9 October 2008, VK9DWX.


I was at my Peter's (PA8A) today and had not been active from there for a long time.

After some contacts with JA and ZL, VK9DWX from Willis Island was spotted on 17 meter/SSB.

It took me about 10 minutes to crack the hugh pile up.

Have a look on the website by clicking the picture!






- 8 October 2008.


Monitoring the bands brought XW1B in the log around 1049z, a new one in RTTY.





- 7 October 2008, TX5C card!


Today, I received the TX5C card from a contact (the only contact I made) on 17 meter/SSB.

DXCC 311 confirmed!

I am focusing on T31 and T2 (need them both) this month, hope they can be heard on one of the bands!








- 1 October 2008.


I had a very nice QSO today with Marv/K4KEW/AM, operating from a Boeing-707 at 36000 feet above

the Atlantic Ocean.

I saw him on the cluster and had the FT-2000 monitoring 14.235 MHz were nothing could  be heard.

After about 10 minutes he popped out of the noise and was 59+, amazing!

The pile-up was huge but I maneged to get through and speak to him.

It had been a while that I spoke to an Aeronautical-mobile station and it was sure fun to have a special

QSO like this.

After I signed with him I made a short video-clip of him in QSO.

Have fun listening to Marv as K4KEW/AM!






An hour later I could add a new RTTY DXCC to my list, KG4SS from Guantanamo Bay/Cuba.

I worked him on 20 meters around 1144z.





- 27 and 28 September 2008, CQ-WW-RTTY contest.


I have been active in this World Wide contest but not for the whole 48 hours.

Main activity was on saterday/sunday night and sunday during daylight.

Conditions were not all that good and I did a lot of Search and Pounce!

About 500 QSO's, a total of 74 DXCC countries in total over the bands and a claimed score of 256.950 points.

General, worked many European and Russian stations but also nice DX like: 3V, 9M, HZ, CN, P4, YB, TF, HC8,

VU, HS and ZF.





20 and 21 September 2008, CIS RTTY contest.


I was active for a couple hours this weekend in the CIS RTTY contest and made 115 QSO's.

Conditions were not good but never the less I worked a new RTTY entitie, 9J2QQV from Zambia.





16 to 19 September 2008.


The higher frequencies are quite bad during the day but better in the evening.

A lot of QSB but some nice DX logged along the way.


TI8II on 20/RTTY

VE9NC on 20/RTTY

9V1F1 on 20/RTTY, a special Singapore call for Formula 1 races



ZP6CW on 20/CW

PA90CORUS on 40/SSB, special call

CP6IB on 20/CW


CU2AF on 20/RTTY

HK4CZE on 20/CW

A71EM on 20/RTTY






15 September 2008, stations worked the last few days.


I have not been that active since back from HB9 but made some contacts through the last few days.

DX worked the best with RTTY but I found heavy QSB during several contacts, stations went from 599 to


Anyway, here is the line up:


RF3T on 20/RTTY

9H9PA on 20/SSB (Dutch group of Ham's active from Malta)


E79D on 20/RTTY


SY8L on 20/RTTY


EY8MM on 20/RTTY and 20/SSB

TC4X on 80/SSB

YW4D on 80/SSB


 VR2XMT on 20 meter in RTTY.





13 September 2008, VP6DX card!


I finally got my VP6DX card, or should I say bookwork?

What a nice item to have, it gives perfect view of where, with what and how.

It confirmes contacts on: 40/CW, 40/SSB, 80/SSB, 80/CW, 17/CW, 30/CW, 20/SSB and 20/CW.

For DXCC this is nr: 310 confirmed!







9 September 2008, HB9/PA1TK/P contest-team in IARU REGION 1/144MHZ contest.


Every year we go abroad to be active in the IARU REGION 1/144MHz contest with the PA1TK-contestteam.

The team-members this year were PA1TK, PA5WT, PE1BTX, PH0V and myself.

Theo/PA1TK did a great job setting up a complete new station after the big fire that destroyed all the gear.

New amplifiers, radios, towers and so on, all was well planned and we were ready to go on Thursday

4 th September.

Destination was the Chasseron in the Jura region/Switzerland.

This is high mountain(1607 meters) with good take off in all directions.

The weather can be furious up there but we managed to get 5 towers up in dry but windy weather.

Some problems with switching amp's etc, made us start 2 hours later to find the receiving was very difficult because of several reasons.

We were heard very well, an EA2, who was 900 Km away, said 59++!

After a couple exhausting hours we decided it was to difficult to pull stations out of the noisy band and canceled the trip.

We were all very disappointed after such a big effort, drive 950 Km and then pull the plug after just a couple hours in the contest.

But mainly a QSO could only be made after asking 3 to 4 times for locator, report and serial, annoying!

Anyway, I enjoyed the experience again and was stunned by the wonderful view to the Alp's and surrounding.

Thanks to my friends  who joined and specially to Theo for arranging the trip and sponsoring.


Next year we will be active again but from where........!







17 August 2008, back on the air!


I am just back from a holiday to Luxembourg with the family(no radio with me) and listened for a couple

hours in the morning before cleaning the mobile-home.

I worked only one station, KL7Z/Randy from Alaska om 20 meter/SSB.


I did not have the opportunity to update the DX-info but will again from now on!




- 26 and 27 July 2008, RSGB IOTA contest.



First time in an IOTA contest for me and only active during Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

Nice activity except conditions were very bad,...again!

During daytime, mainly Europeans and just a hand full on 40 meter in the early morning.

I worked no Caribbean at all, I could barely hear Joe as KP2/AA1BU, he normally has a massive signal

into Europe.

Ooh well, I enjoyed being active and worked many Islands, really nice.


I  closed two hours before the end with 350 QSO's into the log and a claimed score of  162.864 ppoints.

Score by band and mode:


Band      Mode    QSOs    Pts     Sec
   3,5       CW          5      51        3
     7        CW      150     702     17
     7       LSB        39     417     13
   14        CW      102     618     22
   14       USB       50     450     16
   21        CW         4      24        1

Total     Both     350    2262   72




- 21 and 22 July 2008.


Conditions have not been good for the last few weeks during daytime, specially the higher bands.

Some exceptions here and there of course but 20 meter mainly opens late in the evening for a couple hours

towards SA, NA and CA.

Occasionally there is good prop towards KH6 in the morning but not every day.

I have been using CW, SSB, RTTY and I managed to get a couple into my log.

Have a look on the line up:

- RW1AI/MM on 20/CW

- 3DA0OK on 20/CW

- EW1ABA/2/m on 20/RTTY

- OZ1BLO/A on 20/RTTY

- A61Q on 20/CW

- HB0/PC5A on 80/CW, 80/SSB.

- M0WGI on 80/SSB

- M0HEM on 80/SSB

- GW4EIT/P on 80/SSB

- M0BPL on 80/SSB

- TF/DL3PS on 20/RTTY, 40/CW

- HB0/PA3FGA on 40/RTTY

- RX0AT/P on 20/RTTY

- CU2/F5LMJ/P on 20/RTTY

- 5H3ME on 40/CW

- CQ9500DL on 20/RTTY




- 20 July 2008, DMC RTTY contest.


A couple days ago my friend Fred/PA1WFB came along for some upgrades in the digibox.

This would allow me to use FSK instead of AFSK, a major change, as I can use the filters from the radio

now when in RTTY.

This needed some adjustments on Saturday morning but finally it worked really fine!


 DMC-RTTY contest


That was just before the DMC-RTTY contest would start at 1200z.

I don't know about this contest, I don't know about any RTTY contests as I am new in this mode(!!), but I finally made 150 QSO's.

Mainly European contacts as conditions were not good during the daytime.

It picked up during the evening but I decided to relax and enjoy the first day of my holiday.

I saw Fred/PA1WFB come along during the contest doing really well with over 300 Q's, thumbs up mate!




- 18 July 2008, good opening to KH6 in the morning.


This was one of these mornings when conditions are really good, as far as concerning the DX path via

the North-Pole.

Several stations from Hawaii were active on 20 meter in CW and SSB.

I managed to work two of them in CW without to much trouble.

I logged KH7Y(579) at 0626z and KH7XS(559) at 0646z.





- 15 July 2008.


Today I managed to save 100 RTTY QSO's, made in the DL-DX-RTTY contest a few weekends ago.

I found the CABRILLO-file, the only thing that was left, and changed it into an ADIF-file.

I found a 15 day trial version of LOG CONVERTER which did the job!





- 14 July 2008, PC crashed!



After my new digimode set-up I made many RTTY contacts, really nice!

But during last weekends IARU HF-Championship contest, when on 15/CW, the other PC which was only

running the DX-spotcollector crashed and I couldn't get it running again.

I focussed on that and left the contest with 100 QSO's, had to work the whole weekend anyway.....

Long story short: I went back to the shop, they couldn't repair it, got back with a new PC.

Fortunate I had most of the contacts on the laptop so I could load them into DXLAB again, but I am missing

all QSO's after 21-june-2008.

This includes all (!!) my RTTY QSO's!

I would be more then happy to receive a QSO record of people who made a contact and read this!


Unfortunet,.... there are much worser things in this world to worrie about, isn't it???




- 6 July 2008, RTTY, a really nice mode!


Since I got my FT-2000 many things have changed, the good way!

I was able to have my transceiver connected to the PC, started to use an excellent logging program and

bought a Digibox to use RTTY and PSK.

First the CAT interface, that was the easiest job, I just had to connect a straight wired RS-232 network cable.

A while ago I saw new logging software at PA1WFB/Fred's place which had many possibilities.

DXLab is a freeware suite of eight inter-operating applications designed to automate amateur radio DXing activities

For example, it keeps track of your DXCC and even better, there is a direct button to upload the log to LotW.

Have a look at: www.dxlabsuite.com/ , it might be something for you!

I immediately started using this software to get familiar with it and now I think it's a super program.

I imported all my logs(contests) to have access to all my contacts in one program.



I also bought a Digibox via Internet to get active on the digimodes, main interest RTTY.

Soon, I was hooked and I find it a very relaxed mode to operate, specially in contests.

This weekend, 5&6 July I was active in the DL-DX-RTTY contest and finished with just 150 QSO's.

I had a hard time getting the drill but finally it worked pretty well.

The Digibox is made by Eddy/PE2RMI, really excellent service and complete package (and not expensive!).

Info about his Digiboxes can be found at: www.pe2rmi.nl




- 1 July 2008, VP6PR!


Wooow, I got the VP6PR cards today from my 40 meter/CW contacts to this rare entity.

Don't they look great?!....DXCC 309 confirmed(WKD 311).





This is the QSO-summary from VP6PR with a very nice 'Bounty'stamp!




 - 27 June 2008, PACC 2008 result!


I just got the Veron magazine which includes the PACC 2008 contest results.

This contest was a MO-single-TX from PA8A/Peter's place and we used the callsign PG6G(see Februari 2008).


Active in section D we managed to make 1275 QSO's and 237 multipliers which is good for 302175 points.

Which means 'Winner in this section'!

Special thanks to everyone who took the time to work us.

See you all next year!




Top 10 in section D, MO Single TX:


Callsign QSO-pts Mults Score
PG6G 1275 237 302175
PI4TUE 1038 210 217980
PA6W 931 179 166649
PA7TWO 887 176 156112
PA3FKN 828 182 150696
PA6V 755 182 137410
PI4WFL 773 155 119815
PI4VPO 735 153 112455
PI4RCK 725 154 111650
PI4VHW 651 166 108066


More results on: www.dutchpacc.com/




-25 June 2008, PG32MRN/P video.


Just a couple days ago I published our PG32MRN/P fieldday video on Youtube.

Have fun watching the coverage of a super fun weekend in the field!

Where you active from the field as well, let me know and I will add a link to your pages.





- 21 June 2008, OH0B on 20 meter.


Marti is on Aland Island again together with his wife Leena.

They will be there untill 22th and mainly work 20 meter.

I worked Marti on 20 meter/SSB, 14.210-> QSX 14.220/14.225.

Have a look at the Youtube video with my QSO.





- 16 June 2008, New transceiver.


I picked up my new transceiver today, a FT-2000.

What a nice rig with many features!





- 9 June 2008, 3D2AG/P card.


I got this one with the post today, one I badly needed and worked on 30 meter/CW with my G5RV.

DXCC 308 confirmed and still waiting for the cards from: VP6PR, VP6DX and TX5C.





- 7 and 8 June 2008, field day contest with PG32MRN/P.


With the field day coming we all gathered Friday around 1700 local to build our field day station at the

farmers place.

We picked up our special guest, Paul/W6GMU , which would be one of the two operators the contest weekend.

We brought towers, antennas and all you need to build a fine field day station.

Our field day is a yearly event with fun, friendship, antenna experiments, contesting and a good dose of humor.

We started building the tent of 8x4 meters, a much larger one then previous years.

It didn’t take long to build this big white thing but not without taking the wrong poles first.

Ooh well, just a wink of Murphy.

Then we set up the 40 meter vertical and the tower which would hold the 80 and 160 meter dipole.

All went well but we couldn’t get the both dipoles working.

We never use a balun on these and worked very well but SWR was sky high this time.

Ooh, there you are miss Murphy…….!

This happened to be a case of a critical coax length because when we connected a 1:1 balun the other day all was just fine.

Manfred/PE1REO came with the construction to carry the FB-33 and some UHF/VHF antennas.

He is a very professional guy and we couldn’t do without him as he knows exactly how to guy this thing when 10 meter up in the air.

PA3AKN brought the yagi and assembled it on ground level first to mount it on the pipe about an hour later.

We just needed to attach rotator and coax the next day and raise it another 4 meter to get it on the air.

We left the field day site around 2200 local with almost everything fixed.

Tired but satisfied we could do some adjustments the other day and set the tables, radio’s and amplifier.




Saturday morning around 10:00 local we were all together again to set up the gear in the tent and make some final adjustments to the yagi and dipoles.

Fred attached all the interfaces between laptop, amplifier and FT-990 while Manfred set the generator far away in the field so we would not have to listen to the disturbing voice all 24 hours.

We have a wooden box to lower the voice and keep it dry when it would rain.

This worked very good previous years!

Hours before the contest we were already done and so the VHF/UHF station was putt together on another table, enough space in the big tent!

With the IC-706 connected we would use this as a demo station for HF and to participate in the VHF/UHF contest.

There was a G5RV connected to it via a tuner for the HF bands and a duo band stick for VHF/UHF.

Final thing we did was putt up a 20 meter vertical on a 3,5 meter pole as a listen antenna.

This happened to be very useful when, for example, East Europeans were calling with the beam towards Stateside.




At 1500z Paul started the contest on 20 meter and we could instantly see the lack of conditions on the band.

Mainly European stations in the log and the rate wasn’t impressive either.

It finally picked up in the evening when we changed to 40 and 80 meter.

The night went good on the lower bands, we even worked V51AS/P on 80 meter!

But again, more Europeans then across the pond or further away.

More US then on the higher bands but still very marginal.

Around 0700z we had 600 QSO’s in the log with 8 hours  to go.

We really had nice runs on 80, 40 and 20 meter and even 15 opened up during the morning/afternoon.

10 meter wasn’t that good although I am sure we missed some short openings.




We decided to go for 1000 QSO’s and we could just make it, having 1002 QSO’s in the log when the clock hit 1500z.(eventually there seemed to be 15 dupes after checking the log)

We had already dismantled the yagi and the dipoles and finished the contest with the 20 meter and 40 meter vertical.

Satisfied with the result we took the last antenna’s down, packed the tent and gear.

We were all ready to go home at 1600z.

We can look back on a very nice weekend!

Overall conditions were bad, specially the higher bands with not many DX.

A lot of short skip on the higher bands and we, for example, did not work any JA, VK!

Have a look at the pictures by clicking the following url's:


PA0PHB: http://hamradio.nikhef.nl/cgi-bin/mkgallery.cgi?dir=/afd/woerden/velddag/vd2008/fotos


PA1WFB: http://contestgroepwoerden.spaces.live.com/photos/cns!16C39DB13A2D6129!363/?


PA3CXM: http://hamradio.nikhef.nl/cgi-bin/mkgallery.cgi?dir=/afd/woerden/velddag/vd2008/fotos/pa3cxm


PE1REO: http://home.tiscali.nl/manfred.otto/velddag.htm




Transceivers: FT-990(HF), IC-706(VHF/UHF)

Amplifier: AL-811

Antennas:- 160 meter: inverted-V dipole feeding point at +/- 16 meter.

-         80 meter: inverted-V dipole feeding point at +/- 16 meter.

-         40 meter: ¼ wave vertical 40 radials.

-         20 meter: GP with 4 radials at 3,5 meter (mainly for listening)

-         10/15/20 meter: 3-element yagi up 14 meter in the air.

-         VHF/UHF duo band stick at 10 meter.


Worked DXCC: DL, EA, EA8, EI, ER, ES, EU, F, G, GD, GM, GW, HA, HB, HB0, I,

K, LA, LY, LZ, OE, OH, OK, OM, ON, PA, PZ, S5, SM, SP, SV, UA, UA2, UA9, UN,

UR, V5, VE, VP8, VR, VU, YL, YO, YU, Z3, ZS.




                        Band       Mode        QSOs        Pts        Cty

                          1,8         CW           109          377        15

                          3,5         CW           110          366        23

                             7         CW           410        1194        39

                           14         CW           301          836        37

                           21         CW             41          122        18

                           28         CW             14            36          7

    Total  Both                                   985         2931      139



            Claimed Score : 407.409 points




- 5 June 2008, field day is coming!!



I am very exited!

This yearly event takes place coming weekend and members of our club will be active again from the field.

A very good location as there is a lot of free space around us, no QRM.

Tomorrow in the afternoon we will start to collect antennas and such to build our field day station.

When looking back on last year we decided to make some major changes and the biggest issues are:

- Bigger tent

- yagi higher from the ground

Both have been tackled and it's going to be a fun weekend.

Hopefully the weather will be friendly to us.


We will not use PI4WNO this year but a special call to commemorate Jaap/PA0MRN who passed away a few

weeks ago.

Great lost and we are proud to remember him this way.

Have a look for us on the bands with PG32MRN (32 referring to his day of birth 1932 and MRN to his suffix).

We will be happy to contact each one of you!






- 4 June 2008, PI4CC members on Aland Island.


Members of the PI4CC contestclub are on Aland Island from May/24th till June/6th.

I managed to work them on a few bands/modes so far.

OH0/PA3BAG on 14 MHz/SSB, 7 MHz/SSB, 24 MHz/SSB and 3,7 MHz/SSB.

OH0/PA3ALK on 14 MHz/CW.

OH0/PA2A on 10 MHz/CW.

OH0/PB5A on 14 MHz/CW

Have a look on their website which includes pictures, online log etc.






- 27 May 2008, 1ST place 2004/CQ-WW-160 meter-CW!


I got a very nice present from the postman this afternoon.

He delivered a certificate for the 2004/CQ-WW-160 meter-CW contest (low power/100 watts).

I happened to be NR:1 in the Netherlands which makes me reminisce the good old day's when I had my

full size vertical rectangular loop for this band.

It worked very well and I worked many DX with just the 100 watt outputt and a broad CW-filter.





- 24 and 25 May 2008, CQ-WPX-CW contest.



What a nice contest this is!...meet old friends, work loads of DX.

At least if you have a rig and antenna ........

All I used was my G5RV, the FT-990 and AL-811 amplifier.

My experience is that it's a nice contest with many ham's going abroad to create a nice multiplier.

I mean,.. it's fun to be called by a YB or OJ0 station and even have pile up's!

I combined the contest with family time and I could have worked much more if I would have been active

full 36/48 hours.

On Sunday evening around 2200 local I had 900 QSO's in the log and the claimed score is 657.894 points.

I had my fun and thanks for the points, if we worked!




- 17 and 18 May 2008, King of Spain contest.


I joined the King of Spain contest for a couple hours on Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

The result was 150 QSO's in this fun CW-contest.


  -.-. --.-   -..   .--. .- ...-- --. ...- ..   - . ... -




- 16 and 17 May 2008.


In the morning hours there is much activity from the Pacific on 20 meter.

I heard a couple West-Coast and Alaska, Guam and Hawaii too!

As a matter of fact, there were many KH6 stations active same time as seen on the cluster.

I managed to log two of those, KH7Y and KH7XS, both on 20 meter in CW around 0630z.




- 10 and 11 May 2008, CQ-M contest.


 CQ-M contest


I joined the CQ-M contest in the B3 category(mixed) for a couple hours both days and made 401 QSO's.

Mainly CW and rate up to 75 Q's an hour.

Another 10 points in our Veron club-competition!

We have a couple active members in our club so far being; PA1WFB, PA4B, PD1DER, PD2JAM and myself.


Look at our score for the last 7 days:


Call       Contest                                         QSO's   Pnt
PA3GVI     CQ-M International DX Con        401     10
PA4B       Alessandro Volta RTTY DX           111      4
PA1WFB     Alessandro Volta RTTY DX         336     8
PD2JAM     Alessandro Volta RTTY DX         100      4
PD2JAM     CQ-M International DX Con        101      4

                                                  Total:        1049    30




- 5 May 2008, another interview!


I have just putt a new interview on the HAM INTERVIEW page.

Mariana/CX1JJ has send in her answers to the 10 questions.

You can read the interview by clicking her picture!





- 3 and 4 May 2008, ARI contest.



Just a small contribution to the contest with just 50 QSO's.

But this is a fun contest and were everyone can work eachother!

At least I scored 2 more points for our national contest-clubcompetition.




- 14 to 19 April 2008.


Stations I logged in the last days:

- YK9G on 17 meter/CW

- JX9JKA on 20 meter/SSB

- ZF1DX on 20 meter/CW

- 6W1SJ on 30 meter/CW

- K1ZZI on 40 meter/CW

- GW3RIH on 40 meter/SSB

- UA4AP op 20 meter/CW

- UA3AQB on 20 meter/CW

- 6V7K on 20 meter/SSB

- OA4WW on 40 meter/CW




- 12 April 2008, C21DL card arrived!


I received the C21DL card today from a contact on 27 february-2008.

I worked Dick(homecall DJ2EH) on 18 MHz in CW at 0815z.

DXCC worked 311, confirmed 307.






- 11 april 2008, the good old days video!


I found this Hamradio 1989 Conway Reef DX-pedition video from the old days.

Watch the paper logs and real CW!...good operators!




I haven't been active last few days but bagged YK9G on 30 meter/CW this morning.

Another trip by Roger/G3SXW, Nigel/G3TXF, Fred/G4BWP, Lionel/G5LP and Rob/GM3YTS.

Have a look at the website: www.yk9g.com/





- 5 April 2008: PA3GVI video's.


Today I created a page with my Youtube video's.

You can find the page in the menu (left side of this page) or by clicking this.

Have fun watching!




31 March 2008, two new DXCC confirmed.


During the contest weekend the postman delivered two cards from contacts with 2 new countries I worked.

Nice cards from FJ/OH2AM and CE0Z/LA6IKA!

The dial is at 306 DXCC confirmed and 311 worked.


 Two new DXCC!




- 28 to 30 March 2008, CQ-WPX-SSB contest!


It had been a while since the PI4WNO contest-team joined up to take part in a contest.

But most of the crew had their hands free this coming weekend and so we rented one of the small

houses on the caravan park and started building the antennas on Friday morning about 12 hours

before the contest would start.

Just past 0900z we joined to pick up our contest antennas, coax etc at PD2JAM his house and drove to the


This is a familiar place for us and the manager is very willing to help us make it work.

For example; he fixed the 6 Ampere fuse in the house so we could use the two amplifiers without everything going dark.

As we were in one of the old houses we needed chairs, a stove and such which he arranged instantly.

Very good service!!

Anyway, we started building the high 16 meter tower which would support dipoles for 40/80 and 160 meter.

In the field close to the house we could mount our 40 and 20 meter vertical, the 15 meter vertical was mounted close to the tower.

We did not putt up anything for 10 meter as this would probable be a poor band.

All went well and around 1600z we had the following antennas;

- 160 meter inverted V with feeding point at 16 meter.

- 80 meter inverted V with the feeding point at 16 meter.

- 40 meter inverted V with the feeding point at +/- 5 meter (For Europe contacts).

- 40 meter vertical with +/- 50 radials.

- 20 meter vertical with 4 radials at +/- 5 meter.

- 15 meter vertical with 4 radials at +/- 5 meter.


Last thing, mount our contest table and we were finished.

Satisfied we returned home to relax and we would join again around 2130z to install transceivers, amplifiers,

and PC network.



We arrived in the dark evening and were all in a good mood, looking at a fun weekend to come.

All interfacing worked and we were ready 15 minutes before the contest would start.

The verticals worked very very well and specially the low 20 meter one surprised me somewhat.

This seemed to be a reasonable antenna even on this highed.

The 40 meter vertical delivered good DX like HC, ZP, VP5, PY, LU, VR, ZL, VK etc while the low dipole produced

a good strong signal in Europe during daytime hours.

The first night shift was done by NL-11607 and myself and when the other boys arrived there were about 300 QSO's in the log.

We decided to have 8 hours shifts, give and take some hours we were there with 4 or even with the 5 of us.

We had fun and that's our main goal being aware we cannot fight the big gun stations.

Being with 5 ham's doesn't really allow Multi-Multi so we were in the Multi-Two section(multi operator-two radios).

Long story short, we made 1200 QSO's with 98 DXCC countries(almost DXCC in one single weekend1).

Not bad at at and we could all look back at a super weekend!

Have a look at our CQ-WPX video:



CQ-WPX statistics:


Band            QSO’s

1,8                139

3,5                329

7                  309

14                344

21                 79

10                  0


Claimed score: 1.477.996 points


Call            QSOs

PA3GVI  441

PA1WFB  251

PD2JAM  186

PD0LUR  182

NL-11607   140


98 DXCC countries:

3V, 4L, 4O, 4X, 5B, 5T, 6Y, 8P, 9A, 9L, 9V, A6, A7, BY, CE, CN, CT, CT3, CU, D4, DL, E7, EA, EA6, EA8, EA9, EI, EK, ES, EU, F, FG, FM, FY, G, GD, GI, GM, GW, HA, HB, HC, HI, HK, HZ, I, IS, IT9, JA,  K, KP2, LA, LU, LX, LY, LZ, OA, OE, OH, OH0, OK, OM, ON, OY, OZ, P4, PA, PJ2, PY, S5, SM, SP, ST, SV, SV5, SV9, T7, TA, TI, UA, UA2, UA9, UN, UR, V2, V4, VE, VK, VP5, VR, YB, YL YO, YU, YV, Z3, ZL, ZP.


See you all next year!

73, the PI4WNO contest-team




- 17 to 25 March 2008, log update.


Here is an update from the DX I worked for the past days.

I hunted 5T5DC and it wasn't really difficult to get them into the log.

9X0R was on as well and I managed to make three contacts.

Have a look at the line up:


5T5DC on 30/CW, 20/CW, 15/CW, 40/CW.(Mauritania)

9X0R on 15/CW, 15/SSB, 20/SSB.(Rwanda)

TG9ADM on 40/CW.(Guatemala)

HC2AQ on 40/SSB.(Ecuador)

E77DO on 40/SSB.(Bosnia Herzegovina)

VR10XMT on 20/SSB.(Hong Kong)

HS0ZCW on 20/SSB.(Thailand)





- 14 march, TX5C worked!


I almost gave up on this DX-pedition......

I have been trying hard to get the TX5C guys but did not succeed until today.

There were days (during European daylight that is) they were only on 80 and 40 meter all the time while

the path to Europe was good on the higher bands.

Kinda frustrating but just a matter of choices I guess.

I cannot understand the furious spots about the team and the lack of respect to these people bearing the elements at this tiny Island.



I heard them on 40 and 30 in CW two days ago but didn't get through and I could not go to Peter either.

The days I could go to Peter they were not even heard or they just switched bands when I arrived, bad luck!

This morning I was at Peter's place but no chance again.

Peter suggested to focus on the afternoon when we would possible have a change on one of the higher bands.

When at home I checked the cluster every 10 minutes and just after 1400z I saw them on 20/CW.

At Peter's the cluster was filled with spots concerning this station on 14.020 MHz.

It seemed this was a pirate as he was very loud and signals seemed to come from another direction as well.

Then a spot on 18.145 MHz in SSB and he worked simplex!

We tuned the antenna and could hear him quite weak.

From time to time he came out of the noise and in one of those short openings I could work them.

Really great and yet another new DXCC, number 311!

I almost could not believe it when I heard him sign my call and Peter worked him right after.

This was much more difficult then Ducie Island and I remember having the same difficulties with XF4DL from

Revilla Gigedo Island in 2006.

Could it be because XF4DL and TX5C are both hidden behind the North-America mainland while VP6DX could be reached through the Caribbean/Central-America path? (see pic below)

Who knows,....but at least I got them, one band/mode!


 PA3GVI <-> TX5C path.




- 8 and 9 March 2008.


Haven't heard much of TX5C on Clipperton Island so far.

I could barely hear them on 40 meter in CW today (9th) but did not have much time to stick around.

DX-cluster spots are numerous from NA and pile ups are not as big as VP6DX(at least it seems).

Hopefully they will come through a bit louder in the next few days to work them on at least one band.


I did work some nice DX on the 8th, higher bands open up quite nicely from time to time.

Here is the DX I logged:

- 9J2M from Zambia on 17 meter/CW

- 5X1NH fromUganda on 15 meter/CW

- PJ4/K2NG from Curacao on 20 meter/CW

- CN8ZG from Marokko on 20 meter/SSB

- TF3ZA from Iceland on 20 meter/SSB




- 7 March 2008, TX5C/Clipperton Island Dx-pedition.


It has been pretty quite on the bands since the end of the VP6DX/Ducie Island event.

I kinda miss the big pile-ups and can't wait to hear the guys from Clipperton on air.

This will start today if everything went well, they seem to be on scedule with preparing the campsites and

setting up antennas and such.

For the ones that have not found their website yet, here is a link:


www.clipperton2008.org/ , or just click the bird!


Pay attention to the individual weblogs they keep on the operators page!

Ann/WA1S, of wich an interview can be found on my HAM INTERVIEW page, has don this frequently.

It is fun to read for sure and get a feeling how they experiance their stay on this tiny island full of crabs.

Many interesting pages and don't forget to visit the propagation prediction page to see the best openings to your part of the world.

Good luck working them and I do hope to get into the log too as this is a another country I need for my DXCC.

So, see you in the pile-up!!


Clipperton on Wikipedia: click the picture!





- 18 to 27 February 2008, great DX-pedition has come to an ending!


'VP6DX', what a great DX-pedition!

Thumbs up for the people who made this fine trip, which served the DX community for more then

2 weeks, possible.

Excellent signals and I would never even have dreamed about working them on so many bands/modes.

The online log shows 8 Band/Slots for PA3GVI!

All of them (except 20/SSB) worked with my simple G5RV, which is up 11 meters, from a crowded city lot.

My last QSO was on 20/CW on the 26Th, just before they started to dismantel the antennas for the higher bands.

This might be the number one DX-pedition of the year??!!

Difficult for the TX5C-team (Clipperton) to beat the records which were made on the VP6DX DX-pedition!



Another one I need for DXCC is Nauru/C2.

I saw spots of C21DL on for a couple days but did not hear him until the 27Th.

This is Dieter/DJ2EH, active from Nauru, and I could hear him on my G5RV (on 18.072 MHz).

I tried that for about 15 minutes and as this is a rare entity I did wanto work him before he would disappear.

So, I called Peter and 5 minutes later I was on my way to his shack.

With the tower at it's lowest point I could hear him much better and I was able to work him within less then 5 minutes.

Great, another new DXCC, number 310!!

It's about time I send my endorsement to the ARRL office.


 C21DL worked!




- 17 February 2008, long DX-pedition videos on DL6ET website.


In the early morning I heard VP6DX, loud on 80 meter/SSB (QRG 3.781 MHz).

I tried to get through but did not succeed as it was very busy with European stations from

3.765 to 3.775 MHz.

I decided to make some more contacts in the ARRL contest and come back later when the greyline had moved more west.

This worked as I logged him quite easily at 0710z on 3.764MHz.

When I heard him sign with a German station I called on that frequency and he heard me instantly!

Very nice !....VP6DX on 80 meter with a G5RV, up 10 meter's!!

Life is beautifull!


On the Internet I found Mirko/DL6ET's website on the Internet and he has a few large DX-pedition

movies available.

Have a look on his website (click the picture, then DX and more)



Direct link to the video's: 

KH8SI: www.dl6et.de/53531197a81382512/53531199ac148111a/53531199ad0985903/index.html

VP6DI: www.dl6et.de/53531197a81382512/53531199ac148111a/53531199ad0a2f606/index.html

BS7H: www.dl6et.de/53531197a81382512/53531199ac148111a/53531199ad0ac2a0a/index.html

5A7A: www.dl6et.de/53531197a81382512/53531199ac148111a/53531199c80a67301/index.html




- 16 February 2008, 3Y0E card arrived!


I received the 3Y0E card today from the manager LZ3HI.



Very nice card and DXCC 304 confirmed (309 worked)

I am still waiting for the following cards to arrive:


FJ/OH2AM from St. Bart's Island, worked on 23 December/2007

3D2AG/P  from Rotuma Island, worked on 17 January/2008

VP6PR from Pitcairn Island, worked 25 January /2008 and 29 January 2008

CE0Z/LA6IKA from Juan Fernandez Island, worked on 29 January 2008)

VP6DX from Ducie Island, worked 12 February 2008


I joined the ARRL/CW contest for about one hour and have 50 QSO's in the log now.

I will do some more tomorrow morning on 40 and 80 meter.




- 15 February 2008.


Today I saw only my 40 meter/CW QSO in the log of VP6DX.

That doesn't mean the others contacts doesn't count as they seem to have problems with uploading the complete log.

I am sure this will be OK after the event has expired and the logs are putt on the website without a satellite

phone connection to the Internet server.

In any case I wanted to work them from home at least one time so i decided to make an insurance QSO on 40 meter/SSB.

They were very loud again and I worked them around 0519z.

This one is good for sure, listen to the movie.....

It seems I made the QSO just before a log update because 10 minutes later the 40 meter Phone contact

was in the online log!



Conditions were  very good today and I made few contacts on 80, 30, 20 and 17 meter.

Stations in the log today are:


HB0/DK9TN  on 80 meter/CW (Liechtenstein)

C56YK on 20 meter/SSB (Gambia)

C6AGU on 30 meter/CW (Bahamas)

JW7QI on 30 meter/CW ( Svalbard)

9Q1TB on 17 meter/SSB ( Rep. of Congo)

A92HB on 17 meter/SSB (Bahrain)

HB0/DJ5MW on 20 meter/Cw (Liechtenstein)

6Y1LZ on 20 meter/CW (Jamaica)

DU9RG on 20 meter/SSB (Philippines)

9X0X on 17 meter/CW (Rwanda)




- 13 and 14 February 2008, more VP6DX!


In the early morning of the 13Th I worked 6Y1LZ from Jamaica island on 40 meter/CW at 0439z.

Later when the kids were to school I saw JD1BMM from Minami Torishima Island spotted on 20 meter/SSB.

This is another country I need and even do he is on the island for quite some time now he is rarely active

on this band in SSB.

I couldn't hear him on the G5RV so I called Peter if I could drop by to give it a go?

Minutes later I jumped the car and at arrive I could hear him on 14.210 MHz.

I joined the grown pile up, up 5 KHz, but within 5 minutes he said QRT now!

Ooh well, that's how it good, DX IS!!

I was there so could just as well try to work VP6DX on 40 meter/CW.

He was very loud, big pile up, but I worked him quite easily.


On the 14Th I could work 6Y1LZ again but this time from home and on 80 meter/CW.

Most of the people seemed to be busy with working the VP6 which gave me a clear shot at him.

VP6DX was loud (7093 KHz/SSB) again on the G5RV and when the kids had gone I joined the 40 meter pile up.

He was listening 7077-7088 KHz and I found a pretty clear spot on 7085 KHz.

It took me about 10 minutes this time, very nice to work them with my own equipment and simple antenna as well!!

Listening to him on 7093 KHz, way past sunrise, I decided to make a short video of him working the desperate European pile.

Have a look and see/hear they are unbelievable strong!



With these signals I am sure I can work them more bands in the remaining weeks/days of the DX-pedition.

Online log would be working today too!




- 12 February 2008, VP6DX/New DXCC!


However I was occupied by the PACC for the last 48 hours another event had already started!

An international team had arrived on Ducie Island in the South-Pacific and was on the air.

This would be a new country for me and I was convinced that I could work them as they would be there

24/7 for about two weeks.

When I woke up this morning I could hear them on 40 meter/CW but just in the noise.

I had to go to work but I was sure they would get stronger the next hours, this looks good!



Around 0900z I finished my work at the pool and on my way home I phoned Peter if he heard or worked them.

The answer was positive, he had just worked them on 40 meter/SSB, wooow that's great.

I took a left turn with my bike and arrived at Peter's place within 5 minutes, the gate and door left open as he was just about to take a shower.

I walked in and found them on 40 meter/SSB but the signal had dropped, let's try 20 meter/SSB then.

They were quite loud and I tuned to the split frequency and gave a call.

It took me 5 minutes to work him, yesss!

Peter walked into the shack and worked them quite quickly as well.

We could still hear them on 40 meter/SSB/CW and 30 meter/CW.

I tried that for a couple minutes but decided to have a coffee and try to work them on 40 and 30 later from home.

Exited I bicycled home and putt the contact into the log, send the card!


 DXCC 309!


Website with pictures and online log here: http://ducie2008.dl1mgb.com/index.php

PS: I think I worked them on 17 meter/CW in the afternoon but couldn't get the full call because of lids

on the frequency.



- 11 February 2008, What a contest!


I am still recovering from the long 24 hour PACC contest but it was a real good contest this year!


I arrived at Peter's place around 0930z and we first did a short inspection of the antennas outside.

Everything seemed OK and we could focus on preparing the laptop and it's cables to the Yaesu FT-9000.

RS-232 for cat interfacing and a simple one to send CW.

It seems I was kind of nervous as I had putt the serial cable on the wrong input of the 9000...

But we had enough time to drink some coffee and relax before hell would break loose.

The plan was as followed: I would do the main part and Peter would operate SSB from time to time.

Dick/PA3GLF would come to help us out during dinner time(thanks mate!).

We started exactly on time in SSB and I had my first runs on 20/SSB.

Many East European station at first followed by PY, K, and VE when I turned to CW.

Conditions seemed good and 15 meter went well too.

In the evening Dick had a nice run on 40 meter/SSB , in the meantime Peter and I enjoyed the lovely dinner

which was prepared by Peter's YL Herma.

I love 'chili concarne' so I took two plates, tasted delicious!!!

Back again we focused 40/80/160, switching CW and SSB to keep it going and this worked well.

The 160 meter dipole did well and we worked stateside and VE but there could be done some improvement on the receiving end.

Next year we will definitely build two K9AY loops for this.

Dick left around 0200z because he had been busy with sports whole Saturday and needed to get up early on

Sunday again.

Around 0400z I almost fell in sleep in front of the laptop and decided to take a short sleep on the bench.

An hour later I woke and felt quite fresh actually.

The rest of the hours went on and Peter woke again to make some QSO's again in SSB.

We tried 15 and 10 too but it wasn't that good.

On 20 meter I worked a couple Japanese call area's on CW and other stations from HL and VU.

Nice multipliers on 40 meter like VP8NO, DP0GVN, KP2, 8P0P, ZS, and one JA on 160 meter.

After the last run on 40 meter were I logged  a new multiplier with just minutes left we closed the station.

Final score: 332.580 points after checking it for errors.

Below you can see how we did on each band:


       Band  Mode   QSOs     Pts       Cty

         1,8    CW        77        77       22
         1,8    LSB       17        17         0
         3,5    CW       274       274     27
         3,5    LSB      60         60       20
           7     CW       280       280     38
           7     LSB      57         57       17
          14    CW       320      320      45
          14    USB     183      183      33
          21    CW      43        43        17                    
          21    USB     47        47        13
          28    USB     22        22          9

        Total  Both  1380    1380     241

The claimed score is : 332.580 points


As we got permission to activate this special call/PG6G just days before the event, we still need to print the  QSL-cards.

So, please be patient with us on this issue!

QSL is OK via the buro or direct with SAE and 1$ for return postage.




- 7 February 2007, PG6G!


As you might know I take part in the PACC contest every year.

Different sections over the past few years and last year Single Operator CW/HP.

This year I would use PA8A/Peter's equipment again and I thought it would be fun if we would do Multi/Single.

Peter thought it was a good idea and to my surprise arranged a special call for the contest and future activity's

by the two of us.

We chose 'PG6G', a combination which should attract prefix hunters and it sounds nice in SSB and CW.


So if you have time this coming weekend, 9 and 10 February, look for us (PA8A, PA3GLF and PA3GVI) as

PG6G and please give us a call!

We will be all bands, CW and SSB.

A special QSL will be printed after the contest.

QSL via the buro or direct with SAE and 1$.


Hope to hear you then, 73'!


 CQ Contest PG6G !




- 6 Februari 2008.


I made three contacts on 17 meter today: K1GUN, UK9AA and VP5/N0TG came into my log.




- 4 February 2008, video ready.


I just finished the video of our stay at the 'BIG GUN' station.

Have a look, enjoy watching the video.





- 28 and 29 January 2008, another night at the big array station.


Some weeks ago Peter and I planned this trip and we wanted to be a full night at the commercial station.

We left in the afternoon around 1200z and arrived an hour later.

One of the technicians let us into the building and after a cup we set up our gear for an exiting 24 hours stay.

The technician showed us how to change antenna's and slew them somewhat, maximum 15 or 30 degrees

depending on which antenna in use.




We brought the FTDX-9000D, L4B Drake amplifier, MFJ-9982 Tuner, two laptops

(one for the cluster and one for logging) and of course a microphone paddle and such.

All was set on a table near to the coax relais were we had our feedpoint to the antenna matrix.

We selected an antenna to Africa first because I wanted to work Petrus/3Y0E from Bouvet Island for

a new one.

As I heard nothing on 14.260 MHz at that moment I tuned the band and worked 7X5RS, TT8PK and ST2BSS.

About 10 minutes after I worked ST2BSS I heard Petrus on 14.260 MHz.

Peter took the camera and filmed as I tried to work him..see if i did:



Really great but Petrus wasn't as strong as we expected, just a 55, but I was in his log, DXCC 307.

I listened to him for a while and then called CQ to the Caribbean.

Peter/PJ4NX was the first to respond and he was very loud.

We made a sced with Peter for 40 meter later that evening and I logged a couple more on 20 meter before we

would get soup and bread for dinner.

I had a very nice QSO with V44MS and 9Z4FZ, big signals both ways.

No surprise as we were here before and are aware of the 22 dB gain most antennas produce.

Around 1930z I went to 40 meter and this was where we came for.

Instant reply by NA and SA, many of them were 59, even more 59++!

Keeping an eye on the cluster for CE0Z/LA6IKA I logged many stations from SA.

At 0241z I saw CE0Z/LA6IKA spotted on 7014/CW and we quickly set the big array to his direction.

Yes, there he was, 59+ ofcourse and I could easily make the contact, DXCC 308!

No need to say I was very happy to work these two new ones, 3Y0E and CE0Z, in one night!

The South America pile up went on and sometimes it was impossible to pull one out.

I worked stations in Chili with simple dipoles and only 50 watts, just as easy as the bigger stations.

Another problem was the two MW transmitters that are still active only 1,5 mile away.

We had a filter for these interfering signals, and it worked quite well, but at times(specially in the morning)

It was not possible to hear the phonetics of a calling station in one call, very annoying!

But we had to deal with it and took it for granted.

During the night I made a contact with VP6PR as well.

I worked him earlier this week but wanted to be sure I was in his log.

Peter went to sleep for about 1,5 hour and after he woke up the technician arrived and we chatted a while

and enjoyed a hot cup of coffee with bread.

After that, must have been around 0700z, I tried working VK and ZL over the long path on 40 meter, this

worked awesome!

Soon there was a big pile of stations calling on 7.097 MHz/SSB and I logged as much as I could.

I got real signal reports from 59+20, really unbelievable.....

What did I work this night?...well here is a line up from prefixes I logged on 40 meter CW and SSB:

K, PY, EA8, CN, YV, PJ4, KP3, CO, HK, ZP, LU3, CE, VE, 8P, HS, XE, CE0Z, FM, OA, CX, HC, VP6, KP2, C6, ZL, VK, YS .

At 0900z I moved to 20 meter/SSB and set an antenna towards the far East and VK/ZL.

Very strong signals again and in the 45 minutes I was on 20 meter I worked VK, ZL, LU (long path),

A4, EP, 9M6, BY and JA.

It was such a thrill to be there and have constant pile ups with such hugh signals from around the world.

I could have gone on and on but we were getting tired and had to clear the room and drive home again.

It was such an experience and hopefully the antenna system will not be taken down so we can go back again.



Peter and I had a wonderful night at the big gun station!

Thanks to everyone who called in to make a contact.

A video of our stay at the 'BIG GUN' station will be published on Youtube as soon as possible.




- 25 January 2008, VP6PR worked!


 Pitcairn Island


When I woke up this morning I did my usual things, check the post and walk the dog.

I checked the cluster around 0630z and I saw VP6PR from Pitcairn Island spotted by several European

stations on 40 meter in CW.

I tuned to the frequency and heard just parts of his transmission..'TU VP6P'..and then fade away into the noise.

Not good enough to make a contact and I couldn't call Peter to see if he heard them louder.

Family matters come first and I could only hope he was still there 1 hour later when the kids had gone to school.

An hour later I was back and I assumed he was still there looking at the numerous spots!

I did not hear him and I quickly called Peter/PA8A if I could drop by and give it a try with his high dipole.

That's only a 5 minutes drive and after we raised the tower we heard him good enough to make a contact.

There was quite a pile up going with many Europeans calling and I heard him work another PA up 2,5 KHz.

I set the split to that frequency and called two times.

He instantly came back with a part of my call, only the last letter of the suffix was missing.

I gave him a 559 after he corrected my call and signed 'PA3GVI CFM 599 TU'.

Wonderful, another new one into the log...Yihaaaaaa! (DXCC 306)

We took a coffee to celebrate the contact.

Little later I worked a couple more after calling CQ on 20 meter/CW/SSB.

Until 1015z I worked: JF9MJU, BD9HF, VU2RAK, S01MZ.

Nice, but the VP6PR made my day!




- 19 to 24 January 2008.


I worked the J5C guys several times, also on 40 meter/SSB and 80 meter/SSB.


J5C online log

Result for PA3GVI

160m 80m 40m 30m 20m 17m 15m 12m 10m

DX logged in these days were:

J5C - 40/SSB, 20/SSB, 15/CW, 12/CW and 80/SSB

XW3DT - 17/CW

E21EJC - 17/CW

5H3RK - 17/CW

TO5FJ - 20/CW

VQ9JC - 20/CW




- 18 January 2008, Antarctica movie.


I just finished this Antarctica bases/DXpedition tribute compilation.





- 13 to 17 January 2008.


I have been focusing on a couple countries that are active at the present time.

3Y0E/Bouvet, 3D2AG/P/Rotuma, FO/OH1RX/Marquesas are the ones that I need for DXCC but I

have not been lucky yet.

Petrus/3Y0E seems to work into Europe, and also in the Netherlands, quite frequently but I

have heard just a parts so far.

The same with FO/Marquesas, just parts of transmissions when they were on 30 meter/CW.

Tony/3D2AG/P has been on 20 meter/CW several times for European stations and worked easily

into the East and South part of Europe.

We are just to far North I believe however I believe he has been worked by a couple Pa's too.

In the meantime I worked J5C from Guinea-Bissau on 30 meter/CW in the early evening of the 13th.

Not a country I needed but a rare one so nice to make the contact.

They have a website with online logs and such at: www.j5c.eu/



On the 17th I had to work for a couple hours and right after I checked the cluster for the ones I needed.

There were spots but not on frequencies were I could hear them.

7Z1HL calling CQ on 17 meter/CW, let's try to work him then.

Without a trouble I made the contact and tuned around for more.

Then all of a sudden 3D2AG/P got spotted on 30 meter/CW and I quickly tuned to the frequency.

Yes, there he was,....not strong and in the noise level, but workable.

I called a couple times and he answered my call giving me 559, same as I gave him.

Woow, another new one and really out of the blue!

I instantly wrote the card and hope that I didn't get it wrong and am in his log.

DXCC 305 (303 confirmed), no need to say I was very pleased!

And,....I did not even switch the amplifier on when I called him.

Ooh well,...sometimes it's so simple!!

The 3D2AG/P website can be found at: www.3d2ag.fr.tc/


 Tony/3D2AG/P on Rotuma.




- 12 Januari 2008, youtube videos.


I recently made a couple videos which have been posted on youtube.

Have a look at these two short clips.

The first video is from our visit to the commercial station in December 2007.



The second is from a contact I made with Bert/PA3GIO/6W in Senegal.

He made the audio file and did send it to me a couple months earlier, I made the compilation 3 days ago.

Listen how Bert controls the hugh pile-up!





- 10 Januari 2008, Biiiiiig antenna!



Have a look at this PDF-file about the construction of this antenna: http://www.kkn.net/dayton2006/K9LTN.pdf




- 8 Januari 2008.

In the early morning I heard Sam/FK8DD on 14.008 in CW working European stations.

I made a couple QSO's with Sam from Peter's place about a week ago and that went very easily.

I had never heard him from my own station and just loved to work him with the G5RV.

He was not to busy but quite a few were callling up 1 Khz so I set my amplifier to about 300 watts and

gave a call.

Yes, he heard me after two calls and we made the QSO with 559 both ways.


 From The Netherlands to New Caledonia in the Pacific.


I went to visit my friend Peter in the afternoon to make some QSO's from his place.

When we wanted to erect the tower I saw that the balun connection to the tower had broken loose.

This ment a climb into the tower and fix this small problem...but there was more.

The tower was about halve way up again when the 80 meter dipole snapped,..damn!

This was also quickly fixed and another 30 minutes later we finally were on the air.

I worked the following stations;

PZ5YV on 20 and 17 meter/SSB (Surinam) website at: http://www.pz5yv.4m5dx.info/

VK2DON on 20 meter/SSB (Australia)

5H9PD on 20 meter/CW (Tanzania)

And last but not least a very nice QSO with Pooyan/EP3PK from Iran on 20 meter/SSB.

Pooyan told me about the very bad weather they have at the moment, about two feet of snow and low temperatures, very rare for these regions.


If we look at our weather now, mild temperatures of about 9 degrees Celcius and rain/windy we can

make one conclusion!

The average winter temperature in The Netherlands has gone up the last 40 years.

It seems like the climate is changing!

Average winter temperatures in PA.




- 2 Januari 2008, Disaster!


The new year started with bad news!

I got a very alarming e-mail from my friend Theo/PA1TK.

His news hit me like a bomb, ..........


A very large fire last night destroyed our PA1TK contestgroup multi 2 meter station.

Power engines, antennas, cables, rotators, tables, 2 x GS35B amplifiers with powersuply's, 2 x fet amplifiers, contesttent, chairs, jerrycans, 4 towers etc, etc......

And more important,... our last memories to silent key Ton/PA0ASH.

.....there are no words!!!