This is my 2009 diary page.

Have fun reading Ham-radio items and coverage of my hunt for DX!








- 26 to 31 December 2009, last view on 2009 log.


This year was a wonderful DX-year!

I had lots of fun on the HF bands with a couple new DXCC worked as well.

Highlights were Tuvalu(T2G),Desecheo Island(K5D), Midway Island(K4M) and Glorioso Island(FT5GA).

Hopefully I can add a couple next year.

Last few days I focused on 40 and 80 meter, worked following:


- J28OO from Djibouti on 40/CW

- VO1HP from Canada on 160/CW

- CO8LY from Cuba on 80/CW

- TF3ZA from Iceland on 80/CW

- LX/ON7RU from Luxembourg on 40/CW

- 4A1DXXE from Mexico on 40/SSB

- NP4A from Puerto Rico on 80/SSB





- 27 December 2009, new video.


Just before Christmas I received the requested direct card from KH2L.

As you can see, I made the contact with Ed on 20 meter in RTTY.



I made a new video about the Sun.

Not really Hamradio, or maybe it is...more or less?!






- 25 December 2009, Merry X-mas to all!



Out early again and logged ST2AR from Sudan on 40/CW.

With the greyline just in my noise level, JS1NDM on 40/CW.

Minutes later he was gone again, fascinating..... this greyline propagation.

Looking at the greyline I really would not know if this was short or long path?






- 23 and 24 December 2009, up early...working DX!


I was up early the last two days to take advantage of the good conditions around the greyline.

On the 23Th I logged CO8ZZ on 80-CW followed by VA3Jl on 80/SSB.

Little later I heard J5V on 40/CW, not really strong but workable, about 559 here.

To my surprise there were not many callers and he heard me right away.

Guinea Bissau(J5) is not often heard so this was definitely a good catch.


A day later on the 24th it went loose with North and Central America.

A special call from Mexico and HR2DMR from Honduras, another rare one:


- HI8A on 40/CW (Dominican Republic)

- 4A1DXXE on 40/CW (Mexico)

- YN4SU on 40/CW (Nicaragua)

- N4TB on 40/Cw (USA)

- HI3B on 40/SSB (Dominican Republic)

- ZC4VJ on 40/CW (Cyprus)

- N8RR on 40/CW (USA)

- HR2DMR on 40/SSB (Honduras)

- N2RRA on 40/SSB (USA)

- KD2RD on 40/CW (USA)





- 14 to 20 December 2009, log update!


The QRO definitely helps breaking the pile ups on 75 and 80 meters.

When I write this I have just worked Pedro/NP4A from Puerto Rico with a massive signal on 75 , a real

59 into Europe.

Little later on CW logged CO8ZZ, just one call was enough.

Here's the line up of some interesting ones in my log, last few days:

- YB4IR (Indonesia) on 40/CW

- R1ANB (Antarctica) on 40/CW

- PC60TROLLEY (special call Netherlands) on 80/CW

- K0RF (USA) on 80/CW

- VP9400HW (Bermuda Islands) on 80/CW

- K0EA (USA) on 80/CW

- W5TZC (USA) on 40/CW

- K8HGY (USA) on 40/SSB

- W4PG (USA) on 40/SSB

- BA4TB (China) on 20/CW

- TF3SG (Iceland) on 80/SSB

- NP4A (Puerto Rico) on 80/SSB

- CO8ZZ (Cuba) on 80/CW





- 14 December 2009, VP6DX video.


This is a long video of the VP6DX 2008 DX-pedition to Ducie Island in the South Pacific.

Unfortunately it's in Russian but you get a nice view of what they experienced during their stay on the


Have fun watching!






- 14 December 2009, ...from the mobile!


- QRZ!!!.....what rig should I use?


- Think my battery is running low!


- My wife has left me....huh I wonder why?






- 13 December 2009, Yaesu FTdx-5000MP.


Many of us believed it was a hoax for long but it seems to be very true!

Yaesu has come with a new star, the FTdx-5000MP.

It looks like they made a mix of the FT-2000 and FTdx-9000 serie.

One of the Dutch dealers noted it would possible cost somewhere in the range of the IC-7700 pricing.

That's still more then 5000 Euro's!...looks fine do hi!

I got the info below from I0GEJ website.


FTdx-5000MP/The new Yaesu HF/50MHz 200W Transceiver and SM-5000 Monitor




FTdx-5000 Series – The new Yaesu HF/50 MHz 200W  Transceiver: FTdx-5000MP, FTdx-5000D, FTdx-5000

and the SM-5000 Station Monitor.
The Yaesu FT DX 5000 Series will be formally introduced by Yaesu very soon. Pricing and availability is

currently unknown (www.radiocronache…23.11.2009)

FTdx-5000 by Yaesu Broshure: 14 MHz band 2kHz offset 105 dB 3rd-IMD, IP3 +36 dBm, way better

than the Elecraft K3 @ 102 dB IP3 +26 dBm!

The FTdx-5000 (Main Receiver only) includes a rather traditional 1st IF 9 MHz (Elecraft K3 1st IF 8,215 MHz)

and provides for selectable roofing filters (6-pole crystal) at the first IF to limit the off-frequency signals

getting into the receiver.
Note that the roofing filter’s job is only to protect the rest of the receiver, and that the operating bandwidth filtering is performed by the IF DSP (like Elecraft K3 Transceiver).




See the following pictures and Manufacturer’s Specifications.

FTdx-5000 Series, Manufacturer’s Specifications (Source, Vertex Standard US Pre-Release Brochure)
- Dynamic Range 112 dB IP3 +40 dBm VFO-A/Main Receiver @ 14MHz, IPO1, CW Mode (500Hz BW) 10kHz offset.

- Newly Roofing Filter (IF Center Freq. 9 MHz) for VFO-A Main Receiver, selectable between

300Hz, (optional/included in MP), 600 Hz, 3 kHz (6-pole crystal filter), 6kHz, 15 kHz (4-pole MCF)

- The high performance Yaesu Custom-designed 32 bit Floating Point DSP based on the TI TMS320C6727B

(@ 300MHz), one each for VFO-A and VFO-B

- IF Output (9 MHz) from VFO-A Main Receiver. Variable CW Audio Peak Filter, and High/Low-Cut filtering in

the latest DSP technology

- Comes with the SM-5000 matching station monitor, including stereo speaker (SM-5k Optional for FTdx-5000)

-  The Final PA incorporating two FET, VRF-150 in a push-pull configuration for 200 W output

(75 W Class A operation)







- 12 and 13 December 2009, tuner experiments.


To tune my 2x15,5 meter dipole on all the HF bands I use the MFJ-969 tuner for quite some time now

and it's a fine tuner up till 300 watts on most of the bands.

My main interest is 80/40 and 30 meter and on 80 meter it is were it starts to get difficult for the MFJ.

With 100 watts it's still quite good but often not enough to get through pile up's.

Driving it with 400 watts from the AL-811 the thing goes crazy(ofcourse!!).

So, I want something else for the use of high power on 30/40 and 80 but to be honest..cannot afford

an expensive Palstar right now.

I still had an old metal box with two large C's and a roller inductor.

This weekend I played around with it in several configurations and finally have it worked on the bands

of interest with QRO(500watts).



Picture above: the parts without the 4:1 balun.



Picture above: see the 6Kv/70pf extra capacitor parallel to the variable one.





- 5 to 11 December 2009.


On the 5Th started N1MM up to make some contacts in the TARA RTTY contest but did not come far,hi.

After just two QSO's more important things came on and I had to set radio activity to the second level.

Never mind, I play radio later...after all it's still a hobby isn't it?

From 8Th on I made my contacts on the bands, here's a sum up:

- V31WV on 40/CW and 30/CW

- E20WXA on 20/RTTY

- KH2L ...again on 20/RTTY   

Strange huh (?)....I almost never hear these Island with the G5RV, then you work it twice in a couple days.

- BD1TCC on 20/CW

- 7X2ARA on 20/CW

- OH9SCL on 20/RTTY  Special Xmas callsign for Finland.

- TO1BT on 20/SSB (Martinique Island)

- PZ1DM on 20/CW

- VP9/AA1AC on 40/CW

- ZP6CW on 20/CW

-HB9Z on 40/SSB

This is a remote controlled rig from Zurich in Switzerland and it was controlled from Chicago this

time by Ben/KC9MOS.

Ben informed me about the software which can be downloaded to listen for free.

If you really want to operate a remote station, I believe you can choose from 22 units around

the globe, but you need to register and follow the instructions mentioned on the website.

Anyway, if interested you can find all the info on: http://w4mq.com/remotebase.html 






- 4 December 2009.


I almost have the same routine every day when kids have gone to school.

Check my e-mail and the cluster, tune around on the bands.

During this morning I found Ed/KH2L on 20 meter, working Europeans in RTTY.

He was quite strong, it actually surprissed me that I could hear him so well.

A couple others found him, also because now he was spotted on the cluster.

I had to let a few others go ahead before I could make the contact but finally did!

Great, Guam Island on 20 meter in RTTY, that's definately a new DXCC on 20/RTTY.

I did send the direct card right away.







- 1 December 2009, repairing the amplifier.


Went to Peter today as we would repair my Ameritron AL-811 amplifier.

We cleaned several parts and connected the three new 811 tubes.

Testing on the Bird Dummy showed good output on all bands and the strange input SWR was gone as well.

Below is a picture of the old 572B's.






- 30 November 2009, upload!


I uploaded my log for the CQ-WW-CW contest today.

Robot found no errors.

The webpage with the received logs can be found at: http://www.cqww.com/logs-received_cw.htm 





- 28 and 29 November 2009, CQWWCW contest.


Finally, the day of the big contest, arrived at Peter's place to install the laptop and crank up

the tower.

The dipoles for 40 and 80 got strangled up in each other and I could only use the 80 meter dipole.

But for 40 meter I still had good antennas left, a vertical(4 elevated radials) and a Rhombic.

These work very well so we did not bother and would get everything straight at first light.

At 0000 it all started and you could definitely hear that on the bands, crowded!

The night went very well and conditions were very good, specially on 160 meter.

On this band I logged many stations from the USA and in the early morning HC8GR from the

Galapagos Islands which was a new country on topband.

Then on to 40 and 80, and of course it was more easy to work Asia, Central and South America.

The 40 meter band was so crowded that keeping your CQ-frequency is a challenge it self!

I had to set the wide to 300 Hz at times because the others crawled up very close and stayed!

When the sun came up there were already more then 700 QSOs in the log, not bad at all.

Peter also got up again and after a nice breakfast we decided to fix the dipoles.

Higher bands were good as well with the exception of 10 meter.

The spots on the cluster came mainly from South Europeans and as I expected not many could be

heared here in this part of Europe.

But 15 and 20 produced nice multipliers and I was very satisfied when I left at 1300z.

I had promised my wife to take care of the weekend shopping and clean some things in the house.

I got back after dinner around 1800z wondering how it would go the coming night.

As I had not done to much on 40 meter I thought it would be good to make work of this band for a

couple hours.

Again, the problem to find a clear frequency in this madhouse, stations up to 7.100 MHz and very close to

each other.

I didn't want to be rude but I had to force myself in between some stations, actually to close as well.

But it seemed to work for them, I had no complains.

The strategy I used was; call CQ and let them find me, switch to S&P for halve an hour or so from

time to time to work the ones spotted, as I was in the assisted category.

It seemed I gambled the right strategy for topband as conditions were more worse then the night before.

I tried listening to HC8GR again but did not hear him now and I did not work to many from NA either.

At 0200z I went to take a nap on the couch, I was up from Friday morning now and had only 1 hour sleep,

that was Saturday in the afternoon on the couch at home.

So I set the mobile phone for 0400z, that would be enough to make it to Sunday afternoon.

No need to say I fell asleep very quickly and I gues I must have dreamed about exotic DX in my log, hi.

When I woke I felt very relaxed evendo the horizontal part was brief.

Same routine again on 40 as I mentioned before, cal CQ… S&P when rate went down.


 A31A, a new DXCC #318.


On Saturday I searched for A31A who is on Tonga and announced to be active in the contest as well.

But he was on 20 meter at night and switched to 40 and 80 when the sun was up, that didn’t work!

Hopefully he would show up today as I need Tonga for DXCC (#318) and this would be a great opportunity.

During the day he got on 17 meter, surely he would come to 20 meter, keep my fingers crossed!

He finally showed up there but I walked into a very large crowd calling on top of each other as he was simplex.

As this would not get more quite I joined the pile up and did some tail ending to get my call through.

After a couple times I could not believe hearing him key my call, great… a new personal DXCC and an new

DXCC and zone in the contest (zone 32).

Looking at my log it showed more than 400 QSO’s now on 20 meter and about 360 on 80 and 40 meter.

15 meter was a bit low and because of that I went to call CQ there.

Many stations from the USA called in and the counter raised quickly.

After a while the usual S&P brought nice Multipliers in the log like YN, A2 and others.

Then, around 1500z it was time to go home as I did want to be home at dinner and enjoy a nice bath.

Going on till midnight would be a bad idea cause I needed to sleep before I had to go to work the other day.

I enjoyed the stay at Peter's stations which is a delight to use, great antennas and rig.

Great opportunity to be active in my favorite mode CW.

Thank you Peter (PA8A)!


 CQWWCW-2009 shack.




 Band     QSOs    Pts   Cty   ZN
    1,8      382     486   53    11
    3,5      360     536   51    15
      7       359     633   68    17
    14       432     842   60    24
    21       138     282   54    27
 Total    1671   2779  286   94

 Claimed  Score : 1.056.020 Points


A total of 118 countries worked, that's DXCC in one weekend:

3V, 4J, 4L, 4X, 5B, 5H, 5R, 5Z, 6W, 8P, 9A, 9H, 9J, 9K, 9L, 9V, A2, A3, A7, BY, C3, C9, CE, CN, CT, CT3, CX, D4

DL, E&, EA, EA6, EA8, EA9, EI, EK, ER, ES, EU, EX, EY, EZ, F, FM, FY, G, GD, GI, GJ, GM, GW, HA, HB, HC8, HI,

HK, HS, HZ, I, IS, JA, JY, K, KP4, LA, LU, LX, LY, LZ, OE, OH, OH0, OK, OM, ON, OY, OZ, P4, PA, PJ2, PY, S5, SM,

SP, ST, SV, T7, T8, TA, TF, TK, UA, UA2, UA9, UK, UN, UR, V2, V4, V5, VE, VK, VK9X, VP2E, VP2V, VP5, VP9, VU,

YB, YL, YO, YS, YU, YV, Z3, ZC4, ZL, ZS.


Rig: FTDX-9000d

Amplifier: Drake L4B (400 watts)


80/160 meter: Dipole

40 meter: Dipole, Vertical and Rhombic

10/15/20 meter: 3 element wide space yagi

Cluster: RXCLUSS





- 26 November 2009, DXCC #314 confirmed!


I worked 6Y7AM from Jamaica on 40/CW and VP5/W5CW from Turks and Caicos on 20/CW this morning.

Later today, I received the QSL card from Gerben/PG5M, who was active from Tuvalu in September.

I worked him on 20/CW, which was a new one.






- 24 November 2009.


With the CQ-WW-CW contest next weekend many are testing antennas and making up for the big event.

That's why you can hear many exotic DX-stations in the days ahead of the contest.

Today I worked a couple on 20 and 40 meter:

9L1NH from Liberia on 20/CW

9G5TT from Ghana on 20/CW

VP5/W5CW from Turks and Caicos Islands on 40/CW

3V3S from Tunesia on 20/SSB and 40/SSB

PZ1DM from Surinam on 20/CW

TF3IGN from Iceland on 20/RTTY

VE9NC from Canada on 20/RTTY


I will be active all bands from  the shack of my friend,Peter/PA8A.

Using my own call in Single Operator/Assisted

I hope to contact many!





- 22 November 2009, LZ-DX contest.


Just a active during the last hours with a good results

I made 214 QSO's just for the fun on 40 and 20 meter in CW.





- 17 November 2009.


During the WAE-RTTY contest last weekend we noticed the Ameritron Al-811 behaving very strange.

Outputt did not get any higher then 300 watts, very low load settings and high SWR on the input.

So this morning I would go to Peter and do some measurements on the amplifier.

First thing we noticed was that increasing the drive higher then 30 watts had less effect and

the outputt was quite low on all bands as well.

Inputt impedance fluctuating heavily and again strange load settings.

Our conclusion, tubes are in the last stage of their service and will have to be replaced.


There was some antenna work to be done as well.

We changed the 30 meter dipole hoist location which was done without any problems.

With a cup of coffee we then took a look at the cluster and worked some DX.

I could immediately test the 30 meter dipole in the new position as FG/F6AUS was on 10.108/CW.

He was in the log within a few calls at 1040z.

Then I also worked 9G5TT on 12 /CW and 15/SSB from Ghana.

As we heard some US stations on 30 meter I started to call CQ on 10.102 with instant response from

across the Atlantic.

Following stations were worked in a short period of time:





K5LRG/New Mexico

N7KA/New Mexico






- 16 November 2009, K5D card.


I received the K5d card (Desecheo Island) today and it is a beautiful one.

I had to resend it because Bob/N2OO informed me that he had not received my first request.






- 14 and 15 November 2009, WAE-RTTY.


I was active with the PI4W-friends from our sea-container during this contest.

It has world wide attention, I think also because in this WAE-RTTY contest everyone can work everyone.

This is not the case in the WAE-CW and SSB contest were Europe can only contact stations outside Europe.

The weather in the weekend was rather stormy with wind force 7 hitting the steel tower.

Sitting inside a steel container with the wind jamming the tower sounded like someone hitting the

container with a big hammer, what a noise!

Anyway, we did quite well with 1100 QSO's ( see contesting tab)and stopped the contest at 1500z sunday


This because we could break down the multiband and 40 meter vertical in daylight and did not need to get

back the other day.

We had the usual fun and went home satisfied.

As I wasn't there all the time due to family obligations I made 100 QSO's from home as well.


Band   Q/QTC  QSOs    Pts    Cty

   3,5    QSO       5         5      12
   7      QSO      75       75      84
   14    QSO      20       20      24
Total   All      100     100    120

 Claimed Score : 12.000 Points




- 11 November 2009, Hygain-12AVQ on the roof.


I bought a second hand Hygain-12AVQ/3 band vertical about a week ago and today I planned to putt it on

the roof.

To make the installing as short as possible I used the coax of the VHF/UHF antenna but of course

there was a N-connector on that one.

I had to take it inside again to solder a PL-259, not so easy cause the coax goes via one of the

not used heater channels.

When I had done that and wanted to install the thing on the chimney the brackets did not seem to fit.

I took the vertical inside again and drilled the bigger holes for the new brackets.

Finally it was fixed, just need to connect the radials tomorrow.





- 10 November 2009, PI4W crew meeting.


We had a very nice meeting at PA8A/Peter's place with the members of the PI4W contest-crew.

We discussed future projects and enjoyed the coffee and nice pie.

This was a good opportunity to make a crew picture as we did not have one yet.








- 10 November 2009.


Here is a list of stations I worked the last 3 weeks.

I worked VA5DX from the Saskatchewan district on 160 meter/CW in the early morning hours of 7 November.

Top-band was wide open and I could here many USA stations including N7UA on the West Coast and AL7R

in Alaska!

Unfortunately they did not hear me with the G5RV (both wires shorted, using it as a T-antenna).

The conditions on the higher bands are getting better and better too.


 -VA5DX location.


- PJ4/N3BNA on 40/RTTY

- JW5HPA on 20/RTTY

- PT7AZ on 20/RTTY

- 6V7Q on 10/SSB and 15/SSB

- TL0A on 17/SSB

- ET3AA on 15/SSB

- C31CT on 40/CW

- 8R1PY on 17/CW

- VK2DD on 17/SSB


- MD/PA3EWP on 80/CW/SSB

- HB0/HA0HW on 80/CW

- VA5DX on 160/CW

- OH0/DK1MAX on 160/CW






- 10 November 2009, NO QSO!


I tried to reach Flo/FT5WO and ask if I was in his log but it did not show there either.

( Thanks to Michel/F6AJA for forwarding my e-mail)

So, FT5W/Crozet is still a needed country and DXCC is still at #317.


Complete list with needed DXCC:


7O – Yemen

A3 – Tonga

FO - Marquesas Is.

FR/J - Juan de Nova, Europa Is.

FR/T - Tromelin Is.

FT5W - Crozet Is.

KH3 - Johnston Is.

KH5 - Palmyra & Jarvis Is.

KH7K – Kure Is.

KH9 - Wake Is.

KP1 - Navassa Is.

P5 - Democratic People's Republic of Korea

T31 - C. Kiribati

VK0 - Heard Is.

VK9M - Mellish Reef

VP8 – South Georgia Is.

VP8 – South Orkney Is.

VP8 - South Sandwich Is.

ZK3 – Tokelau Is.

ZL8 - Kermadec Is.

ZL9 - Auckland & Campbell Is.


338 – 21 to go  = 317 DXCC worked.( 312 confirmed)


In the mail and yet to receive:


K5D (worked February 2009)

FT5GA (worked 6-10-2009)

T2 – Tuvalu (worked 24-9-2009)

K4M (worked 15-10-2009)

ZY0T (worked 18-10-2009)




- 7 and 8 November 2009, Ukrainian DX contest.


I made 200 QSO's in the Ukrainian DX contest which is a mixed contest with SSB and CW.

I choose to be in CW and only used 80,40 and 20 meter in the short period I was active.


I also found the FT5WO log online so I was curious if I would show up there.

To my surprise the robot did not find a QSO.

Checking F4DYW's website I found the notification that Flo had problems uploading the log.

I did send an e-mail to him, asking about the log and possible missing QSO's, no answer yet!

Let's just hope the QSO is in the missing data.





- 24 and 25 October 2009, CQ-WW-SSB.


This is absolutely one of the major contests in the year with great activity from around the globe.

As a team member of PI4W I really looked forward to the contest but first had to work on Saturday.

We would be active in the Multi/Two category which suits our station very well.

The other members started right at 0000z and when I arrived in the evening they already had numerous

QSO's in the log.

The higher bands were very good, with nice multipliers on 10 and 15 meter.

The low bands were good too with nice pile ups, and I logged a couple Stateside stations during the

Sunday morning greyline with the low 160 meter dipole.

This was, once again, a super weekend with a new all time QSO total for our PI4W group.


Band    QSOs    Pts    Cty   ZN
   1,8     302     304    46      7
   3,5     589     602    55      7
   7        355     504    77    21
   14      379     573    70    18
   21      312     600    76    23
   28      125     165    34     9

Total    2062    2748  358   85

Claimed Score: 1.217.364 Points






- 21 October 2009, I still need 10 more to Honor Roll!


Getting DXCC (338 countries) complete isn't all that easy.

Alright, I can't complain cause I worked a couple rare ones the last few weeks.

The countries that are left are certainly not the most easy to work, if it was just because these DXCC

have no native Ham operators or are protected areas by Wildlife organizations(or military like Glorioso).

The DXCC-counter is on 318 for me, that's 10 to go for Honor Roll and 20 to have the full deck.

Below is the list I still need:


7O – Yemen

A3 – Tonga

FO - Marquesas Is.

FR/J - Juan de Nova, Europa Is.

FR/T - Tromelin Is.

KH3 - Johnston Is.

KH5 - Palmyra & Jarvis Is.

KH7K – Kure Is.

KH9 - Wake Is.

KP1 - Navassa Is.

P5 - Democratic People's Republic of Korea

T31 - C. Kiribati

VK0 - Heard Is.

VK9M - Mellish Reef

VP8 – South Georgia Is.

VP8 – South Orkney Is.

VP8 - South Sandwich Is.

ZK3 – Tokelau Is.

ZL8 - Kermadec Is.

ZL9 - Auckland & Campbell Is.


338 – 20 to go  = 318 DXCC worked.( 312 confirmed)


     In the mail and yet to receive:


K5D (worked February 2009)

FT5GA (worked 6-10-2009)

T2 – Tuvalu (worked 24-9-2009)

K4M (worked 15-10-2009)

FT5WO (worked 18-10-2009)

ZY0T (worked 18-10-2009)





- 17 and 18 October 2009, FT5WO and ZY0T in my log!


With a full weekend at home I would try to be active in the JARTS-RTTY contest.

I also received my LX/PA3GVI/p cards from UX5UO, perfect service again Genna!

On Saturday I made about 75 QSO's in the log, mainly on 20 meter.

Sunday morning It went pretty well on 40 meter and because RTTY is such a relaxing mode I putt

labels on the LX/PA3GVI/p cards same time!

I saw FT5WO on Crozet island active as well but did not hear him on the G5RV,pity.

Also on the air this weekend, ZY0T from Trinidade Island, another one I need for DXCC.


 Crozet Island


I had almost forgotten about FT5WO when my friend Peter called and said he could hear Flo very light on

17 meter in phone.

So I decided to go there and give it a try.

He was not strong and hearing him was very difficult because he did not work split, even when the pile up

started to call continuously on his QRG.

I decided to call too and to my surprise I heard him give me a report, still with others calling right on top.

There it got really hard but I am sure I worked him for DXCC #317!

I would have visitors coming to my house so I would have to go soon.

Just a last look on the cluster, there is ZY0T on Trinidade Island, one I need too.

He is quite strong on 15 meter/SSB, let's try.

Just a few calls and I was in the log, amazing DXCC#318.....two new DXCC in 7 minutes!

Satisfied I drove home.


In the evening I had all the labels on the LX/PA3GVI/p cards.

So, the buro cards are on their way to the QSL-manager, the direct ones will go on the post tomorrow!

I closed the JARTS log with 150 QSO's, not much but had fun.....what a day!


 LX/PA3GVI/p buro cards.





- 15 October 2009, Yes,...I got them!


I went to Peter's place in the morning around 08:30 local to work K4M on Midway.

We could hear them on 30 and 40 meter in CW but signals were very poor.

There was much fading and often call's could not be heard completely through conditions and jammers.

Finally, on 30 meter he disappeared completely and was just a wispher on 40, as he came up for a

couple minutes.

I gave my call up 2.4 KHz and thought he gave me the report.

I wasn't really sure because many jammers were on his QRG but checking the online log around noon showed

no contact.

To bad and with just a few days left I desperately wanted to work them for a new one.

So, later in the afternoon I drove there again and they were on 30 meter again.

Much better now and it was not busy, just heard a couple calling.

This would be my chance and could not believe my ears when he answered after just one call.

To be sure I repeated my call and again he signed 'CFM PA3GVI 5NN'.

Gave his report and I was in the log!.....DXCC#316!

Checked the online log later and found it was a good one!

Yihaa, worked K4M!





- 7 to 10 October 2009, Makrothen contest.


To start with the Makrothen contest, a contest with 3 separate periods.

Just for fun I made 50 QSO's which is still good for another 2 points in our national contest clubcompetition.


I tried calling CQ in RTTY now and then with good results on 20 meter.

A bunch of Japanese stations, a station in Brazil and Morocco and West-coast answering my call, very nice!

The G5RV wire still does it's job properly but I have to admit that the desire for a 3 band vertical is growing.

Maybe I expect to much of it, don't know, but think it will definitely work better on 10 and 15 meter.


At the time of writing, the Midway team is struggling to get to the island.

The plain that should bring the team had problems and up till yesterday evening it wasn't safe to fly.

The team is searching for a solution, but there seem to be no other way to get there.

Just have to wait and see when the first signals will be heard, tonight, tomorrow...keep our fingers crossed!







- 7 October 2009, Longer LX video.






- 1 to 6 October 2009.


The conditions vary a lot through the day and with my G5RV it is hard to hear the spotted DX.

For example, I only heard FT5GA on one occasion, that was on 30 meter.

But 3D20CR was audible almost the whole day on 30 meter on the 6Th, but did not work him.

20 meter band opens quite nice into the West-Coast in the late evenings too!..heard several W6.

I made nice contacts including two more times with FT5GA from Peter's place.

Stations that got into my log the last days:


- TL0A on 17 and 20 meter/SSB

- TA1AN on 20 meter/CW

- 9M2CNC on 17 meter/CW

- VK6NC on 40 meter/SSB in the Oceania contest

- FG5LA on 20 meter/RTTY

- LX/PA6Z on 30, 40 meter/CW and 80 meter/SSB

- EA8TT on 20 meter/CW

- TO7RJ on 17 meter/SSB

- T6YA on 20 and 17 meter/CW

- FT5GA on 12 and 20 meter/SSB

- VE9DX on 20 meter/RTTY

- UK7AZ on 20 meter/RTTY

- W5LE on 20 meter/CW





- 26 and 27 September 2009, CQ-WW-RTTY and official opening K3.


What a weekend this was, our first real attempt from the K3 (Kamerikse Kontest Kontainer) in a big contest

and on Saturday the official opening.

I could not be there on Saturday but many ham friends came to kamerik to see our container.

The official part was done by Fred/PA8F, the farmer were we have our K3 and last but not least Nan Voges.

Nan and her husband Jaap/PA0MRN (SK) have been our gate to obtain a place were we could have a

permanent place for our contest activities.

Below, you can watch the official opening and have a small tour through the K3.


 Opening K3.


The CQ-WW-RTTY started Saturday at 0000z.

Two hours earlier we were there to check the two pc's and set the amps to the different bands.

As we already brought all our equipment on Friday all was set quickly and I headed home because

I had to work the other day.

As I heard Saturday afternoon it went very well, good to hear and I could not wait to get there

in the evening.

I arrived around1830z and could log my first contacts.

During the weekend all bands, except 10 meter, were good and we logged real nice DX!

What to think of VK on 40 meter, WP3UX on 80 meter and many more.

I stayed there till the end of the contest, Sunday 000z, just with 2 hours of sleep.

At the end we had 2003 QSO's in our log, more then we expected!

The bands were good and our antennas seemed very effective too.

We had a great weekend and are exited about how all worked.

Next contest will be next month, CQ-WW-SSB.

Here is the summary of our effort in the Multi operator/2 radio section(RTTY):


Band    QSOs    Pts    Cty   ZN    Sec
    3,5    507    1026    52   13      9
    7       658    1438    72   23    29
    14     679    1762    74   25    54
    21     154     372     53   19     5
    28        5       11       5    3      0
Total    2003    4609  256   83   97

  Claimed Score : 2.009.524 Points


TRX: - Ft-990 and FT-2000

Amplifiers: - Al-811 and AL-811H

Antennas: - 3 elements yagi for 10/15/20 meter

                 - Vertical for 40 meter

                 - Vertical for 20 meter

                 - Vertical for 15 meter

                 - Dipole for 80 meter

Logging: N1MM and MMTTY


 Short video of the contest:






- 24 September 2009, two new DXCC!


 Glorioso from space.


Today I would go to Peter's to do an attempt to get into the FT5GA-log.

When I got there they were on 17 meter/CW and 20 meter/SSB but very light on 20, so let´s try 17 then.

Pile up was large and I could not get through for the time I tried because they soon switched to work

Japan only.

What a pity but  I saw T2G from Tuvalu on 20 meter in CW again, a DXCC I still needed too (DXCC 314)!

I heard him yesterday but just above my noise level and suppose I just couldn't get through.

So, I set the split up and it took me a while before I got through but finally made it.

No need to say I was very glad I got him because this would possible be the last day of his stay on

Tuvalu before heading back to Fiji.

So, this one is in the pocket and while the guys on Glorioso were still making one after another with Japan

I worked ZK2NX on Niue(20/CW), ZD7FT on St. Helena Island(20/SSB), V5/DJ2HD in Namibia(20/SSB)

and had a nice QSO with Soyer/1B1AB on Cyprys(20/SSB).

Then FT5GA disappeared from the bands for their daily check on the generators, that usually takes

about an hour.


Back in the shack FT5GA was working Europe again on 15/CW and after a about 30  minutes I heard him

sign my call and did the 'CFM 5NN TU'.

Great, and it got even better when they were spotted on 17/SSB.

This time Peter worked them within a minute and I did the same couple calls later.

Another new one on two bands, DXCC #315!

Hours later when they had an update on the online log I saw both contacts were good ones!

Woow, two new DXCC, really a productive day, isn't it?






- 18 to 22 September 2009.


Was at the contest container on Friday 18Th to look at what antennas yet to install for the CQ-WW-RTTY which

is next weekend, 26 +27 September.

Now that we have the tower with the yagi, we have plenty of time to install the 40 meter vertical, and a

3-band vertical for 10/15/20.

A pulley is in the top-section of the tower to hoist the 80 meter dipole.

We will join Multi/2-RADIO and try to complete the full 48 hours.


In the past weekend I took part in the Scandinavian Activity Contest (SAC) and made 100 QSO's.

These SA-contests are always fun but conditions were not that good for the PA-LA/OH/SM path on the

higher bands, 40 and 80 were good.


Also ordered the LX/PA3GVI/p cards at Genna's(UX5UO).

Here is the sample that will be printed within the next few weeks (2000 pieces) and send to all contacts

via the buro.

Those who have send a direct card will get it back same route offcourse!









- 16 September 2009, livestream.com.


Inspired by the PJ4NX livestream I made an account to see how it works.

You basically create a free account, connect a web-cam and of you go!

There is an integrated chat channel as well.

My livestream is at: www.livestream.com/pa3gvi

I might be on and off but will have it on when I am playing radio.




- 15 September 2009, FT5GA and view at my logbook.


To start with yesterday.....first signals from FT5GA on Glorioso Island.

I went to Peter right after work around 1300 local and found them on 14.200 MHz.

But very light and I could just here them now and then.

No success so far but They will be there for the next 3 weeks, I get my chance!



I did enjoyed the WAE contest over the weekend but made not many QSO's, just around 50 and 3 rows of QTC's.

Conditions were terrible and as far as DX, only the real strong could be heard.

But still, logged PY, K, PJ4, PJ2, VY2, HI.


Further, outside the contest I worked following stations:


- VQ9JC on 30/CW

- OD5NJ/p on 30/CW

- 8P6ER on 20/CW

- PJ4/PE2MC on 40/SSB and 20/SSB

- PJ4/PG4M on 40/SSB

- TG9ADM on 40/CW

-  VP9/KM3T on 20/CW





- 12 September 2009, PJ4NX livestream during WAE contest.


This is the weekend of the WAE(worked All Europe) contest and I made a couple QSO's so far including

two with Peter/PJ4NX.

I met Peter a couple weeks ago at PA8A's place when he was here for the holidays.

Now he is active with two Dutch operators from the K2NG contest location in the contest and has a

livestream running.

I suppose it will at least be online till the end of the contest.







- 11 September 2009:


Kees/PA5WT made a small impression of our stay in LX.

You get a good idea how it was, I think he did a great job.







- 10 September 2009.


I check the cluster quite frequently through the day and found DU3NXE around 11:50, active in

RTTY on 20 meter.

It wasn't to busy and I could make the contact.


When I was in Luxembourg I made many nice contacts and one of them was with Gerben/PG5M who was on Fiji

at the time as 3D2GM.

I worked him in CW on 20 meter, have a listen: (click the video)






- 4 to 7 September 2009, LX/PA3GVI/p.




After the VFH contest in May we would activate the HF bands and take part in the VHF contest as well. would join

Theo/PA1TK again to go to Luxembourg.

As Theo traveled a couple days earlier, my friend Kees and I drove there on Friday morning 4th of September.

Theo would do single operator in the VHF contest and we would help to build the last few towers and take some HF equipment.

When we arrived Theo had most things ready and we only needed to erect one tower with two 9-elements yagis.

This was a piece of cake and we carried on with  the tent for HF with the TS-2000 and the Acom 1000.

Then the antenna, a Cushcraft R-7 on a 2 meter pole…...coax and on the air we were!

To be honest, I did not expect to much from this multiband R-7 but must say it totally surprised me.

Ofcourse, location(on a hill with no QRM) callsign and power will help too but still…

It turned out to be a super weekend without nice pile ups on all the bands.

We did not putt up the 80/160 meter dipole, to low and a tower which we thought was not strong enough.

20 meter was very good and soon we logged one after another and nice DX as well.

In the evenings it went really good with JA, a true pile up for more then a hour on 30 meter.

On Monday, a nice SSB contact on 40 meter with VK7GK/Jerry in SSB and a CW contact with Gerben/PG5M who is in the Pacifc area as 3D2GM on 20/CW.

A JA pile up again on 17 meter on Monday, just one hour before we would leave.

As we had not much QSO’s yet on 17 meter we stayed active as long as possible .

When we tuned over the band we heard not much but after giving a CQ  all hell broke loose.

For more then a hour JA’s(more then 80), some North America and European stations.

Pitty we had to leave but all things come to an end.

We made 1956 QSo’s in total with 160 USA en 303(!!) Japanese stations!

Are we going back again, you bet ya!!


A QSL-card for LX/PA3GVI/p will be send to everyone who made it into the log(buro).

So, .....it's nice to get a card from you ....but you don't need to send a card!

Within a couple weeks the card will be printed.


PS: a video for Youtube is in progress!





- 29 and 30 August 2009, RTTY and CW!




Since last Wednesday I am suffering some serious back problems that coursed me to stay in bed for the

rest of the week.

During the weekend I could sit for a while, a good improvement, but still everything is very sensitive.

There were two contests in the weekend, YO-DX contest and the SCC-RTTY contest, so I would try to make

the best of it and at least try to make a few contacts.

On Saturday I managed to make 100 QSO'S in the RTTY contest through the afternoon and evening, being

on and off.

On Sunday morning when I woke I made 101 QSO's within an hour in CW in the YO-DX contest.

Not bad and with 201 QSO's I gained another 8 points for our national contest competition(division Woerden).

I spend the rest of the day in bed, ....and hope it will be OK before Friday when I go to Luxembourg!





- 25 August, upcoming...LX/PA3GVI/p.


We ( PA1TK, PA5WT and myself) are busy planning our trip to Luxembourg.

We will hit the airways weekend 4 to 7 September from the North part of LX.

Theo/Pa1TK will run the IARU VHF contest (144 MHz) while Kees/PA5WT and myself will focus on HF.

Planned activity will be from 10 to 80 meters (maybe 160 meters as well) in CW and SSB.

Call's will be LX/homecall, QSL via homecall's!

I would appreciate any sound-file from a QSO to putt on the website!

Hope to make many contacts.....see you all!






- 15 and 16 August 2009, RDA contest.


I spend a few hours in the Russian Districts Award contest.

Main part in CW and 100 QSO's in the log.





- 14 August 2009, back from holiday!


A bit of radio silence for the last month as I went on holiday to Germany with the family.

I did not take any equipment with me but instead spent some time fishing and hiking through the Black Forrest.

When back, I gave away some points in the WAE-contest(just 50 QSO's), further a QSO with JE2UFF on

20/RTTY and a short QSO with a friend on DX-pedition in Norway(LA).


But, found a vintage video of the 1989 Conway reef DX-pedition!

Have a look at the video and......I will keep all the pages up to date from now!



If you brought your equipment on holiday and have a nice story to tell or pictures to show, just send it in

and I will be happy to publish it!

Please send your comments to the email address on the contact page!





- 2 to 19 July 2009, contesting and working the DX!


Contesting is one of my favorite things I do to waste my time.

I took part in two contests during the last few weeks, the IARU Championship and the DMC-RTTY contest.

Just gave away points in both contests and gained points for our national division competition(5).

So, about 50 QSO's were made in the HF Championship contest and 75 QSO's in the DMC-RTTY contest.


The bands were pretty good at times, major highlights were:

- PT7DX on 20/RTTY

- XQ7UP/3 on 20/SSB

- KP2/AA1BU on 40/SSB

- TL0A on 20/SSB

Loads of European stations on 6/10 and 20 meter....and, at last but not least PA3FUN/AM.

A Dutch Ham in a Boeing 737 above South France.

I worked him on 20/SSB and after made a video with a recording.






- 27 June 2009.


Worked 6W/PA9DX who is in Senegal in the evening hours on 20 meter in phone.





- 26 June 2009, contest results.


The results of the 2009 PACC contest are available on the PACC website.

The contest-team was active as PI4W during this event and we turned 7th in the Multi/one category.

Not bad if you know we did not have a 160 meter antenna, and because of that missed many QSO's

and multipliers.


About a week ago I received a nice certificate(sorry, forgot to mention it then).

What a surprise to see I got the 1st place/Netherlands in the 2008 CQ-M contest, SOAB mixed.






- 24 June 2009, 10 meter open!


Really nice to see the higher bands opening up and I guess I really need to install that 3-band vertical soon!

I got the G5RV tuned on 10 meter today and that worked well but I think that the vertical would be more efficient.

Anyway, nice short skip today with heavy QSB at times and stations fading from 59(9) to unreadable.

But I made 10 QSO's, in CW and SSB.

Countries I logged: HA, I, OK, OM, EA and SP.





- 22 June 2009, Direct card!


I received the direct card from Masa/JD1BMM which confirmed DXCC-entity 312!

As you can see, I worked Masa on 20 meter/phone.

Wondering when the K5D-card will arrive?...should be soon!







- 14 to 21 June 2009, 6 meter is fun!


I have been active checking 6 meter spots, see if could hear anything on the G5RV.

Made many contacts in the last days and worked many 'New Ones' on the magic band.

On the 14th and weekend of 20 & 21 June, conditions were pretty good on 50 MHz.

Countries I Worked on 6 meter were: OY, SM, E7, 9A, PA, I, IS0, EA, UR, HA, 9H, YT, LY, YL and F.




The 20 meter band opened up nicely from time to time and there I logged: PZ1DM, JW/OK1JST and TL0A.

On 14Th I had a nice QSO with my friend Col/MM0NDX who was portable from his holiday location in the

Central Highlands/Scotland.

Col runs this nice DX website and you might have a peek at: http://dx-hamspirit.com/ 

Many info there about active DX and upcoming events!




- 12 June 2009, Field-day video on Youtube.


I have just finished the Field-day 2009 video and uploaded it to Youtube.

This was truly a super weekend with friends and we had quite some laughs during the weekend!

Enjoy watching the vid!..ooh don't forget to push the HQ button for better quality.






- 11 June 2009.


Atracted by the many spots I tried to tune the G5RV on 6 meter.

The tuner couldn't get a flat reading but it was good enough to get on the air.

At 0856z I worked C37NL in SSB.





- 5 and 6 June 2009, PI4W/p.....Field-day 2009!



It all started again on Friday 4Th around 1500z, 24 hours ahead of the 2009 edition of Region 1 field-day.

As we have done this several times on this location things went very well and in the late evening we were

for 80% ready with building towers, the antennas and tent.

Only the assembled yagi for 10/15/20 needed to be installed onto the special prepared scaffolding next day.

On Saturday we all arrived around 10:30 local to install the equipment, install the yagi and do some tests

for SWR on the yagi.

Last thing to do was to install a 144 MHz yagi on top beside the HF-yagi for the VHF/UHF contest.

Special feature, an 'air' Internet connection with a dish to the city 3 miles from where we were.

Worked well and so we could see the spots and enjoy some Internet fun.

Many smiling faces and good spirit during the weekend made this a very successful field-day.

The contest started at 1700z and first QSO's were made on 20 meter for PI4W/p.

Mainly Europe and just a handful DX were logged during the weekend, conditions were not good(for DX).

But the fun thing was that we worked many DXCC in Europe and so the multipliers kept coming until the

last hour of the contest.

Saturday/Sunday night was very cold and Fred(PA8F) and myself were struggling to keep going.

It's always good to operate with two as one can keep the others spirit up and keep him awake.

Fred, called me around 0330z when I had just type a call into N1MM but did not react to the stations serial.

This was the point were I had to take nap and leave the station for 1,5 hour.

No wonder cause I had been up for 36 hour until then without any sleep.

Fred then went on and when I woke up again I felt like reborn and went on dragging new ones and points

as Fred had turned home for a shower and come back later.

Willem/NL-11607 had just woke up too and joined me behind the FT-990.

About 600 QSO's around 0500z and we still had 10 hours to go.

But second day is always more difficult and I didn't really know what to expect.

DX on 40 and 80 meter had been really poor with only one YV station as far as i can remember.

But 15 opened up really nice and worked many Europeans again, with nice surprises like ZB2 and 5B4.

More people gathered in the tent and soon we were enjoying our breakfast and later our lunch, provided by Nan.

First antennas were taken down about 2 hours before the end of the contest.

I kept on going on the yagi until they told me they were about to take it down.

But we had thought about that and had a spare mono-band vertical on a 10 feet pole.

This still worked well and even got many USA and VE in the log.

About halve an hour before the original end I quite with 910 QSO's in the log.

I felt exhausted but we needed to take many other things down including the tent.

All went well until then because it started to rain and as we could see on Internet, this would hold on for

some time.

So, we decided to take the tent and the last two antennas down the other day.

We all went home satisfied and I can say that it was all worth the effort!

Many people came along to have a peek at our activities and I wanto thank them and all the others for

all the physical and mental during the weekend.

It has been a most enjoyable weekend!

For the ones that worked us........see you all next year!


Equipment: - FT-990 with AL-811H amplifier

Antennas: - FB-33 for 10/15/20 meter

                 - GP for 20 meter at 10 feet

                 - Inverted V dipoles for 80 and 160 meter

                 - Vertical for 40 meter with about 30 radials


Contest Summary:

Band       QSO        Multipliers

1,8           126            19

3,5           200            29

7              202            25

14            287            45

21            67              23

10            18              13


Total:      910            154

Claimed score: 409.794










- 26 May 2009, 5N0OCH.


 16 dipole array.


When tuning the bands in the evening I walked into 5N0OCH from Nigeria with a massive signal

on 14 MHz/CW.

I remembered a note on http://dx-hamspirit.com/ about Bodo Fritsche/DL3OCH who is there to

build a shortwave radio station.

This must be him cause he was true 599+20 at peaks using a stacked 16 dipoles array.

After tuning the amp and setting the split I was in the log quite quickly.

You can read his info on QRZ.com

An hour later I logged ZP5KO from Paraguay, also on 14 MHz/CW.





- 25 May 2009.


You might remember my LX-adventure with Theo/PA1TK early this month.

Claims for this VHF/UHF/SHF contest were pretty close but finally got the mail today.

Good news, as I turned 1st place in this contest.

Congrats ofcourse to my mate Theo for this result!

Watch the claims for this contest and you see the runner up is only 700+ points behind!

Link: http://www.testflex.com/VHF_CMS/index.php?page=mei-2009-2 


In the evening Fred/PA8F and myself went to our contest location to install the crank-up tower which

would come on top of our 20 foot container.

After opening the container we could see the good progress Stan/PD0LUR and Joop/PD2JAM had made.

Nice job fellas!

Assembling the Tower was a piece of cake and it all works very well.






- 23 May 2009, JD1BMM/Minami-Torishima!


I went to Peter to fix some wires of the 40 meter Rhombic and the 30 meter dipole.

The weather was sunny and things went very smooth.

I had to use the fishing-rod again to get the hoist wire over a high tree and only needed one try.

After all was fixed I suggested to see if JD1BMM had been spotted as he had been active previous days.

Nothing at first but after 10 minutes an OH-station spotted him on 14.215 Mhz.

I quickly tuned in and switch the amplifier to operate and gave my call after he signed for another QSO.

A big crowd started calling and a couple were more lucky then me.

But after 3 more QSO's it was my turn and I exchanged 55 with Masa on Minami-Torishima.

I thanked him for another new country, DXCC # 313 and signed, went home with a smile on my face!

How typical, seems just like love,....it comes when you least expect it.







- 14 May 2009, LX/PA3GVI/p video available.


I just published a video of my VHF activities from Luxembourg.

Besides the great adventure I experience each time we travel I enjoyed the beautiful surrounding!

(watch the flowers)






- 11 May 2009, new Ham Interviews added!


I have just published two new interviews to my 'HAM INTERVIEW' page.

I invited Chantal/PA3GQG who was on the YL DX-pedition to the Falkland Islands in January 2009.

Also Bill/N2WB who is a famous DX-peditioner, and was one of the team-members of 3Y0X, answered

the 10 questions.

Click the picture to read what they had to say!







- 1 to 3 May 2009, VHF IARU contest from Luxembourg.


Instead of going to Luxembourg with 4 team members this would be a 2 man/3 day trip to test some new changes

to the equipment.

Kees/PA5WT, who is normally with us had to stay home because of some serious back problems.

On previous occasions we used LX/PA1TK/p but this time we would use my call sign.

So we Theo picked me up around 10:00 and the weather was really good, sunny but not to warm.

Must have been around 16:00 local when we arrived at the hill in Hosingen, a place we have been many

times before.

First thing we did was set the mobile home, this would be our place to sleep, and fix the small operating tent.

Theo focussed on the equipment, transceivers, amplifiers and such while I assembled the first tower with

2X9-element yagis.



This went quite quickly and after our dinner we could test this first set-up and made some contacts along

the way.

Conditions were not all that good but it all seemed to work and that’s always good to know!

After a good night sleep the second tower, also with 2X9-element yagis, went up and so we were ready,

hours before the contest would start.

We could here de PI7CIS beacon but not as strong as we heard it on previous occasions on this location.

At 16:00 local Theo started in the contest with LX/PA3GVI/p.



Soon we found that conditions were not super but never the less we had a 50 QSO/hour rate for the first

4 hours in the contest. No spectacular DX but distances up till around 700 Km.

We switched from time to time, together but also alone so that the other operator could stretch the legs

and relax a bit or make coffee.

We went on till 02:00 when the rate got dramatically low.

We had 3,5 hour of sleep when the clock alarm woke me up, time to hit the airwaves again!

The weather had changed and the sun tried very hard to beat the fog but never really had any success.

Mainly overcast on Sunday and a bit windy, no problems with the tent.

Conditions now seemed even more worse then yesterday but thanks to our German radio friends we logged

a respectable amount of QSO’s.

Most far away we worked were S58, OM and many Italian stations, best DX 800+ Km.

At the end, 16:00 local, we had 634 QSO’s in the log.

The last station we logged was Kees/PA5WT who dragged himself to the rig to make a contact with us, nice!

Satisfied we packed all our gear and soon were on our way back home.

Just 5 minutes in the car it started to rain, what do you mean ´nice planning´.

All together we ran a good contest without problems, I enjoyed the adventure again!






- 18 April 2009, PI4W contest-Palace!


Recently our PI4W contest-team bought the sea-container and start building our contest-station.

The first thing to do was bury the AC-cable and isolate the inside for the typical Dutch weather.

Pictures show Joop/PD2JAM and Fred/PA8F on the job!







- 6 April 2009.


I was at Peter's place to fix a loose support-wire on the Rhombic antenna.

This was just a piece of cake with the secret weapon (my fishing rod) and so I made a few contacts on

the FT-9000D which has just been back from the Yeasu dealer were it had it's major update.

I worked 5Z4/PA3EWP who is in Kenya, 59 both ways.

Then VP5/W5CW on Turks & Caicos island on the side of the yagi, ..thought he was 3B9 at first because

of a spot on the cluster.

The last station I logged before heading home was TL0A from the Central african Republic.





- 31 March 2009, busy busy busy!


Almost no radio activity for me the last 3 or 4 weeks as I have been very busy.

Only a couple contacts were made since the RSGB contest on 2 March.

KH6MB on 40/CW

N5XZ on 20/CW

HK0/EA7HEJ on 40/CW

R150AP on 40/CW

VP5/W5CW on 40/CW




- 6 March 2009, Hand making vacuum tubes. 

Part 1:







- 2 March 2009, RSGB RTTY contest.


I made 25 QSO's in this contest which took place on 80 meter.

The band was crowded and many UK stations could be heard.





- 26 February 2009, just before breaking down!


I had send the 'direct' K5D-card yesterday in the afternoon without knowing I would have a good chance

of working them 40 meter/SSB.

It seemed to be possible this morning around 0545z as they were working the European Pile-up on 7084KHz.

Listening down they were and I got them after 20 minutes on 7070 KHz.

Hours later this very well organized DX-pedition came to an end with 115,728 QSO's in their log.

Thumbs up for the K5D team!...whats next...Navassa ????

 Breaking it down!





- 24 February 2009, more K5D!


As I said, they haven't been that strong but this morning I heard them loud and clear on 80 meter in CW.

They went for a 7 minutes break and when he came back he worked a couple simplex.

I thought this would soon get into a mess and after he signed with 'TU' I gave a call 1,2 KHz up, instead

of calling on his QRG.

This was a good choice and while all the others were still calling on his frequency, he answered me on the

first call....yes I am in the 80 meter log!


In the afternoon I brought a visit to my friend Peter and together we search for them on 17/20 and 30 meter.

They were not strong at all on those bands but I maneged to get through.

So for now this is the total number of QSO's with K5D:






- 21 and 22 February 2009, ARRL-DX-CW contest.


I spend quite some time during this weekend in the ARRL DX contest.

The first night the propagation was better on 80 and 160 meter then on 40.

I worked a couple on 160 with just 100 watts and did the same on 80 meters because I still have not

changed the feeder of the G5RV.

Now, the tuning is a tricky and if more then 150 watts is applied the tuner arcs, so just 100 watts on these bands.

Daytime on 20 meter went very well, I could work everything I heard, including some West-Coast in the afternoon.

Second night and Sunday I had to search hard for new ones as most had been worked the night and day before.

Sunday evening around 2100z I made my last QSO on 40 meter having 303 QSO's in my log.


 Band    QSOs    Pts      Sec
    1,8        3         9       3
    3,5      62     186     24
    7         77     231     25
    14     161     483     38
 Total    303     909     90

Claimed Score : 81.810 Points





- 21 February 2009, K5D in RTTY.


It is not as easy as it seems to get into the K5D log.

Looking at the path, it's mainly water and just a few hops to the Island.

But actually I really have not heard them strong.

This could be propagation of course but it is still kind of strange because I hear V3 and other stations

from the Caribean quite loud.

Does the mountain still effect their signal?

Anyway, I got them on 40 meter in RTTY today which is great (QSO time: 0315z).

Checking the online log, both my CW and RTTY contact seem good ones!


 PA <-> KP5 path.





- 19 February 2009, RSGB/80 meter/CW contest.


I came back from the QRL around 2015z and completely forgot about the RSGB-CW contest.

So I joined-in late with just 25 minutes to go till 2130z.

It was quite busy and I decided to putt out a call which was answered by many stations from the UK

till the end of the contest.

Overall I made 47 QSO's.





17 February 2009, I am in the log of K5D!


The K5D log came on-line on Logsearch.DE this morning around 0730z.

Of course I had to check if my 40 meter/CW QSO was a good one.

The log-search confirmed my contact, great!

At least one contact with a new one.

I have been in the pile up on 80 and 30 meter this morning but without success.

Pile-ups are hugh and on 80 meter Europe has to break through the North-American stations who are

obvious louder then us.

I hope to be lucky again, they will be there for another week.

The team could not upload logs and pictures so far and a boat with supply took the data to put it on-line.

So check the website soon for pictures at: www.k5d.us







- 10 to 17 February 2009.


Stations in the log from 10th to 17th 2009:

- J88XF on 40/CW (St.Vincent Island)

- AH2L on20/CW (Guam)

- TF3GN on 20/RTTY (Iceland)

- VK4DD on20/SSB (Australia)

- 4JT5A on 20/CW (Azerbaijan)

- 4JT17X on 20CW (Azerbaijan)

- CO8LY on 20/RTTY (Cuba)

- VQ9RD on 20/RTTY (Chagos)

- HZ1PS on 20/RTTY (Saudi Arabia)

- YN2/EW1AR on 40/SSB (Nicaragua)

- D44AC on 40/CW (Cape Verde)

- K5D on 40/CW (Desecheo Island)

- 5D0IPY on 20/RTTY Morocco)

- 5B8AD on 40/CW (Cyprus)





- 14 and 15 February 2009, PACC-contest with PI4W.


I picked up Nl-11607 from the railway station around 0800z and drove to our contest-location.

We would be guests at the station of PE1MPA because we did not have enough time and people to set it up

in the field, and the could weather was another breaking point.

We were invited and took the chance to be active without taking much time to prepare.

The others were already there and had been active in the WPX-RTTY contest since 0000z.

This would be the other running station as would run ran 2 contests at the same time.

We started to install the FT-2000 and hook up the AL-80B from Ameritron for QRO.

A laptop for N1MM and CAT attached, it all seemed to work.

The only thing to do was to rise the 160 meter dipole.

We had it connected to some streetlight poles from the tower in a slight sloping V-form.

A very bad SWR occurred and we couldn't figure it out!

Minutes before the start of the contest we decided to let go of 160 meters, a real disappointment as

without an antenna for this band our chances for a high rank would be close to zero.

But we kept the spirit up and made our first contacts on 20 meter in CW and SSB.

The yagi worked very well and nice multipliers got into our log.


 Left=RTTY and right=PACC.


At 1435z I got a call from my friend Peter PJ2/PA8A who is on holiday with his wife to this tropical

part of the world.

He operated from the shack of PJ2LS and I got 59-001 from him, we chatted short before I had to go

back to business.

The XYL of Jan/PE1MPA brought us a nice dinner which held us fresh and satisfied our stomach.

The 2-elements yagi for 40 worked very well but we worked no JA's or VK's at all on this band during

the 24 hour contest.

The 40/80 meter combi dipole brought the necessary Europeans into our log until 0000z.

Then the bands changed dramatic with low activity from the states and SA.

We had about 600 QSO's in the log at this stage.

One thing that was particular strange is that we normally have ton's of DL and East European stations

into the log, specially 40 and 80 but not this time.

Were they all to busy with the RTTY contest or was it just conditions?

Anyway, at sunrise 40 meter was still not to good and we switched to 20 again.

No VK's or JA's over the long path, .....yes....we tried hard enough!

Then look for some multies on 15 meter which seemed to open up nicely from time to time.

We worked a couple VU's and JA's, and a VK6 too.

Our goal, 1000 QSO's would not be reached and so we focused on 900 QSo's.

About 10 minutes before the end I bagged the last 4 on 20 meter in CW.

We were satisfied with the result and after breaking down the pieces of the 160 meter dipole we

returned home for a nice shower and some sleep.

The others who had slept during the night went on in the RTTY-contest for a couple hours more.



Transceiver: FT-2000

Amplifier: AL-80B

Laptop: Compaq


- 10/15/20 meter: 3 elements yagi

- 40 meter: 2 elements yagi

- 40 and 80 meter: trap dipole


Band  Mode        QSOs    Pts      Cty
         3,5  CW       152     152      22
         3,5  LSB        51      51       11
           7  CW        276     276      46
           7  LSB         60      60       11
          14  CW       243     243      38
          14  USB       39      39       10
          21  CW        76      76       13
          21  USB         5        5         2
       Total  Both   902     902     153

Claimed Score : 138.006 Points

A special moment on Sunday morning at 0545z when I heard K5D, the DX-pedition to Desecheo Island,

on 40 meter in CW.

They were very loud on the 2 elements yagi, 599 +20! and so I joined the large pile-up for a while.

It took me about 15 minutes to get into their log.


  KP5/Desecheo..........DXCC 312!


Special thanks go to Jan and his wife Bab's for the hospitality and nice dinner.

It was a very comfortable 24 hour stay at the station.

73', .....the PI4W contest-crew!





- 10 February 2009.


Coming weekend we will join the yearly PACC contest with PI4W as Multi/Single (D-section).

We will use the station facilities of Jan/PE1MPA and we are looking forward to have a QSO with you!

The rules for this contest can be found at: http://pacc.veron.nl/






- 7 and 8 February 2009, Mexico International RTTY contest.


To my opinion not really good conditions but I have only been there when I could for couple hours.

Nice runs now and then but then it stopped and had to S&P again, which went good and fast until it run dry.

I could not reach the 200 QSO goal I had set.

Just 5 points now for our national club-competition (contesting) as I had to go QRT when I had

185 QSO's in the log.

I have only been active on 80/40 and 20 meter.


Band    QSOs    Pts    Cty   Sec
   3,5      76     221     27      0
   7         33      98      13      0
   14       76     224     24      0
Total    185    543      64      0

Claimed Score : 34.752 Points




- 2 to 6 February 2009.

Last few days I worked following stations :

-E21EJC From Thailand on 20 meter in CW.

-VQ9LA from Chagos Island on 20 meter in RTTY.

-J20SE from Djibouti on 20 meter in RTTY.

-P40MH from Aruba Island on 20 meter in SSB.

-HI8A from the Dominican republic on 80 meter in CW.





- 28 to 31 January 2009.


Had a contact with 4K9W on 20/RTTY on the 28th.

On the 29th, when visiting my friend Peter, I worked the girls on the Falklands again.

As Peter has a big yagi I could talk to Victoria/VP8YLG again, now with a much better signal.

After talking to Victoria we tried 17 meters as VP8YLB was busy on 18.133 Mhz.

Not as strong as on 20, just above our noise but we both managed to get into the log.

On 31th, I bagged KP2/KZ5D on 20/CW(US-Virgin Islands).





- 27 January 2009, VP8YLG finally audible.


The girls active from the Falkland Islands show up on the cluster many times but I have not been able

to hear them good enough to make a QSO.

Today I saw Victoria/VP8YLG (homecall: SV2KBS) spotted on 14.260 and she worked split, up 5 Khz.

She's a good friend of mine since I invited her for an interview on my website and I hoped to make

at least one contact.

At first I could hear her,.... but not good enough.

This got better after about 15 minutes, time to give it a try on 14.265.

She heard me and I could chat with her short, very nice!

Have a look at their website: www.radioclubs.net/aa_vp8yl_/  (or click the picture)



To read the interview with Victoria/VP8YLG/SV2KBS click the picture below:






- 23 to 25 January 2009, CQ160-CW and BARTG-Sprint-RTTY contest.


Two contests of interest during the weekend.

For the 160 meter contest I could bind the feeder together and use the G5RV as a T-Antenna.

I did not expect much as my contact with TS7C earlier this week went quite difficult,....how different

would it go!!

I started late Friday evening and could tune the T-Antenne but not with QRO, so had to do with 100 watts.

In the next hours I could work most Europeans I heard.

I heard some North-America as well, mainly the big stations and to my surprise I managed to log VY2ZM

and VE3EY.

This was more then I expected and went to bed around 0300 local to return around our grey-line.

Worked a couple more until 120 QSO's, band was death then.

The BARTG-Sprint would start at 1200z and RTTY is really a fun and relaxed mode.

It seemed conditions were not good as there were not to many responding my CQ.

So I worked most 'S&P', no shocking DX.


Sunday morning I was back in the 160 meter-contest and again to my surprise logged four stations

from the USA.

I stopped when I had 150 QSO's, 36 countries and 6 X NA in my log, good for 5 points in our national


I had to search hard to fulfill the same score in RTTY just before I had to go QRT around 0900z.

So 300 QSO's total in the weekend and the results at 160 meter sure encouraging.

I guess you will find me active on this band more often as it seems to work quite well!






- 20 to 22 January 2009.


Past few days in the log:

6W/DL2RMC on 20/CW

KP2/W3AVO on 20/CW

TF3GC on 20/RTTY

ZP6CW on 20/CW

CN8YE on 20/SSB


OK1KC on 40/RTTY






- 19 January 2009, TS7C QRT.


Yesterday another successful ham-radio DX-peditions came to an end.

The TS7C team made 57.222 QSO's in about 10 days of constant activity.

As mentioned earlier I could work them quite easily from 17 to 80 meters.

On the 16th I heard them on 160 meters RTTY but the G5RV can not be tuned on top-band so I putt

both ends of the feeder together and used it as a T-Antenna.

It tuned perfect against the grounded tuner and I was in their log in a few call's.

I had to wait untill the next day to hear them active on 160/CW.

I guess, the actual radiated power is marginal as I needed several calls before he got me.

All together, I made 15 QSO's with TS7C but 40/RTTY and 160/CW don't show up in the on-line log??.

Ooh well, who cares?....was sure fun to work them.





- 14 January 2009.


When I woke up I promised myself to chase the TS7C today, a 25 men DX-pedition to Kerkenah Island.

I had them first call at 0720z on 30 meter/RTTY followed by 40 meter/SSB some 20 minutes later.

Another 20 minutes, after working NP4Z on 40 meter/CW, I could easily log them on 20 meter/RTTY.

They could  not be heard here on other bands then but I the afternoon they were loud on 20 in SSB.

The operator logged me first as 'PA3GVR', but I fixed that by making another QSO 2 minutes later.

Hours later, around 1725z, I saw them on 40 and 80 meter in RTTY.

They got into my log within a couple calls!

Website with pictures and online log can be found at: www.ts7c.net/   (or just click the picture)






- 11 January 2009, RSGB Affiliated Societies Team contest/CW. 

First contest in 2009 were you had to work the UK stations on 80 and 40 meter.

It was brought to my attention by Fred/PA8F, just 2 hours before closing.

I could not resist the strong signals on 80 meter and I made 76 QSO's in 1,5 hour.





- 5 to 9 January 2009.


Only a few QSO's were made during the first week in the new year.

This is because something is definitely wrong with the G5RV.

I suppose it's the feeder as this is the kind of black 450 ohms which has been there for a while in all kind

of weather.

SWR is not steady and I cannot use QRO on 80 anymore.

I plan to go on the roof when the weather gets less slippery.

When I do, I will check the possibility to install a PKW vertical for 10/15/20 meter.


QSO's in the log between 5 and 9 January were:

YO3FRI, 9A2008OS, T77C, E44M, ZD8UW and a short chat with my friend Lauro/IK4GRO.