1) How did you get involved in Ham-radio and how many years are being a ham now?
I started on CB radio as 13 year old boy doing out of band DX transmissions.

After joining multiple CB international clubs and doing DX-peditions with access of 1000 contacts in the log per

DX-pedition I started falling in love with the magic of contesting.

In 2005 I placed 3rd in the world for the Sugar Delta world phone contest.

After a couple of years I found an interest in Amateur radio and got licensed in 1999 as a restricted radio amateur.


2) What attracted you the most in being a Ham-radio operator?
Working DC phone contests and operate from Expeditions.

3)What is your favorite mode and/or band?
With out a doubt, working BIG, BIG, BIG phone pile-up's on 15 meters (21MHz).

4) What equipment do you use?
Range of antenna arrays. In contesting we run a 30 meter tall tower with 2 Cuschraft A-4S's beams stack.

We also run a square array on 40 from the same tower.

On the low bands we run a 20 meter tall dipole with 40x 20 meter long radials on 80 and 160 meters.

In the shack we run 2x FT-1000 MP transceivers with IC-2KL amplifiers from Icom.

5) Do you hold DXCC and what is the score?
I have only been licensed as a unrestricted amateur for 2 years and have confirmed 137 countries to date.

6) What has been your most memorable story related to Ham-radio so far?
Learn from Irish ham's in CQWPX-2007 Phone contest, a sense of humor in contest mode.

( To much beer and radio's he, he, he)

7) Do you think CW had it's best time since you don't need it anymore to get a license?
No, CW is still an active mode and a mode that I, as a youngster (only 24 years old), would love to learn even

as I don't need it!!!!

8) How would you explain our hobby to someone not familiar with Ham-radio?
Difficult one, so I would like to use a bit of sense of humor and say, "carefully".......

9) Do you have other hobby's besides Ham-radio?
No, Eat, sleep and dream radio. I also work in the commercial radio market.

Radio is my life!

10) Any final words to the people reading the interviews?
Please visit my website at www.zs6dxb.bravehost.com