It has been said that the bricks to build Panorama were fired at Stratford Hall, as
Charles Stuart sold Stratford Hall, home of Robert E. Lee, Civil War General, just
before building Panorama.
The bricks used in the construction are various shades of warm reds, with the
occasional glazed header. 

The black and white photos were a previous requirement for the Department of
Historic Resources applications. Now they are transitioning to digital color photos.
Note the Flemish bond brick pattern below:

See the brick arch above the library door above, as well

as the chimney detail.

Above you can see the brick belt-line and the arched brickwork over the door.

There are brick lintels over the windows, and open brickwork in

the chimney design.

You can see the brick lintel over the window above.

The brick walk here has a simple herringbone pattern, and below a

'Traditional Herring Bone' pattern.

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