Rockwall Ltd is a Bulgarian company manufacturer of wall veneers for exterior and interior applications. We offer easy, quick and unexpensive way for transforming your home, villa, hotel, restaurant or office into a very cosy and special place.


ROCKWALL veneer stone is recreated with all its natural beauty. Our lines feature more than 15 styles of stone and thin brick in different colors, molded from natural stones and real bricks.


Manufactured stone has many advantages to real stone. Installation is quicker and easier. On average, it costs 25%-35% cheaper. When using manufactured stone, it creates virtually no waste. Also, since it is manufactured, it has no limitations. It can be applied in places real stone can not. Since manufactured stone is not structural, any wall that meets code can bear it's weight.


Manufactured stone adds a classic, durable look to any house.


Have a look at our models of StoneRiver Stone, Thin Bricks and visit our Photo Gallery.

Our Prices are in Bulgarian Leva(BGN). 1 Euro = 1.95583 BGN


Feel free to contact us in English - we will be happy to consult you.


089 99 79 234 - for Bulgaria

+359 89 99 79 234 - outside Bulgaria

e-mail : rockwall@abv.bg