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Affiliate Program

Earn from 15% to 25% monthly for every paid account you refer


No initial investment, immediate start, quick payout


Provide additional services, while we handle the monthly billing and technical support.






  • Fill in and submit the Affiliate Sign-Up Form  
  • After your email verification we will send you detailed instructions on how to link to us
  • Tailor your message to your audience
  • Set up links and start making money
  • Signup three websites using any of our Business packages* and upgrade to the Gold Affiliate 25% commission



  • High commissions: SiteKreator has several monthly editions priced from $7.95 to $39.95. The commission rate is 15% or 25% on each monthly payment we receive from customers you referred, depending on your affiliate level.
    You will receive a commission even if a customer you referred decided to use custom design services or upgrade his account months or even a year after the referral (as long as s/he did not remove the browser cookies meanwhile).
  • Reseller-level services at no minimum monthly fee: Signup three websites using any of our Business packages and upgrade to Gold Affiliate level - earn 25% commission and offer reseller-level services without minimum monthly fee or payment processing costs. Get your own affiliate portal, and offer to your customers value-added services like design customization, content creation or SEO, while we handle the recurring billing and technical support.
  • Monthly payments: we will send you the check for balance above $50. Otherwise, the balance is simply rolled over to the next month. 

  • Instant tracking and reporting: you can know the effectiveness of your efforts. Monitor your clicks, sales, and earnings real time. 



Affiliate commission 15% 25%
Minimum paid websites required none 3 websites using a Business package
Free affiliate website portal, integrated with login and signup options    
Priority affiliate email and phone support    
Support with customizations and advanced customer requests    
Partner newsletters and promotions