SiteKreator Support Forum hourly 1 1970-01-01T00:00+00:00 RE: While logged-in, the man menu button is not there <p class="plain">The matter solved. Thank you Phil.</p> aree2 2017-02-02T16:39:45-08:00 RE: While logged-in, the man menu button is not there While logged-in, the man menu button is not there <p class="plain"></p><div class="plain">Hi,</div>While logged-in, the main menu button at top-right corner of the page is not available anymore. I cannot access the site properties, page properties, publish page,  help menu anymore. It disappeared after I edit part of the page. Help.<div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">-Aree  </div><div class="plain"></div><p class="plain"></p> aree2 2017-01-29T12:01:02-08:00 While logged-in, the man menu button is not there RE: How to redirect 301 my website <p class="plain">Hello,</p><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">We don't have access to your domain settings. You should contact your domain registrar (Godaddy) and manage the domain settings. </div><p class="plain"></p> Martina 2016-01-27T07:18:49-08:00 RE: How to redirect 301 my website How to redirect 301 my website <p class="plain">Hello, </p><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">I have two websites on sitekreator witches were redone with WordPress and installed on a new domain.<br>My previous URLs were <u></u> and <u></u> and my new URL is <u></u>, this URLs are provided by Godaddy.<br>I done some 301 redirections witches don't work. The redirection works for but doesn't work for the sub-domains en. and fr. witches still redirect on the sitekreator websites...<br>Is there a manipulation to do on sitekreator? Is it sitekreator that block the redirection?<br>Thanks for your help!<br><br></div><p class="plain"></p> JLB 2016-01-26T02:48:19-08:00 How to redirect 301 my website RE: Changing look of site <p class="plain">Hello Derek,</p><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">You can easily remove any custom content you don't need on your website and so this will open up the same space for new content. </div><p class="plain"></p> Martina 2015-12-24T06:55:06-08:00 RE: Changing look of site Changing look of site <p class="plain">I intend to update my site, mainly with deleting a lot of old photos and trimming the whole thing down, maybe changing some colours etc. <br>If I delete many photos, does this open up the same space to be reused with new stuff?<br></p> Derek Snowdon 2015-12-24T04:16:37-08:00 Changing look of site RE: photos not loading <p class="plain">Hello Peter,</p><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">There was a slight server issue that may have caused the slow loading of your photos. It has been resolved and everything should be working as expected now.</div><p class="plain"></p> Martina 2015-10-15T06:38:15-07:00 RE: photos not loading photos not loading <p class="plain">Hello,</p><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">I have noticed that many of the photos in my galleries are either not loading or if they do it is very slow .... this has been going on for more than a week. is it a SK issue?</div><div class="plain">thanks</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">peter</div><p class="plain"></p> Peter 2015-10-15T01:31:30-07:00 photos not loading RE: Charcoal design not responsive? <p class="plain">Hi, </p><div class="plain">The new collection which was released in October,2014 contains a new set of responsive designs, but you are using an old one, which is not responsive. You can see a list of the responsive designs in the following article: <a link="" rel="" target="_blank" href="" class="plain"></a><br><br></div><p class="plain"></p> Martina 2015-10-03T06:25:52-07:00 RE: Charcoal design not responsive? Charcoal design not responsive? <p class="plain"></p><div class="plain">Hi,</div><div class="plain">What I understand via Sitekreator blog, all designs are already responsive. I am using Charcoal and already reapplied as instructed to get the responsive feature. It's not responsive. Also tried other designs for a few days and then later reverted to Charcoal. Still not responsive.</div><div class="plain">Kindly advice. Thank you.  </div><p class="plain"></p> aree2 2015-10-01T22:17:09-07:00 Charcoal design not responsive? RE: down grading to free site <p class="plain"></p><div class="plain">Hello,</div><div class="plain"><br>When an account is downgraded to a FREE package, the website cannot be opened under the custom domain, because custom domain is not included in the FREE plan.In such cases, you can access your website under the default URL. <br></div><div class="plain">If you need assistance or have any questions, you can contact us at</div><div class="plain">support [at] sitekreator [dot] com.<br></div><div class="plain"><br></div><p class="plain"></p> Martina 2015-03-01T06:34:29-08:00 RE: down grading to free site down grading to free site <p class="plain">I have down graded my website to a free page, I have followed the instructions which you will see if you click my website address, but my site will not come up, I have emailed site kreator support many times but have had no response</p><p class="plain"><br></p><p class="plain">can anyone please help me so that my free site can be seen</p><div class="plain"><br></div><p class="plain"></p> 2015-02-27T06:26:35-08:00 down grading to free site RE: templates- time for new modern batch of designs! <p class="plain">Hi,</p><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">We have released a new collection of fully responsive, well-featured designs which are now available in our premium design library.  </div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">You can review detailed information in the following post:<a rel="" link="" target="_blank" href="javascript:void(null)" class="plain"></a></div> Martina 2014-10-23T06:33:03-07:00 RE: templates- time for new modern batch of designs! templates- time for new modern batch of designs! <p class="plain">How long have we been looking at the same old rehashed templates? Time for a fresh look with some modern and mobile friendly options and functionality. Long scrolling pages for a start. </p> Kramer 2014-06-19T06:49:54-07:00 templates- time for new modern batch of designs! RE: form does not send data to site owner <p class="plain">Hi,</p><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">We have just reviewed the web form and it submits without interruption on our end and the results are sent to the "Send to Email" address. I can forward to you the test application form. </div><div class="plain">Could you please try again and check if you are able to receive the results from the form? </div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">We look forward to hear from you.</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">You can also send us an e-mail at</div><p class="plain"></p> Mira 2014-03-21T00:29:48-07:00 RE: form does not send data to site owner form does not send data to site owner <p class="plain">My client has a form on their website: <a link="" target="_blank" href="" class="plain"></a></p><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">The user can fill out the form and get the confirmation email just fine. The site owner is not receiving the forms to their email address. I have tried several different email addresses, including google emails and have checked spam folders. They are not coming in at all. Can you please check on this and advise me?</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">The client is spending a significant amount of money promoting to apply online and are unable to get the emails. </div><p class="plain"></p> 2014-03-20T12:41:13-07:00 form does not send data to site owner RE: Blogging tools update <p class="plain">Yes this feature is definitely long overdue.  When do you expect to have an update?</p> Rich Warren 2014-03-03T13:28:25-08:00 RE: Blogging tools update RE: Better script for images? <p style="" class="plain">The SiteKreator Image Galleries offer some of the most powerful tools and contemporary visualizations available.</p><div style="" class="plain"><br></div><div style="" class="plain">Images in a Gallery are automatically resized to promote faster loading of your pages, which also improves the SEO quality score of your site. To display Gallery images in a specific resolution, you can use the <a link="" target="_blank" href="" class="plain">Custom Thumbnail</a> option for adding specific versions of images. The Custom Thumbnail images will not be resized. You can use this option only when uploading or editing individual images, and the size settings should be the same as those defined in the Gallery Options dialog.</div><br><div style="" class="plain">You can also use the <b>Keep Original Image</b> option in your gallery settings. This will allow users to view images in their original resolution in the <a link="" target="_blank" href="" class="plain">Large Image Viewer</a>. Otherwise when zooming the viewers will see the photos in reduced sizes.</div><div style="" class="plain"><font style="" class="plainsmall"><b><br></b></font></div><div style="" class="plain"><font style="" class="plainsmall"><b><img daid="14409920" src='//' border="0"><br></b></font></div><div style="" class="plain"><font style="" class="plainsmall"><b><br></b></font></div><div style="" class="plain"><font style="" class="plainsmall"><b>NOTE:</b> preserving original images will result in significant space usage (sometimes ten times more) on your website account. </font></div> Brian Warner 2013-10-07T09:46:27-07:00 RE: Better script for images? RE: Layout Editor <p class="plain">You can apply a certain layout to a page from Page Options> Page Appearance> Page Layout.</p> Brian Warner 2013-10-07T09:32:23-07:00 RE: Layout Editor Layout Editor <p class="plain">In the <font style="">Layout Edito</font>r there is Default Page but no Inside Page. I copied the Default Page and renamed it Inside Page. Now how do I get the inside pages to use this new layout?<br><br>Thanks<br></p> Paul321 2013-10-05T10:49:25-07:00 Layout Editor