A comprehensive library of tutorials and tips, covering everything from the basics of building a web site to advanced search engine optimization.

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Build Me a Website

SiteKreator is proud to be a part of Deluxe family. With over 100 years serving Small Businesses, Deluxe provides services of over 1,000,000 websites. Have your website rebuilt in the latest and gratest version of SiteKreator by Deluxe.


Intuitive Editing Interface

SiteKreator makes it super-easy to edit your site content. Just rollover and click to edit.

Engaging Built-In Animations
Increase the visual interest of your website and decrease bounce rates with effects from our rich animation library. Use mouse-over images and timed transitions to make your site look professional.


Fully Customizable Designs

SiteKreator designs are in a league of their own. Sophisticated, yet flexible to match your brand.


Reliable Green Hosting

Our advanced hosting uses just 1% of the energy used by a typical web site, while providing better reliability.


Versatile Image Galleries
Deliver your marketing message with captivating image galleries. Use animated captions and elegant image transitions. Choose between 6 gallery types, 4 navigation styles, and 10 caption transitions.

Powerful Table Management

Organize your content with the versatile Table Editor. Use automatic Zebra striping, embed background or cell images to create the desired look or emphasis. You can also align tables and merge cells.

Registration and Contact Forms

Create online forms with in-form validation. Submit successfully completed forms to a database or to email addresses. Capture visitor metadata such as referral site, location and more.

Search Engine Optimization

Your SiteKreator website is search engine-friendly out of the box. You can apply additional optimizations by setting custom metadata such as titles, descriptions and keywords on page or site level.

Members-only Content

Restrict visitor access to premium content. Create custom registration forms and allow users to update their profiles if needed. Design multiple access levels for different content areas.

Syndicated Fresh Content

Easily announce upcoming events and broadcast news headlines on the website. Display syndicated contents from popular blogs or online magazines.

Mobile Website Version

Create mobile-friendly sites for viewing on smaller screens. Automatically direct visitors to pages designed for their device. Deliver a consistent look-and-feel across multiple device types.

Integrated Facebook Pages

Use the same authoring tools to create Facebook page tabs that are visually consistent with your website. Publish to Facebook with a click and support Facebook marketing campaigns with landing pages.

Automatic Traffic Redirects

You can automatically send visitors to pages based on search engine keywords or a previously visited site. Show localized content based on their location. Handle repeat visitors with a different flow.

Modern Long Copy Sites

Create and optimize your trendy “long copy” site by delay loading of images that are outside of the viewing window. Improve usability with a smooth scrolling effect to transition between page anchors.

Branded Email Campaigns

Run email campaigns based on templates that match the site design and brand identity. Schedule delivery time, configure auto-responders. Track results with real-time reports. (The app is coming soon).

Call-to-Action Button

Create attractive CTA buttons with images and text directly in your browser. Add attention-grabbing effects such as mouse-over and time-based animations. Insert captions, sub-captions and icons.

Web-based Gift Certificates

Offer pre-paid or service-based gift certificates that can be emailed or printed out. Studies show that clients spend more when using gift certificates. Suitable for both in-store and web purchases.

Social Deals on Your Website

Offer Groupon-type of discounted deals to stimulate group buying. Define quantity-triggered deals to accelerate social sharing. Run time-limited deals to generate urgency and increase impulse buys.

Online Appointment Scheduling

Allow clients to book appointments on your website. Define services, staff members and vacation days. Set minimum lead time for new appointments or for cancellations. Supports auto-confirmations.

Simple Online Shops

Add e-commerce capability to your site. Insert "Buy Now" buttons to collect credit card payments via Paypal. Build an online shop without the need of complex shopping cart software.