Alternate Giving Program

Special occasions in the lives of family and friends are traditionally marked by gift giving.  In times of concern - sickness and death - we send flowers and cards.  In times of happiness - birthdays, holidays and anniversaries - we send cards and other appropriate gifts.


No matter what the occasion, we want our gift to be a meaningful expression of our love and concern.  Very often the gift falls short of our expectations: the flowers wilt and die... the candles are quickly consumed... and other gifts are simply not needed.


The Faith Community of St. Anthony of Padua and Most Precious Blood invites you to join our Alternate Giving Program.  This unique form of giving (in the name of a living or deceased person), not only gives you the satisfaction of honoring a person's life, but it also gives you the reward of helping others in their times of need.


In appreciation, the names of the persons to be remembered through our Alternate Giving Program will be printed in our praish bulletin each month and their intentions will be remembered  at all of our Masses.


When donating through our Alternate Giving Program, you may designate your donation to used toward any of the programs listed below, or you may choose to designate your own favorite parish fund.


General Parish Fund:

Church Beautification Fund - To beautify the Church and to enrich its liturgical life with the necessary decoration, vestments, and other supplies needed for effective celebrations.

Capital Improvement Fund - To assist the Parish in its planned efforts to upgrade.


Parish Education Fund:

Religious Education Fund - To improve the quality of religious education for all youth and adult programs.


Parish Outreach:

Outreach to Youth and Teens - To reach out to the youth and teens in the community.


Alternate Giving Program packets are available from the Parish Center and include two cards with envelopes.  One card is used to designate how the donation is to be used, the name of the honoree, and donor information.  This card is returned to Parish via collection basket, USPS or it may be dropped off at the Parish Center.  A second card is available to notify the honoree or his/her family of the donation made in his/her name.  Please feel free to contact the Parish Center (410-488-0400) with any questions or if you would like to obtain a packet.