Service Opportunities 

Our Faith Community is comprised of three churches, so there is plenty to do to keep everything running smoothly! You might consider opportunities to share your gifts in these areas of  administration and support. These are the ministries that truly enable all others.

Ushers help to make sure all goes smoothly during the Masses. They are responsible for taking the collection, and making sure someone is prepared to take up the gifts. Please contact the Parish Office (410-488-0400) or any usher to volunteer.

These volunteers serve the parish by proclaiming the Word at Mass. Please contact the Parish Office (410-488-0400)  if you'd like to volunteer for this ministry.

Eucharistic Ministers
People of faith who are appointed by the pastor to help bring Jesus in the Eucharist to the people at Mass, and to those who are homebound. If you are drawn to this ministry, please contact Deacon Joseph Krysiak,  or the Parish Office (410-488-0400_.

 Liturgy Committee

Assists in planning liturgies and prayer throughout the year.  Members of the group are interested in sharing resources, ideas and opinions about the Roman Catholic liturgy and the implementation of it's practices in the liturgies at St. Anthony of Padua/St. Dominic/Most Precious Blood.  If you are interested in this ministry, please contact Kathy Willis at 410-254-0165 or


Parish Life Ministry 
As part of reaching out to share the Good News, this ministry personally invites and welcomes all parishioners to have an intimate and belonging relationship with their faith community. It also works to nurture those who wish to serve in our faith community. We provide welcome to new parishioners. Individuals visit the homes of those newly-registered, to welcome them into our Faith Community, and to invite them into full participation. We also train greeters, to extend a warm welcome to those participating in Eucharist, and ushers to assist members of our congregations as needed, before, during and following each liturgy at both churches. For more information, contact the Parish Office at 410-488-0400.

Adults practice every Thursday at 7:30pm, and sing at the 10am Sunday mass at Most Precious Blood and/or the 11:30am Sunday Mass at St. Anthony of Padua. If you can sing, and would like to use your gift to enhance our worship, please contact the Coordinator of Music Ministry, Edward Berlett, or 410-488-0400 ext 119. The Choir is always open to new members.


Contemporary Music Ensemble
The Contemporary Music Ensemble (CME) practices every other Thursday at 7:30pm, and sing at the 9:00am Sunday Mass. If you can sing or play a musical instrument, and would like to use your gift to enhance our worship, please contact the Vince Mainolfi, or 410-426-2402.

If you are interested in joining the Contemporary Music Ensemble at St. Dominic, please contact the Parish Office 410-488-0400 ext. 107.

Altar Servers
Children, ages 9 or older, who are interested in helping the priest during liturgies, should contact the Parish Office at or 410-488-0400.



Adults and Youth (14 years or older), who are interested in assisting before and after weekeknd Masses, funeral Masses or other special liturgies should contact the Parish Office at or 410-488-0400.

Hospitality Committee
Assist in the parish by preparing refreshments for various functions.  If you enjoy entertaining, and would like to share your gift with the parish, contact the Parish Office at 410-488-0400.

Arts & Environment Committee
Assists in planning environments conducive to worship at liturgies and prayer throughout the liturgical year.  To volunteer contact Mrs. Dolores Krysiak, , Sharon Edwards , Sharon Durham


Many talents are needed to keep a large and active parish going, and our volunteers are invaluable to us! Ongoing needs include:

answering the phones                                             data entry

maintenance of our website                                    bulk mail prep (copying, stuffing envelopes, mailing)

mowing the grass                                                    weeding around the shrubbery and gardens

sweeping, dusting, mopping the Church                 sewing (repairing albs, altar cloths, etc.)

polishing brass candlesticks, handrails                  repairing damaged hymnal covers


Grounds & Facility Maintenance -- if you can paint, caulk, hang a picture, mow a lawn, weed a garden, change a light bulb, or do any other kind of basic or skilled maintenance chore. With two churches to maintain, we can use all the help you are able to give to keep our facilities safe and in good repair.


Computer Technology -- your skills are needed to help in all aspects of computer technology -- desktop publishing, website administration, database management, audiovisual presentation, computer instruction, and more.


Other needs that may arise include --  simple plumbing repairs, electrical repairs (light sockets, etc.), Altar Society (washing, ironing altar cloths), sewing (repairing altar cloths, albs, stoles, etc.), polishing candlesticks and door plates, repairing hymnal covers, etc.


To learn more about these volunteer ministries, contact Sharon Edwards,, or Sharon Durham,, 410-488-0400. Any and all office skills are needed, and training can be provided. Even just a few hours a week can help!