Dawn was born in the West Indies in where she lived until her parents returned to England. The following years were spent living in and around Oxfordshire, until moving to Leicestershire in the mid 1970's. Her passion for drawing stems back as far as she can remember and after raising a family she had the opportunity to return to her art studies, this introduced her to a wide variety of mediums and processes.


Through the last six years her work has undergone a drastic transformation as she experimented in many areas trying to find her artistic voice. The one subject that has constantly provided a source of inspiration has been the natural beauty of the human form. The body can convey so much with an inaudible voice that can talk to the viewer regardless of what language they speak, without any need for translation.




"No matter what medium I have use I want my work to communicate with the viewer drawing them into the emotions embodied within the work and hopefully making them recognise those feelings, enabling them to relate to it.

Although given one image a crowd of people will not all see the same thing, they will see what is familiar to them. My hope is that I am able to create work that can reach people on a personal level, work in which they see themselves or a familiar event. If just one person who sees a particular piece of my work and connects with it on a visceral level then I will have succeeded."