Residential Holiday Decorating & Lighting


We can assist you in the hanging of your personal decorations for interior and exterior!  This is done at an hourly rate (minimum of 1 hour is required) and by a crew of professionals. Please call to inquire on pricing!


We also lease outdoor lights and decorations, as well as interior décor.  All use of our product requires a professional to come by and take a look at the property. Please make sure to book a free estimate early in the season (September is early, installations have already begun in October) as our calendar fills up very quickly!  Keep in mind that even though we begin installing in October nothing is turned on until the day after Thanksgiving - or earlier at your request.  All of our garland, swags and wreaths are custom made for each customer in house by a team of greenery gurus!  If you want to customize the décor with a certain theme or specific colors just let us know and we would love to accommodate all requests!


We offer storage of customers Christmas trees and decorations for a monthly fee.  Please let us handle your pre-lit trees to ensure the work for the following year!





Please note: for the installation of your personal lights or decorations please specify if you do not have all the required extension cords, roof clips, timers etc.  We can bring anything needed to complete the job, we can give you a pricing list to lease these extra items upon request at installation.




We also can assist in any other Holiday chores you have (setting up any pre-lit greenery you may have, hunting down that perfect gift, last minute holiday errands, indoor decorating, event coordination, gift wrapping, etc.) – you just name it!


All packages are offered to anyone living within a 30 mile radius of Seasonal Solutions’ headquarters. 

Additional costs will incur for further traveling time.