Application Management

With pressures mounting to reduce information technology (IT) expenditures and improve the top and bottom line, it is becoming increasingly important to explore new innovative ways of managing business and IT applications, and even more challenging to maintain leadership position in the ever changing economy. As a result, businesses are seeking to partner with organizations that can generate "additional value" while maintaining or improving service levels. It is all about constantly improving the productivity and cost effectiveness.

Application Management provides a full range of application development, management, maintenance, support and related services for your business critical applications. We assume responsibility for enhancing, continuously improving and maintaining a customer's application portfolio according to contractually specified service level agreements and with a commitment to improve them over period of time. Support services to business users of applications within the portfolio can also be provided. In addition, we can provide value-added services to address planning and managing the portfolio, specifying and evolving the applications architecture and specifying the software infrastructure. These services are designed to improve the business value of your applications by helping to increase productivity, improve service to your users and reduce costs of managing applications.

We strive to take you from Reactive mode to Proactive mode to Predictive mode over period of 18 months.

Our Approach for AM

Business applications are critical to our customer business, we propose to apply a "fully risk mitigated baby- step approach" for providing maintenance support for business applications. This methodology provides for a seamless service transition without affecting the service delivery capability of the customers.

This Methodology allows T3 Global LLC (TTL) to determine the current Applications State in terms of stability and potential issues allowing us to set realistic service levels and implement risk mitigation strategies at the onset of the project. This approach also benefits the client with enforced SLAs during the Enduring maintenance. TTL proposes finalize SLAs at the end of transition phase.

Life Cycle of AM methodology: Here are main steps of our approach:

"Blended Team Concept":

During the support, both our customer and TTL will work as a team. Our customer's team will consists of Business analysts and domain experts and TTL team consist of domain experts and technical experts.

Key advantages of AM services to our customers:

Strategic Advantage: AM provides strategic advantages to clients to:

  • Focus more on the core business
  • Align technology with business direction
  • Remain current and competitive in the marketplace
  • Improve Operational Flexibility
  • Generate required funds for improved organic growth and/or business critical initiatives Technical Advantage: AM provides the advantage of releasing in-house resources/employees for key initiatives. Also, the clients can now take advantage of AM to:
  • Reduce the risk of critical application failures
  • Improve service reliability
  • Improve application stability
  • Transform technology at faster speeds
  • Rapid Migration to new applications
  • Manage problems from detection to full resolution
  • Gain access to quality processes
  • Plan for future capacity growth by adding new software and hardware Financial Advantage: AM solution provides clients an improved control over their business. Some of the financial benefits are listed below:
  • Organizations can, now, predict and control better, their implementation and ongoing operation costs through predictable and controllable spend
  • AM assists in optimizing fixed versus variable costs
  • AM ensures Value for Money
  • AM brings long term cost savings due to offshore cost advantages and through higher ROI (Return on Investment & Return on Information)
  • AM assists in generating increased revenues with reduced costs People Advantage: Some of the people advantages earned through AM services are:
  • Free internal resources for critical and strategic business and IT initiatives
  • Avoid having to find and maintain sometimes costly and also scarce resources
  • Faster ramp-up and ramp-down of resources, as per real-time business and application requirements
  • Offer better and faster career path to internal IT resources including training and learning experience from the AM partner
  • Access to a vast and varied technology skill-set resource-pool, reducing training costs

Service Quality:

AM solution ensures quality of service (QOS) through improved uptimes and response times. Clients have a quantifiable advantage in employing AM, since they might be unable to consistently obtain the similar quality of service guarantee from their internal employees/resources.


As the single point of accountability for system performance and uptime, AM clients benefit from having one contact point for every aspect of their application management operations.