Executive Leadership


Executive Leadership

Great leaders are visionaries, positive thinkers, and excellent communicators. As such, leadership development is critical because organizations take on the personality of their leaders. At T3 Global we believe good leadership will maximize productivity, develop a positive culture, and help you achieve strategic success. As a leader it is not your job to solve every problem alone, but to inspire those around you to solve problems, and we can help.

Our leadership includes:

Gagan Bhalla, CEO  

Gagan has been working in the Telecom industry for over 21 years and is the driving force behind T3 Global delivery of unique levels of customer service. An accomplished leader, he has led several organizations across industries, creating high performance teams and successful businesses. In a career span over 21 years, he has worked with the Multinational companies and the corporate sector. His inimitable style of leadership combined with his sharp focus on customer experience has helped T3 to emerge as one of the leading providers of telecom technology Solutions. He has played a pivotal role in the three years transformational journey of T3. Creation of new business lines is his strength and he is known for his capabilities in creating high performance teams, delivering quality solutions and nurturing strong client relationships. He has great experience, lots of energy, a bit of that "vision thing" and not afraid to start new ventures. Helped the company to once again create phenomenal growth and ventured into new line of Businesses i.e. Telecom construction and now training next generation technologies.He is a part of the team that positioned company to trailblaze (once again) onto the 100% growth year after year.

His statement "New experiments and tougher challenges, ignites my passions to succeed."

Gurpreet Bhalla, President & Director

Gurpreet organizes, manages, and assumes several responsibilities at T3 Global. She has exhibited extraordinary entrepreneurial spirit and skills. She is a qualified Fashion Designer having experience in creative sector making documentary films in India. She has been instrumental in leading the organization & key growth engines for the business. Gurpreet brings an exceptional experience of building strong HR teamand initiatives that drive company strategies and operational goals, and a focus on creating a performance-based culture. She is leading Quality assurance and Testing training programs in the company. She is committed to technology and business integrity, passion for excellence ,accountability, client focus and team work . She plans and directs the organizations activities to achieve targets and standards for financial and quality performance. Supply vision and imagination at the highest level working closely with the management committee. She was recognized and won an award for the fastest growing company in Dallas Fort Worth, Greater Dallas by Asian American Chambers of commerce.Throughout her career she has learnt that being a successful woman is definitely something to be proud of. Gurpreet is also a member of National Association of Professional Women .