Network Services & Technology

Network Services & Technology  (NS&T) is comprised of two substantial departments, Core Network Engineering (CNE) and Core Network Deployment (CND) working together to bring end to end for todays’ complex coveraging networks.

CND (Core Network Deployment) is comprised of certified installers, testers and field engineers that have performed deployments, upgrades and expansions  throughout  the United States in the last two years.  The CNE (Core Network Engineering) group is made up of RF Engineers, Integration Engineers and Deployment/Detail Engineers. This group of seasoned professionals added substantially to the multi-vendor ‘Network Knowledge’ that T3 has been known for.


NS&T today brings a total view of the network as a part of its seamless network solutions. Industry Professionals from NS&T work in a collaborative manner across the transport, service and application layers of the network to insure best-in-class network functionality, content delivery and interoperability.  When this capability is complimented with T3s’ renowned ‘Network Infrastructure Services’ group, a true end-to-end solution is available to our customers.