RF Deployment

Deploying the best quality network in a timely manner is very crucial in this competitive market. Network performance is the key for all the operators and also for the end users.

        Teletech team can launch new cell sites, carrier adds, indoor/outdoor DAS solutions and Small cell networks. 

        Teletech team has team of experienced engineers who understand the needs to launch the best quality network in demanded pace by the customers.

        Our team has experienced engineers who have the knowledge of the products of Ericsson, ALU and Nokia.

        Our engineers use a structured and disciplined approach creating a quality-driven culture focused on customer service.

        We understand the requirements in launching new cell sites and new carriers for the complex networks of CDMA, UMTS and LTE with best network KPIs.

        Our engineers are experts in analyzing the drive test data and coming up with the recommendations to fix the network issues.

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