How did you get involved in HAM radio and how many years are you being a ham now?
I was drawn in to this hobby by way of my late Father-in-Law, who in his pension years got involved with Amateur Radio.
Each time we came to visit, I became more and more fascinated with this pastime. I received my “General Class” license in 1983 as 4X6KJ.
Became a regular member of the Israel Amateur Radio Club (IARC) and in 1990 was elected as Chairman of the Club.
What attracted you the most in being a ham radio operator?
The way one can communicate with the tools Mother Nature has given us, I mean through the combination of favorable circumstances
available in and thru Nature, to use the propagation and to be able to speak to others through the air waves.
What is your favorite band or mode?
Favorite mode is SSB on all the bands and to have a chat and make new friends.
Lately I have also been experimenting with digital mode like  PSK31.  

What equipment do you use?
Have used over the years, a variety of HF transceiver equipment from all major manufactures.  
My maximum HF output power is 100 Watts. As for VHF & UHF equipment 5 Watt transceivers I am using a variety of different HF and VHF
Do you hold DXCC and what is the score?
Yes, I do have DXCC and the score is at the moment 283 Entities, Accumulated over a seven band HF range.
As well as “Islands on the Air” with 240 Island Groups.
What has been your most memorable story to ham radio?
There is not one but many memorable stories that I have been involved in or have started.
Friedrichshafen,  The JY74X Expedition, IARU Region 1 Conference,  I will write & describe them in other DKARS issues.

Do you think CW had its best time since you do not need it anymore to get a license?
A resounding YES, however I was always opposed to it, as Chairman of our Club. I always defended my position as I believed, and still do,
that there has to be a separation between those that conscientiously want to be radio amateurs and those that just want to use the spectrum
for no reason. If you have to work hard for something you appreciate it much more than if it is given to you for free.
How would you explain our hobby to someone not familiar with ham radio?
 I have held many lectures, always finished them by stating that as a licensed Radio Amateur, you are an Ambassadors for your Country,
always ready to help in case of emergencies, always have the well being of your Country in mind.

Do you have other hobbies besides ham radio?
Yes of course, Photography, Travelling, seeing and learning about other Countries, Painting, on canvas with oil paints.
Any final words to the people reading the interview?
The only thing I can add…… I have learned many things through Amateur Radio, partially by speaking to others on the HF bands, partially
of the things I started and managed. There is not a school in the World that can teach the experiences I have gone through, all good I
must mention, which I would never have come across without this marvelous hobby.