Just as the last two years I joined the friends from PI4KMl (my radio-club).

In the early morning on Saturday  we gathered at the location in a forest near Amsterdam.

We use this location for a number of years now and it's is really a good place for the event.

There is enough space to experiment with all kind of antenna's combined with the peaceful sound of

the trees.



I started with setting up the tent(shack) with Rob/NL-13190 and Dick/PA0GRU.

The other guys assembled the spiderbeam which had been used successfully in the last years fieldday and PACC contest.

Joost/PA2EAR did an excellent job on the new portable tower(about 10 meter high)to support this lightweight, but still a big, antenna.

The homemade bearings for the mast and  a rotator fixed on a wooden place at ground level looked very nice, good job Joost!




After setting the tent we fixed the 160 meter dipole between two trees supported by a pole in the middle at the feeding-point.


 160 m. dipole support-tower.


Next was the 21 meter high vertical for 80 meter with radials.

The preparation of the guy-ropes and measurement of the anchor distance always takes a lot of time.

But if this is done correctly the erecting takes just minutes and your ready to go!

Don't forget those coaxes, it's not wireless 100%,hihi!


 erecting the 80 meter vertical.


Lifting the spider-beam was a tricky thing because we wanted to lift it straight up(loose guy-ropes).

The tower existed of 5 pipes with a top section.

It took us quite some manpower to hold the thing in position but after 10 minutes this one stood straight up with the guy-ropes tightened up.


 free space.


Well, all the heavy work was done and Kees/PA5WT could start to arrange the tent/shack.

Kees brought his FT-1000MP and Joost his brand new Ameritron AL-811H.

This, together with the laptop, formed our contest equipment for the weekend.


 3x PA!


At about noon the VHF guys Frans/PC5T and Gerard/PE1BBI arrived and they could start to erect there station/tower too.

They had few problems to be fixed right away because the rotator did not move two directions and the available power unit could not handle the high power they planned to use.

They decided to go for it on low power and after a telephone-call another rotator was on it's way too.




We tested the new amplifier (Joost removed the plastic around the tubes just that morning) and wrote down the settings to switch quickly between the bands.

All happy we had enough time before the contest would start at 15:00z.

Now we could enjoy the nice sunny weather and socialize a bit with some guys from the club that came along.



At 1500z Kees started on 10 meter which was open into Europe.(short skip)

We were happy about this because 10 and 15 had not been open this good for quite some time.

I remember running the PACC in February this year showing just 1 QSO on 10 and just a few on 15 meter.

After a hour we changed band to 15 meter were the same thing was on, Europe again.

Quite an impressive number of multie's would be worked on these bands during the contest.


As we headed for dinner time Joop/PE1DOY arrived with his wife and son to deliver the drinks and breakfast food for the weekend.

Joop offered to get us some fast food, an offer we did not refuse, thanks Joop!

Not leaving the station unmanned we took our dinner and were ready to go for the next 12 hours or so.

Kees went home in the early evening to sleep some hours before the night shift.

I hit the sack short after( I stayed there and slept on the stretcher) and fell asleep with a lullaby in the form of CW sounds.

Dick/PA0GRU would run the the station rest of the evening into the early night.

At 00:30 local he woke me up short after refilling the power-unit.

Still a bit sleepy I logged the next station on 160 meters.

This band stayed behind with last year and we had expected more but that how it can go with conditions, isn't it?

Only 10 multie's on this band is not a result to be proud of but 10 and 15 made that up tremendously.

PI4KMl/P team happy after all!



The other bands were in pretty good shape as we logged nice ones on 40 meter like VK7.

The 80 meter vertical worked well too and many US stations came into the log.

In the morning Dick arrived again and so we kept the station running 24 hours long.

The 20 meter band opened again and so did 10 and 15.

During the day we went to 40 meter to screw up the QSO total there before breaking down the 40/80 and 160 meter antenna.

We always do this few hours before the end of the contest, saves us time at the end when everyone is tired and wants to return home.

As always, breaking down goes 10 times faster as building the station.

In the last hour we let Dick only use the 3 bands vertical for 10/15/20 so we could carefully putt the spiderbeam back in his box as well.

In this last hour we worked a few nice multie's which made us jump the air.

Difficult ones, we did not hear them in the contest that weekend before, like ZA, EI and EU were caught and putt into the log.

Minutes before the end of the contest Dick managed to make a contact with K3ZO on 15 meter which was the cream on the cake!

Very satisfied with 1135 QSO's we dismantled the rest of the station and took a drink before heading home again.

Very nice fieldday, kind people, building antenna's, playing with the radio,-I am a happy guy!


Equipment we used:


Rig: FT-1000MP

Amplifier: AL-811H

Logging program: N1MM ( on laptop)

Antenna's: - 160 meter / dipole

                  - 80 meter / vertical

                  - 40 meter / vertical

                  - 10/15/20 meter / spiderbeam and GPA-30 vertical




Crew (building, catering and operating): PA0GRU, PA3AJW, PA5WT, PA3GVI, NL-13190, PE1OCT, PA2EAR,

PA3GPA, PA0FLE, PE1DOY, P1BBI, PC5T, Desiree and Pieter.


Visitors: PA4EA and dog Chico, PA0JFS, PA1OZU, PA3DVA, PA3AUZ and PA1GR.